Loving You - D'Cinnamons

Sunday, August 29, 2010

D'Cinnamons is an Indonesian unplugged/acoustic band.
I didn't know they exist until I heard this song - Loving You - back in 2007 and this first single of them has always been my favourite of all.

Time to let go

Friday, August 27, 2010
In life, there are most things that you can't control.

Emotions are the hardest of all. No matter how you deny something, you can't deny or cheat on your emotions.

It's just the way it is, I think. The only way you can do is make amend with whatever emotion disturbance you have, let go and move on.

Allergic to Monday?

Monday, August 23, 2010
Is there such a thing - allergic to the day?

And is it possible?

Weird fact - last week Monday, I was having another series of sinusitis and today, a week later, I'm having another one.

I was okay for the past Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday but on Monday, today, the starting of the week, it's coming again!

I already started to take the antihistamine since my first sinus attacks 2 weeks ago (after so long no attacks) but so far, I haven't see the effects yet!

Oh well.....

Falling in love with.... Zakwan!

Sunday, August 22, 2010
Oh!! I'm falling in love with him!!

This 3 months old baby boy is the most adorable, cubby and the most easiest infant to take care of. He rarely cry!! He would try to play with you, smile and laugh with you!! He doesn't even choose people... he loves everyone who loves him!

Within 12 hours he was with me, he only cried twice - twice!! and that's all for milk! I'm missing him already ;(

Our 1 week old kittens

In these pictures, they all look the same. LOL!
But upclose, they are different.

They open up their eyes already but still sepet.
Lampuh is the chubbiest of all followed by Labut, both of them have thick fur
while Putut is the smallest of the trio and she (I think!) take after the mum, Si Hitam - the fur, I mean..

Menu for today...

Saturday, August 21, 2010
It is Bro Adi's 22nd birthday today, so instead of going out to celebrate and break our fast, we decided to eat in. Besides, my mum's cooking, no one can beat! It's just the daughter is so lazy to learn... LOL!


The deepest meaning...

Friday, August 20, 2010

The truth never lie and the truth is that I was crying when I watch this video.

This video shows the recitation of Surah Fushshilat - Yang Dijelaskan (As Explained) from Juz 24 verses 19 to 36 by Imam Mishary Rashid Alafasy.

In this recitation, the Iman was crying and there is a moment in this prayer (in verse 30) that he actually stopped reading and you can hear him sobbing and the people behind him follow (sobbing)....

It really touch my (soft) heart.

And Mishary Rashid Alafasy is one of the best reciter presently in this world.

A child with an amazing voice...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I'm very proud of him!
He is just a child but he reads well (far more better than I am)
and he has the most amazing child voice.
And this video had reached more than 5 millions viewers!!

The Expendables

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Me and my brothers skipped our terawih prayer (so bad!) tonight to watch this movie.
And man! don't I just love this movie.
This movie is so packed with actions and I LIKE!
And with so many A-list actors and wrestlers, this is definitly a movie to watch.

As far as I can remember and recall, this is the only movie and the first time I ever see Jason Statham laughed and smiled. All his other movies (The Transporters, The Italian Job, The Bank Job, Death Race), he is so demmed serious but in this movie, it's nice to see the 'lighter' side of him... and his acting, never disappoint me so far.

As for Slyvester Stallone, it's been quiet some times I didn't see him act. Honestly, I gotta say that he is kindda old for action movies. I know that's his genre but then, it doesn't suit him no more.

Bruce Wills and Arnold Schwarzenegger are also in this movie for about 3-5 minutes. Jet Li is one of the main characters. Overall, the movie is very entertaining and there is a bit of humors here and there that makes it worth the watch.



Don't ask me why I posted this video!
Well, apart from that it had reach over more than 3 million viewers!!!

Red Nosed Iantie

Monday, August 16, 2010
"Red Nosed Iantie"

That is what my boss called me today. Why? Coz my sinusitis is back! and pluurrrgghhh, it's not a good thing!

I was exposed to the rain last night on my way to the mosque and hence the comeback of the sinusitis. My nose didn't stop running and I sneezed a lot which in the end cause me a headache.

It's been a long time I didn't have a sinus attack. Thanx to the antihistamine. Yup, for last 3 years I had been taking antihistamine - loratadine mostly - for my sinusitis. But I stopped taking it for almost a year now (coz I don't want to be dependent on medication) and I had been feeling okay without it.

But recently, I noticed that my sinusitis attack is more frequent and 'torturing'. 'Torturing' here means leaky nose, blocked nose, red nosed (of course!), sneezing nonstop, watery eyes, puffy eyes and headache. That's my 'torture' whenever I'm having sinusitis. Some days I can keep on working as usual but most days, it's way too difficult. I rarely take MC so I'm not gonna star now - not for sinusitis anyway.

Oh! I guess back to popping loratadine soon....

Ramadhan Addition...

Second day of Ramadhan, my lonely cat, Hitam (Blackie) gave birth to 3 adorable kittens. It's been a long long long time we didn't have any new born kittens in the family, so I was pretty excited about it. The last time we had new born kittens was like 9 years ago - told you it was that long!

The kittens were sleeping

Putut (coz of the short tail) - adorably sleeping

Lampuh (Fattie) coz he's (I think) is the cubbiest of all and he got a pretty fur

Left to right: Putut, Labut and Lampuh
(p.s. please don't ask me why we had weird names for our cats. My brothers gave them their names).

My Ramadhan... so far

This would be my first blog at 6am in the morning! Haha! I had my sahur, my Subuh prayer and guess what.. I got time to kill before work, hence here I am, surfing, blogging, checking my mails since 4.30am!

How's my Ramadhan? So far, so good... Alhamdulilah! Today would be the second day of working on the fasting month and as the years before, I still prefer to work during Ramadhan.

Why? The working hours is less by an hour - sometimes, for us! Working from 8am till 2pm, nonstop is actually quiet fun! You don't even realise the time passes by. But then the heat on my way home sometimes unbearable! Luckily my car is fully tinted and the air-conditioning is okay..

Came home, I would have my Zuhur prayer, take a rest then the Asar prayer and only then I would come out from my 'abode of laziness' aka my room and help out with the cooking.. hehe

By 6, no one can disturb me from watching Jejak Rasul 16 on TV3. That would take half an hour and by then, it's breaking fast time...

Night time, time for Terawih prayer. So far, me and my brothers had been 'mosque-hopping'. We went to different mosque every night for our Isya and Terawih prayers. Why? Just wanna live up to the experience in different mosque and yes, you can feel the difference.

Last night we went to Jame' Asre. It was raining hence I totally forgot to bring my camera. And up till now, I still regret for not taking interior pictures of the beautiful, magnificent Jame' Asre mosque. Oh well, Ramadhan is still long way to go, maybe, InsyaAllah we will go there again for our Isya' and Terawih prayers.

You Again

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

This is 1 movie I can't hardly wait to watch.
I was already LOL watching the trailer, so it must be good

Welcoming Ramadhan

Ramadhan comes again...
It is the most joyous month for us muslims and the most 'easy' month for us to get His blessings.

But it's also the month (even before Hijrah) where our Prophet Muhammad SAW (pbuh) lost his beloved wife, Saidatina Khatijah. Knowing the history and the sacrifices she made for our Prophet never cease to make me cry. My tears never dry for her and it never will for our own Ummul Mukminin.

I would like to wish my fellow muslims, whereever you might be in this Earth,
Happy Ramadhan
and may we all be blessed always...


When the past is your enemy...

People say, in order to move forward, you have to say 'goodbye' to your past... and in order to say 'goodbye' to your past, you need to have closure...

Closure is not something we all have. We might find closure in a thing or two but we can't find closure in ALL of our past. I don't! To think about it, some things in my past had no closure coz I'm a sucker for closure! I hate confrontations!

And now... it bites me! You think that you can just run away from your past but somehow, you can't. It would always hunt you... until you put an end to end... have peace with it and close that chapter of your life.

Currently, I'm 'trying' to have peace with a chapter of my past but somehow I'm kindda 'lost' in the process ;(

Pergilah Air Mata - Hanni Ramsul

Friday, August 6, 2010

Title: Pergilah Air Mata
Author: Hanni Ramsul
No. of Pages: 858 pages
Author: Kaki Novel Enterprise

Pergilah Air Mata (PAM) would be the third thick malay novels I had read so far after Kasih Pun Bersatu and Lafazkan Kalimah Cintamu and PAM would be the thickest of all 3!!!

It took me 5 days to finish this novel! Ikutkan hati, I would like to finish this book ASAP coz of the superb storyline but apart from reading novels, I got other unavoidable commitments...

This novel is listed as 1 of my favourite novels! Definitly!

Story of Sabrina and Badrul. 2 strangers who were caught in a room together - tangkap basah! They had to get married and Badrul hated Sabrina so much that he planned to make her life hard and suffering. Sabrina, who lost everything - a boyfriend, a job and a bestfriend; gave up on life and just moving on as the day passes. And when Badrul wanted to marry Dayana, his girlfriend, Dayana refused cos she didn't want to share a husband. And what did Sabrina do? She met Dayana and told her that between her and Badrul, there won't be any feelings and when the time comes, Badrul promised to let go of Sabrina, as she told Dayana.

So, with that, Dayana was satisfied and she and Badrul got married. Yes! Now, Badrul got 2 wives - Sabrina, the one that he hated but somehow and slowly he can't describe his feelings for Sabrina and Dayana, the woman he loved but somehow the woman who won't sacrifice her job for him...

As the days and months passed by, Badrul was more confused with his feelings towards his wives. When he was with Dayana,he always thinking of Sabrina. When he was lonely and alone (cos Dayana was busy working), Badrul went to Sabrina and Sabrina only felt that Badrul was using her as a substitute for his loneliness.

With Sabrina, Badrul was strict. Sabrina was not allowed to go out of the house, not allowed to work. But with Dayana, he was speechless. Nothing he said would be accepted by Dayana.

As Sabrina and Badrul knew more of each other, they couldn't help but to fall in love. Stuffs happened and when Dayana found out, she gave Badrul an option - her or Sabrina. Sabrina who was hurt with what Badrul said, went away.

So, what happened next? Who did Badrul choose? Sabrina or Dayana? And what really happened initially that made Sabrina and Badrul were caught in the same room?

My advice, don't bother to think whether to buy and read this book. You just need to go out to the bookstore, buy it and read it! One thing for sure, you won't regret it!! That's my word! But if you still insist of 'reviewing' it first, you may read the first few chapter online - Pergilah Air Mata

I give this novel 9 out of 10!!

Happy reading peeps!

Biarlah YM Berbicara - Hanni Ramsul

Title: Biarlah YM Berbicara
Author: Hanni Ramsul
No. of Pages: 582 pages
Publisher: Kaki Novel Enterprise

After finished reading Lafazkan Kalimah Cintamu by Siti Rosmizah, I bought 2 novels by Hanni Ramsul with a recommendation from the bookstore lady.

I decided to read this novel first - Biarlah YM Berbicara - considering that this novel is a lot more 'slimmer' than the other 1 LOL!!

YM - Yahoo Messenger... just not to let other people confuse out there... like I did the first time I read the title! I won't say here what I thought initially of the YM...

Adhiya, in her life, there are 3 men making her life 'complicated' - her cousin, Kamal; her boss,Firdaus and her YM chatter, Charming!

Kamal, who likes her more than cousin, years ago had tried to rape her just so that Adhiya would marry him and come with him to Australia. Due to the incident, Adhiya hates him.

Firdaus, hmmm...there is something 'weird' about her boss, or so Adhiya thought. But then Firdaus admits that he likes Adhiya.

While Charming, makes her heart knows the meaning of loving, thinking and missing. So many times Charming wanted a meet up but Adhiya refused. So scared to get her heart broken.

So, her life evolved around these 3 men - Kamal, showing up to make amends, Firdaus, who somehow makes her life 'unsettling' and Charming who makes her alive until 1 day she finds out that Firdaus and Charming is a same person.

What happened next? hehehe! Read it...

If you are not sure whether to buy it or not, why don't try to read few chapters online. Here is the website - Biarlah YM Berbicara


Personally, I give this novel 8.5 out of 10 ;)

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

After hearing a good and humorous review from my brother and sister-in-law who watched this movie over the weekend last Monday night, me and the rest of my brothers eventually went out on Tuesday night to watch this movie - The Sorcerer's Apprentice!

And yes! It was good and nice! And one thing for sure, you won't get 'lost' in this movie. It tells the story right from the beginning - 2000 years ago till present. Ain't that great? ;)

But there is a scene near the end of the movie that reminds me of Dragonball. Hehe!

Lafazkan Kalimah Cintamu - Siti Rosmizah

Monday, August 2, 2010

Title: Lafazkan Kalimah Cintamu
Author: Siti Rosmizah
No. of Pages: 810 pages
Publisher: SR Publication

This would be the third novels from Siti Rosmizah I had read. The first two would be Andai Itu Takdirnya and Cinta Kau dan Aku and both novels made me cry.

Lafazkan Kalimah Cintamu is the worst of all! I was not even reached the 10th page yet but I was already crying... ceh! Siti Rosmizah really know how to make my eyes bleed - figure of speech LOL!

Tengku Aqilah grew up without her father's and sister's love. Her father, Tengku Hisham blamed Aqilah for the death of his wife (Aqilah's mother). And Tengku Natasha, Aqilah's sister took their father's hatred on Aqilah to her advantages.

Years passed by, Aqilah came back from the States. Natasha persuaded their father to hire Aqilah in the family's company as a tea lady cum receptionist - as a learning process as Natasha said.

Entered Tengku Ryan Ameer, their (Aqilah and Natasha) cousin cum Natasha's boyfriend... fuuhhh! With that name alone, I can just imagine what he looks like... LOL! My imagination is really that far! Anyway, Aqilah and Ryan never agree on stuffs and always fighting until the death of Tengku Hashim, Ryan's father. Considering that Tengku Hashim was close with Aqilah, he left 40% out of 60% of his share to Aqilah. Ryan was furious. I mean, I would be too if my dad gave my cousin more than he gave me... yea, I'm being selfish! LOL!

In his father's will, Ryan would only get the another 20% of the share (which would make him 40%) if he is to marry Aqilah. WHAT?? Felling in love with Natasha but to marry Aqilah? Hmm.. doesn't make sense. Natasha, who always wanted to be above of Aqilah persuaded Ryan to marry Aqilah (contract marriage), get the share and divorced her (Aqilah) and with Ryan controlling the largest share of the company then marry Natasha. Well, that's Natasha's and her father's plan anyway. Ryan strongly opposed coz well, he hated Aqilah.

By constant persuasions and demands from Natasha and his uncle, Ryan finally marry Aqilah. And nothing is impossible.... From hatred came love. Ryan, who hated Aqilah so very much in the beginning, somehow was madly deeply in love with Aqilah. Aqilah, who was hurt before, took time to accept that love but when she did, of course there were always something to make the story goes on and on and on....

It came in the form of the sister, Natasha. Tragedy struck in the family; Tengku Hisham was sick and paralysed. Natasha left her father when he needed her the most but the daughter he hated the most came to his side and help him made him realised what a big mistakes he had done to his younger daughter.

Natasha, who came back from vacationing overseas with her friends was frustrated when her father and her boyfriend changed! In order to get her boyfriend back, she even said that her relationship with Ryan had gone much further than expected. Aqilah was heartbroken, Ryan was frustrated with Aqilah for not believing in him and took off, leaving Aqilah. Tengku Hisham was angry, demanding Natasha to tell the truth but then when the truth came out from Natasha, it's too late. Ryan somehow 'lost' his love for Aqilah.

Can Aqilah get her husband back? Can she get HIS LOVE back? Hmmm... or is everything too late to make amend? Well, I got puffy eyes after reading this novel and it's not fair I'm the only one with the puffy eyes.. LOL! So, I'm gonna let the questions unanswered and let you readers out there to read it for yourself... hehe!

I gave this novel 9/10!

P.s previously I said this would be the thickest malay novel I had read but soon, it gonna be changed. Currently I'm reading Pergilah Air Mata by Hanni Ramsul which is 858 pages thick! Fewwwhhh!


My Weekend... Drop Dead Sleepy, Runny Nose and Craving for Cotton Candy

Sunday, August 1, 2010
I was suffering from a bad runny nose and sneezing since Friday and when I couldn't stand it no more, I swallowed an antihistamine to relieve my runny nose hence the drowsiness effect and it knocked me out for exactly 8 hours.

Saturday morning, I had a little bit of sneezing and runny nose but as the morning progressed, I sneezed more often and non-stop runny nose. By 11am, I couldn't stand it no more and went to see the doctor. Being a dedicated person (LOL!), I kindly rejected the MC the doctor wanted to give me saying that I can go 4 more hours left of the working day. But once I got my medications, my symptoms were getting worst and instead of going to the doctor again to claim my MC, I asked my boss if I could take the half day off.

Was I being given half day off on a Saturday? Of course! My boss rather had me taking the day off instead of me "being drop dead" - as his exact word.. LOL! I came home, took another of the antihistamine and I was out cold till 9pm!! Woke up to fill my tummy and I slept soundlessly (I think!) again till I was woken up by my Dad this morning!

Didn't feel too well (my nose hurts like ####!) so I stayed at home and watched some long overdue movies! 2 movies actually - so far anyway!
The Last Song

My brother was asking me whether I'm crying due to the movie or due to my runny nose? Somehow he was confused - as me claimed! LOL! And my answer... both! I was crying the part where the father passed away *sniff*sniff*
Initially it was boring.. haha! Gosh, I'm so blunt but that's the truth. I was thinking, "Urrgghhh..not another summer vacation romance" but as the movie rolled further, it's quiet interesting actually..... and sad!

Prince of Persia - The Sands of Time

I know, I'm so left behind but better late than never right?
Anyway, I like this movie. Not my favourite movie of the year but still it's a good movie.
Don't you just wish you can take a look at the future and come back to the present and undo what you would have done? Hmmm... *wishful thinking*

By late afternoon, I was back to my usual self - health wise anyway and in need of fresh air. So when my parents were thinking of going to the Consumer Fair (again!), I tagged along. On our way to the Bridex Hall, there was an accident involving 2 cars and a bus (transporting the visitors). It was a bad accident. Few children were hurt but thanx God, no fatal casualties and the traffic.... hmmm... jammed both lanes.

Anyway, managed to snap some pictures ;)

The dome in between Hall 1 and Hall 2

1 of the 2 main entrances

Above and below: on our way to the car, saw this twin rainbow.
Can you see both the rainbows?

Above and below: the view of the sea.

Conference Hall of the Bridex Hall

I was craving for cotton candy on the way home. Not the usual cotton candy but the one that is freshly made, so we went to Kiulap and Gadong but couldn't find any ;( so I have to settle with the ready made cotton candy... oh well!

Managed to snap pictures of the Jame' Asre Mosque on the way to Kiulap in the late afternoon light.