Chasing Harry Winston

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Title: Chasing Harry Winston

Author: Lauren Weisberger
No. of Pages: 308 pages
Publisher: HarperCollins Publisher

At last! Another book I managed to finish. Actually this book had been long overdue. I started reading this book somewhere in August and only managed to finish it now....2 months later! Geeezzz...what a lousy reader I am!

Anyhow, if anyone out there who doesn't know Lauren Weisberger, she is the author of the bestselling book and movie, The Devil Wears Prada. UUuuhhh...I love that movie.

Chasing Harry Winston is a story of 3 bestfriends - Emmy, Adriana and Leigh. Emmy just broke up with her bf for 5 years decided to 'live her life' by taking a job that required her to travel the globe and her mission: to sleep with at least 1 man from each continent!

Adriana, beautiful and rich by nature. Has no proper job apart from partying and spending her dad's money. Can't keep to a guy for a period of time. When her bestfriends challenged her to get a man to propose and secure a 5-carat Harry Winston on her fourth finger, she just couldn't resist the challenge.

Leigh, a successful editor to a scandalous writer, engaged to the hunkiest prince charming. When everyone says that she's the luckiest girl, why she didn't feel that same? Why is she attracted to a bad boy?

"...two people grow closer and thrive, or the connection slowly fizzles and it's time to break up."
- Chasing Harry Winston by Lauren Weisberger, page 221

Haha! It's a good read! Although it took me 2 months to finish this book, it still captivate me how good the storyline is. It's been a while I didn't read any english novels but I think m gonna hook back to read more of english novels , trying to equal it with malay novels.

At the moment, m searching for Sophie Kinsella's latest novel, Twenties Girl! I found it in Miri but it is wayyyy to expensive for a novel. So now m waiting for the 'cheaper' version of that book. Hehe!

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Turquoise Diaries said...

I know the Devil Wears Prada but never heard of this one. Shouls include it to my reading list. Looks fun.

Pooch Morning Glory said...

looks like a fun read. its my first look at your blog...i like it ~ L

iantie said...

it's really a fun book to read. It's been awhile I didn't read any 'heavy' english novels, so it's definitly a fun read.
Enjoy it ;)

iantie said...

Pooch Morning Glory,
I love ur screen name, it sounds refreshing and sweet. You should read it and let me know what u think.
Feel free to drop a line or two anytime ;)