Not the End of the World, I Hope....

Friday, October 2, 2009
For the past 2 days, all the TV channels all over the South East Asia and Asia were covering the natural disasters that had happened. Started with the typhoon in the Philippines that went to Vietnam and Cambodia; the tsunami effecting the islands of Somoa and Tonga and recently the earthquakes that hit both Sumatra, Indonesia and Japan.

What's happening?? I know here in Brunei, the last few months of October, November and December leading up to early next year, it would be wet. Well, usually it's always like that every year but somehow, the haze is back in Brunei and the rain is rare! I know, I should be grateful for the typhoon-free situation (or am I too early to say it?)! But there must be something wrong with the weather nowdays?? Or there must be something wrong with the world? *knocking on woods*

Whatever it is, I hope we are ready for what's coming....I'm sure as he** not ready!

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