Tuesday, October 13, 2009
"Jumreap sooa". It means hello in Cambodian.

Up to this day, I still have no specific idea why m soooo captivated by Cambodia. Siem Reap, I totally understand why I want to go there. I am firstly and foremost spellbound by the temples - Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom. M not a buddhist but there is no harm fascinated by history, right?

I never meet someone who had actually been to Cambodia. But about 2 weeks ago, a colleague came by to the pharmacy, asking for all those travelling and anti-malarial drugs and I was asking her, where she intends to go? Cambodia and Siem Reap! I am sooooo jealous of her and I didn't tell a person straight to her face of my jealousy that often *big sigh* but to her, I did!

After some 'emotionally intelligence' (some people called it buzybody) questions, found out that she is on a missionary mission, to help the poor and the orphans, medically and provide them medical supplies. Ahhh...so nice. I, once had that dream, you know? Want to be a volunteer and help others but well, we gotta do what need to be done to live - work and get paid! But I won't dismiss the idea of volunteering totally. One day, I might be able to help others in need. I just don't know when. If I am given a choice, I would like to go to Sudan and other parts of Africa.

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Didz-W said...

Yup m8, she's gone already for Cambodia like 2 days ago. I do hope she won't forget what I wanted from there! Hehe. It's for you anyways ;)