Empat Mata - D'Bagindas

Monday, January 31, 2011

This song has a very catchy intro!
I couldn't help but to whistle every time I hear this song
which my mum always disapproves coz "a lady isn't suppose to whistle" ^_^

Lovely Monday

I simple love Monday!
Who doesn't?
I know 80% of people I know dislike Monday but well,
as for me,
I love it!

Especially when I woke up to a misty morning!
and driving to work on a Monday morning...

... and stuck in early morning traffic didn't look that frustrating when you are 'blessed' with this view...
Morning + mist = heaven! (for me anyway!)

It was raining and drizzling the whole day today
which made me love Monday more and more!
I love the rain but of course in moderations!

But too much rain made me miss the sun..

Picture above was taken few days back on my way home.
It was my first glimpse of the sun rays after days of raining!

Have a lovely week ahead people!

It's the time of the year again!!!

It's the year of the rabbits!!

Born to a Chinese mum and a Malay dad, I get to celebrate both major festivals - the Eids and the Chinese New Year!

To my uncles, aunts and cousins (maternal side) here in Brunei and in Canada, Taiwan and Australia and where ever you might be (that I didn't know of);

Gong Xi Fa Chai
Don't forget my angpow LOL!!

And to all colleagues, friends and fellow bloggers,
have a prosperous new year!

My Weekend... Building a White House ^_^

... in a mini 3D replica that is!

~~my partner in 'crime' (in messing up the living room)~~

~~uuhh.. the mess~~

... and
the result....

~~front view~~

~~side view~~

~~the 'backyard'~~

~~another side view~~

~~this would do for the time being until me and my brother can find Istana Nurul Iman replica to assemble~~

It took both of us an hour to finish this house and we had fun!
At least our weekend was filled with some activities - we watched dvds afterward and then washed our cars!

Our next 'project' would be assembling the Big Ben or shall we go for Eiffle Tower?


Thursday, January 27, 2011
I couldn't resist!

Saw this baby beside me and my boyfriend aka my car this afternoon on my way home
and my heart just melt ^_^

We were stuck in the afternoon traffic together hence I can't see his performance but man, this car is a beaut!

Mr KR1010, if you happened to read this blog of mine, do you mind giving me a ride? LOL!

p.s. didn't manage to take the real picture as so many other drivers around me were also looking at him and his awesome car!

Black Eyed Peas - The Time (Dirty Bit)

This song might be #9 on the Billboard Chart but truth to be told, I dislike this song!
No offence but I just couldn't stand it!
Why I posted it?
Well, just sharing something I dislike...

The Neighbors...

How many of you know your neighbors?
*hands up*
Really really know them?
*hands coming down*

Okay, as for me, I got limited knowledge of my own neighbors!
Yeah! I know! That's terrible but then you really can't blame me!
Coz every few years, me and my family would move. Not that we are nomads! LOL!
It's just that dad is currently working with the government and we are being provided with a government housing for a certain amount of years. Once the lease expired, we move to another new government house.

But I think, my home currently would be our last home before dad retires soon.
We have been living here for the last 5 years and I don't actually know my own neighbors.
Of course I know their names, how many kids they have and sometimes we say "hai" and wave when we see each other but other than that I have no idea!

Recently, I got a new neighbor!
And he used to be a DJ in a local number 1 radio station in Brunei and just recently retired from DJ-ing coz his contract ended.
So when a colleague of mine knows, he kept on pestering me to get his autograph!
I was like, "WHAT?"
No way I'm gonna cross that gates and walk to his home to get his autograph!
Instead I would just stop his car on the road (we are sharing the same private road and he needs to pass by my house to get to his house) and get his autograph!
But so far, I haven't catch him passing by! LOL!

A year or so ago, I got another famous neighbors - ok, make that 2 famous neighbors. They were sharing a same house. 1 is a local singer/producer/musician and another is a fellow singer!

Wow! I never realized that I'm surrounded with 'famous' people
or maybe my area is just a 'hot spot' area!
Haha! 'Hot spot'? More like 'flood spot' area to me! LOL!

Little brother went for driving lesson

Thursday, January 20, 2011
My parents are 'running out' of under 18 children in the house!

Last November 29, my youngest baby brother Muiz officially turned 18 years old! ~~Awww~~ Times really fly! I still remember the early dawn when he was born. My mum didn't made it to the hospital hence she gave birth at home with the help of my dad (yes! you read it correctly!), my maid (during those days) and me! Yup! I was 11 years old at that time and I was there to hold my baby brother! ^_^

Now, 18 years later, the not-so-baby-brother-anymore is ready and super eager to drive. Oh! Being a male, he knows how to drive but in order to have the liscence, he needs to excel on the road rules, get thru' the 10 hours driving lessons and pass the driving exam.

So, last Monday, he had his first driving lesson and as always, the first lessons would be the parking lessons.

The instructor is a mid 50ies lady. She used to be my younger brother's (Faiz) instructor too, a year ago.

So, she was sitting on the passenger seat while Muiz was on the driver seat, of course with a seatbelt plucked in. The instructor taught him how to do the different types of parking and he did well, considering he had a lot of practices at home.

While doing the side parking, the instructor went out of the car, stand by the side, chatted with a colleague while observing my brother. When Muiz managed to excel parking the car in 1 attempt and no further instruction from the instructor (who at that time was buzy in 'hot gossip' with other instructors) just wait in the car, in the parking slot.

After 5 minutes, the instructor waved her hand to my brother and said, "Come out" in which Muiz, wisely switched off the ignition, released the seatbelt, open the door and stepped out!!!

At which then the instructor said, "Not you la! Take the car out of the parking" LOL!!!!

That is what I call an original comedy!

Back to work!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011
Last Monday, I was officially back to work for the year 2011!
Yup! On the 17th day of the year 2011, only then I started to get back to my normal, usual, boring routine!

it was raining which I LOVE!
When it is raining, some wise people turned on their lights
BUT what I don't love (when it rains) is that somehow I always ended behind following cars with no third brake light!!
Unlucky me!

Above are the 2 cars (out of 5) I managed to snap pictures on my way to work.
And you can imagine my difficulties in guessing whether it's just their lights or were they braking?

At the office, piles of paper works need to be attended
and as luck had it, I was needed somewhere in the afternoon hence leaving my works behind.
The duty roster for the whole year made me mad - literally!

So, my overall Monday didn't go that well!

Thanks Mummy Daddy!!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011
My parents and 2 youngest brothers went for a vacation to Kuala Lumpur and Kelantan, Malaysia last 5 January and came back last 10 Jan.

For a 'spoilt' daughter and sister like I am who is so close to both my parents and brothers, I missed them terribly especially when I was home alone.

Wished I could go with them but my work commitment made it quiet impossible and to buy an air ticket for a last minute flight is too expensive for a short stay hence I just stayed at home, taking care of the house, feeding the cats, birds and the turtles.

But the best thing being left behind from a family vacation was that I was spoilt from faraway! LOL! Every shopping trips they went to, my dad would call me up and asked what do I want? Honestly, I didn't ask for anything but somehow I ended with lots of stuffs all courtesy from my parents =)

Then last Wednesday, me, my parents and brother Faiz went to Miri. It was an unplanned trip and Dad didn't really wanted to go but by much persuasion by me, at last Dad gave in and we went to Miri around noon! Let's just say that it was a 'payback' trip for me from my parents ;)

And don't ask me on what did I spent in Miri! It was unimaginable, I think.. LOL!
But I managed to replenish my craving for Starbucks' Java Chip!!!

I know!!
Bruneians are so sad!
We have to go all the way to Miri to have a Starbucks!
Why don't we have Starbucks in Brunei, anyway??

But overall, trillions thanks to both my Mummy and Daddy for 'granting' the wishes of this spoil daughter of yours!!
Loving you both endlessly ^_^

Kau Milikku - Aisha Hamza

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Title: Kau Milikku
Author: Aisha Hamza
No. of Pages: 702 pages
Publisher: Kaki Novel

Let's make this 702 pages novel simpler!
1 novel, I finished it within a day!

So, what that does tell you?

Well, if you don't get it yet, buy this book, read it!
It is really a page turner!


Season of the Witch

I'm not a believer of witches, so I would say this would be a good movie (provided it's not adapted from the history or something).
To think otherwise (if it happened ages ago) is just unthinkable by me.

This is a cool movie!
You can't go wrong with Nicholas Cage =)

After 45 days crossing the continents and oceans...

Saturday, January 8, 2011
... my giveaway package from Pooch Purple Reign who is all the way in Prince Edward Island, Canada is finally here!!!!

I won the giveaway last November

and here is what I receive!!

--the overall package, including a LOVELY card from Laura--

--i loovvveee tea--
i would start drinking this 1 tomorrow morning =)


--i'm not sure what this is called but it's a sweet with a maple leave design (represents Canada) and it tastes yummy *eating it currently*--

--fridge magnet--
it's marvelous! I LOVE IT!!

--a shell and stones--
for anyone it might be nothing but for me, it's definitely lovely!
why? it's all the way from PEI!!
it's the closest thing i can 'touch' PEI!

--genuine PEI starfish--
I was worried the customs won't let this pass but luckily they didn't look thoroughly!
genuine?? aweeessoommme!

--miniature Anne of Green Gables--
now, it's mine! THANK YOU POOCH!!!

--salt water taffy--
it's tasty =)

--and the 2 lobsters--
as Laura wrote to me, the lobsters belong to the cage
as i finish my taffy (but i don't want to finish it)!
I will keep some as a souvenirs =D

--oh! and the bag! worth the keep--


The Tourist

Tuesday, January 4, 2011
Now! Time for me to catch up on the movies!
First, would be The Tourist!
Johnny Depp, I just couldn't resist!

I intended to kiss Johnny on the lips but then, a couple passed by hence this simple shot LOL!

Ok! Back to the movie..
I was expecting more actions but then I got disappointed.
But the movie is okay, I guess
a bit of actions and a bit of humors...


"No Fat Chicks
Car Will Scrape"

Well, if you got a sense of humor, the sticker might be funny
but then it's kindda offensive too!

I'm not fat but for a woman, gosh! that's too harsh!
I'm not saying that I got no sense of humor (I DO) but that is just plain selfish!

I do hope one day the guy would fall head over heels with a fat chick.
Only then he would know how high the sky is!

Penjara Rindu - Nia Arissa

Title: Penjara Rindu
Author: Nia Arissa
No. of Pages: 644 pages
Publisher: Kaki Novel

Plain awesome!

Let's say,
you are deeply in love with a guy,
then somehow, you have to marry another and forget about your first love.

Then you fell in love with your husband but a small misunderstanding led to jealousy and mistrust that your husband divorced you with talak tiga.

At the same time, you realized that you had a miscarriage, robbing you of what's left of your love and husband.
You became insane but with the help of your ex-boyfriend, your first love, a year later, you are back to your usual self.

Now, you got a second chance to love again and live your life with your first love, would you take it eventhough you are still in love with your ex-husband? despite of all the pains and hurt he had caused you? and knowing that your ex-husband regrets of what he had done and still in love with you?

I gave this novel 9/10!


Jiranku Kekasihku - Lysa Allysa

Title: Jiranku Kekasihku
Author: Lysa Allysa
No. of Pages: 593 pages
Publisher: Fajar Pakeer

Sorry! I'm gonna make my review simple and short hence the bigger image of the back cover so you can read the preview.. LOL!

I gave this novel 8/10

Akan Ku Tunggu - Sania Yasmin

Title: Akan Ku Tunggu
Author: Sania Yasmin
No. of Pages: 531 pages
Publisher: Alaf 21 Sdn Bhd

Now, how would I put this?
It's not that I didn't enjoy this novel; I did but somehow there are soooo many missing links, or stories if you ask me.
But then of course, I'm not an expert.

Akan Ku Tunggu got so many charaters with less stories and it left me 'hanging'. 5 couples - Ibrahim and Jannah, Randzam and Maryam, Ayu and Syamil, Nadia and Norman and lastly Taufiq and Huda - and less stories. Trust me, for a reader like I am, it left me unsatisfied.

The main characters wold be Ayu and Syamil. Ayu whos was in love with her uncle, Taufiq has to sacrifice her feelings when her stepmother disagree to her union with Taufiq, her stepmother's brother. So, the stepmother accepted the proposal of Syamil, the guy next door.

For Syamil, it was love at first sight when he sees Ayu for the first time. Well, eventhough they are neighbors, it was the first time Syamil really sees Ayu. To gain Ayu's trust in him, he decided to turn his life around from a playboy to a good husband material in which he has to hurt Lily's feeling, his so-called friend.

While Taufiq was frustrated when his sister - his foster sister - against his feelings for Ayu. Her reason (Ayu's stepmum) is that they (the family) doesn't know where Taufiq really come from. He is just an adopted son to their parents.

Ibrahim; whose previous named was Abraham came back to Malaysia to look for his wife, Jannah and son. In Malaysia, he met his real state agent, Ayu, who very much resembles his sister, Melanie.

Norman is Syamil's bestfriend who after a twist of fate to help Syamil was caught 'khalawat' with Nadia, Ayu's stepsister and also Lily's friend.

Now, are you confused? I know I am!
How all of them are connected? Well, you gotta read the book but I shall warn you, you might be left unanswered (like I am!)
Told you, these type of story couldn't fit in 531 pages. It should be more.
Why? Coz at the end of the book, somehow, eveything finished abruptly or hang!
I don't know about the rest of the readers out there but that's just me.
Don't get me wrong. The storyline is great but the ending doesn't.

I gave this novel 5/10.


Ok! Let's make babies!!!!

Monday, January 3, 2011
But then, it won't be for me anytime soon!

From 2011 onwards, it is expected that Brunei would be gaining it populations when His Majesty (on his New Year's Eve speech) granted the extension of maternity leave for mothers.
Now, all mothers in Brunei who are either working in the government or private sectors are given 105 days maternity leave from 56 days leave previously!

105 days??! That's equivalent to 3.5 months!!!
I can't imagine if my married female colleagues are all pregnant and they are having 3.5 months of maternity leave. Of course I would be happy for them but then it also means shortage of staffs!
The 'single' people (like me, myself and I) would have to work extra considering that almost 80% of my colleagues are female!

Now I think it's a good time for me to seriously think about marriage! LOL!!!

Aloha 2011!

Now, don't tell me I'm late!
It's just the 3rd day of 2011!

My new year celebration? None;
the first person I greet new year? a nurse who came to relieve me;
my first food for 2011 = grilled chicken;
my first kill for 2011 = a baby scorpion! LOL!
first book i finished reading = Penjara Rindu (carried forward from 2010).

What I did for 2nd Jan?
I did facial pampering!
I did oil seed removal on my face
and now I looked like someone having a chicken pox! haha!
and what's worst, the wound would take a week to heal! Yikes!

it's my first day off!
Yup! After a week of working with no weekend,
it's finally my turn to have my 3-day off!

I'm lovin' my day so far.....
*in bliss*

Have a great year everyone!!!