Okinawa Traditional Dance Performance

Friday, October 30, 2009
Last Wednesday night, I brought my bff to watch the Okinawa Traditional Dance Performance which was held in International Convention Center (ICC) in Berakas. It was open to the public and admission was free. I was quiet surprise to see a lot of people. Last time I went for the Chinese Cultural Show, only few people showed up. Interested in others' culture make me attend any cultural show that I can.

Anyhow, we managed to get the 4th seat from the front but somehow, the couple infront of us, well, the man infront of us kindda irritated me and my bff. It was a cultural show and we were commenting on the dances and all when this guy infront of us asked us to be quiet. Okay, f we were THAT loud, we admit, we were wrong BUT we were whispering and he gave us 'the look'. The funny things, other people, from his right, left and front sides, he didn't say anything...what an a$$hole! haha!

Back to the performance. The Okinawa Traditional Performance was held in the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Japan and Brunei Darussalam and it was organized by the Embassy of Japan here in Brunei.

The Okinawa Culture Association was established in 1989 to introduce various forms of Okinawa's unique cultural heritage, such as music, dance and martial arts to the world.

The Okinawa Traditional Dance came into existance when prayers in the form of dances and songs of appreciation dedicated to God during religious ceremonies eventually evolved into a sophisticated form of stage art.

That night, as much as 12 performances were performed.
1. Instrumental Ensemble (Classical Music)
2. Kagiyadefu (Court Dance)
3. Nuch I Bana (Zo-Odori)
4. Menuhama (Classical Dance)
5. Nufabushi (Court Dance)
6. Takadeira Manzai (Court Dance)
7. Munjyuro (Zo-Odori)
8. Hatoma Bushi (Zo-Ordori)
9. Umi No Chinbora ( Zo-Ordori)
10. Kanayo Amakawa ( A popular Zo-Ordori)
11. Folk Songs
12. Kachashi (Dance of Friendship)

For the no. 1 till 7, the performances were really really slow, the dance motions were graceful. From the 8 onwards, it's started to get more beats to the dance and particularly, I like the Kanaya Amakawa. I gave it a new name, a flirting dance..haha! The closing dance, Kachashi, audiences were invited to come up to the stage and joined the dancers. Glad to see some sporting Bruneians and others dare to go up and joined them. M not one of them. Overall, I like the performance. I don't mind watching it again should the chances arises...

Note: All pictures and videos were taken by my bff. To see more of the picture, feel free to go to my bff's photoblog. Due to the slow connection, the video took ages to upload and I'll try to upload it soon...

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Didz-W said...

m8, i still hold a grudge on that stupid bastard guy to this date. hope he'll get 'deported' soon! hmph! his time will come. hehe..tulahan!

iantie said...

haha...relax m8! I forgot abt him already though xcept whenever I saw the video. U managed to capture his face there...hmmm....
harapkan muka sja handsome but what an ass.....

Pooch Morning Glory said...

that looks amazing. i love learning about other cultures. in the bigger cities around where i live, they have multi - cultural festivals in the summer. 2 - 3 days, where you can try different food and watch stage performances and buy crafts etc.
have a great day
~ laura

iantie said...

that sounds great. I wish we had it here in Brunei. Only sometimes we do but that only going on for a day hence limited time. But cultural dances are very rare, only on certain occasions here so whenever I had the chance, I would grab it..