The Holiday

Tuesday, October 27, 2009
Few days back, I chatted online with my Singaporean friend, Yan Lin ;) It's been 5 years since I left Singapore and somehow, I just miss my friends over there. So, we were chatting and just catching up with each other when she asked me the $50K question - when m getting married? Told her, that no one proposed me so far hence not anytime soon..haha! I asked her the same question (considering that our birthdays are just few days difference) and she answered me by, "Singaporean men don't want me" Hahaha! So, I was saying (jokingly of course) that she should come here to Brunei and maybe she will find the one and I would go there and do the same. In other words, we exchange places..haha! I know it's silly but I know these stuffs did happen somewhere around this globe. So, Yan Lin recommended me to watch this movie, The Holiday. Ever watch or read Perfect Stranger? Not the thriller movie but the romantic movie. I never watched the movie though but I read the book.

Anyway, The Holiday - Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jude Law and Jack Black. The story of 2 heartbroken women, Diaz from LA and Winslet from London. Both of them agreed to do home exchange for 2 weeks - Winslet goes to LA and Diaz goes to Surrey, London.

Honestly, it's a very nice movie. I love it. Everything is there. Humor, friendship, family, strangers, love....mainly about love. It somehow tells you how to get up from your heartbroken state and start living your life. There are many unfortunate people outthere who suffered more than you do but life goes on....and you would never know what to expect.

As I said, it's a very nice movie. Watch it and maybe if you have a soft heart like I do, maybe you will know what I meant ;)

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Pooch Morning Glory said...

i looove that movie. i have seen it a few times. especially the part where the old gentleman tells her "to be her own leading lady"
also i have often thought about house swapping. i find the notion very intriguing and now i have the freedom to do it.

iantie said...

Pooch Morning Glory,
yup...this movie would be one of my favourite movies. So many meaningful things in this movie for us to discover. And yes, we, women have to be our own leading lady.
So, have you done any house swapping already?? Too bad I can't do any house swapping coz like most Brunians who are single, I still live with my parents..hehe!
But if you finally do your house swapping, let me know how it turns out, k?