Have I Lost It?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009
My guts, that is.

After nearly 2 months of no exercise, this morning I decided to go and hike at Bukit Shahbandar. I rarely go to Shahbandar nowdays mainly because for me, Shahbandar is an eerie place after all those incidents. Even before all those incidents, I stopped going there when I pushed myself resulting in pure exhaustion.

So, this morning, after I sent my brother to school, I went straight to Shahbandar. When I arrived, around 7am, the parking lot was basically empty, only few cars were around. On my way up, I saw a guy coming down and I had my doubt. I looked up the hill and I saw no one in sight. Hmm.. m alone and the place is soooo quiet and truth to be told, the place kindda freaking me out. So after half way thru' the hill, debating with myself, whether I should go on or turn back, the rational part of me won. I turned back. Haha! As I was walking around the playground (just to loosen up some sweats), I saw 3 individuals going up. So I said to myself, "if these people going up on their own, m sure I can do it too. Besides, m sure can catch up with them".

With that on my mind, I started to hike up the hill again, seeing only one of the 3 individuals. 1 of the women went to the other tracks and the other 1, I have no idea. Seems like she vanished into the thin air. Anyway, by the time I reached the top of the first hill, I lost sight of the guy. Being wise, I adopt the shortest route. And believe me, it's the quietest hike I ever had. Not a soul around, just me and the nature. I don't know whether I like it or not but I still prefer some people around. On my way down from the hill, from afar, I saw a group of monkeys roaming around. Considering that they are wild monkeys, I don't want to take my chances so guess what I did? I hike back up to the hill!!! Haha! Trust me, I really did my exercise this morning. On my way up, one of the women I saw earlier came down and believe it or not, I just tagged along wit her! Eventually I made it back to my car but the question still remains - have I lost my guts? Or Shahbandar just quiet nowdays? Both I think.

3 years back, I can hike the Shahbandar every single day and I don't mind hiking alone. I enjoyed hiking alone. At least I don't have to wait to anyone or anyone to wait for me. Well, it gave me a lesson today - not to go to Shahbandar in the morning while everyone is at work.

2 knock knock:

Didz-W said...

awu eh m8, membari watir eh pagi2 ke shahbandar sorang2 time working days ani. tantu plang u ke library sengkurong tu..hehe hepi holidays m8! am still not feeling so well :(

iantie said...

hey m8!
hope u r feeling better already.

M planning to go to the library soon, just to check any interesting reading materials. I think my brain just go numb from all those TVs..hehe

Catch up with u soon. Tke k! Hugsss n kissess!