A Nearly-Forgotten Cruise

Thursday, October 15, 2009
I started my leave already and I was planning to go to the local library today but somehow, it was closed. Haven't got the slightest idea why. Anyway, got nothing else to do so basically I spent my day sitting on the couch, watching the telly. So many nice movies airing at the moment. I watched The Amazing Race in the morning continued with Titanic.

This is the first time I watched the Titanic again after so many years. True, when the film was out in 1997, I think I watched it over and over again. Not because I fancy Leonardo di Caprio. Not a big fan of his. But basically I like the storyline - part history, well, mostly history I guess.

So, today, after those so many years, this movie still can make my eyes glued to the screen. I nearly forgot how amazing this movie was. Won sooo many Oscars and all those awards. Watching Titanic this morning, it reminds me of my desire to go for the Star Cruise. Believe it or not, I nearly went for a cruise while I was in Singapore. The Star Cruise was docking at Harbour Front at that time and I remembered asking for the tickets and all. Came home and I voiced out my plan to my 2 roomies. Turned out, they are not a big fan of sea cruise. One roomie easily got seasick while the other plan, well, just plain uninterested. I wanted to go that badly I was even considering to go alone but when I think about it, what the heck m gonna do alone on a big ship, with no friends at all for 3 days?? And so, I didn't go......

I never thought of the cruise anymore after that coz I don't want to feel the disappointment. It just too hard to bear *so dramatic*. A colleague of mine once said that sea cruise is suitable for honeymoon and for couples. What? Single people cannot go?? But when I think about it, he was right. Lots of people who go on a sea cruise are either honeymooners or couples. Ceh...nevermind! One day, I would break the tradition...haha! I wish!

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