Colour my world with....

Tuesday, April 26, 2011
... RAINBOW!!!!
I love rainbow.
Sounds very childish but that's the inner child in me =D

I especially LOVIN' this picture.
The rainbow across the mosque (or so it seems).

Shooting the building...

It was done assembled by my brother few weeks ago (without waiting for me.. hurmmpph)
but he left it on the table for me to clean up his mess *another big hurrmmpph*

I was thinking of dismantling and redo it but looking at the 'building'
I changed my mind ;)

Behind the scene... Part 2

Monday, April 25, 2011
.... of another of our 'so-called' cleaning campaign last Friday
but this time different venue ;)

- don't mess with this lola... she is really cleaning LOL! -

- of course! gossiping is never far behind =D -

- oh, no worries! she was talking with someone, i think -

- the best part of cleaning campaign is the food! always the food -
::the tastiest beryani::

- and beryani isn't the same without the pickle -
::now i'm hungry::

April... coming to an end!

I can't wait for April to be over!
It had been a hectic week last week for me with 2 after office meetings! My brain is jammed with too much infos!
And not to mention family functions!
Ah well, few more days to go. 'Sides my schedule ain't that much 'crowded' anymore for this week - apart from house chores that is.

What I had been up to?
I will post some entries soon...

Have a great week peeps!


Top 10 Longest-Reigning Monarchs

Tuesday, April 19, 2011
And mine is the THIRD!
Reigning for almost 43 years now,


Annual Gathering Theme: Kings and Queens

Thursday, April 14, 2011
Our department's annual gathering is coming soon; a month from today to be exact - 15th May and the theme for this year would be "Kings and Queens" where you are allowed to dress as any kings or any queens you desire.

Cool theme, I shall say. I mean, who would ever thought of becoming either a king or a queen? Prince or princess? Nah, that's too common LOL!

I haven't make up my mind yet to go or not, depending on my mood actually. Besides nowadays I would like to socialize less (yea right! as if that would ever happen!) =D

But the mind-squeezing thing about this theme is that now I have to think of any queen I would like to be - IF I ever plan on going!! The right costume, the right accessories and the right hair-do/tiara.

My first choice (IF I ever going and if I have the right costume) is to be Queen Nefertiti but I think I need to think about other dress that doesn't show my belly button =D

The simplest could be Queen Hatshepsut head-wear!

Cleopatra? The ever famous Queen of Egypt?
Nah! I wouldn't fit in her shoes!

Gosh! This is so hard!
The easiest solution is to be my OWN queen - Queen Iantie... haha!
That would be hilarious!
Oh well, just wait for my updates on this one - if I ever plan of going...

(Very) Slow Updates

Sunday, April 10, 2011
Recently, I just seem at lost in blogging.
I just don't know what to blog anymore or maybe it's just my hectic schedule that makes my brain so cramped hence the laziness to blog.
Either way, just to let my readers to know that I'm still around but it would be slow for the time being; so many works to settle and so many duties for me this month. Oh well, shouldn't grumble... that's life!


Aren't they SO adorable??

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I don't know any twin BABY boys out there so I am considering these twin baby boys are the most adorable baby twins ever!

I know there are 'babies talk' among babies but these boys sure know how to talk.
And they are SO adorable!
Makes me 'craving' for zwilling baby meiner eigenen LOL =D