7 Hours and 7 Days

Thursday, October 8, 2009
Last Monday, I started my first A+E duty (dat's stand for accident and emergency). 6 years I had been working and this is the first time m doing it! Haha! How can that be? Others had been doing this often while this is my first time. I think the bosses just overlook my name hence I missed my 'turn'.

Anyway, tonight would be the 4th night and so far, so good! BORING but okay! Boring because m working alone for 7-freaking hours for 7 non-stop-freaking days! Okay, there goes my favourite word again! For someone who is shy (haha, yea right!) but suprisingly talkactive, working alone, I just couldn't bear. Luckily I brought my lappy with me which is filled with songs, movies and series. At least that can reduce my boredom by an ince or two!

There is always something happening every night m working, might be big or small. My first night, while I was sitting in front of lappy, thinking wat to do, a handsome guy passed by. My naughty mind just went, "wow! what a handsome dude!" and m TEMPTED to lean over the counter and look at him again but LUCKILY I didn't coz he turned back and aproached my counter! YIPPIE! A dream comes true! Haha! Turned out he's lost. He asked me for a direction. Direction to where? Hmmm...that's the not-so-good-part! He asked for a direction to the MHU (mental health unit) ward! I hope he's not one of the patients! He just tooo good looking to be crazy! Haha! If you talking about me, well, maybe m a bit crazy! The description - let's see - tall, medium built, fair and handsome! Made me believe that he's an eurosian! Oh well, at least he 'brighten' my night! Haha! By midnight, I heard some commotion outside (in the A+E area) and me, being an emotionally intelligence, open the door and observed what's happening. Someone passed away and the family....well, you know what happened if a family member passed away. Once I reached the parking lot, I saw a car blocked my car and I was saying to myself, "No way! Don't tell me I have to wait for that driver (if he's/she's coming back!)" I approached the car and Alhamdulillah, the guy left his name and phone no. I called him up and within 5 minutes, m out of the hospital compound! Came home around 12.15am and went straight to bed coz I need to wake up early for KKC prize presentation the next day (see other entry).

2nd night, a hospital staff came to collect some medication and just before she left, she asked me whether I was studying in Serasa before. Told her, yes I did and she even mentioned my classmates. Wow! I asked her, who she is but she won't tell! Weird but then it's evenyone rights not to tell if they don't want to. Funny thing is that I don't even recognise her! Not the face, so definitly not the name! Hmmm....funny how she can recognise me when some don't! Well, let's just say that I had 'changed' in the last few years! I think I had changed since I left high school! Oh well......Came home around 12.15am and this time, I didn't sleep! I finished reading Rindu Untuk Dia! Yea! Only slept around 3.30am and woke up 11am! Nyeh nyeh nyeh! Hehe!

4 knock knock:

Turquoise Diaries said...

Congrats on your new job.. I think you are doing great by working in an hospital

Didz-W said...

Ey m8! hehe krg u jua tekinjat hantap mun dat guy ask d direction to your heart! hehehe...sayang eh nda di gambar...ulalala...hehee

iantie said...

it's not a new job, just a duty that somehow I managed to deflect..hehe! but thanx!

iantie said...

I KNOW! U kept on telling me, "kenapa nda d gambar?". I wish m that bold to ask his permission to take his pic just because he is so damn freaking handsome...haha!