Hello Baby Wazif =D

Friday, October 14, 2011
Introducing my BFF's bundle of joy, cries and laughter LOL,
Baby Wazif =D

He's adorable,
just like his mummy haha

But when I took this picture, he wasn't that happy
cos I disturb his feeding and sleeping
but he managed to give me a good pose! =D

Loving OCTOBER!! =D

Sunday, October 9, 2011
Who doesn't love October??
I am positively, passionately in love with October
It's my birth-month after all and yesterday, it was another joyful event in the folders of my life and my BFF, Didz's life and her hubby, of course =D

On October 8, my BFF gave birth to her first baby!! YeaYYY!!
A boy, weight 2.52kg at 0915.
And gosh!!! he is sooo adorable!
Luckily Baby Wazif is my BFF's baby, if it is to be my baby, I think I would squeeze him..
... way too much!! LOL!

Sorry I didn't have any picture of Baby Wazif coz he was full after being fed that I don't have the heart to disturb his peace LOL!

Now, both mummy and baby are safely back at home.
Wishing my BFF a speedy recovery and enjoy the parenthood m8!
So, when is the next one? *HUGE grin* haha!

Next, what's else to love about October?
Hmmm.. let's see.
My BF (ehem! ehem!) is currently onleave hence I'm spending more time with him hence less blogging haha!
Ohhh.. give me the chance, I mean, once he started back to work, I would only see him rarely... very rare, I must say...
... so, why not make use of the valuable time, right? *wink*wink*
Our mode of communications once he's back to work would be the nets, emails, satellite phones, webcam and text messages..

Oh! my birthday coming up soon and on the same day, my cousin (from my maternal side) is converting to Muslim =D
What a very bless-full day to celebrate my 30th birthday =D
gosh! can't believe I'm attending the "3-series" soon but hey,
age is just a number, right?
What matters the most is how you live our life...

I'm lovin' OCTOBER!
Hope you guys too!!