The Handmaiden's Necklace

Saturday, October 24, 2009
I made a vow to myself that I would try to balance my reading between an english and a malay novels. For quiet some times now, I had been reading lots of malay novels and somehow I just 'lost touch' reading english novels.

So, last Thursday, for the first time, I went to the public library near my place. It's still new hence not many books are available and there is lots of empty spaces yet to be filled. But I managed to borrow 2 malay novels and an english historical romance book. I LOVE historical romance novels especially if it's from MIRA publishing and from Judith McNaught.

Title: The Handmaiden's Necklace
Author: Kat Martin
No of Pages: 407 pages
Publisher: MIRA

The Handmaiden's Necklace from Kat Martin. The first time I heard of her and as expected, this is definitly her first novel I read. Apparently, The Handmaiden's Necklace is the final book of the Bride's Necklace trilogy. Shoot! Now I have to look for the first two - The Bride's Necklace and The Devil's Necklace. I hope the public library have those books on their shelves or I would be restless. Haha! Once m addicted, I definitly hooked!

The Handmaiden's Necklace is set in the year 1806 and of course, it's started in London. Don't know if any of you noticed if you are reading historical romance novels but every novels that I read always start in London. I guess where it's all the glamarous, well bread people, high society people and the ton originated from.

Anyway, the story of Danielle Duval. She was shun by the ton when one night she was discovered by her fiance in a bed with a naked nobelman. When she couldn't prove her innocence and her fiance, Rafael, Duke of Sheffield didn't believe her either, she went to find comfort in her aunt's country estate.

5 years after, due to her aunt's request, Dani accompanied her aunt to a social function back in London, forcing her to face the scandal once more. Rafael, believed that he had been betrayed by Dani, got engaged to a very well bread young lady.

To make this review short (mind you if I let myself loose, it would be a long one), Dani went to America (that's what it was called back then, not USA) to be married to a businessman. Rafael hired a Bow Street runner to find what really happened 5 years ago and when he knew the truth, he tracked Dani down all the way to America.

Feeling guilty for what he had accussed Dani, Rafe determined to see that Dani is happily married and when he found out that Dani's American fiance intended to keep several mistresses even after he married Dani, Rafe blackmailed Dani into marrying HIM instead! or Rafe would tell the American society about The Scandal. Leaving her with no choice, Dani married Rafe out of revenge.

Things got complicated when Rafe found out the necklace he gave Dani was gone (as Dani claimed) when infact she gave it to Robert, a British manservant who was bought by a wealthy American. Caroline, Dani's lady maid cum companion cum bestfriend loves Robert and asked Dani to help him escape America and back to London.

When Rafe found out the truth about the necklace and Robert, he forgave Dani for lying to him but he found out that Dani couldn't conceive (due to a riding accident she suffered 5 years ago), he was angry at first. His love for Dani made him overlooked Dani's shortcoming. But when Dani realized how important for him to have a heir to the dukedom, Dani unwillingly seeked for divorce so Rafe could marry another and have a heir.

One thing led to another when eventually, Dani was kidnapped, Rafe tried to save her, Dani got shot and lost her will to live. But no worries, it comes to a happy ending ;)

I might not doing the best review but trust me, this book...wow! It's really a page turner. I finished it within 24 hours and now m already thinking to get the first 2 books.

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