Tuesday, April 29, 2008
Well, nobody says that internet is all good and nobody says either that it's all that bad! But anyone of you had seen the latest movie in the cinema - Untraceable! Well, the simplest that I can say about this movie is that - web kills!

So, I managed to squeeze my Sunday to watch movie w MM (ehem ehem)..hehe! Untraceable is a story about a bunch of FBI agents who traces crime thru' the internet (ooo..ooo) and 1 night (yup! they work at night, well, initially..), they received a link www.killwithme.com (haha! don't bother to try it! Well, I didn't!). It shows the killing of a cat. Now! What I don't understand, why cats?? I LOVEEE cats! Then the real thing started! It started to kill human. The more people log into the website, the faster it kills the person.

I have to say, this movie is super duper hi-tech! I mean, WOW! The way the killer murder his victims is so cruel and suffering. Working in a medical-laboratory field, somehow I know what the victims suffering! The part that really got into me is when one of the victims is burn to death! That - you must watch! hehe!

Dunno what the heck m talking about? Watch it!


Friday, April 25, 2008
The question is, when I'm gonna have a free weekend?! I can't see any free weekend in the near future!

I think I am overwork already! and I can't blame it entirely it on work..hehe! My social life is picking up...ehem ehem! Quiet busy in that department too! hehe!

It's Friday today and I'm beat! Tired! Exhausted! Drop dead ngalih! Last week, my days were full and this week, I think its the same. Last Wednesday, we had a CE in Ripas but I didn't attend. Reason - plain LAZY! haha! Yesterday afterwork, I had to stay back and attended a meeting and only manage to go at 6PM. From office, I went straight to Kiulap where the rest of the family gather to celebrate my Bro Andy's 22nd birthday! I finally came home around 7.30PM.

A 'friend' messaged me to bring me out and watch the Forbidden Kingdom, so I only managed to change and freshen a bit before went out again.

The movie - it's quiet nice! When you put both Jackie Chan and Jet Li in a movie, it's quiet....nice, I guess! Wish Bruce Lee is still around but...hmmmm...I came home around 10.30PM.

This morning, me and 2 of my colleagues had a 'project' for our place, so we decided to do it this morning. But first, I had to rush to the bank to settle my brother's car that is under my name then I went to the office. I stayed for 2 hours and had to go home coz my dad is the one picking me up.
This afternoon, me and my family decided to have a hi-tea in Season's and yup! now, I'm full! Nda lagi dapt kemana-mana! So drop dead full! and with the weather, it's soooo good to sleep...

But urrggghhh..I can't stop thinking about tomorrow! Why? Coz tomorrow, I have to stay back (AGAIN!) to attend another meeting! Wah! Boring eh! It's a weekend and we are having a meeting! So stressfulllllll!!! I haven't do or compose my inspection report yet and with my room's air con not working, I don't feel like doing anything but to sleep....but I also can't sleep well with this hot environment...I'm sweating already as I typed! hehehe



Back to civilization weekend!

It's been ages that I hadn't update my blog! Guilty! I got tonnes, tonnes and tonnes things to do and some I managed to do but most of it still pending! Urrgggghhh! I am basically mentally and physically exhausted!

Workwise; I got reports and ordering to do and with the current managment in the State Medical Store, it's making me more stress! My order I sent like 3 weeks ago, half of them came 2 weeks after that and the rest, as they said "alum bebuat"! Sekalinya bila tah kan membuat? And you know what the storekeeper told me, "ntah ah, banyak lagi nie yang pending" and I directly said to him that he cannot do that (not doing my order!). I mean, the basic procedure for preparing the stock is 2 weeks and by the 3rd week, not done yet! I told him that I need my stock. A colleague of mine also last time pissed off when her stock (which was delayed 3 weeks) was accidently being send to Temburong! Haha! Atu lagi parah! She went to the SMS and get her stock herself, the storekeeper said to her, "jgn marah ah" and she simply said, "aku nda plang marah, patients bh yang marah" haha! good answer mate!

And still in the topic of work, our department I think somehow being jinxed! I don't know but somehow we got sooooooo many complaints regarding our staffs and....well, basically everything! This year is not a good year for us!

My weekend, I enjoyed it! I was out 4 nights in the row during the weekend (hence explained my exhaustion!). Thursday night, me and my brothers went to the Kiulap Mall and watched 'Congkak'! Honestly, it's not that scary. I think 'Jangan Pandang Belakang' is even scarier! Friday morning, we had a cleaning campaign in our clinic so I had to wake up bright and early to prepare some refreshment. I stayed in the clinic till 11.30am. That night, me and a friend went out and had dinner in one of the north indian restaurants and from there, I don't like the chicken tikka...it's not nice! Saturday night, we went out again and guess where we go? You know how Gadong and Kiulap areas are the hotspot areas hence we went out to the capital. Yup! Bandar Seri Begawan.....and it's even more lonely than KB town...yup! It's so true! Or maybe because it's the middle of the month, then everyone stay in and watched AF instead! Anyway, we walked - yup! walked - around Bandar Seri Begawan and stop to rest at the Bandar Seri Begawan Memorial, just opposite the Kg Ayer. And from there, I saw live how peple 'merambat' di Sungai Brunei....yea! Seriously, I never see 'merambat' secara live so that Saturday night, I discover another tradition night life in Bandar Seri Begawan. Cool eh! Sunday morning, me and my brother went to 'mengatam' padi organised by my department. I'm not very keen on 'mengatam' padi considering that I did that once, in Temburong and I didn't enjoy it. But my brother, being a city teenager, said that he wanted to try, hence we were out and about around 6.45am to Lamunin. The weather is not that hot but the air is kindda hot. We finished around 10am. Once I arrived at home, take a rest then took my shower. That afternoon, I sent my brother to the Mall and of course la, traffic jam. Sunday night, me and a friend went to out Jerudong Park and what can I say about JP? It's not what it used to be ages ago!

But the musical fountain was on that night and it's still nice to see...

Buzy weekend huh! I haven't watch the Forbidden Kingdom yet so I'm planning to go this week....hmmmm...we'll see!


Buzy Weekend

Tuesday, April 8, 2008
How did I spent my weekend?! Buzy...hectic...non-stop dan yang sewaktu dengannya. Hehe...

My initial plan was to stay at home and ironed all my clothes coz it had been ages I didn't do any ironing. Luckily, I got so many baju kurung (dan sewaktu dengannya) for me to wear to work. Besides, I'm working this Friday so I'm thinking, that weekend is the perfect time for me to get rest.
But....early morning, my mum woke me up saying that my dad 'bawa bejalan'. Sure, my dad can drive himself but somehow I think he got the habit to bring 3 of his children along wherever he wanted to go during the weekend. I asked him where he wanted to go and my mum said that she needs to buy groceries item while my dad wanted to look for shoes and jackets - he's going to KL soon, sometimes next week, I think or is it this week?! Hmm...

Anyway, we took off from home around 8.30am and went straight to Food Zone, Gadong Properties coz I'm craving to eat the dim sum! We stayed there till 10am and from there we went to Milimewah in Lambak coz my mum loves to shop her groceries there. From Milimewah, we went to Pertama Jaya and went to Jaya Hypermart and went to Giant!!! Haha! Told you it's a busy weekend for me.

In Giant, after all those jalan-jalan, I got hungry again and started to que up for the KFC. Man! Long que eh! My stomach grumbling and somehow the staffs of the KFC are quiet inefficient! Soooo..lambat! While queing up, I met Fatmah. This is the first time I saw her since 2004! She is a Bruneian fellow who happened to be attached with me while I was doing my inservice in National University Hospital, NUH, Singapore. She came to Singapore somewhere in May/June while me and the rest of my colleagues were scheduled to go home to Brunei in September. I asked her hows life there after we left and she said, it's lonely and quiet stressful! Yea! I know hows that feel. I mean it's quiet hard to mingle along with the competitive Singaporeans. But not all of them la...I mean, eventhough now that we are miles apart, I still keep in touch with most of my Singaporean friends.

After queing up for almost 20 minutes - yup! freaking 20 minutes - we went home. I told my dad that I'm so dead hungry already. By the time we came home, it's almost 2.30pm! An old old old ex-classmate messaged me whether I'm up for a dinner! Hmmm....I'm kindda tired and needly bad an afternoon nap, so I told him karang tah ku menconfirmkan.

Refreshed from my afternoon siesta, I messaged c Lias that I'm up for that dinner. Besides, it's been quiet a while I didn't see him. Our last meeting was when I just came back from Singapore and he just came back from UK, that was in 2004! Wah! Banyak yang 2004 came back into my life recently..hehe! But I had known c Lias seem like ages! Seriuosly! I mean, I even know him longer than I know my own bestie. And believe it or not, I had known c Lias for 18 years! Wow! That's long...don't you think so?! So I met c Lias for dinner and I came home only around 9.30pm!

Fewwhhh...what an exhausting weekend!


The All- New Ford Mondeo Wagon

Friday, April 4, 2008

I'm not a big fan of a wagon but I have to say, this new Ford Mondeo wagon is handsome (the word that I use for cars!) The rear end of this wagon reminds me of Subaru Impreza STI wagon which was recently launched here in Brunei but the OTR price is freakingly alarming! The STI wagon cost like $60K+ and somewhat $1K+/month....feewwwhhh..talk about flashier car and flashier money *keeeccchhhiiinnngggg*

Once Bitten, Twice.....?

You know what I did this morning? I testdrive the new Ford Mondeo...*yippie* It's not officially launch yet but I just couldn't help myself. I know the new Ford Mondeo is super rugged coz I seen it in Singapore once while they were having their launching and exhibition. So when last week, a friend of mine who also owns a Ford Mondeo told me that the new Mondeo has arrived in Brunei, I asked him when it's gonna be launched. He told me 'sumwer early April'.

So today, I went there and asked. It probably will launch next Friday and the salesman, Ah Hing, is so kind enough to let me testdrive the Mondeo. Yea! It is super super cool and it comes with 3 types - the high specs, the low specs and the X edition. The high spec costs around $44K with 18-inch sports rim, blue-tinted glasses, chrome window panels and lights beneath the side mirrors while the low specs is around $40K with 16-inch tyre and without the blue-tinted glasses, chrome window and the lights. But I have to say, the high specs Mondeo blew my mind off!

It's the combinations of Audi on the front, the lights like Lexus and Lexus by the sides and the rear, couldn't be that sure. But the interior, phhheewwww, super cool. The high specs uses digital montior which as Ah Hing mentioned, so far only used by the Lexus.

So far, 2 person already booked for the high specs Mondeo while 'some' booked for the low specs. I asked him whether can trade-in my 2002 Mondeo and he said, "Can.." but their mechanics got to have a look first. Hmmm....so now the question is....to buy or not to buy??? To trade in or not to trade in??? Honestly, I'm not thinking of buying another Mondeo coz with my present experience with my Mondeo, it's really a high maintenance European car - well apart from all those BMWs, Mercs, Rovers, Porsche bla bla bla....

To find out more click http://www.ford.co.uk/


Non-Halal Chicken Pao

Thursday, April 3, 2008
Seriously!!! I thought Brunei is very careful about their foods and their restaurants. But what I just heard in the news is quiet shocking! I mean, I'm not a big fan of WYWY and I never eat any of their chicken paos but I do eat there. I just didn't expect that they use pig enzyme in their chicken pao. So, that got me thinking, if they use pig enzyme for their chicken pao, what are the chances that they use the same ingredient for other food? Hmmmm.....

I think I better stop or my lunch would come out from where they come in.....

Weather - Wednesday 02nd April 2008

In some conversations, when you are mingling with someone of high social status and you don't know what to talk about, most people would talk about the weather! Funny right? But that's the truth.
Today, I'm gonna talk about the weather. It's not that I got nothing to talk about but somehow I can't help myself but to write about the weather.

How many of us looked up to the sky today and say Allahhu Akbar? Just menikmati keindahan yang Allah berikan kepada umatNya. Honestly, I do always look up to the sky - to see what the day would be like; shiny and hot or raining and wet. But this morning, from the moment I left my home till the moment I arrived in my office garage, I couldn't help but to look up at the sky and I said to myself, "what a very nice day today..."

Indeed, it's a nice day today. Okay, apart from the bright sunlight in the morning which made my eyes hurt. But that's it! Everthough the sun is shining very brightly this morning and hurts my eyes, still the day is beautiful! I'm an outdoor person and I love outdoor very much and sometimes I just wish that I work outdoor rather than being coped indoor with all the air conditioning! Yea! I know I'm weird! Many people would like to trade places with me but that's the thing, I'm not too good with indoor. I will get sinusitis and dry skin with all those air conditioning..weird but true!

And the day didn't dissapoint me. When I went out lunch with my bestie, I didn't complain of the weather. Oh no! The weather just fit perfectly! And it stays that way till I ready to go home. But by then the weather turned dark considering it's past 6PM! Yup! I went home around 6.15PM, had to stay for a meeting! Hmmm....work! work! work!

And mana lagi, on my way home, I stopped by to refill my fuel and on my way out, there is this Proton Satria reversed his car and I don't think he noticed I was behind him. When he didn't show any sign of braking, I have no choice but to honk my horn! Trust me, I rarely use my horn! Eeeeee...if anything happened tadi with my car, that Satria driver...hmmmm...*malas kan ceta*

An accident happened near the T-junction traffic light in Sengkurong / Kilanas; involving 4 cars - a Kia Carens, a Nissan Skyline, a Chervolet and a Nissan Patrol. It's a collision-on-collision accident I think. Dunno whose fault but I pity the Chervolet coz that car is badly damaged both front and rear - totally smashed! But Alhamdulilah, no casualties that I can see. The jam was not that bad as everyone is being considerate and move their cars rather than being a kepoh and stop. Being kepoh is okay when an accident happened IF you intend to help but if you just want to busybody, better not laaa...let the journalists do that. It's their job, btw!

Anyway, we had our inspection today! Urrrggghhh, that's what I was hinting in my last entry! Inspection is something you want to avoid if you are working in my environment 'coz the inspectors are ALWAYS looking for faults!! They never look at the things you had improved! No!!! They always look for something that you cannot answer! At least, their report would be longer and our report to them will be thrice longer!

Hmmm...so now inspection over, I will be relax for a couple of weeks before I will be start buzy again....doing what? REPORTS!!!

Btw, did I ever mention that I HATE doing reports? That's one of the reasons why I don't want to work in the office!!! Hahaha!!!



Tuesday, April 1, 2008
Okay! This is what happened if I take too much sweet! After overdosing myself with Strepsil last Sunday and Monday, now I'm suffering from toothache...hmmm...dugaan bagi yang sakit.

But I'm feeling better already. My throat doesn't sore as it was last Saturday except that my nose is still blocked! and I'm having SOB more frequent - oh yea! that's shortness of breath!

Car Signs / Stickers

I think it's the trend nowdays that you will see almost all the cars in Brunei have some sort of stickers or signs stuck to their windows or somewhere. Of course, aku mengata orang, I'm also the same. Mana mau ketinggalan with the 'modern trend' Hahaha! What's my signs said? Biarlah rahsia.....for those people who knows me, I think you have the idea what car signs I have.

Anyhow, car signs or stickers can be entertaining and dangerous at the same time. I'm not just bluffing or just to kill the time but I'm talking from experience. Me, myself and I being 'emotionally intelligence' almost all the time sometimes couldn't help but to read all the car signs that I came across with and 1 time, I couldn't read what the car signs infront of me, so I moved my car a bit further to the front...it's near to the rear of the other car but Alhamdulilah, nothing happened. See!!! That's how dangerous a car sign can be..hehe! Okay! I admit, it's my fault too but as I said, nothing happened!

This morning, I came across with 2 car signs that somehow doesn't make sense to me.

1. "Sadang-sadang tah jua kan berlaju saja ani" - An Innova has this sign and guess what? This Innova is right infront of me and he's speeding!! Hah! Talked about 'jgn tah kan berlaju'

2. "Alai sayang abangkan?" - This is a funny one. The first time I read it, I was like "Eh! Apakan?" Macam nda kena mengena saja. But then I was thinking, ahh, maybe the driver is asking the car. You know how men always treat their car as 'she' while we the ladies always treat the car as 'he'. So, untuk menyenangkan hatiku, I assume that the driver asking the car la...Btw, it's a Mitsubishi Grandis.

I was thinking when did I started to have this car signs and believe it or not, I started it when I came back from Singapore - that was in 2004! In Plaza Singapura (my destination every weekend), there is this shop that sells all this car signs. I remembered that time, I said to myself, it would be cool to stick this signs to my car and eversince then, I always have car signs on my car. Of course, I kindda chnage it every year coz I just feel like it....Hahaha!