P.S. I Love You

Sunday, October 11, 2009
While m on the subject of movies and Gerard Butler (hehe! just couldn't get enough of him), one of his movies that I love the most is P.S. I Love You. No matter how many times I watched this movies, over and over again, I still cry....shhhuussshhh...Haha!

It really amaze me how a man loves a woman and likewise. Can you imagine how you feel when you are heartbroken? Devastated, angry, frustrated and all those mix feelings. But in this story, the husband passed away. Someone so young, full of love, jovial, jolly...how do you feel? When I was watching this movie, I tried to put myself in Hillary Swank's shoe or rather the female character shoe, Holly. But somehow I just couldn't. Maybe because I never feel that deep love for someone (a man) before.

I guess it's true - Sometimes there's only one thing left to say "P.S. I Love You"

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