Makna Cinta

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Title: Makna Cinta
Author: Maria Alina
No. of Pages: 501 pages
Publisher: Alaf 21

I was supposed to finish reading Tidak KuPinta by Kamsiah Abu first but somehow, I got 'reader's block' (if there's such a word..haha) while reading that book hence I started reading Makna Cinta by Maria Alina. In between meals, toilet breaks, tv and fetching my brother from school, I managed to finish this book in a day ;)

This is Maria Alina's second novel (that I had read) after Rahsia Hatiku. The story of Yusuf and Zulaikha. No, it's not the story of Nabi Yusuf AS and Zulaikha but let's just say that this is one heck of a love story.

I decide not to write the review here. I know! Bummer! Haha! But let's just say that this book is a page turner. I basically can't stop reading. I have a bad habit of reading the first few pages (to know the main characters) then I would jump straight to the last few pages (to know the ending) before reading the whole book. Many fanatic readers out there would be frustrated with what I did but hey, that's what got me motivate to read.

SACRIFICE, SACRIFICE AND MORE SACRIFICE - that one word I gotta say about this book. Zulaikha's mum sacrifice her love for her bestfriend, Zulaikha's dad sacrifice his love and responsibilities for Zulaikha's grandma, Azril sacrifice his feeling and love when he knows that his brother, Yusuf loves his fiance, Zulaikha, Ras Adiba sacrifice her feeling for Azril when she knows that he's getting engaged with Zulaikha, Azimah sacrifice her whole life to have Yusuf's love....soooo many sacrifices! Trust me, sometimes I got frustrated reading this book but it's not a disappointment.

It makes me shed some tears. It is really a must-read book.

"Pada saat hati terlalu menginginkan sesuatu, yang diinginkan pergi semakin jauh dari kita. Sebaliknya pada saat hati sudah bersedia melepaskan, yang ingin dilepaskan itu datang bergolek pula dihadapan mata."
- Makna Cinta by Maria Alina. Page: 406

You would be amazed how true that statment is.

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