Lousy Weekend

Monday, March 31, 2008
How's my weekend? Not good! Saturday morning, I caught a cold and its getting worst by the hours. Late afternoon I was snezzing non-stop and got not-so-high fever. Came home and ate my dinner and I went to bed around 7.30PM! Yup! 7.30PM and it's Saturday night but what do I care? I am sick and I don't care about my Saturday night anymore. Besides I am 'onleave' from performing the special duties, so I can sleep peacefully with the air-conditioning and the fan on! It's was so hot, can't blame me for being sick! My nieces came to sleep over for the weekend, as Trisya and Atul said 'before the school reopens....'. Luckily, they knew I'm sick so they stay out of my way and didn't bother me....Bless them...

Sunday morning, they woke me up just to kiss me good morning and kiss me goodbye as my parents - their grandparents - gonna bring them shopping and then send them home. With my fever, I didn't tag along. After having my bath (I'm a stubborn patient!), I took a breakfast and sat infront of the telly! Nothing interesting on the telly for Sunday morning, so I decided to do a movie marathon. I switched on the DVD player and I started with an Indonesian movie - BBB (Bukan Bintang Biasa); it's a nice movie and of course, it's the typical Indonesian teenage love movie but it's quiet entertaining for a sick person like me who got nothing to do! In the middle of BBB, my parents and brothers came home and my brothers joined me and watched the movie together! After done with BBB, we were arguing what movie to watch next; either Meet the Spartans (which we watched already the previous night!) or another Indonesian love movie, Ayat - Ayat Cinta (which my brothers said, '...boring tapi bini-bininya lawa....' hmmm..typical males). So I asked them whether they had watched the Ayat - Ayat Cinta completely or not and when they said no, I suggest we watch the movie till the end and well, they can't argue with a sick sister (which is useless, btw).

So, with my favourite pillow and a box of tissue (to wipe my running nose), we watched the movie. True! At first it's kindda boring but as we stay put and watched the movie, trust me man! you will definitly need a lot of tissues. Along the way, my box of tissue not only serve to wipe my running nose, it serves to wipe my tears and my bro's! Yup! It's a heart-wrenching movie! It lives up to its name - Ayat - Ayat Cinta - 'the words of love'. It's all about religions, loves, sacrifices and more loves! I love this movie. No wonder it received so many good reviews from the Indonesian celebrities.

We finished watching the movie around 3.30PM and my dad was ready to mow the lawn. My youngest brother asked me whether I had eaten the ice-cream that I bought last Friday in Giant. I looked and him and said, "Kan bercali?! Damam kali ah..." and he said that I better eat it by today or I won't manage to eat any at all. I dunno about my tastebud but honestly, I was craving for that triple chocolate ice-cream so as I said before, I'm the stubborn patient, I scooped the ice-cream and ate it! Don't care whatever happen tomorow as long as I can enjoy my ice-cream!

Now?!! Hahaha! Don't ask! I'm really suffering from my painful throat and I think I'm Strepsil overdose already! I took the Strepsil whenever I feel like it and my throat numb by it, which is good but the Strepsil only numbs it for 2 hours then the pain started again!

I was thinking of taking an MC today but being a considerate person, I know that there is no one to relieve me today, so me, being the tough lady (and some call bionic woman..hahaha) just work. Besides, I got tonnes and tonnes of work to do before Wednesday. What's happening this Wednesday?? Hmmm....just wait and see! Wonder what my colleagues' reaction if I take an MC on Wednesday? They must really freaked out! Hahaha! Just thinking about it is so funny!

Anyway, I spent the rest of last night finishing the latest novel by Aneesa Aleeya 'Untukmu Segalanya'. I think I got dark circles beneath my eyes due to 1. from the movie Ayat-ayat Cinta and 2. from the novel 'Untukmu Segalanya'..hmmm!

Btw, I got a new book shelf that I bought from Giant last Friday. And now I'm a happy bunny where my books are concerned but speaking of bunny, we (me and my family) just lost 5 bunnies last Saturday. One of my rabbits gave birth last Tuesday and somehow the mother doesn't want to nurse the bunnies, so we self-nurse the bunnies and they only manage to survive for 5 days *sob*sob*

Told you it's a lousy weekend!


Giant Craze!

The Giant supermarket is officially opened last Saturday and I warn you, for the people who doesn't like to be stuck in traffic jam, touched body to body with other people, PLEASE don't go there. At least, not for this 1 week! or rather this 1 year! Haha! But honestly, it's a mad mad world out there in Giant! Everyone and anyone wanted to know what's the fusses all about that they endured all those traffic jams, ques and all sort....

For me, I went there twice since it opened last 22nd March. The 1st time was the 2nd day it opened. The ques...fuhhh...better left unsaid and you can't shop in peace! Although it was hectic that day, my eyes managed to caught a bookshelf. It's a DIY book shelf and it costs $65.99 and I told my dad I wanted to buy that bookshelf (coz my books basically overflowing!). Dad told me, better don't buy now coz as I said before, it's a mad mad world in Giant at that time. So, I ended up not buying that bookshelf.

Last Friday, we went again there, around 11AM and suprisingly, it's not that hectic! Of course, the vast parking lot is full but it's not as hectic as it was last Sunday. First thing I look for was the bookshelf and in 1 week, the price came down from $65.99 to $49.99! I don't hesistate this time and pulled a trolley and take one of the remaining four!! Alas......I have a new bookshelf from Giant!!!!

A Face to the Name

Tuesday, March 18, 2008
I was visiting novelist Rose Harrisa blogspot last night and I saw some potraits / sketches (whatever an artist called it). Her last entry she put up the latest hero for her next novel. I have to say, she does impress me. I mean, as far as I remembered, there is no novelist that really really draw the face of the characters involoved in the novels. Of course, they give detailed features of the hero and heroin but no one actually draw them.

I have to say, I love it and I found Ady Rafizal sketch in her blog. FYI: He's the hero in Cinta Mekar di Hati....Yummmyyyy!!!! Visit her blog by clicking the link under Fav Novelist

Zoom Zoom Zoom

Good morning! Here I am sitting in a lonely Telisai. This place should come under the Lonely Planet. It's so quiet here hence the time that I have to blog...hehe! Ahhh...it's the pleasure that I always have every Tuesday.

Anyway, this morning I was initially pissed! From the moment I took off from my simpang, I was following this black Prado and infront of that Prado is a white Toyota Vios. And that Vios is sooooo damned slow. I mean, I'm not in a rush or anything but if possible, I want to avoid the hectic traffic in Jerudong.

So, kan masuk simpang Jerudong, this Vios took the right lane and me, thinking that he would finally loosen his feets and pressed the pedal, followed him while the Prado on the left lane. 2 lanes become 1, the Vios still infront of me, making the Prado behind me.

And can you imagine how slow this Vios driver is driving. I don't know what's his problem but he is too damned slow. Okay! That's twice I mentioned the 'unpleasent' word but then who cares? Then as we moved further into the Jerudong area, the lanes become 2 again and this Vios, so perasaan that his car is fast, still take the right lane. I was thinking of overtaking him but considering that on the left lane is a blue Hyundai Atoz and also slow, so I decided to be patience and tail really really close behind the Vios, hoping that he will get the hint and moved his damned ass!

But no! he didn't. So you know what? The Prado behind me, moved to the left lane and overtook the Vios realy really close. I mean, that Prado nearly created an accident with the Vios!!! Aku yang melihat di belakang ani pun, eeeeee.......

Once the Prado cut infront of the Vios, somehow this Vios driver wokeup and stepped on the pedals. I dunno bt I think he's mad or just feel challenged! But you know what? SERVES HIM RIGHT!!!! I applaud the Prado's moves...hahaha! And the 3 of us just zoomed along the Jerudong highway - Prado - Vios - Mondeo! Hahaha! But I had to step on the brake when the traffic light turns red where the Prado and Vios just run over it! I think better safe than sorry besides as I said before, I'm not in a rush or anything....

BT8844 - Next time PLEASE move your white ass if you want to take a leisure drive!!!!


From the Mouth of......

Monday, March 17, 2008
...........Nur Rabiatul Adawiyah aka Atul. She's my 2nd niece and she is the type of child that can make you go crazy (seriously!) and garam hati! Hehe! 'Coz she's chubby for her age, eyes sepet like chinese and when you tumbuk-tumbuk her, she felt nothing!!!

Few nights back, she and her family came to the house and she was sitting on one of those Ikea chair and eating kuaci. At one time, she placed one of her legs up onto the chair and guess what she did?! She farted! Yup! Kentut!! And it's so loud some more and she just laughed when she's done!Man! Okaylah, for a child it's forgiven but being their aunt, (ehem! I'm still young eh!), I want to train them to be a proper lady, so I scolded her.

Me: Atul!!

Atul: (Still giggling)

Me: Eh! Atul ani nda tau malu eh. Bini-bini mana kentut macam atu. Atul ani laki-laki kah bini-bini?

Atul: (Continues eating her kuaci and said dengan selambanya) Laki-laki....


Hmmm....part of me can't wait for my 3 nieces to grow up so that we can hang out together (me, being the sporting and hip aunt..hehe!) but part of me is dreading when the time comes! They are so innocent nowdays and I can forgive almost all their faults and cheekiness and I do hope when they finally grow up, all of them would be proper ladies....

My Weekend

Friday - 14th March

I woke up this morning around 9AM and my bestie messaged me saying that she would pick me up around 11AM. Ahhh...2 more hours to go and still I have plenty of time. Although I'm a lady, I don't need 1 hour to get read and dress. So I took my own sweet time re-reading a novel while waiting for my water heater to warm up. Around 10AM, I took my shower and finished around 10.30AM when my bestie messaged me saying that she's on the way already! What?! Gezzz! It only take 10-15 minutes from her place to mine so I think you can imagine how FAST I get ready and dress! When she arrived, I still not dressed completely so she paid a visit to my rabbits - hers too!

We took off from my place around 11AM and headed straight to Kiulap. We planned to watch movie. We arrived at Kiulap Mall around 11.45AM (with her driving, I wouldn't be suprise..hehe aka she drives slowwwww), the next show would be around 12PM. We were thinking what movie to watch which in last we chose The Spiderwick Chronicle, 1.45PM show. Considering that it's Friday and Juma'at prayer wwould be performed soon, so we the ladies decided to go to D'Fountain Cafe in Kiulap to fill in our starving tummies (I hadn't had any breakfast) so we stayed there until 1.30PM.

The movie finished around 3.30PM and considering that I suffered from food overload, we decided to call it a day. Besides we see each other everyday nowdays...

Saturday - 15th March

By mid-morning I suffered from light headache. Reason - better left unsaid! Lets just said that it's because of my 'partner' that morning! But by lunchtime, with nasi lemak and value meal from Express, I'm a happy bunny! Hehe!

I agreed to meet some colleagues for an unofficial afterwork meeting, so today, I went off from office exactly on the dot - well, 5 minutes after the official office hour. Driving from Bandar to Sengkurong took me less than 20 minutes this time. I dunno why? Maybe the traffic wasn't that bad for Saturday or maybe I'm too early that traffic is still okay okay...

Anyway, I stopped by at the previous 'office' and lepak sana far a bit before we headed to the unofficial meeting site. And when 3 people who talk sooo much and with the foods, we stayed there for an hour and a half. I came home only after 7PM.

Once I arived home, my brothers bugged me, with their pathetic faces, saying that they are bored staying in at home for Saturday night. Si I decided to bring them out and watch a movie. Our plan it to catch Duyung 8.45PM show at Kiulap Mall. We arrived there around 8.05PM and I couldn't find any parking!!!!! I asked my bros to go and purchase the tickets.

After 'tawaf' 4 times, Faiz called saying that all the 'good' seats are taken and the only seats available are the front ones. Yeah! Well, I don't fancy having a stiff neck tomoorow so I just ask him to purchase the 10.30PM show.

What we did to kill the time? Get ourselves stuck in the traffic with all the party goers people around the Mall in Gadong! Hahaha! By 9.30PM, with the traffic and all, we got hungry and I got tired, so we decided to stop by Express and eat! What else?! Haha! And today in history, I ate 2 value meals from the same Express outlet...what a loyal costumer I am...hehe!

By 10.15PM, we arrived in Kiulap Mall and gezzz! still no empty parking spaces! What's happening? After 3 times 'tawaf', I spotted a parking a bit far from the complex but what the heck? Exercise sja, turunkan all the food that I had consumed!

The movie is quiet okay, I guess. But I'm still waiting patiently for Congkak! Uhuhuh! I remembered watching Jangan Pandang Belakang with Daneil in the Mall Gadong and I think we sat few rows from the front and man, the movie really scares me. Baik jua nda terpelauk c-Daneil...hehe!
So, 17 April, that's my date with Kiulap Mall Cineplex!


Gossip Oh Gossip!

As kaum Hawa, I have to admit that I like to gossip, it doesn't matter with who or about what but that's just the truth about us, being the ladies! Don't get me wrong, NOT all ladies gossips but then NOT all men don't gossip either!

So what happened if the gossip is about you? Or rather in this case, is about ME! Geezzz! I thought all this while I'm living a low-profile life but I guess this week, it turned out to be I'm not! Somehow, in the offices (yes, offices!) the gossip somewhat is concentrating on me. From the mouth of a collegeague, who happened to be an aunt of the guy my mum likes, now everyone is gossiping about my 'so-called relationship' with him which I don't know anything about!! Yesterday, a male colleague asked me about the truth in the gossip (he is a great male colleague) and I said, "What? How in the earth you know about it?" and he just replied, "The aunt told last Sunday (in a symposium) to basically everyone" WHAT???!!! I don't even remembered being proposed to be someone's girlfriend!

So today, I confronted the guy, asking him what he had been telling everyone (his family, friends bla bla bla) and he said that he just told that we are friends but "ganya u taulah mulut org ani payahkan ditutup" - his exact words! Apa yang payah di tutup?? Come on laaa, I'm sure if you don't tell anything else, everyone will not gossip about 'friendship'....

Never EVER in my entire life, I will be the one people wil gossip about and as my bestie said it, "Wah! I didn't know you are that 'famous'" Yea, right! Famous my @$$!! I'm so pissed off with him that I didn't want to talk to him and he somehow get it and bugged off!!! I questioned myself, "Am I being selfish?" and the answer is no! If you are talking about selfish here, I think he is the selfish one! I mean, he KNOWS that I couldn't accept him more than friends and still he keeps on trying! He is selfish for not thinking about my feelings! He only thinks about his feelings!

Give him the chance? That's everyone kept on telling me but why can't anyone understand MY feeling???!!

Love someone who loves you more than you loves him 'coz the person who loves you would never hurt you.........



Wednesday, March 12, 2008
I finished reading Rose Harrisa's Cinta Mekar di Hati but I'm kindda sleepy now so I don't think I can manage to write the synopsis tonight. I finished reading it last night but somehow I had been staring at my laptop since 7PM and now it's almost quarter past 9. Alhamdulilah, my mum didn't say anything about her 'favourite potential son-in-law'. It's a relief. I don't think I can handle another heart-to-heart session with my mum...well, not anytime soon.

My dad most probably going to KL soon, pobably end of this month or early next month. He will be the officer in-charge to accompany a prisoner to do an operation there. Man! Wish I can get leave and go with my dad! I need some serious shopping to be done!! AHAKZ!!! Women...shopping!shopping!shopping! sja taunya....

Back to the topic, InsyaAllah I will try to post the synopsis of Cinta Mekar di Hati and some others when I have the strength....hehe

Currently Reading.....

Tuesday, March 11, 2008
I was scrolling thru my blog this morning (haha..so relaxing in Telisai huh!) and I realised that it had been ages I didn't write any synopsis for the novels that I had read and I think I had read more than 10 novels since my last synopsis. InsyaAllah, I will try to type and post the synopsis soon...once I have the unlimited time!

Currently, I'm reading Cinta Mekar di Hati by Rose Harissa. I lovvvvveeeeeee her 1st novel, Berikan Cintamu and so far, she hasn't disappoint me yet. I'm on my 42nd chapter of the Cinta Mekar di Hati and I can't wait to finish it.....

Di Pukul Ombak!

I woke up this morning with a weird dream. It's the first time I had this dream (as far as I can remember la).

I was in a boat, going somewhere, cruising through the Brunei river. The tide is high and the water is rough and I was sitting in the front seat with an old friend (I won't mention the name here) but somehow, in that boat, it's like my whole classmates were there. Half way thru' the journey, in the middle of the Brunei river, we were unexpectedly being hit by a rough wave (it seems as high as 1 meter) and me, in the front seat, got scared but didn't budge from my seat and was totally wet. Same goes with my mates. After got a confirmation from the boat driver and his assistant that everything would be okay and we won't hit any rough tide, my and the rest of my colleagues were relieved. But not long after that, I saw another big wave coming at our direction and I informed the driver and his assistant but they kept on saying, "Don't worry!". The wave came closer and closer and.......we were hit again! This time all my classmates were thrown overboard and only left me and 2 mates. Somehow we managed to reach a land and we walked and walked........and that's when my alarm buzzed!

I tried to ignore most of my dreams 'coz I know mimpi hanyalah mainan tidur but I couldn't help it, sometimes what I dreamt of before, somehow happened somewhere in the future and when that happened,I said to myself, "Hey! I know I see/feel/experience this before" but dunno from where. My dreams? Maybe!

Cepuemas dream - Had I ever dreamt of di gigit ular? Bitten by a snake? Coz dalam Tafsir Mimpi, when a lady dreams of being bitten by a snake, it means that she will get married soon! I dunno how true it is but to answer that question, errrrmmm yes! I had dreamt about snakes actually! MInd you - SNAKES! Not 1 but a lot! I dreamt about snakes twice few years back! My first dream, I was struggling to break free from a snake and ended up being bitten. My second dream came few days after my first dream, I was asleep (in m dream) in my own room and when I woke up, the were snakes all around guarding the door. After having those dreams, I was so nervous for the next couples of months (takut-takut ada yang masuk meminang considering I was not ready!) but nothing happened and that was 4-5 years ago!

This morning, after woke up from my sleep and dream, I had my shower, did my Subuh prayer and get ready for breakfast and work. While I was having my breakfast, my mum said that she wanted to talk to me face-to-face! UUUUooooo....and my mum dropped the bomb!

Before I told you what my mum said to me this morning (sampai menitiskan airmata..YUP!), lets me brief you about something. Couple of years ago, when I was just started working and before I went to work and lived in Singapore, I know this 1 guy from work. He is a nice, shy type of guy(maklumlah anak bungsu) and he plainly told me that he likes me (through SMS) and all. But when I went to Singapore, I didn't keep in touch with him memandangkan I'm not interested at that time. So, when I came back, he managed to track me down and we keep in touch eversince. My feeling for him still nothing apart as a friend. I told him that I couldn't accept him more than friends but somehow he just never giveup! This guy had come to my place before for Hari Raya and as it happened, my mum likes him soooo much (kira menantu ideal lah tu).

So, this morning my mum said that she prefers if I choose this guy to be my future husband considering that I am her only daughter and she wants me to have a good guy to look for me in the future. And my mum nangis-nangis telling me that he is a good guy and my mum believes that he will take good care of me. My mum knows that don't have any feeling for this guy and I always avoid 'his topic' with my mum. True, he is a good guy, religious and all but we just didn't 'click' or rather I didn't 'click' with him!

I told my mum that I'm not ready to get married! I know I'm coming 27 years old this year and I should be commited/engaged to someone by now - which I don't - but I don't understand what's the pressure! I mean, I'm just NOT READY! and honestly, my heart hasn't open up to anyone just yet! I don't know what I'm looking for or what I'm waiting for but soal hati, it cannot be forced! I haven't find THE ONE yet!

You know what's funny?! I'm addicted in reading novels and in some novels the authors write about arranged marraige. Hopefully, mine is not the same case. I don't want to be torn between my our heart desire and my mum's wishes! I know my mum always think what's the best for me but if my heart is not in it, would it be the best for me? If ever I have to choose, I think I would lose and give in to my mum's desire coz I just couldn't bear to see her disappointed in me. I don't want to be anak derhaka either but why my mum can't just understand that me and him, we just didn't 'click'.

Everytime we go on a date, which consists mainly with dinners and a movie once, we never talked much coz he just mostly keep quiet and honestly, I don't know what to converse with him! Dipukul Ombak...I think that the right title for my day today. First with my dream, then with my mum and it's just 10 minutes to 10AM! My day is not over yet but somehow I don't think I can handle another ombak!

Green means...........

We meet again! It's raining quiet heavily outside and I don't feel like doing anything but to tuck myself in and sleep - and maybe dream along the way..hehe! I LOVEEEE to dream and honestly, I'm not ashamed to admit it! The weather in Brunei kindda fluctuating lately and I couldn't be bothered to check the weather report anymore. I use to check the weather forecast before washing my car...hehe! Now my car, well, kindda dirty but with rain most of the time, hey! my car isn't the only one! Hehehe!

Anyhow, the Brunei Book Fair is still going on! But I have to say that I'm VERY VERY DISAPPOINTED because I didn't have the chance to meet and greet the Alaf 21 novelists! Where was I? W-O-R-K COMMITMENT - the never ending one! I mean, I'm their biggest fan!!! Of course, there are lots of biggest fan out there but I can consider myself the biggest because I bought ALMOST most of their books! ALMOST, mind you! NOT ALL! Well, maybe I didn't buy 5 of their books so far mainly because - well, I don't like the storyline! Well, not my rezeki to meet and greet the novelists but insyaAllah, who knows...

It coming to the 2nd month I'm into my new workplace and my route would involved the buziest roads/places - Jangsak-Beribi-Gadong/Kiulap! And man, I think my butt is getting bigger from sitting in the car too long *AHAKZ* but seriously, it is that bad. To avoid the traffic jam in the morning, I choose to get off from home at freaking 6.30am!!! Yup! I think my appraisal for this year will be super duper excellent in attendance! Haha!But I can't really avoid the coming home traffic jam. I mean, I already come wayyyy to early in the morning and I don't fancy going home late! So yea, I'm stuck in the traffic every afternoon! Hmmm...

And I guess most of you guys knows that the traffic light at the Beribi roundabout is already functioning and I quiet like it. I mean, it really helps the traffic flow BUTTTT....yes, there is a BIG B-U-T here...BUT the thing that irritates the heck out of me is some of the drivers' attitude. Geeezzz man, when the light turns green and cars from the right side stop, it's your que to go!!! GO! GO! GO! I mean, it's the simplest road rules. Some drivers, when the light turn green, it took them around 5-10 seconds to react and step on the pedal....Oh Man!!! No wonder we always experiencing traffic jam!

Social life...I date less nowdays *AHAKZ* mainly because I just don't have time lately. My time either for my work, my family and my rest. But tomorrow night, my best friend's ex-colleague is inviting us to watch the 10,000 BC in Empire coz it's her birthday and all..I haven't decide to go or not considering that I'm easily exhausted lately but when I think about it, I should lighten up! Take it easy on life, don't be harsh on myself! Get on with life (eerrrmm..apakan?) and live it to the fullest! hehe..mcm banarnya aku ah..

OH YEA!!! Geeezzz! I almost forget! The most exciting thing happening in my life THIS WEEK *AHAKZ* Errrmmm..come to think about it, better I didn't tell laaa...coz, well, it's kindda embarassing..hehe! Laterzzzzzz..........