Pharrell Williams - Happy (Official Music Video)

Friday, August 8, 2014

my hubby needs this song at the moment..
he just scratch his car - his dream car!

dear hubby,
no matter how much you said, "it's ok (for the scratch)"
but i know deep down you are not okay.
i know deep down you want to shed some tears for making your dream car 'unperfected'
no matter how much you put on the happy, it's-okay-face but i know that's not true...

but no worries hubby,
a paint job would make everything okay again.. soon
hang in there baby!
i'm proud of you **muahz**

wednesday date

Wednesday, August 6, 2014
been ages me and hubby didn't go for a movie date..
last we went to watch movie together was (maybe) in april..
with hubby off to work last may, came back 2 weeks ago and with fasting month and Eid, only this afternoon, we managed to spare the time for a movie date

....watching guardians of the galaxy...

honestly didn't know what's the story all about so i you-tubed the trailer before we went to watch it..

i used to be a big fan of Babylon 5 and all those weird weird outer space kind of things so this is just my kind of movie although sometimes it just seem so illogical!

nevertheless, i would rate this 4 out of 5!

next movie would be the ninja turtles!
oh yea!

Wedding photos vs honeymoon photos?

okay guys,
i don't really know how many readers i have out there in this cyber world but i'm just gonna give it a shot

i need a vote!
nah! not for presidency or political stuffs

you guys wanna me post my wedding photos first or the honeymoon in Phuket? coz i have thousands of both albums and i'm so lost on which to upload first!

leave me comments and i will start sorting those photos ASAP

thanks lovelies!

btw, i will give you lovelies some teasers of both ;)


... and the best part about my Singapore holiday was....

... meeting a friend and a fellow blogger all the way from the Philippines, who is currently staying and working in Singapore, Ning Li

.... taaadddddaaaaa....

although currently most muslim countries are boycotting Israel products and company; Starbuck is one of them but i gotta say, due to Starbuck tumblers that we agreed for the meet up!

our passions for SB tumblers had brought us to come up with an idea to exchange SB gifts hence the meet up and i had fun chit chatting with her in person...

she is beautiful... 
now i wonder why she is still single... LOL!!!
(she will kill me for this post ;P)

Ning Li,
thanks for braving thru the MRT jammed to meet up with me and hubby while we were in Singapore...
thanks for the lovely tumblers... (my collections is growing)
thanks for the lovely time and 
it is definitely a pleasure meeting you and
it is another step in our blogging milestone
and lastly,
thanks for making me realize why we are blogging all these while (i almost gave up on blogging but you made me miss blogging... honestly!)

till we meet again my friend ;)

Singapore Trip - April 2014 - Part 3

Monday, August 4, 2014
... and again...

the transformers ride was so aweeeesooommmmee!!!
i screamed! yelled! and hold on tight but still i enjoyed it

... waiting for our treasure hunt ride...

... we sat on the dry zone...
don't fancy to get wet

it was raining very very heavily while we were in the far far away kingdom so we had to stay indoor and fed our growling tummies...

once the heavy rain subsides, we went out and went on exploring but outdoor activities were very much limited

by the end of the day, we were sweating, wet (from the rain), my legs were aching, my shoulders were stiffs (from carrying all those purchases) but it was totally worth it...
i wouldn't mind coming back again as i regret for not getting into the roller coaster (as my guts didn't permit it LOL) and i will definitely coming back!


Singapore Trip - April 2014 - Part 2

... the adventure continues....


Singapore Trip - April 2014 - Part 1

me and hubby share the same passion - we love to travel

after our honeymoon in Phuket, Thailand last december (will upload it later),
we went for our second honeymoon to Singapore last april... okay, okay! not a honeymoon... more like shopping trip... LOL!!

when i stayed in Singapore 11 years ago, Universal Studio Singapore (USS) was just a plan in the making so i only managed to enjoy Sentosa island....

my mission this trip is mainly for the USS trip and thanks to hubby, for entertaining my wishes (as he had been to USS for like.... 4 times already!!)


1st Syawal...

we are into our 8th Syawal
and below is our family video on the 1st Syawal...

video courtesy of my eldest brother, Wadi
hubby made quiet a similar video but hadn't get the chance to post it just yet...

selamat hari raya...
maaf zahir dan batin

its always great to meet an old friend...


for those didn't remember how i look like (LOL!!) that's me on the left.. and holding d cheeky chubby boy is my friend's sister, Kartini. 

she is a professional photographer, so everytime we meet (which is mostly in the clinic), a photo or 2 is never missed...

below is picture taken on the 26th may 2014

and these 2 photos were taken recently a week before syawal...

and boy, Ihsan is not that light!! LOL!!!



.... mohammad adam aqil, my 2nd nephew (my brother's 2nd son) which makes him my parents' 6th grandchild...

born on d 8th july 2014 and weighted only at 2.6kg

and below is aqil's eldest brother, mohammad adam mikail at 1 year 6mth..

growing up more naughty, more charty (although most of it are unexplainable) and more rebellious!! but he is like a drug... i would go crazy a day without seeing him and when i do see him, it's like i had been separated from for ages!!