Heartfelt Gratitude

Thursday, October 8, 2009
That goes to my bff and the b.mobile staffs.

Since Monday, I can't access the net coz my broadband is acting up. I tried to uninstall and reinstall the program over and over again but useless. I thought it was my lappy considering if I used my bro's lappy, it worked. My bff ( who is soooo damned good at this computer-thingy stuffs) offered to have a look before I send it to the PC shop. When she eventually also couldn't fix the problem, she called the b.mobile center and they asked to bring the broadband to them.

I went to b.mobile center at The Mall and the staffs there
asked whether m using a Ferrari laptop and when I said yes, they told me they need to update my broadband and .Turned out whenever m online, my window automatically update itself and somehow after all those updating, my lappy no longer compatible with the broadband. Well, they managed to fix it hence here I am...

So, thanx to both parties *kisses, smoochess and huggsss*

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Didz-W said...

Haha! No problem m8! ku terima those smooches and hugz mu atu..but hey, ur broadband drama atu doesn't end there tu, ada follow up lagi need 2b fixed. nantiku memistar lagi how to off dat auto update stuff aa. Have a great night a work now m8! U tc! mwah! hehe..