May You Rest In Peace, My Dear Boy

Saturday, December 29, 2007
1 of my oldest and best friends, Yanti just messaged me to inform that her nephew, who was just 2 years old passed away a week ago. The 4 of us, we are like sisters. I remembered that the 3 of us - me, Dedy and Miah went to Tutong during our 'pengangguran' time and surprise her on her doorstep simply because we missed her. That is how close we are!

Now that her nephew passed away, I know it's hard on her. Eventhough it's not her own son but I know how she adored and dotted on all her nieces and nephews. They grew up infront of our very own eyes....

Umar, semoga rohmu di cucuri rahmat dan semoga kau di tempatkan di kalangan orang-orang yang beriman.....AMIN.....


Please God! Don't Let Me Become a Workaholic.....

It's few more days to the new year and there is so many things changing already by far. Due to some incomplete paperworks, we will have our reshufflement starting the 7th Jan. And from that moment on, every Tuesday, I am required to travel 60KM away to Telisai for the rest of the year. And my boss just dropped the most 'exciting' news - I am required to go and work in KB from 4th Feb till 6th Feb! *YIKES* Reason - They don't have enough staffs! *Hmmmm*

Luckily for me, it's just for 3 days unlike for some of my colleague that have to go and work there for 5 working days! But still I have to think for a place to stay. Sure...they provide the place but it's not the same place like 5 years ago. Yes! It's not the first time for me to go and work in KB. When I started working, I am required to undergo training and rotation and I stayed in KB for a month! They provided a nice place while I was there but this time, the place is taken hence they are giving another place. While I was there, I just coldn't stand life there, it's so quiet! I will go home to Bandar whenever I could and mind you, those days I had to travel a lot further. From 1 end of Brunei to another (from Muara to KB).

Anyhow, I will be there for 3 days only. Thank Godness! Considering that I have to prepare for the upcoming Chinese New Year on the 7th where I will eventually go back to Temburong to be with the rest of the family and InsyaAllah, I will start my 2-week holiday soon after that....

It's raining all over Brunei..haha! Not the rain with water but rain with money...biasalah...bonus is here to stay and go. Yesterday I just couldn't help but to replace my 2 and a half year hp with a new one.... *IMPULSE PURCHASE* which cost me.........hmmm..better left unsaid or rather untyped!

It's Saturday! And I'm drop dead tired! My eyes just wanna close and it's just quarter to 8PM! I haven't finish the Coffee Prince yet and 2 more episodes to go...maybe I will just finish it tonight and tomorrow I can concentrate doing my report *YIKES* I sound like a workaholic!!!


Wednesday, December 26, 2007
Currently I'm watching this latest Korean TV drama - Coffee Prince and I'm in *H-E-A-V-E-N* just by staring at Gong Yoo's face! Of all the Korean actors, I LOVVVEEEEE HIM... *Geezzz, I sound pathetic! But.....who cares?**ahakz** He is just so goddamn D-E-L-L-L-I-I-C-I-O-U-S! He changed a lot from She's On Duty (2005) to this Coffe Prince (2007) but YUMMMMMMY nonetheless....

Gong Yoo (2005)

Gong Yoo in Coffee Prince

Gong Yoo (2007)



Dear Cousins....

To My Dear Cousins,

Aunty Fong came to the house yesterday and said that you guys are planning to have a surprise birthday party for Popo on the New Year's eve. How old is she coming? Aunty Fong said that Popo doesn't have any date hence we are celebrating her birthday every the end of the year coming to the new year. Popo is coming to 74 years old then...

Word of advice from your not-so-big-cousin; don't give Popo too much surprise. I don't think her heart can take it. Mind you guys, she just being discharge from the hospital the other day..I don't fancy getting a call to hear that she is warded again..he3! So take it nice and easy...

Last but not least, sorry I couldn't go back to Temburong for the surprise party so I guess I will see you guys in February. It's the Angpow TIME!!!! YEA!!!

Your cousin back home...


The Countdown Begins..

Sunday, December 23, 2007
A week to go and we will, InsyaAllah stepping into the new year 2008! I have been so busy + lazy lately that I haven't update my blog properly.

For the past week, it had been quiet hectic. The school holz almost over and last week, me and my parents had the oppurtunity to bring my brothers and nieces to Tutong and man, what a roadtrip it was! Why? My dad's driving and him, being a so-called expert driver, took us to the very remote area of Tutong and we ended up lost! YUP! Me and my family were somehow lost in the middle of Tutong. We were from Tasek Merimbun and somehow, my dad used the smaller road which lead to soooo many smaller roads and we ended up pusing sana pusing sini...Hahaha! We strictly followed the road miles and signboards but somehow along the road, the road miles and the signboards just not around *AHAKZ* What a day that was man but Alhamdulilah, we managed to get out into the main highway. Tired from our lost adventure, we stopped by the newly opened Hua Ho in Tutong and fueled up our tummies!

Tasek Merimbun..The last time I went there - that was like 5 years ago - they had the bridge connecting the mainland to the small island but nowdays, there is no longer any bridge! Quiet dissapointing though coz I was planning to bring my nieces over to the other side and they were quiet excited about it but.... *hmmmmmm*

After we came home from our trip to Tutong, I went to the hairdresser and did the hair treatment. Trim my hair a lil' bit...kindda sayang to trim it but nevermind, my hair need a lil' bit of trimming..

Work, as usual. I got some paperworks and reports to do and to be submitted on the first week of January. Changing workplace forced me to finish my reports and all the necessaries before the new year....

My plan for new year's eve? SLEEEPPPPP!! *Hahaha* What a boring life! But that's still KIV for the moment.

I sent my car to the agent last Friday and by friday afternoon, it was not ready yet! The service lady told me that they will try to get it done by Saturday noon. Saturday morning around 10.30AM, I called the service lasdy to inquire about my car and she said, it's not ready yet! *YIKES* Batah jua!!! I asked her when it can be readied and she she probably Monday. WHAT? No car for Saturday night and Sunday! I'm doomed! Even yesterday, I had to borrow my mum's car to go to work! Oh well....But by 11AM, she called and said, ready tia! Macammana kan tu?? Anyway, I don't want to think about that. My $405 gone, my car's back!!! I'm handicapped without it.....

I managed to watch the Alvin and The Chipmunks last Wednesday night *orang sibuk-sibuk bertakbir raya, kami sibuk-sibuk melihat wayang* It's funny and the chipmunks are cuties. Are there any chipmunks being sold? I wanna add to my collections..hehe! And last night, we went to watch the National Treasure 2 - The Book of Secrets..It's a cool movie! I LIKEEEEEE! We took the 10.50PM show, mainly because I don't fancy looking for parking (coz you won't get any) if I took earlier shows; and the movie ends around 1AM!

I woke up this morning, had my shower, breakfast and when I came out, my car gone! Where did I parked my car? Did I left it somewhere? Haha! No lah...I'm not that senile! I rushed up to my parents' room and found out that they were not around. Called my dad and turned out he's driving my car with my mum and niece, Batrisya. I told my dad that I got an appointment at 11AM and I need my car...

I came just in time for my appointment - manicure and pedicure! *AHAKZ* Well, my hand and feet need the pampering too. It was suppose to be an hour treatment but somehow I ended up given a freakin' 2 and a half hour treatment....of coz I LIKEEEE!! Tired but satisfied! And I already make an appointment for the new year... *blisssss* That would be my bonus treatment to me, myself and I.

Tomorrow, another week of work or shall I said, the last week of work in my present workplace.

Next week, another new year

Next week, another new workplace

Next week, another new partner

Next week........


Why Baby Why?!

Friday, December 21, 2007
I'm refering to my car, that is. Last night, on my 2-hour break from my duty, my car got problem - the engine warning light flashes and causes my car to slow down. The engine didn't stop, Alhamdulilah but somehow, there is a problem when I stepped on the pedal. I made it home, though!

Once I arrived home, my dad advised me not to use my car (as if I want to risk it). So, I used my dad's car to drive to work and came home 11PM. Tired and exhausted, I woke up early this morning to send my car to the agent.

The computer checking system took 3-freaking-hours! And oooo la la...the ignition coil is busted and I have to change it! *BIG YIKES* I asked them to give an estimated figure to change the ignition coil (PLUS the spark plug and labour charge) and everything comes to FREAKING $405!!! *UUURRRGGGHHHHH* It's the 2nd time in 2 consecutive months that I'm spending too much money in my car! And it's not even bonus yet! *WWWAAAA* Oh well, it's either I fix it or I don't have any car! So....??? Fix it! Money gone, I know but what to do??? Hmmmm...

Meeting...Meeting....Meeting Lagi....

Wednesday, December 19, 2007
My diary is kindda full this month...I wonder why? Oh yea, that's right! I had to attend MEETING! MEETING! and more MEETINGS! and each and every one of them is AFTER office hours! It's the time of the years where you need to settle all those paperwork bla bla bla....I think every week I have to go to the HQ to attend meetings..kindda tiring - mentally and physically! I need a break!! I'm planning my next holz already but first and foremost, I must find a companion coz it's will be no flying for me from my parents if I don't have any companion. My bestie? Hmmm..She just changed job earlier this month; meaning that she can't take any leave for a year! YIKES! Who want to go on your-own-expenses-trip with me? But remember ah, you have to pay for your own ah! Haha! Destination? Nowhere far....I'm thinking of either Langkawi or Seam Reap! No shopping (ahakz! banarkah tu?), just plain relaxation....Hmmm....

Alhamdulilah, tomorrow is public holiday but I have to work! Waaaaaa....Till 11PM lagi tu! ISH! Menyeksakan banar eh..baru jua kan rilex! But what to do...work..IKHLASKAN diri....hahaha! And man! I got so many reports pilling up, waiting to be done.... *VERY BIG SIGHHHHHHH*

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil'adha

It's the time of the year again...and Alhamdulilah, we are celebrating the Hari Raya Haji / Hari Raya Korban....

What do I have to sacrifice this year?? Hmmm....Well, doesn't trimming my precious hair consider as a sacrifice? Haha! Gezz! What a narrow-minded person I am! But hey! I love my long black hair (although it's not that silky) but still it's my hair! And I just trimmed it a bit....so consider sacrfice laaa...

Wherever you might be......

When Kids Become Wiser....

Saturday, December 15, 2007
My eldest bro called us up around 5PM this afternoon and said that two of my niece, Batrisya, aged 4 and Rabiatul, aged 3 wanted to come over and stay overnight. So, my brother came around 7PM with 2 of his Charlie's Angels or shall I call it Wadi's Angels..Anyhoo, my mom is has her doubts about the younger one, Atul. She never sleep separately from her mom before and my mum still can't believe it that she just salam her dad and waved him goodbye...as my brother drove away.

So, there we were, sitting in the living room, watching the Indonesian TV series from my dad's huge giant flatscreen when Atul was jumping on the sofa and Trisya was on the floor - drawing. I think the only thing Trisya ever do whenever she is in this house is to come and knock on my door and said, "Along, minta kertas" and started to draw....Okay, I'm going out of the topic now...

Atul was jumping up and down on the sofa and my mum kept on scolding her.

Mum: Atul, jangan lumpat-lumpat...gugur karang...

Atul: (ignoring my mum, still jumping)

Mum: Atullll...dgr cakap nini, gugur karang...

Atul: (still ignoring my mum...)

Mum: (lost a bit of her temper) ATULLLL! Dgr cakap nini bah..gugur karang..apa kan nie nada dgr cakap ani?

Trisya: (looking up from her drawing and looking ever-so-innocent) ambuk kali....

And me, my dad, bro Faiz, bro Muiz and my mum couldn't help but to laugh!!!

Few minutes passed...

My dad was eating some kacang kuda and when he's done, he asked my bro, Faiz to put away all the extras and Trisya, looking very annoyed and angry approached my dad.

Trisya: Ni (as in Nini), abis makan atu, panyap sendiri bah. Jangan suruh orang.

Dad: (just ignored her and kept on watching the TV)

Trisya: Ni, lain kali, abis makan atu, panyap sendiri bah. Jangan suruh orang.

Dad: (and still my dad ignored her)

Trisya kept on repeating the same dialogue for like 10 times (I think) when my dad finally gave a response.

Dad: Apa kan kaka cakap ani?

Trisya: CINA!

Turned out she was so annoyed with my dad that she replied just to annoyed my dad some more...Geeez! Can you imagine kids nowdays? Trust me, my mum said she is a very lucky person to have only a daughter (me) to take care of while my brother, well, he has 3 daughters man! Haha! Good luck Bro!!

Hopeless Romantics

I was surfing the Simpur Blogging Nation and I happened to come across this blog site, http://lemmetellyouthis.blogspot.com and I like what's she post in her blog titled "Oh Unfair World..." I asked her permission to copy and paste and Ruzanna, thanx dear! You are a gem!

"Hopeless romantics believe in love and fairy tales. They dream of roses and candlelight, walking on the beach at sunset, and dancing in the rain. They know that somewhere out there is a knight in shining armour ready to carry them off, or a beautiful princess waiting to be carried off into the sunset. Hopeless romantics believe in true love, and the eternal bliss that comes from being united with one's soulmate is what they crave most.

Hopeless romantics recognize in themselves the ability to love infinitely deeply, and they ache to be loved with the same fervor in return. When a hopeless romantic has someone to lavish their affection on, lavish they do. Hopeless romantics sometimes write love letters full of poetic phrases and send flowers, but mostly they try to find a thousand thoughtful little ways to show their love. They make romance into an art form.

Hopeless romantics wear rose-colored glasses. In their eagerness to find "the one", a hopeless romantic may either be extraordinarily picky or not discerning enough. Hopeless non-romantics think that hopeless romantics are delusional and too intense. Other than the seeming futility in the search for a soulmate, nothing frustrates a hopeless romantic more than a significant other who does not understand the hopeless romantic temperament.

Sometimes, in this cynical world, it seems like the population of hopeless romantics is declining. One has only to look at the number of movies and songs about love that are currently popular to prove otherwise. It may also seem that there are many more hopelessly romantic women than romantic men. This isn't surprising in a culture where a man might get snapped at for opening the door for a woman. Men and women often have different ways of expressing their emotions, and the number of hopelessly romantic men is probably much higher than anyone could tell simply by observation.

Hopeless romantics are the idealists, the sentimental dreamers, the imaginative, and the fanciful. They give the world its once-upon-a-times and happily-ever-afters. Hopeless romantics may have their feet on the ground, but their souls fly somewhere over the rainbow."

So, am I a hopeless romantics? hmmm...am I?

'Blackhole' In The Making...

....and that would be me! Honestly, I don't know what happened to my appetite but it sure is increasing! Haha! And lately, I can eat anything and somehow my mouth can't just stop munching on something.

Don't know the meaning of Blackhole? Well,basically it sucks everything...haha! But nah! I don't suck EVERYTHING. Just most of the things...and I'm getting heavy! 2 years ago, I don't have any tummy but now, hey, I do! Something not to be proud of, I know but you know how sick I am when people kept on telling me that I don't have any tummy and do I eat well..bla bla bla...What? I'm not bulimic or anorexic...Jauh palis! Just because I was underweight, doesn't mean I'm not healthy!

But now, no one can say that I'm underweight and not healthy. Coz' I gain 4kgs for the last 2 years (due to lack of exercise and other ECA) and I'm officially normal. My BMI proves it! But I still need to watch my weight coz at the moment I'm in the middle of normal. If I don't watch out, I will definitly heading to the pre-obese class....Nauzubillah!

What causes my increase in appetite? I dunno! Stress maybe! The workloads are catching up on me..urgghhh.I hate thinking about works on Saturday night.....adiossss!


Friday, December 14, 2007
Oh Crap! First time in how many months (as I remembered la), I overslept! I was soooo sleepy that I just ignored my alarm and sleep!! And, I missed for the cleaning campaign this morning *uhhhooo* We came home around 12.30am last night after watching the I Am Legend and after doing the necessities (no need to elobarate here), I went to bed and straight doze off...

....And woke up around 8.15am. Went straight for my shower (cold one, mind you) and by the time I'm done, it's already 8.30am! And the cleaning campaign started at 8.30am. Thinking that I am definitly late anyway and I have to travel like 20KM to the place, so I decided NOT to go...Don't fancy rushing on Friday morning....

Went to have breakfast at Faize restaurant with the family and from there..jln2..hehe!

I Am Legend

Any of you guys out there ever feel want to live alone in this world? I had thought about it before when I feel the world is unfair in some way or other but after watching this movie, no thanx! I don't want to live alone...It's so freakin' lonely!

"Robert Neville (Will Smith) is a brilliant scientist, but even he could not contain the terrible virus that was unstoppable, incurable...and manmade. Somehow immune, Neville is now the last human survivor in what is left of New York City...and maybe the world. But he is not alone. He is surrounded by "the Infected"--victims of the plague who have mutated into carnivorous beings who can only exist in the dark and who will devour or infect anyone or anything in their path. For three years, Neville has spent his days scavenging for food and supplies and faithfully sending out radio messages, desperate to find any other survivors who might be out there. All the while, the Infected lurk in the shadows, watching Neville's every move, waiting for him to make a fatal mistake. Perhaps mankind's last, best hope, Neville is driven by only one remaining mission: to find a way to reverse the effects of the virus using his own immune blood. But his blood is also what The Infected hunt, and Neville knows he is outnumbered and quickly running out of time. " (Copy and paste from Yahoo!)

I have to say that I'm kindda bit dissapointed with this movie. I duuno way. Maybe I hope too much from this movie. But yea! It's an 'alright, okay' movie. But I feel that Will Smith acting is not at his best BUT I love the part where he mimicked the Shreak dialogues...that's cool! Hehe!

Money In d'Loo!

Thursday, December 13, 2007
It's been quiet a hectic week for me so far and it's just Thursday. Monday, it was raining heavily and most of the main areas (Qlap, Gadong, Beribi) were flooded! I nearly caught in the flood, mind you. I was sending my restless niece to her home in Beribi and the rains was pouring very heavily and I had to drive with extra cautions. My mom called me twice along my route from Mulaut - Beribi - Mulaut. Luckily I'm with my brother, at least he can answer the phone for me. The heavy downpour also causes some areas have disrupted water supply yesterday because the main station in Kianggeh was flooded and some of the pumps were damaged. But, hey! Have to salute the Water dept people, they work very efficiently to resume the water supply..

Tuesday, work is as usual. I met some of the 'star' (as one of the doctors called it!) patients. But nevermind, nowdays I'm thinking positive and after 3 years 3 months, I will be out of this place and starting January 2nd, I will be in a new place and meeting new patients. I know that I will definitly encounter 'star' patients but I hope not as much as present. Gezz! This area, got so many PIA (as I always called them!) patients. I KNOW that it's part of the job but come on...this area is too much. So yea! I'm looking forward to the new environment and seetings! Something to look forward to and struggle with...Something good might come *wink*wink* Oh yea, that night, I 'fulfilled' a dinner invitation (ahakz! mcm terpksa bunyinya!). Anyway, it went well and he improved a lot (in conversations part!ahakz!) considering for the years that we had known each other.

Wednesday and today, afterwork, I had to rush to RIPAS for Wednesday and Ong Sum Ping for today. I had a CE and a KKC meeting today. Kindda tiring. Instead of going home like everyone else, I'm going to the main offices! Must be a weird working hours I'm having!

Oh yea, before I forgot (my blog post title), just before leaving the office for my meeting, I went to the loo aka toilet coz I need to empty my bladder before caught in the traffic jam. The toilet consists of three stalls and I approached the first stall. Guess what I found or rather saw? No! It's not the poo! Instead of the poo, there are some $1 notes (money) immersed in the loo water and some near the seat. I was thinking, shall I use this seat? I mean, I don't fancy urinating the notes, it has HM's face on it!! Gezz! I can be caught and detained just for doing that. Flush it? Then the money will be gone! So, I take the easy way out - use another stall coz the toilet is mainly empty! I went to the next stall and aaahhhh...emptied my bladder, of course!

While washing my hand, I was thinking about the notes. Shall I fish it out and cleaned it? *yikes* Or just let it be? *hmmm..* Or take a picture of it? *great idea* Remembering that my HP is in my coat (which I'm wearing), I took my HP out and started to make my way to the first stall....when a lady came in! I place my HP back into my coat and with a smile (service with a smile), I walked out of that loo.

Now, some of you must be wondering what I really want to do with that money. Actually, honestly, I think I'm just gonna leave it there. I don't want to fish it out because

1. It's not my money
2. *yuck* I don't fancy immersing my hand into the toilet seat. Dunno what disease I might catch! 3. Sure, it's rezeki but no need to be greedy, right?

So, anyway, our KKC project is progressing very well and yes! now I'm stuck with doing the reports again! Man! I got so many reports to do. I hope my laptop does not explode by the time I finish our project..Nauzubillah! Hehe!

I Am Legend starring Will Smith opened today in cinema here and after fetching my younger bro, Muiz from the Mall, we went straight to Qlap Mall to buy the tickets. Yea! I'm gonna watch I Am Legend in 2 hours time. I think all I do lately is watching movies! A colleague and I were browsing thru' the papers yesterday and we were looking for the movies showing in the cinemas and could you believe it that I saw like 80% of the movies already! My colleague couldn't believe it! And I also couldn't believe it? Beowulf - check! Hitman - check! Enchanted - check! The Kingdom - check! The Heartbreak Kid - check! The Golden Compass - check! What esle I haven't watch? Yikes! As if I don't have any fun thing to do except for watching movie..hehe! Tonight I'll watching the I Am Legend and I'm thinking of watching Alvin and The Chipmunks soon..hehe! They are soo cute....Nanti la....

Tomorrow, I need to attend a cleaning campaign and another meeting before the Christmas and for our department's family day, we will be having a picnic in Muara beach on January 6th and another meeting for that too...Hmmm...MIB - Meeting Inda Beranti....

Anyhoo...I better stop my entry for today/tonight!


Cabo, San Lucas, Mexico

Wednesday, December 12, 2007
I am taking a break from typing all the KKC reports and surf on some interesting sites on Cabo, San Lucas, Mexico. Honestly, before The Heartbreak Kid, I have no idea the existance of Cabo. But in that movie, they choose Cabo as their honeymoon destination and I was fascinated! I love the place at the first sight. And reading from all those sites in this internet, I found out that, it's even more beautiful than what I ever imagine....

If any of you want to know about Cabo (for those who doesn't know like ME!), take a search. Just type in Cabo and from there, surf all you want about this place and it's community!

My Weekend

Sunday, December 9, 2007
How I spent my weekend? Hmm...well, it started of with my movie date with my blind date..haha! So many date word here. So, we agreed to watch a 9.30PM movie at the Qlap Mall. I arrived there around 9.10PM and gezz! It's stuck! I mean, traffic wise! After 2 rounds, I almost gave up finding a parking spot near the buliding. I don't want to park so far away coz by the time the movie ended, it would be around 11 something and I don't fancy walking in the dark to my parking...better safe than sorry! But, lucky me! As I was about to give up, one family car pulled out from the parking exactly infront of the building, so...it's mine!!

And believe it or not, I almost got the wrong guy! Don't ask me why but somehow I just can't remember how my blind date looked like..haha! Funny, you must think, right? But that's the truth! I'm good with memorizing anything else but I'm so lousy at remembering faces...YUP! That's me! So, I called my date, asking where he is and he said that he is waiting for me near the ticket counter. I went up to the ticket counter, looked at all the men queing up for the tickets and I spotted this one guy who looked like him. He was queing for the tickets. I smiled at him and he smiled back and I just waited for him by the sides. Then my eyes scanned the area and I saw my date standing near a poster! COULD YOU BELIEVE IT?! I hit on a stranger! Still shocked and embarrased, I went to my date and I pretend nothing happened. I don't want to hurt is feeling by not remembering his face..AHAKZ! I can somehow feel the world is laughing at me but nevermind! At least I didn't go up to the guy and make a conversation...eewww...that would be more ackward!

Anyhow, we watched The Golden Compass and it's kindda full house. It's an interesting movie, I must say...a hint of classis and modern. I like it! It ended around 11.20PM and I went straight home after saying goodbye to my date. It's kindda late for dinner anyway.

This morning, I helped my mum and dad doing some shopping..I LOVE shopping! If I don't have any care or responsibility, I would use up all my money for shopping...don't you just love shopping?! I managed to finish the season 3 of Numb3rs. I'm not that good at maths but watching this series at least refresh my mind on how maths work...hehe.

Around half past 3, I started to make a move to attend my colleague's granddaughter birthday party. And guess what, I witnessed an accident between an Avanza and a Lexus IS200! Man! They were arguing by the roadside. I understand how that feel but somehow both parties were getting hot! If you know what I mean! Polices came half an hour later, taking statements, this and that and well, that's it....lets the insurances think about it...hehe!

Now, m back in my room. I'm suppose to do my KKC report but somehow I'm just lazy! Well, the lazy part always come this time of the day. I just want to lie back and watch the CSI and Bones! Hehehe...laterzzz!!!


Friday, December 7, 2007
You know what's the weirdest thing that just happened to me with a colleague, Ummi. Well, the thing is that we are close but not quiet close, you get what I meant? Sure, we work together and we joined the department together and we even went to Singapore together although not living together but we are cool...if you get what I meant.

Anyway, being a colleague, we never ever talked about each other feelings about personal stuffs. Sure, we gossiped with each other about others (kira mengumpat la tu...hehe), we went out for lunch and afterwork coffee and only recently we watch movie together...and only recently she opened up to me. Well, the thing about her is that she is in her early 30ies and still single. But I admire her courages. I mean, most women I know at this age would just give up on finding someone but no...not for her! She never give up hope in finding someone to spend the rest of her life with and I salute her! Yes..I am!

Recently she had been going out with this guy and although how much she wanted it to work out, it just didn't! They don't have the 'spark' - as she called it!

Now, that is something to ponder upon, don't you think? I mean, sure you will tend to meet alot of people in this lifetime but how many of them you really connected to? So far, there is no a guy that I feel the 'spark'. I'm not choosy but my heart is! Does it makes a difference? Sure it does! I can just 'accept' any guy that I know and be done with with but somehow, I want more than that. I guess, that's what everyone wants, right?

Ummi didn't give up in finding her soulmate, why should I? I mean, life is all about taking risks, don't they? Heartbreaks? It comes with the package....so I will be fine!

Heartbreak Kid

I always like Ben Stiller. I mean, he has that expression that sometime make you sympthised him. I loved watching There's Something About Mary, I mean, that's quiet funny.

So this afternoon, I went to watch The Heartbreak Kid with my brothers. So it's this story abt this middle aged guy, Eddie (Ben Stiller) who in my opinion is being pressured just by being single, I guess. So he met this girl whom he knew for 6 weeks, got married and from that moment on, life is completely choas!

While honeymooning with his wife, he meets one lovely lady and he believes that he is in love..This story is quiet funny...you won't regret watching it and the place, Cabo (never heard of it before) is quiet a magnificent place....
'Love Hurts' - YEA! It sure does!

Oppss! I Did It Again...

You know how the thing that you vowed not to do but you did it anyway. No! I didn't do anything naught or illegal or anything such as but this is something that I promised myself that I won't do again, mainly I'm tired.

I went on blind date....again! After awhile, I think 2 years, I went on a blind date, could you guys believe it?! This thing isn't suppose to happen again coz I promised that I won't go out with strangers again! Urrggghh....But I did!

It's not that the date is that terrible, no! Infact it's quiet the opposite. We had a lot of fun chatting about almost everything! And that's what scared the heck out of me! I mean, I'm not ready for a long term commitment...don't ask me why! And I have a second date with him tomorrow night! YIKES! Don't you thinkit's too fast?!! I think it does!

I don't know what happened lately. Some guys I know that is still single are like racing to ask me out. My colleague, Ummi said that I'm quiet 'laku' this month! Geezzz! I didn't realise that I'm offering special discounts. This week I'm going out with another guy and next week, I have accepted dinner invitation by another....hmmmm...


Sunday, December 2, 2007

Enchanted - the last movie I watch for the month of November. Could you believe it, somehow, I don't know what's up but in November, I watched 6 movies! WOW! That was like 1 and a half movie for every week.

Anyway, Enchanted; it's a fairy tale story. The Cinderella-Snow White type of movie but nontheless, it's quiet funny. I don't want to bore all of you out there with the synopsis coz like every fair tale movies, it always end 'happily ever after'. I was waiting for this movie mainly because Patrick Dempsey is in it...he is so YUMMY! Hehe! And the songs in this movie, there are all 'catchy'.

Watch it if you are the romantic type (like me!) but if your partner not as romantic as you, don't bring your partner. Bring someone else! hehe!

Welcome to the World, Baby

Officially I became an aunt again! Now I'm holding the title aunt for 3 of my nieces! My 'latest' niece came to rock (hehe!) the world this morning at 2.20AM, weight 3.1kg. This is my brother, Wadi's third daughter with my sister-in-law, Noi. My brother is hoping for baby boy but when baby girl made her appreance, well, what to say....rezeki kan?

The name? That's the thing. My brother wanted to named her Adrina Adawiyah while my sister-in-law wanted to name her Adriana Adawiyah AND my dad wanted to name her Nurul Adriana Adawiyah. 3 names, 1 baby!I like Adriana Adawiyah better, sweet and adorable just like her....


Something Different....Hmmm

Thursday, November 29, 2007
It's been like 3 weeks I'm back wearing my glasses and believe it or not, it's quiet suprising how many people doesn't know that I was wearing contact lens all those time. Weird? But true! Considering I'm working with people, some of the regulars looked at me twice just to make sure it is me..hehe! It's quiet funny!

A guy around my age, I don't know his name but he is quiet friendly and last week he came and he stood infront of me for a long time, then when I looked up, he said:

Young Guy: Hey! It's you
Me: (smiling) Of course it'me me. Why? (making dumb face)
YG: Errmm..you look different.
Me: Apa yang lain? (What's the different)
YG: You wearing glasses...
Me: Yea...
YG: I didn't know you wear glasses...
And I just smiled...Work ethics - cannot flirt with the 'client' during office hours..Haha!

He came again this afternoon and again we have this conversation

YG: What? Not wearing any contact lens anymore?
Me: No! Doctor advised me to take a break.
YG: What happened?
Me: Long story short, I got eye infection and allergy
YG: Ahhhh....

This thing happened again few minutes later when an officer from the Ministry whom I'm quiet close with (we were in the same flights to and fro last time BRU-KL-BRU) came.

Officer Fr Ministry: Eh..
Me: Oh! Hi Ji
OFrM: Start bila kau pakai glasses ani?
Me: Batah udh eh
OFrM: Selama ani nda jua kau pakai glasses.
Me: Contact lens la Ji
OFrM: Ahhh...

Haha! One small change in my apperance, everyone noticed! I wonder if anyone noticed my zits just above my upper lips? Hmmm...I think they noticed but it would be impolite to stare so that's why they concentrate mainly on my eyes. Or maybe my eyes is my attraction? Haha..perasan!

My x-bf told me that he likes me better with my glasses coz that's the real me bla bla bla...and a guy who likes me (whom I mentioned before in this blog), also commented that I look cute with glasses..What's up with male and glasses, anyway?

December Coming...

A day to go and it will be December. That's like another 32 more days to the new year 2008! YIKES! 2008?! Part f me looking forward for the new year and some part doesn't! Okay, I admit, I'm looking forward to the new year. I'm hoping to make some changes in my life. I know what I want to change but I just don't want to share it yet! Not yet! Don't worry, I will sure share it sooner or later!

For this December, I will have public holiday duties. My duties is only twice for the December but I'm taking over a colleagues' duty considering that she is celebrating Christmas and her family will fly here for the occassion, so I'm giving her the chance to spend the Christmas with her beloved! That's more like teamwork eh! And I will have more of the KKC meetings. The never ending meeting, I would say. But hopefully we can finish it before the next KKC 'season' and get it over with!

Anyway, new year 2008; I don't have anything planned yet but rumor has it that our department is having a family outting on the new year day. Not sure how true is the rumor but if it's true, then I will be having a BBQ for the new year day. Somewhere in February 2008, we will have our annual gathering and this time, it will be held in Kuala Belait. Do I smell another roadtrip? Yea! I love roadtrips! But I'm not sure I will be going for another annual gathering. For the last 5 years I had been working, I only went once and that was last year! Speaking of work commitment huh! I got so many work commitment that it's kindda hard to keep up with!

I will officially move to the new 'office' starting January 2. More responsibilities, more work! Luckily, my partner is someone I can rely on. At least, it gives me a sense of relief.

Apart from my work life, my specs hunting haven't produced anything just yet! I'm still searching. Gezz! How much searching do I need? Hehe! Well, it's gonna be my 'companion', my 'partner', my 'other half', so I better choose wisely, don't you think? OK! In other word, I'm just plain choosy....PERIOD! No wonder I don't have any boyfriend! HaHaHa! Wherever that comes from....?

Happy Birthday Bro!

He is the youngest of all and today he celebrated his 15th birthday! Happy Birthday brother Muiz! Being the youngest sure gives him a lot advantages. He got a sister and 4 elder brother to pamper him and 2 loving parents to dot on him!

Well, he ain't a baby anymore, that's for sure but still you are being loved endlessly bro! Despite the teasing, the nagging, the bullying (haha! Yup! Youngest tend to be bullied), he is the best brother...our comedian! The house is quiet without him....

The Kingdom

Wednesday, November 28, 2007
I read some comments on the movie, The Kingdom. Some said it contains a lot more actions than the Hitman. So I decided to go and judge the movie for myself. I went to watch The Kingdom yesterday afternoon at The Mall Cineplex.

It's a movie about Americans being killed by suicide bomers in the land of Saudi Arabia. I'm not sure whether they really filmed it in Saudi Arabia but it does look like it - from the bulidings and environments and all. Anyway, FBI Agent Fleury (Jamie Foxx) together with 3 of his team (Jennifer Garner, Chris Cooper and Jason Bateman) went to Saudi Arabia to find and capture a terrorist responsible for a deadly attack on Americans.

It gets hectic and unorganized as well, you know how tight Muslim country is Saudi Arabia. The laws are very strict that it prohibits then from doing their 'job'. However, the agents find themselves strangers in a very strange land until a native police captain takes them under his wing and helps them navigate the deadly streets of Riyadh.

Politics and religions aside, it's a good movie! It filled with actions and the casts are brilliant. The Prince of Saudi (whoever the actor is; he is quiet deliciously goodlooking) But for someone who is sensitive about religion and believes, there is a pro and a con here. The good side is that no matter what the coour of our skins and what are religion and believes are, we help each other for the right cause. The bad side, sure! It targeted mainly on the Muslim; Al-Qaeda, September 11 and all those.

The director is Peter Berg. Some of you might remember him and some of you might not. I even don't remember where I had seen him before. I know he looks familiar but just couldn't place him. I did my serach and guess what, he is the guy from the mid-90's medical TV series - Chicago Hope! I don't know whether any of you remember this TV series but this TV series is quiet the 1st medical TV series that I watched. There was no Grey's Anatomy, House, Medical Investigation, CSI back then but Chicago Hope was a hit! Man! I almost forget all about it. Peter Berg, he sure comes a long way from 1994 and he directed this movie! Awesome!

Is it a lot better than Hitman? My personal view, I like both! I LOVE action movies..PERIOD! But this movie, I have to say, place an impact in my life coz it involved my fellow Muslims. I'm not biased or anything here and I know that what our fellow friends did affected the whole Muslim community in this world....

My Day

Tuesday, November 27, 2007
I was having my off day today and man, don't I just enjoy off days. I woke up a lil' bit late, around 7.45am, had my shower and by 8.30am, I was ready to go to the RIPAS hospital for my eyes followup. Once I arrived in RIPAS, I straight headed for the paying basement parking coz no waste in wating my time to look for free parking. Basically you won't get any. Parking in RIPAS after 7am is almost impossible. So I parked my car (cursed at some irresponsible drivers who just parked their car antam2 and leave not enough space to move), went straight to the registration and I got que no 21.

I thought 21 is not that bad considering it's just 10 minutes to 9am!! But when I look at the electronic numbering system, the number displayed at that time is 7!!!! YIKES! No empry chairs so I was suck standing, watching the Health Awareness programs on TV. The ENS (electronic numbering system) kept on beeping and I kept on looking. But mostly patients by appointment being called first. By 9.30am, my number! Yea! Doctor cleared me of infections but advised me not to wear contact lens everyday as my infection might come back and gave me a prescription for garasone eyedrop and lacrilube. Geez! Better start hunting for new glasses now. The glasses I'm wearing now is 3 years old already! Hmmmm...

Haven't eat any breakfast yet, so me and Bro Muiz (he was tagging along), went to McD. I know! I know! Unhealthy food to start the day but I'm running out of choice and I was hungggrryyy! We were queing up behind these 2 Ah Bengs (that's Chinese men) wearing PINK t-shirts! Rarely I see men wearing PINK t-shirt! I remembered when I was staying in Singapore, there was this hugh news when a Singaporean Idol participant wearing PINK t-shirt for the audition and he had been named Ah Beng eversince. Couldn't remember if he gets in or not! Anyway, infront of those 2 Ah Bengs, there were 3 more couples hence we were the fifth and only one counter opened! Huunnnngggrrryyyy!! Luckily, soon after that, another counter opened (maybe sympathised with my 'deprived-out-of-food-look'). Ate my breakfast and around 11.15am, we out of Gadong. Gotta fetch Bro Faiz from school.

Afternoon, I treated myself to a movie (since there is no one to treat me..hahaha). Of course, I brought my 2 'bodygurads'. We watched The Kingdom. Cool movie! Finished the movie around 4.15pm and went straight home coz I promised my dad to have dinner together. Exhausted! But it's been a great day!

Oh yea, I went to several optical stores but so far, haven't find the one that I like best. It's quiet some times I didn't shop for glasses it makes me forget how stressful it can be! Didn't know shopping for glasses is that stressful. My current one is the one that I made in Singapore. Kindda sayang to replace it considering that this one is using the expensive high index lens which cost me some freaking $450! Hmmm...Back to work tomorrow so InsyaAllah I will continue shopping for glasses this Friday. Sunday, I will be working....

Mencari Jodoh

Sunday, November 25, 2007
I was surfing thru' http://www.ranoadidas.com - Brunei's No. 1 Social News and I caught this one entry - For the eligible bachelors. And just for the fun of it, I click to the site. And honestly, I was quiet suprised! I didn't know that our own government - Brunei government - has setup a matchmaking site.I mean there is no harm in matchmaking but wow! I'm speechless. Although there are only few entries but I do hope this site will receive a good response....

Click http://www.japem.gov.bn/borang/mencaripsg.htm to view the page...

Good luck....to whoever! =)

Haj Season

Today, the first flight bringing the Brunei Haj Pilgrams took off with 6 more flights to follow. I know some of my colleagues and some friends are going for their Haj.

Selamat menunaikan ibadah Haji. Semoga selamat pergi dan selamat sampai dan semoga amalkan kita diterima olehNYA

Wonder when I will go? (Sigh!) I pray to Allah wishing that I will go for Haj soon, while I'm still young and capable and able, INSYALLAH!

Pejamkan Mata

I found it! I finally found it!! What I meant here is about the poem that I mentioned in the Malaysia's 9 September movie! Btw, it's part of the lyrics of Penjamkan Mata by Ronnie.

Ku pejamkan mata
kau dihadir disisi
ku hulurkan tangan
kau sambut dengan kasih
tenangkanlah hatimu
agar bisa ku senyum
penjamkanlah matamu
jika rindukan wajahku
ku pejamkan mata
kau hadir disisi
bisik mesra darimu
menyemai kasihku
bahagiakan dirimu
agar bisa ku senyum
penjamkanlah matamu
ku pasti disisi
untuk dikau kasih
ku curahkan cinta suci
yang tak mungkin terpadam
akan terus membara
bahagiakan dirimu
agar bisa ku tersenyum
pejamkanlah matamu
jika rindukan wajahku
janjiku kepada
aku pasti disisi

Rough Weather

Although I'm a bit afraid of the deep water, but I always love the sea! It's a feeling that you acquire when you live near the beach for quiet some times. As for me, I spent 14 years of my live stayed by the beach, either the Muara beach or the Serasa beach. I love going to the beach and I love staring out into the endless sea.

This morning, me, my parents and my 2 brothers got nowhere to spend our weekend so rather than just lazying at home, we decided to go to Muara. I miss Muara, to be honest! Mainly because I grew up there and I'm fond of the memories there. It's where I know the meaning of life!

Anyway, we went there, went to Serasa beach - some things had changed! We had a lil' picnic...hehe..mostly unplanned! Then, on our way home, I told my dad I missed Meraggang beach. It is where I used to jog every afternoon, when I didn't go hiking! So my dad made a turn and we went to Meraggang. The waves (for me) is quiet high! The weather looked it's gonna rain so I didn't come down fr the car. I managed to take a picture fr the car though! The weather looked rough and the wave looked 'mean'.

It's almost coming to the end of November. December is just around the corner and the weather is as expected as it is! Where all the months gone?! I feel like I'm left behind....somewhere.....

9 September

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Geez! It feels that I'm spending all my free times watching movies! I couldn't remember what's the malay movie that I watched before 9 September. I watched Malaysia's 9 September last week with my 2 brothers.
I took the synopsis from http://filmasia.blogspot.com mainly because I'm too lazy to type (ahakz!)!
"Country: Malaysia
Production Company: Metrowealth Movies Production Sdn. Bhd.
Genre: Comedy/ Romance
Director: Pierre AndreStarring: Pierre Andre, Fasha Sandha, Fahrin Ahmad, Zami Ismail, Osman Kering, Shamsul Ghau Ghau, David Teo, Nik Adruce, Faten, Nor Zam Zam, Nasirudin Nasir
Length: 95 mins
Date of release: 1st November, 2007
'9 September' is a romantic comedy which tells the story of Nia (Fasha Sandha) a very cute girl with a tomboy character who has been recently dumped by her boyfriend. Since then she has kept this hatred towards guys. Her anger is being let out on Kogi (Pierre Andre). Kogi is very much an honest and kind guy. He is seen as someone who is easily a target for Nia to bully. The first time they met was when Nia accidentally entered Kogi's house. Since then many coincidental meetings had happened between them. No matter how many times Kogi is being bullied by Nia, he stills put on a strong front and very much a gentleman most of the time they spend their time together until they eventually fall for each other but this was cut short when Adrian, Nia's ex lover, came back to her.
Without a doubt Nia is still head over heels for Adrian. But her love for him isn't much like it was before. Her mind was always thinking about Kogi . One day Nia decided to fly off to Tokyo with her boyfirend for a year. As she returned from Tokyo her feelings towards Kogi was so overwhelming that she had to search for him but pretty much failed. When she finally found him again a shocking surprise awaits for her. What will be the end of their relationship? Will the two hearts ever be united again in love?"
What's a shocking suprise awaits for her? Well, Kogi loves her by trying to prevent her from leaving Malaysia. Kogi had a cancer (I couldn't remember what cancer). She looks for Kogi but couldn't find him anywhere until she decided to go to an island where she and Kogi were standed a year ago. Kogi was there and they spent the night in each other arms. Kogi died that night! Yup! He died! I nearly cried at this part but another part that make me on the edge of tears is when Nia is about to get married, she ran to Kogi's apartment and found a poem...for her! The poem is so heartbreaking.....
I will try to fnd the poem and when I do, I will post it here....chiow!


Another movie I managed to watch last weekend is Beowulf. I watched it with my bestfriend. I'm not sure whether Beowulf is a myth, legend or true story but I think it's a myth of the Danish.

I don't know how to write the synopsis of this movie coz it's kindda hard to explain the dragon and all etc etc. But what impresses me about this movie is that it's kindda an animation! Yup! At first, I thought it's a real movie with real people, with effects and all but it turned out to be an animation with superb effects!

Don't ask me why they use Angelina Jolie's animation in this movie. Is it because she looks so seducing? Hmmm..maybe! I don't know! Maybe the male know it better than we do!


The latest movie played in the cinema. I went to watch it with my colleague, Ummi after we finished our QQC meeting this afternoon. With our baju kurung (for Ummi) and baju fesyen (for me), we went to the Qlap Mall..hehe! We looked weird! Orang lain pakai casual clothes but we went straight from work. Well, What to do? The show is at 7PM and we finished our meeting around 6.30PM.

It is so filled with actions which I LIKE! I LIKE! I just LOVEEE all the action movies with hi-tec guns and all...hehe..I always like bold men! I think they are just so SEXY! Timothy Olyphant as Agent 47 (in this movie), I have to say, is one SEXY lad! Yummy! Ahakz! I watched him with Bruce Willis in Die Hard 4 and sure, he looks good there but here, in Hitman, with no hair..devilishly super-delicious..Haha! Oh yea..the cars just WOW! Audi and Benz mainly used here but hey, with Audi alone, this movie is already my favourite movie - great story, great looking men (well, for Agent 47), great looking cars, what can I ask more? hehe...Gotta buy the DVD once on store...

MUST WATCH for you who like action movies...you won't regret it!

Gossip One, Please!

I'm not the type of person to gossip. I know it's suppose to come with the package but I rarely engage in the game of gossiping. Mainly because I don't care about other people's lives and honestly, it's just a waste of time and adding to my pilling sins aka menambahkan dosa..he3! Besides, I don't like to be gossiped about hence I know how it feel to gossip about others.

But yesterday afternoon, I couldn't help but to get involved or rather stuck in gossiping. I was having a CE (Continuing Education) in RIPAS Hospital yesterday afterwork. After the CE, a male colleague invite me for a cup of coffee. With him and a female colleague (who was with a friend, who happened to be a famous radio dee jay), we ended up sitting in a coffee shop in Qlap.

Who says male don't gossip?! Well, add a male to a group of ladies, he SURE does will gossip! Me, who rarely get involved in work matters after office hours, just couldn't shut my mouth. We gossiped (or as we women termed it as TALK) about a lot of things that we ended up staying there for like 1 and a half hour! YIKES! I only came home around 8pm! Haha! Talked about the power of gossips huh!

But gossip is not always bad, you know. It does help you to keep pace with what's happening. True! Some of the gossips might be untrue, incorrect or whatever you want to call it but some does have truthness in it...


Kalau nada ribut, nakkan pokok bergoyang....


Stress? Depressed?

Tuesday, November 20, 2007
...or maybe both. I had been sick since last Saturday or rather since last Tuesday. I had an eye infection and on 2 weeks antibiotics treatment and lay off contact lens maybe for a month. Then I had sore throat and it's getting worst last Saturday.

My sinusitis was getting worse and I was having fever last Saturday night. Sunday, I tried to get myself a break and went out and watch a movie. It did relieve some of the pain - physically and emotionally.

Maybe the death of Jojo somehow shut my immune system for a while back then. I do feel sad once in awhile especially when I see KC. But InsyaAllah, time will heal the pain....

Farewell Jojo

Sunday, November 18, 2007
17/11/2007 - It's the day that I lost Jojo. He died caused by infections. He was given 3 shots of injections when I rushed him to the private vet clinic in Gadong late Friday afternoon and being supplied with liquid antibiotics and an eyedrop. I only managed to feed him the antiobiotics twice yesterday and the eyedrop once.

When my mum came home from work that afternoon, he was still alive and tried to move, in a way to greet my mum as he always did but when I came home 10 minutes later, he's gone! What's frustrating, I was not even there to 'acccompany' him for his last breath. But KC was there and he won't even budge from Jojo's body. I somehow can feel KC's pain and saddness.
He is losing the only friend he has....I couldn't even stop crying yesterday that my dad just quickly buried Jojo's body so that I won't be that sad. But I was and I'm still is! I'm losing Jojo. I'm losing something that is so dear to me. I can't stop thinking about him and about KC. Kc will be so lonely. Today, when I fed KC, I cried again coz KC look so lost, so lonely!

Farewell my dear Jojo - May you rest in peace

Jojo - You will always be remembered


Lakaran Kasih

Thursday, November 15, 2007

A novel by Laila Kamilia. Her first novel in my malay novels library list. I'm not sure whether she has any other novels but this is the first one that I came across with.

The main characters - Dzalia and Zuhairee. Both are, in a way, adopted children. Zuhairee, Nizar's son was adopted by Nizar's bestfriend, Zikri and Habibah after the death of his wife.
While Dzalia is a stepdaughter of Nizar. Her mother left her husband, Nidzar when she found that her husband was having an affair. Nizar pitied Dzarina, Dzalia's mother and married her, hence giving Dzalia a father.

As the bestfriends had promised, Nizar with Habibah (after the death of Zikri) made a plan to marry Dzalia and Zuhairee together. Dzalia still couldn't forget her first love - Firwan while Zuhairee afraid to fall in love again after Syikin.

2 days before they got engaged,Dzalia with the help and permision of Zuhairee went to her university reunion. She met with Firwan again after 5 years and infront of every friends, Firwan proposed to Dzalia. And she said yes!

Dzalia went back to her kampong and asked for postpone in hers and Zuhairee's engagement. At this point of story, Dzalia was confused between 2 men - Firwan, her first love and Zuhairee, whom she started to fall in love with. She waited for Zuhairee to say the 'magic' words of love for her to change her mind but it never come.

So Dzalia decided to marry Firwan, even against Nizar's wishes. On her nikah day, she waited for Zuhairee (who had to come when Dzalia asked him for one last time). No words were uttered but Dzalia knew that Zuhairee loves her. But it's too late. She can't afford to humiliate her parents anymore.

A year marriage to Firwan didn't bring Dzalia any happiness. She was constantly being left alone as Firwan 'outstationed'. Truth came out 1 day when Dzalia realized that she is Firwan's second wife. Her used-to-be-bestfriend, Nina (Firwan's girlfriend during school years) is infact Fiwan's first wife with whom they have 2 daughters.

Firwan and Nina passed away, leaving their 2 daughters with Dzalia. Zuhairee, who knows that Dzalia is no one's wife anymore, started to do what he was supposed to do ages ago - fight for the one that he loves!

In the end, Dzalia and Zuhairee were married and somehow, Zuhairee knew that he is Nizar's son and Dzalia knew that she is Nizar's stepdaughter.

Honestly, if you ask me, when I was reading this book, somehow I feel lost! Why? Because the chapter in this novels sometime being alternate between the past and present and that makes me confused. Furthermore, I think this novel is incomplete. Well, there is no explaination on how Firwan and Nina died (except that they involved in a crash) and in the end of this novel, Nizar passed away and only letters to Dzalia and Zuhairee explained little bit of it. No story on how Zuhairee's reaction knowing that he is Nizar's son; on how and why Nizar's passed away. It just ended.

Don't get me wrong. The storyline is interesting and catching and I managed to read it in a workday. But I think it would be more interesting if the writer elaborate more on the details. Then I wouldn't be that confused..but it's okay.

I will sure look forward to read more from Laila Kamilia. I know she will do great.

The Updates!

Sunday, November 11, 2007
It's been a while I didn't properly update my blog and here I am, insyaAllah will try my best to fill in what's been happening in my life lately. Overall, it's been a rough week.

Last Saturday, last week, I went to one of my bosses' openhouse. Considering that I was onleave, I didn't manage to get the address. And guess what, I ended up lost! Haha! Yup, I was lost somewhere in Menglait but Alhamdulilah, I finally managed to find her house. That night, I dragged my bros, Faiz and Muiz to the late night movie to watch the 30 Days of Night; just before I started working again.

My car, which I just did servicing and complained of leaking somehow leak again! I called the agent before they went off for their half day and told them my problem and somehow they just take it lightly and said, it's common after changing the overflow radiator tank and just asked me to top up the water.

Monday - 5th November

It's quiet hectic. I got loads of paperworks to attend to. I went home for just for lunch and half and hour later came back to office and start to do my pending paperwork and I got to prepare for my QCC meeting coming Thursday.

My car water tank goes below minimum and I called the agent to set up for appointment.

Tuesday - 6th November


Honestly I can't remember what out-of-the-usual that I did last Tuesday apart from work.

Wednesday - 7th November

My sister-in-law messaged me around noon saying that her father passed away after battling with cancer. My brother called soon after that. I, being kepoh (busybody or rather as I like to call it, emotional intelligence) called my dad and informed him. I told my colleague that I might come a bit late to office but by 1.30PM, my brother informed that the body is still in the hospital so I decided to drop by at the office first. By 2.30PM, I made my way to Beribi and by that time, I had to park sooooo far away and hike my way to my sister-in-law's house.
Once I entered the house, it was so packed and I can hear my younger niece, Rabiatul crying. I went to her and managed to console her and from that moment on, she won't let go of me. Even after the cleaning and praying of the jenazah, she still won't let me go. Thinking that I had to go back to the office (as it was only 3.45PM), I had no choice but to hand her to my heavily pregnant sister-in-law. She was crying but my sister-in-law said that she is tired and sleepy and said she will be okay after a nap. I left the house and went back to work.

Once I arrived at the office, a good male friend of mine messaged me and told me another heartbreaking news. His girlfriend passed away Tuesday night and safely buried that morning (Wednesday morning). Me, haven't recover from my shock, just lost of words. I don't know what to say to him and just asked him to bertawakal...

Semoga roh-roh mereka dicucuri rahmat dan ditempatkan bersama orang-orang yang beriman...

My mid-week is rough already and I don't know how I can survive the rest of the week.

Thursday - 8th November

I attended my QCC meeting after work that day and only came home around 6PM. The night is coming early these days. By 6PM, it's getting dark already. I got reports to do, which I haven't touch yet! That night, I accompanied my best male friend, Daneil to the Mall. Actually I was tired but as I made promise with him earlier, I just fullfilled it. Came home around 11PM.

Friday - 9th November

I got terrible headache early morning but considering that I made an appointment with my car agent, I went and arrived there by 8AM. Things got messy when my dad pitched in and asked the mechanics to inspect my car PROPERLY! 2 weeks ago, I complained of leaking and they claimed that my overflow radiator tank was leaking and I paid $500 for that includes servicing. 2 weeks after that, it's still leaking and they discovered that the waterpump is the one that leaked! My dad got pissed off and they said that will redeam that by not charging the labour charge (FYI I paid freaking $150 for the labour charge the last time). After some checking, they found that the sparepart department don't have the waterpump stock! Next shipment is in 3 weeks! YIKES! Dad lost his patience and asked to see the manager.

After some arguing and all, one and a half hour later, they solved it by dismantling the waterpump from one of the new cars and fix it into my car! They lost one new car but what do I care?! If they diagonse my car problem 2 weeks earlier and made the order back then, by now, I will have the waterpump, right?! But no! Because of their careless mistake, they lost a new car and honestly, eventhough this sounds so selfish, I DON'T CARE!! Let them think about their coming stock and let them fix the new waterpump to the new car! And they got no choice but to give me 30% discount for the waterpump.

I was having terrible headache throughout the day but I had to accompanied my mum to attend my cousin's nikah. The function ended around 5.30PM and when I came home, I went straight to bed and sleep till 5AM the next day! Yeah! I slept the whole 12 hours!

Saturday - 10th November

I woke up that morning with slight headache but I'm good after breakfast and ready to work. It was quiet busy but I managed to do some paperworks.

Today, I had to wake up early as I need to attend a half-day course in RIPAS. It ends around 12 noon and it was drizzling. I planned to go and watch the movie but I was so lazy to go out in the rain, so I cancelled my plan. I watched the first 4 episodes of the CSI Season 8 instead....

After this, I need to type in my QCC report and emailed it to the members. I also need to finish up my drug usage report and ready to be submitted by the new year. Everyone has been congralting me on my new appointment..Hmmm...

This coming Friday, Health Expo kicks off and we are asked to attend the symposium in ICC. It will take the whole day....

December, I will have 3 extended duties to do....

I don't think I will have any rest!

Btw, Happy Belated Deepavali to all the Hindus...


Latest Book/Movie

Between with whats happening in my life, I managed to finish reading 2 malay novels - Gelora Jiwa by Haryani Kamilan and Damai Kasihku by Iris Ixora.

With movies, my latest watch is 30 Days of Night and TV Drama is the Hello! My Lady, Korean TV Drama.

I can't provide with the synopsis at the moment but insyaAllah I will try to post the synopsis soon...