Totally Paid Off!

Thursday, October 8, 2009
M not talking about loan(s) here! Don't I just wish! Hehe! After almost to 3 years of project and the last few months of suffering, meetings after work and up till late at nights, it had finally paid off! M talking about the KKC!

We had our presentation last August and last Tuesday, they announced the winners together with the prize presentation! No team managed to get gold this year! Haha! 20 teams, 19 managed to get silver and 1 bronze! And we are 1st of the 19 silvers! YEAAA! Kindda a bit disappointed not to get the gold but then, when I think about it, silver is better than nothing! What's count is that we managed to finish our project and that was the biggest hurdle!

It was held yesterday at Brunei Legislative Council Buliding! Another YEA!! My first time to enter the magnificent building! Not everyday you can enter that building! Unless you work there, of course! FYI to the peeps out there, Brunei Legislative Council Building is where His Majesty the Sultan and the legislators have their meetings, something like a parliment building. Here in Brunei, a country ruled by monarcy, we don't have parliments. Instead of the parliments, we have the Brunei Legislative Council! We can't go to the actual room (where they had their meetings) due to security reason, so we only managed to take pictures inside one of the halls and the surrounding area!

Special thanx to my bff for lending me her Canon and let me loose "camwhoring" the building...hehe!

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