The Bachelor Trap

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Title: The Bachelor Trap
Author: Elizabeth Thornton
No. of Pages: 386 pages
Publisher: Bantam Dell

I didn't realised how easy it is for me to read an english novel once m hooked into it. And before I knew it, m starting to read the first chapter of another novel.

The Bachelor Trap, a novel by Elizabeth Thornton. I couldn't remember whether I had read any novels from her before but I think I had..haha! But m not really sure. Until recently, I never gave any notice to the authors of historical romance novels apart from Judith McNaught, Candance Camp and Barbara Dawson Smith.

Anyway, Lady Marion Dane had been taking care of her sisters, Emily and Phoebe since the death of her parents. And when her aunt, Edwina passed away, Yew Cottage, Edwina's home was given to the sisters.

Just before her death, Edwina wrote a letter to Brand Hamilton, a baseborn son of a duke to investigate the disapperance (or rather the death) of her sister, Hannah and told him that Marion, who was just a child back then might witness what had happened twenty years ago. Feeling obliged to grant a friend's request, Brand looked after the 3 sisters.

After a series of accidents befallen unto Marion, Brand became suspicios that someone wanted Marion dead. Together, they investigated what really happened years ago with the help of Brand's best friend, Ash Denison.

It's a nice story. A mixture of romance and mystery here and there. But 1 thing that made this novel different from the rest is that there is no involvement of the Bow Street Runner..haha! I think most of the historical romance novels, at least there is one chapter or more involved the BSR (as I like to called it).

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