The Amazing Race

Tuesday, October 13, 2009
Being an adventure freak, I have to say The Amazing Race is one of my favourite shows on TV. I was watching The Amazing Race 15 last night on the telly where they were in Cambodia. Ahhh...I just love Cambodia! I know I love so many things but hey, that's me. Being fascinated by history, I have to love Cambodia for it's history. When I was in KL, I bought this TravelGuide book - Loas and Cambodia just to have an idea where to go and what to do and not IF I ever go there. Which I will...hehe. Positive thinking!

Okay, back to The Amazing Race. It was a tough race but honestly, eventhough m not a big fan of Zev and Justin, I have to say m disappointed with the way they have to go. FYI, they were the first team to arrive at the pit stop but soon after they found out that Zev's passport is missing and they have to retrace back their steps! WHAT? I was frustrated last night but then, I guess that's why their call it 'The Amazing Race' - anything could happen!

This morning, eventhough I know which team wins The Amazing Race 14, I still watch the rerun. Yea, I really got nothing to do. Well, technically, I got tonnes and tonnes things to do but then, I think for now, m just gonna lie back and relax and njoy watching the telly while m on the mood. Hehe! Besides, TAR 14 was in Siberia. Oh..I also love Russia. Haha! Well, let's just say that I love the planet Earth hence m loving everything in it except for the wars, famine and everything associated with misery.

What's the fun way of having an adventure and travel at the same time. The answer - The Amazing Race! Ever dream of joining it? You bet..hehe

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