Benar - Benar Bored!!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008
This is the first time in a long long time I ever feel this bored! The last time I got this feeling was when I was in Singapore where one of the weekends, everyone out and about and I stayed behind and got nothing to do!

Tonight, I'm at home, alone with nothing to do. Actually, I got so many things to do but all those involved office works and since I don't want to think about office at the moment, m not gonna do anything about it. Hence here I am, doing nothing (sort of!). My parents with my 2 youngest brothers left for KK this morning and I will be going there tomorrow. Can't wait! I'm leftbehind with my other 2 brothers but then being boys, jangantah harap ada d rumah!

I went to jog/hike/walk at Tasek this afternoon after work considering that I know that I would get bored and lonely if I came home. I only did 1 round - saja kan testing my new running shoe...hehe! Finished around 5.45pm and went straight to Kiulap to pay some bills. Went to KFC Sengkurong and bought something to eat and by the time I came home, it's 7PM!
Fuuuiiii...patangnya rumah. No light anywhere. Switched on (nearly all) the lights, fed my cat, my rabbits, my turtles and them I fed myself...hehe! Had my shower and here I am...really got NOTHING to do!!!

Makan, done! Mandi, done! Kan liat DVD, malas jua rasanya. Kan read a book, malas jua! Ntah laaaa....

Anyway, new year 2009 is less than 48 hours away and same as last year (or this year), I'm not gonna have any new year's resolutions coz somehow I just couldn't stick to it! So better don't have any lah! Let just see what 2009 would bring!

Happy New Year 2009 Everyone!
May your coming years be meaningful than before!

Ringing In The New Year!!

Monday, December 29, 2008
Selamat Menyambut Awal Tahun Hijrah 1430 everyone and Happy New Year 2009!

Last Weekend

Saturday, December 13, 2008
Last weekend, the family was having a mini family day by having a slide pool bouncer. It was superfun and here are some of the snapshots. I joined in playing (mana kira!) and I ended up having sunburn. Imagine playing that thing from 9am till 6pm and I changed clothes 3 times!!!

Faiz, Trisya, Atul and Muiz

My eldest bro..lagi nda sadar diri *kweng*kweng*kweng*

Faiz - giant slider

Wadi - perasaan di Sunway Lagoon

Trisya, Atul and Muiz

Trisya and Muiz

Trisya and Muiz...again!

Gaya Trisya turun slide

Gaya Atul turun slide

Gaya Atul jua
P.s. Don't bother to look for my picture coz it ain't here...haha! Sensored sikit!


The Weirdest Day

Tuesday, December 2, 2008
I woke up and came late to work today with no breakfast. Being late, I didn't manage to get a parking under the garage so I parked outside, blocking a colleague's car. Once I opened the office's door, the phone started to ring. It's my boss. He's attending a seminar-workshop for this 1 whole week hence he is not coming to the office. Staffing problems la early morning so had to settle before 7.45 that morning. One of my assistants needs to go to another health centre; she doesn't drive so I had to send her. By the time I came back to the office, all the parkings are full. Frustrated, I just blocked the rest of the cars! haha! First time ever I did that! Came out of my car, headed straight for the security, handed them my car's key and told them to move my car if any of the 7 cars I blocked wanted to go out.

By lunchtime, I didn't feel going out coz it rained (and I just had a shiny clean car for 1 day). I looked down to the parking lot and saw the security was moving my car and he made 1 round and guess what? There is an empty parking in the garage and he didn't park there. Instead, he blocked 2 other cars. So, I casually came down and asked about my car.

Me: Macammana my car?
The Security: Ah! Yang Ford atu kah?
Me: Awu...
TS: Sudah belalih
Me: (pura-pura nda tau) di dalam garage kah?
TS: Kita mau dalam garage kah?
Me: Baik jua..kalah ada kosong
TS: Bah, aku saja melalihkan
Me: Oh...bah, buleh jua. Thanx (and I went up and subuk lagi where he's gonna park my car)

The security made 1 round and parked in the front. It's a tight space so I just observed how he parked my car. I'm a very fussy person, to be honest. I rarely let anyone to drive my car nowdays. Because my car is considered my boyfriend tu. I take care of him very carefully; bath him, lanja him...hehe! The security managed to pass my validation as he can park my car so nicely. Then around 2PM, as I was watching the rain outside (yes! nada kerja lain), I saw my car parking was changed - from front parking to the back! I don't mind being park in the back, as long bergarage. Besides I parked at the back everyday jua. But what happened? Malar jua tukar-tukar parking. 2 of my colleagues said that the security like to drive my car, iatah rajin memindah atu..hmmm..

Lunch time, I stayed in the office to finish up my paperwork when a phone call came. I answered and the guy on the other line wanted to speak to 'Seri'. I was like 'what? ter is no Seri here' and he explained that he couldn't be sure of the name and introduced himself. Recognized him as one of my patients, so I started to talk to him (thinking that he has some queries about his medications) and turned out he called to tell me how much he likes me!! WHAT?!! I was like 'are you sure you are not mistaken?'. Considering that it's only 2 of us working in that dispensary and my colleague is a guy, so he told me of coz he's not mistaken. He started to introduced himself personally beyond the dispenser-patient relationship and asked me questions about myself. FREAKY! But no to be rude, I just entertained him. I know I shouldn't coz it would only complicate matters but I can't just hang up on him, right? I mean, I'm seeing this guy like every month. He started to ask whether I wanted to have lunch with him some day or another. ERRMMM.... Should I ask for transfer? Nah! I think he is no a threat...well, I hope so. Anyway, told him I don't mind being friend with him...

Around 2.30PM, my stock came and the usual 3 labourers datang with all the stocks. I don't know them personally apart from seeing them once a week. 2 of the guys have this big arms and one time, I asked them whether they do lifting and they said yes. One of the guys asked me whether I'm interested in going to the gym with them and I said, 'buleh jua. tapi nantila bila aku rajin' and he said, 'bah, sound-sound saja'. After they left, my colleague told me that the guys were asking for my hp no (what?) and he (my colleague) told them he doesn't know. Fewwhh...I told my colleague that if they are a gentlemen, they would ask me my no themselves, not thru' him (my colleague).

Geeezzz...what a weird day!


Me and The Gang

Sunday, November 30, 2008
2 weekends ago, almost half of the ND/SCI/09 came together and gather once again for Azmin's wedding. Another one of us got married. I woke a bit late that Sunday coz the previous night I was out with my bestie to attend the closing dinner for the badminton tournament which was held in a restaurant in Kiulap. With prize presentations, karoake and eating, we got off late, slept late and woke up late. Hehe!

Considering that I'm the unofficial designated driver for the day (me and my bestie take turn to drive when we went out), I had to be ready by 10.15am. Around 10am, Era, another close friend of mine messaged saying that his hubby (also a close friend of mine) couldn't attend b'coz of work commitment and asked if I can fetch her, so I just said get ready by 11am. So, I fetched my bestie and zoomed off to Lambak and arrived ter at 11am (m sooo good with time management..haha!). Me, Dedy, Era and Hj Saipul (Era's hubby) always see each other so, we are quiet close now compared to the rest of the college mates and it's always nice to help each other out...just like old times....

The wedding was held in the ICC and we arrived there around 11.15am. We asked the family members if we can see the groom and we were led to another room, where the groom and the family gathered. Managed to take couple of pictures with the groom and while we were there, Rozme, Ebby (her hubby) and their daughter, Batrisya Nabila came. Snap another picture with them. Funny thing is that me and Rozme work together in 1 department and honestly this is the first time I saw her in a year! YES!! She is working in Tutong while I'm working in Bandar. Seldom our paths cross.
Sabrina and her small familt came together with Insyriah while Daneil came alone. Our college mates that couldn't make it - Hj Saipul (working), Hijjah (just gave birth last 12th November) and her hubby, Nasrul (who is our college mate), Miah (who is admitted to the day ward in RIPAS for glucose check) and Maidin (who is currently studying HND in UK). Apart from that, all of us were there. It's so nice to see everyone - almost everyone! Congralts Min!!!

Me and Daneil

Me and the groom, Azmin

Daneil, Era, iantie, Dedy, Rozme, Sabrina n Insyirah

Daneil, Era n iantie

Era, iantie, Azmin n Dedy


Me and the Bond.......James Bond ;)

Friday, November 21, 2008
Not a big fan of Bond movies but I do like to watch it, mainly because of the actions. I was planning to watch the earlier show at 10PM but because of TARA, which aired at 9PM, so I took the midnight show.

Daneil Craig, I still haven't make up my mind about him - whether he suits the Bond personality or not! But he dressed as nicely as the other Bonds. Hehe! And what I noticed about the latest 2 Bond movies is that Bond is driving a Ford car and having a Sony Ericsson cell. Both what I'm driving and having. Does that make me the Bond's girl? Haha! Come on! Everyone wants to become the next Bond's girl. Even I heard that Beyonce is already auditioning for the next film.

In the theatre, only 3 of us watching the movie along with a couple and by the time the movie ended, it was 2AM. And when we came out of the Qlap mall, only 4 cars on sight....fewwwhhh...dalam sejarah...haha! Came home around 2.15AM and went to sleep. Only woke up at 12noon....ish ish ish!!!!!

Me and TARA

TARA - short for The Amazing Race Asia. I'm not a big fan of real-life drama or such but when it is an adventure, it's an exception. I also don't usually watch The Amazing Race ( the Asia and International versions) mainly coz I don't like waiting a week to know what will happen next but entah ah...I kindda hooked on TARA Season 3. Watched every episode of it....blast it! Haha!

Anyway, last night is the season finale for the season 3 and truthfully, I'm kindda dissapointed and kindda relieve. Dissapointed that the Malaysian ladies didn't manage to win - they worked hard (physically and emotionally) and they should deserve it....so, there you go! But I was relieved that the Hongkies won!!! Not a big fan of them but it's better than the Phil team - Geoff and Tish. I have nothing against Tish but I dislike the bf, Geoff. He's so arrogant and over-confident. That's only my opinion anyway. Don't know how Tish could stand that guy....

Me and My So-Calld Stress Hormone

Friday, November 14, 2008
This week I'm kindda stressed up a bit. It's because of these KKC thingy! Yes! Our 2006 project haven't finish yet and as the secretary of this project, somehow I can feel the pressure already. With our group's leader going for his Haj next week and a long leave after that and with my group's co-leader went to futher her study last October, the pressures are all on me! YIKES!! I definitly don't like the feeling! Almost everyday for this week alone, I had to come home late.

Last Monday, after work, well, I started to play netball again in the Ministry. Had lots of exercises and catching up to do with 2-month break from netball. Pharmacy badminton tournament also kicked off last Monday night for 3 consecutive nights. I'm not playing. It's not that I don't know how to play, I do know how to play. It's just I don't know how to serve...haha! Honestly, I serve like I serve a tennis ball - bounce the shuttle up and hit..haha! Yea! I know I'm weird! But apart from that I DO know how to play. Anyway, I came home around 6.45PM from my netball, had my dinner, took a bath and then zoomed to RIPAS sport complex to watch and gave my supports to my bestie - she's playing. That Monday also, I had the lousiest mood at work. My partner was pulled to somewhere to relieve a colleague and I had to put up with......better I don't say lah. Later, will only raise an office politic but whatever it is, I'm not satisfied with what's happening last Monday. It's not that I don't like Monday! I DO like Monday, it's just that lousiest thing always happened on Mondays.

Tuesday, I had to drag myself to the ICC for the Hari Perkhidmatan Awam thingy. Don't ask me why I'm invited, I also have no idea and honestly, I don't fancy looking for parking in a FULL parking lot. Luckily, I'm not the one that's driving. Had to sit and listen for almost 2.5hours. Finally get back into the office around 11AM. 2nd night of the badmintion tournament and I didn't go. Texted my bestie that I couldn't come. Why? I don't know honestly but I was so damned tired. Not that I had any netball afterwork. Afterwork, I just straight went home, had my dinner, took my bath and went to sleep! SERIOUSLY! I went to bed around 8PM after I had my Isya' prayer. I was just plain tired, mentally, I guess. I was about to doze off when my bestie messaged me that she had lost.....again....at tonight's game and I 'postponded' my sleep for few minutes to consult and comfort her. She just couldn't accept another lost! Haha! Poor Dedy!

Wednesday, I had to stay back after work to attend a meeting. Mentally tired and physically hungry. I still stick to my no-lunch, so that afternoon, I finsihed up 2 apples and a half-container of biscuits. Haha! I'm not a big fan of biscuits but I managed to finish a half-container og it due to starvation. Came home around 6.30PM, had my dinner, took my shower, had my Maghrib and Isya' prayers then zoomed again to RIPAS sport complex. Tonight, the last night of the tournament. My bestie was half-way thru' the first set when I came and she lost...AGAIN!!! URRRGGGHH!!! Told her, "Baik tah aku jgn datang if you kept on losing" and she just smiled! I stayed there till 10.15PM, came home, switched on my PC and watched the latest Grey's Anatomy from a pendrive a friend downloaded for me. Only went to sleep around midnight.

Thursday, I came 'late' to work. My definition of 'late' here is after 7.15AM. Suprisingly, at work, it was not buzy for Thursday but somehow, I'm kindda irritated with 3 of my assistants. My regular assistant was being 'borrowed' to my other colleague hence I got a replacement for her plus with another 2 new assistants. What pissed me off was that all 3 of them doing the same thing while other duties were left unattented. I might be a chatty person but when it comes to work, I don't like to repeat myself. I only tell them what are their duties once and if you have any doubt, ask! It's not my habit to remind them what their duties are. As a professional, you should know what your duties are. If you don't know, memorized it, recorded it, jotted it down...whatever! I don't care! As long as you do your damn job!!! I was so in another lousy mood that afternoon and it doesn't help that, my group leader made my life complicated! I don't know. Maybe he is also stressed up with our project but that's not the reason to intefere me during from doing my on-going duties. Afterwork, I had to go to RIPAS coz our KKC group was having our briefing to the other staffs on the implementation of our project which we will start conducting this Monday. So, starting this Monday, with the group leader on a long leave, I had to stuggle with the other 2 members with our project. InsyaAllah, everything will just go smoothly.The funniest thing happened today was that everyone I met, in my so-called stressed mood said that I'm pretty today. Haha! My angry/stress hormone made me pretty know I had that 'glow'. Haha!! I should be angry more often...Hahaha!!

This morning, I woke up late, around 10AM, I think. I was suppose to go to RIPAS to take some injections but then I forgot! Tomorrow night, my bestie brings me to the closing dinner for the badminton tournament. It's actually only for the commities and the players only but then my bestie (who is also the commitie and the player) insisted me to accompany her, bah, layan saja...sama jua makan free! Haha! This Sunday, the ND/SCI/09 will be reunited again for Azmin's wedding which will be held in the ICC. From what I know, almost all of us are going, so yippieee, another reunion for us! Been a long time all of us didn't gather around. With Azmin getting married, so it will be left with me, Dedy, Syirah and Daneil who are not married. Dedy and Syirah both are attached, me and Daneil, well....let's just say that we are close. Let the time decide for us........ *wink*wink*

Me and the Dentist

Thursday, November 6, 2008
I had a dental appintment this afternoon hence I am taking a half day off from work. It's been quiet a while I didn't make a trip to the dentist. I think my last trip would be in 2006! I was so obedient *haha* back then, so I stick to the 6-month visit to the dentist.

This time however, it's an unplanned visit. A colleague of mine is a good friend to this dentist and 1 day, the dentist came to the workplace and we had a chitchat and he's willing to give me an appointment to do reshaping. FYI - my front tooth is a bit chipped. It happened when I fell off from a bicycle long long long time ago *kira tera jua lah time kanak-kanak atu*. So, this dentist agreed to reshape my front teeth, making it more nicer *ehem*! I got an appointment that easy while others have to wait months to see this guy coz he's considered a specialist in this area.

Anyhow, me and dentist, there is always something wrong. What I meant by something wrong here is that shyness! I always get soooooo shy infront of the dentist. Any dentist! Male or female, both, I can't get rid of my shyness! Female dentist, I can tahan sikit la but when it comes to male dentist, fewwwwhhh...malu berabis.

The reason is that dentist does the dirty job. I mean, come on la, we all have to admit that our mouth is one of the dirtiest place in our body apart from the lower parts. Food came in all the time along with other things (whatever is the other things). So, when you open your mouth to the dentists, it's like they are looking right through your personalities. The cleaner your mouth, you are an okay person; the dirtier your mouth, you are the person who doesn't care about your personal hygine.

Alhamdulilah, my mouth and teeth are clean *puji diri sendiri*. I'm not saying that my mouth is the cleanest of all. It's just that I take very good care of my teeth and mouth hygine hence I don't have any problems. But, I have to admit, when a dentist see my mouth, I do get a very low self-confidence! I mean, they see what you can't even see.

Anyway, today, I was on my back with my mouth opened for 1 and a half hours! *YIKES* That's a record for me! That's the longest I ever sit with my mouth opened infront of the dentist!!! Fortunately, I decided not to go for braces coz that would take even longer....I don't think I can sit that long!!


Jalan-Jalan di Tasek

Last week, me, my parents and 2 of my younger brothers went out. We ate breakfast in one of the restaurants in Gadong and after we had our breakfast, my dad asked, "Bah, kan ke mana tah nie?". All we said is, "Jalan-jalan bah santai...namanya hujung minggu" hehe, so we went to Tasek Lama. My 2 younger brothers never been there (kesian ah!), so my dad brought all of us there...Managed to snap some pictures!


faiz, mommy, iantie and muiz

mommy, daddy, muiz and iantie

daddy, faiz, iantie and mommy

mommy, faiz, daddy and iantie

faiz and iantie


B'day Presents

My besties gave me an early birthday presents (yup! more than 1) before I went on leave. And I have to say, I LOVEEEEEEEE her presents. It's a tote bag!!! How I LOVVEEE bagssss!!!!

One day we were window shopping in Yayasan when I spotted this gold/green tote bag from Divina. She asked me why I like tote (big/oversize) bag while most ladies like smaller bags? So I told her that I'm not like most ladies...haha! That's got her frustrated. But truthfully, I like a big bag where you can stuffed eveything in...haha! And as I said to her, "boleh bawa piknik" haha!

Then, just before I went on leave, she said that I can open the presie early except for 1 small present. She gave me 3 presents!!! I opened the big box and AAHHHHH!!! It's the bag that I second-like most!!! Haha! The bag that I saw in Divina, the bag that I like the most costs around $200+ so she said that she bought me the second that I like best....awwww....m so touched! I mean, I didn't expect her to buy me a bag coz she knows how many bags I own already (oooppppsss!!!)!!!! And eventhough this gold/green tote not as expensive as the white one, the one they put on display (ehem! ehem! - just incase someone out there wanna buy it for me..haha....wishful thinking!) but still, this tote is expensive. I would think twice to buy it especially after raya, where I'm kindda broke! hahaha!
Her 2nd present is a picture frame with a picture of us from the recent raya....My mum already placed it in our living room (for everyone to see) hehe!

Her 3rd present, it's the bestest birthday greeting anyone gave me so far. It comes in a CD-ROM and once I opened it, it shows our journey together as friends, right from the day I met/knew her till the present time. Pictures said thousands and thousands of words...Honestly, I cried during this part...

An ex-boyfriend of mine gave me the coolest gadget ever! I'm in heaven! Hehehe! He gave me the b.mobile zoom broadband and as I said before, I'm in heaven! It's an expensive present an ex-boyfriend can give and I told him but if he still insist to buy it for me, well, what the heck?! Accept sja tia...haha!

Thank you all for you presents, birthday wishes and all the belanja-belanja thingy!!! Love my family and the all of my friends.

It's not the age that counts
It's the thoughts!!


Tangan di Hulurkan, Maaf di Pohonkan

Been awhile I didn't update my blog and jot down what's been happening in my life and the world lately! Too buzy? Too lazy? Basically not in the mood to update anything! So many things had happened lately, with Ramadhan gone and we are still in the festive month. My Ramadhan went smoothly, Alhamdulillah and Syawal - tangan di hulurkan, maaf di pohonkan! I did my fair share of beraya and open houses. Met almost all of my old mates and some I didn't have the chance to meet yet! Overall, I lost some sleep during the first week of raya, who doesn't? Haha! I started back to work (like everyone else) after 4 days of raya-ing. 5 days of work, 3 weeks of leave and here I am, on my fourth day of work, having my half day off...haha!

Believe it or not, when I send in my leave application, my boss asked me why I want to take a 3-week leave as in 21 days? I told him (in my serious tone and facial expression), that I'm getting engaged! He, being lurus bendul (haha! kesian my boss), expressed his heartfelt congratulation and said, "Who is that very unlucky man?" EEESSSHHH!!! Haha! I'm not that bad!!! Haha! yeah, right! So, back to the story, since the day I send in my leave application till last week, everyone kept on asking me whether I'm getting engaged. My answer? Just wait and see! Haha! I like to tease people. I guess in a way it teaches them to be less busybody...haha!

Okay, here I will straight up the story - I'm not commited to any guy at the moment and I don't see the prospect of me getting engaged anytime soon! So...for those of you clever people outthere, I think I make it very clear!

Speaking of guy and commit, how you make yourself invisible and unattractive?? Haha! I'm not saying that I'm attractive but somehow, it's hard for me to 'escape' from the male species. 1 male 'gone' from my life, another 2 come! Ignore them, it's quiet hard coz 1 of them work at the same place as mine. I mean, it's bad for the work environment! And the other 1 is a friend of a friend. And honestly, it's bad for my health and conscience. This 1st guy, happens also to be a friend of another guy that I 'rejected' before while the 2nd guy, lets just say that this time it's his 2nd try of trying....haha! Which make it so hard....

'Rejected' is phrase I use when I give the guy a chance. I befriend with him, go out lunch/dinner with him, watch movie together and basically get to know each other. When I don't feel the connection, that's what I meant by 'rejected'. And bear in mind, 'rejected' doesn't mean that I don't befriend with them after that. Most of the males I dated and rejected, I always told them we are still friends but somehow, I think it hurts their egos that most of them just went silent after that. I don't mind if they don't want to be my friends anymore but I also don't want to make enemies. I mean, it would be very very weird if one day, we are to meet at a place or a function and sour faces everywhere...YIKES!!!

So, I was thinking, if I can't be unattractive (coz I'm sadang attractive..haha!), I decide to make myself invisible. How's that? And talking about invisible, how to be invisible? Does that mean less talking? Coz I'm very talkactive! Attend less social function? Done that! Mingle less with the up-and-coming faces of Brunei? Haha! Since when I mingle with them?? Haha! I reached my 27 years of living 2 weeks ago and maybe I should make it as my birthday resolution. That is - hurt less, eat more! Haha...that is the lousiest resolution ever, I guess! I mean, I couldn't help it if guys are attracted to me and I'm not! And it's not my fault that they couldn't be a grown up man for it and accept rejection! I didn't intend to hurt anyone coz I know how it feels to be hurt. I had been there so trust me, I don't want to do that to anyone - well, except for someone! I might look innocent (haha...banar kah tu?) but at this moment, I do HATE someone and man, don't I just wish that person harm. YUP! I'm using the word H-A-T-E which trust me, I rarely use! Most of the time, I use the word dislike. But this time, to this person, I do HATE that person. Luckily, that person is not here and not within my reach, Alhamdulillah. Coz if that person is within my reach, I cannot imagine what I would do to that person. What made me hate that person so much?? That is something that no one will dig out from me!! Until my revenge is replenish! Revenge....it's just a word but can cause a deadly effect. To this person, no tangan di hulurkan, no maaf di pohonkan. That person should be that one doing and saying all those things to ME!!!!

Don't you worry your sleep over it coz my revenge won't come anytime soon. InsyaAllah, if um
ur panjang, so does my revenge!

People say, to live happy, you must forgive and forget. Funny thing, I used to say that but this time, revenge is my next best thing. I will not stop until you suffer. I will not stop until you feel how I used to feel. Bear in mind, "used to feel" coz now, I don't feel anything, anymore. I closed up my feelings. That's the only thing that made me tough and stubborn! Please, don't fear me! I'm just a human being afterall. Fear Allah the AlMighty! That's the reason why I dare to take revenge coz I don't fear you. I only fear HIM!

To everyone else, don't be offended. Revenge is not for you but for that one particular person (I hope that person knows). So to everyone else,

Tangan di hulurkan
Maaf di pohonkan
Selamat Belated Hari Raya
Maaf Zahir dan Batin


Monday, September 29, 2008
Atul and Nana

Aerobics for World Heart Day

Atul, iantie, Faiz and Trisya

Trisya and Nana

Atul and Trisya


Khatam Al-Quran and World's Heart Day

Tuesday, August 26, 2008
I was so buzy last week and last weekend. Work and meetings almost non-stop. My stock came hence I had to sacrifice my lunchtime to settle everything - entering, montitoring and balancing almost everything! Luckily I have a very efficient assistant. I didn't manage to play any netball last week nor I had the time to walk and hike. Work kept me so buzy.

Last Saturday, I had to ask for half day off coz that afternoon, brother Faiz was having his khatam Al-Quran and considering that both my parents couldn't attend; not to dissapoint my brother, I asked for off and being granted! Hehe! I came to work in the morning and I had to wait for a patient till 1230hr. By the time I came out from the office, I was caught in the school traffic jam - which is wayyyy too horrible! I only managed to arrive home around 1320hr. I had my lunch (couldn't help myself!), had my zuhur prayer and by the time I'm done, it's 1345 already and the arrival of guest was at 1400hr and yikes, I only had 15 minutes to get ready and looking outside, the weather was too cloudy.

5 minutes to 1400hr, I was ready getting out of the house and that's when it rained se-heavy heavynya! I mean, it really rained that heavy. My kain was halfway thru' wet on my way to the garage and by the time I arrived at the school, all the parking nearest to the entrance were fulled! I got no choice but to parked a bit further. Armed with my umbrella and luckily with my 3-inch Vincci shoe (hehe!), I lifted my kain a little bit high (which I don't care at that moment) and braved thru' the rain and made to the hall. The first 5 rows were fully occupied but I managed to squeeze myself in the third row (haha!). Luckily, bro Faiz was seated in the front row, so I can see him clearly. Function finished around 1615hr and the rain had stopped. Went home and I don't remember what time I fell asleep, but I know it's early. Haha! So tired! No Saturday night fever for me!

Next morning, woke up around 0400hr to switch on the water heater (how we rely on electricity nowdays..hmmm), fully awake around 0500hr, had my shower and subuh prayer, then get myself ready for the World's Heart Day walkathon that were held in JPCC Ampitheater. My bestie fetched me around 0635hr and by the time we arrived there, people were starting to come too. Warmup session started as soon as the GoH arrived and it started with aerobics. We walked around 2.5KM around the Jerudong Park area and one point, I left my bestie alone and started to cut the VIPs..hehe! Coouldn't stand with walking only, I started to jog. Haha! With this and that, me and my bestie went home and after taking a bit of rest, fetched my brothers from their tuition classes, had my shower, I went to sleep at 1200hr!! Haha! Yup! Sleep till 1645hr. I slept late last night, watched the Olympic closing ceremony and a little bit of footie match between Wigan and Chelsea. Not a big fan of both team but I was so damned bored that last-last, I switched off the TV, went to my little library and reread a book. Managed to fell asleep around 0000hr.

The Ups and Downs of Life...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008
No one says that life is always beautiful, perfect and at peace. No! That would be a lie. And behind every faces that you see, there are some stories and memories that better left undisturbed. For me, I think I'm suffering the 'down period' of my life ever....I mean so far. Can you imagine, I'm coming 27 years old and I'm facing the worst problem ever! Don't say that I'm having a middle age crisis...haha! Unless, my age is not that long. So, if I'm having a middle age crisis, does that mean, I won't be around to reach 50 years old? Nauzubillah....it's all in Allah's hand.

I don't know what's happening to me. It all started end of last month and still continue. I'm moody most of the time and to be honest, I'm being a lousy friend for this period....and yeah, make that lousy colleague too. I like to be alone most of the time nowdays but I'm still good with my family and brothers. My colleagues are all surprised to see me quiet (I'm quiet talkactive most of the time).

My problems? I know what my problems are but it's a nature of me to bottle everything up and just ignore 'it' until it cannot be ingnore anymore! But of course, this time, it's different from the other problems and no matter how much I want to ignore it, I just can't. Entah lah but somehow I'm just the type of person who couldn't trust someone that much. I'm soooo scared of being hurt. I tried to talk to a starnger about this, but somehow, I stopped in the middle of discussion. There are times when I couldn't sleep and have to force myself to sleep just from thinking about this problems and when I did manage to get some sleep, I ALWAYS woke up in the middle of the night. I should wake up and do Sembahyang Tahajjud instead of falling back to sleep. My only solution to my problems is to sembahyang and pray very hard to Allah SWT. That's the only peace I seek! And InsyaAllah, everything will just go back to normal.

They said air mata wanita selalu murah (easy to flow) but mine, my tears are leaking! Most of the times, I would cry for no apparent reason and woke up with a pair of fluffy eyes. Everytime someone asked why my eyes had dark circles, my only answer is - heavy reading!

Back Dated Enteries

Been quiet a while I didn't update my blog so here it is, as I remembered it.

Yesterday - Work is as usual, almost buzy non-stop. Considering that my stock is coming today (tuesday), I had to update all the necessary bincards so that everthing will be balanced when my stock arrived. Hence, I work all through during lunchtime and still, I can't finish my paperworks. URGGHHH! It shows how many I left unattend for the last few days. Hmmm...Went home a bit late coz had to stay back for a brief meeting (lagi menyesakkan kepala!)

Sunday, 17th August - Woke up a bit late coz I stayed all night reading and finishing, Sandaran Hati by Aini Marisha (if I'm not mistaken). It is a nice book, I have to say. Anyway, had a cup of tea and few bars of chocolate for brunch, fetched my brothers from their tuition class then we went to Gadong for lunch. It was jammed as usual for a weeked so I went straight for the basement parking. No use to waste time in looking for a parking. Funny thing, as we arrived in the food court, looking at all those foods, made me full and I ended up didn't eat anything. My dad had a headache hence I'm driving. We went to Muara and headed for Serasa beach. Saja...jalan-jalan. Late in the afternoon, my aunt and grandma stopped by at our home and stayed there till late.

Saturday, 16th August - Hmmm...went to work. Went for netball after work. This time we played against the army's wives from Muara Camp and a team from Kg Burung Pingai. They are good. Me? Pancit dah! Few weeks dah didn't go for my hike and walk. Barat rasanya bah...

Friday, 15th August - Morning, I woke up early coz I need to accompanied my mum to run some errands. Managed to buy 3 new novels from Alaf 21. In a rush to fetch my brothers from their tuition class. Afternoon, went out again with my mum and brothers (dad went to KB for MOHA's function). Survey all those electrical shops coz mum wanted to buy a microwave oven. Managed to buy 1 with a bargain (mum punya kerja) and mum then lanja us with donuts...nyum nyum....hmmm..macammana kan control nie??!!!

In An Analytical Mood - 6th August Entry

I don't know what went wrong with me today but everything seemed to be 'out of place'. My car gave me a problem early this morning. One of my tyres puncture on my way to send my brothers to school. I had to drive slow home. Luckily my home is just few meters from the school. Dad let me drive his car while he and my mum went with one car. I had a meeting this afternoon afterwork, so Dad had to bring my tyre to the tyre shop and fix whatever the problem is.

So, I came 'late' for work. I'm a very predictable person. I always come to work around 7-7.10am but today, I came around 7.25am (duh!) and once I entered the door, my super-duper colleague said,"Nah....panjang umurmu. Pikir tah kau off". EErrrKK! Dapat off kah? Haha! But I didn't say it out loud coz I was so buzy saying that it's only 7.25AM! And office hour will only start in 20 minutes time!

This morning, I don't know what came into me! Well, for 1 thing, I'm NOT always a perfectionist - sometimes I am but MOST of the time, I'm not! But today, I choose to be a perfectionist and what happened? I criticized most of my assistants' duty/work. They are 3 assistants in my watch at the moment and so far as I am concern, I'm happy that they do their job and know what they duties are. But today...jeng jeng jeng! Hahaha! Everything seems so wrong in my eyes! One assistant forget to count and jot down all the details that I want that I end up asking her to re-count, jot down all the details and place all the items back on the shelves...Jahat ah aku ah but then hey! It's her fault not doing her job correctly. Being young and pregnant doesn't give you the excuse for not doing your job right. Another male assistant forgot to enter some items in the log book....HUMPH! apa lagi....another lecture la kedengaran. My other 2 colleagues didn't say anything, just keep quiet. They know when to shut their mouths..hehe!

I managed to finish my paperwork by lunchtime but I'm too tired to go out so I just sat infront of the laptop and check my mails! My bestie send me 2 forwarded emails the pictures of Sheikh Muzhaffar during his visit to Brunei. I don't know! If you look very throughly, he is NOT THAT handsome. Don't get me wrong! He is GOOD-LOOKING and handsome too BUT NOT THAT handsome, if you get what I mean. The thing about him is that he got this vibe about him or as we Malay people called it 'aura'. There is something about him that made you attracted, admired and easily fell in love to and that's the good quality. Have you ever meet that type of person? The one that is NOT handsome or beautiful but has this 'vibe' about him/her? Hmmm....

Anyway, afternoon, my mood is a bit okay la. I talked less hence aku marah pun less. Stayed in the office till 6 something and it was so jammed from Kiulap to the roundabout. I looked at the watch, it's 6.20PM!!! and it's jammed??! Long ques on all the 3 lanes. As I approached the roundabout, laaaaaaa...an accident between a Toyota Vios and Suzuki Ignis. It's a common thing happened in the roundabout. No casualties as far as I can see. Just a minor accident. Then from Beribi to Jangsak to Kilanas, I was so pissed off with this Malaysian registered car. Don't get me wrong. I have no discrimination between nationalities. You know what happened? This car is infront of me all the way from Beribi to Kilanas. He's quiet slow and I'm in a bit hurry to go home. What pissed me off, at one time or another he signaled as in to move to other lane or masuk simpang (as I assumed la) but always nda jadi. It happened like 5 times and last-last, I overtook and looked at him. Guess what? There is a child, around 2 years old sitting on his lap!!!! What? Is he crazy or what? I mean, he is jeopridizing his kid's life by allowing his kid to sit on his lap! What happened if something happened....URGH! Don't want to think about it!

At the moment, I'm downloading games. Hehe! Games lagi! What else? We had a netball practise today but I didn't go coz I had a meeting. Tomorrow, we didn't have any practise what-so-ever so I'm thinking to go for a walk and hike coz Saturday, I will have a zikir

'Romantic Tuesday Morning' and macam-macam...

Tuesday, August 5, 2008
Been quiet a while I didn't update my blog and what's happening. Been so buzy lately. I still have the time to do things I suppose to be doing but somehow nowdays all my free time, it's either I lazying around in my bed reading a book or sitting till my butt aches infront of the laptop/desktop playing games! I'm addicted playing games nowdays even my bestie was suprised. I mean, in all these years that she had known me (almost 11 years), she couldn't remember when I ever sat down for hours infront of the pc to play games! The only I ever sit infront the computer for hours are either when I'm logged to the net or when I'm trying to do any last minutes assignments/reports. Haha! Typical!

Anyway, now I got the time to update my blog and what's happening lately. I'm in Tutong today and as I drive, I was listening to this one deejay who said that it's a beautiful, 'romantic tuesday morning' and I couldn't help but to look throughly up to the sky and yes, it is indeed a beautiful Tuesday. Romantic? Hmmm..not sure about that coz I didn't see any sunrise and all but it sure is a beautiful, calm Tuesday. I enjoyed my long drive to this remote area.

Why yesterday not as calm as today? No! It's not because it's Monday. I don't believe in Monday blues. In my opinion, everyday is the same. It's just your attitude toward the day itself that counts. For me, everyday always start beautiful and I'm always grateful for the new day I woke up to. Why? 'Coz I'm still breathing to enjoy the day. So, I like to treat everyday as the same. But yesterday, it was super buzy at work. I don't have the time for my break, only break for the loo. As I started to skip my lunch, I didn't go anywhere during lunchhour. Just stayed in the office and tackled all the paperworks that need to be done....and logged into the net for a while to check my emails and well, surf a bit (couldn't help myself)...hehe!

By afternoon, it was quiet relaxing la. I managed to do some important calls and continued my pending paperworks. Honestly, I don't know where I got the energy but yesterday, afterwork, I changed my work attire into sports attire and played netball in the Ministry! Haha! 2 weeks rest from playing netball, all of us kindda sucks yesterday. It was fun but we just couldn't stop laughing for most of the games. Such a fun game!

Last Saturday, for the first time in my life (as far as I can remember la), I made a guy blushed! SERIOUSLY! In my line of work, eye contact is important. Truthfully, before I started this job, I was a shy lady...HONESTLY! I don't dare to stare at people's faces, apatah lagi eye contact! I managed to avoid any 'uncomfortable' eye contacts before I started working. Even my tutors always asked me so many times whether I understand a certain topic before I looked in their eyes and said 'Yes'. Anyway, back to this guy. In my opinion, he is considered a good-looking guy, fair complexion and around late 20's - early 30's. He approached me and he's collecting medications on behalf of his 79 years old grandma. Before I got the chance to check/dispense/explain all his grandma's medications, he started to speak and ask me questions, of coz la concerning his grandma's medications. He asked me questions, I answered and explained. At first I didn't noticed him blushing but as he kept on asking questions and I continued on explaining with my eyes fixed on his, I noticed that one time or another, his eyes were diverted to somewhere before it returned to my face. Well, at first I thought he is just shy or feeling uncomfortable that I looked directly at him so, I tried to divert my eyes too, once in a while. About 5 -10 minutes explaining to him, he went off with a thank you and my colleague said, "Just because he's handsome, you took your time ah" in a teasing tone. Well, I told him that I'm answering to all his questions and I can't just get rid of him like that. And my colleague said, "What did you say to him that he blushes?". And I was like, "What? He blushes? I didn't notice that! He's not furious kah?" Haha! I hope that guy didn't come across my blog and read this!

That Saturday afternoon,afterwork, I was planning to go walking and hiking but I had to cancelled coz I need to attend a meeting. Oh! Guess what? I met an old old classmate while I was walking and hiking around Tasek last last week. I met Ezra. We were in Form 4 and Form 5 together and this is the first time I met him after we finished high school. He hasn't change much. He was taking a break and sat on a bench when I passed by. He got an iPOD stuck to his ear and I was thinking, if I say Hi will he hear me. So I tried my luck and said, "Hai Ezra" and suprisingly, he looked up and smiled. We walked together and just catch up a bit la before we went our own way - me, going for my 2nd round while him, going home.

What else I'm missing? Hmmm....Last Monday, last week, I was having my off day after working during the weekend so me and my 2 brothers went to watch a movie - I'm Not Single. Malaysian, malay movie. Nice! Romantic but funny! And I think this is the 2nd movie Farid Kamil and Awal Ashari are in together. First would be the Apa Kata Hati? (also a nice movie) and now this, I'm Not Single. Don't get me wrong but I wonder what happened to all the male/female actors/actresses that were famous in the late 90's. Azhar Sulaiman, Ahmad Idham and Pierre Andre (yang I remember la) are now become directors or something - which is good. But what happened to the rest of the actors/actresses. Rarely we hear or watch any news on them.Speaking of Pierre Andre, I love his movie 9 September. It's so heart wrenching movie!

Oh yea, Majlis Ilmu come and go. I went to the Majlis Ilmu TWICE!!! just to meet Datuk Sheikh Muzhaffar - the first Malaysian angkasawan. But bukan rezeki kali, I didn't manage to meet or see him! URRRGGGGGHHHH!!! I'm so FRUSTRATED! I even asked my RBA engineer friend whether he knows when Shk Muzhaffar due to go back to Malaysia but he also couldn't get any info. I managed to buy his book 'Reaching for the Stars'; written by his late brother, Ajil. I read and finished it within an hour and ended up with fluffy eyes. It's so touching! Read it then you will know what I meant!

Anyway, it's August and fasting month will start in less than a month's time. My preparation? Hmmm....dunno yet! I think we will not be celebrating raya as merry as before coz 2 of my brothers are having their big exam this October, hence less beraya....



Exercise and Eat!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008
How many of you guys out there do this? You exercise then you went home or somewhere and eat?! Honestly, m one of them...whahaha! Yup! I exercise, then I went home or sometimes to the restaurants wit a colleague and eat and in the end, I didn't lose any fats! HummmpppHH!

But I think I'm losing some weight...due to stress? work overload? activities? Dunno..maybe. Well, for 1 thing, I skipped my lunch so, it's appropriate for me to eat dinner right, which is after the exercise. I'm sure it's just not me who did like that. If you are honest with yourself, I bet 90% of us will eat after we exercise. I know a colleague of mine who trying very hard to lose weight by doing aerobics. Too bad that the aerobics center is just above a restaurant/cafe and soon she finished her session, she will eat! Typical Bruneian? Hmmmm..don't think so!

Last weekend, I was watching the TV - Kimora: Life on the Fab Lane. If I'm not mistaken, she used to be a model before she becomes a designer. Anyway, Chris (her personal assistant) dragged her up a hill for an exercise. She didn't make it to the top at the first try but she did after the second and soon after that she said, "I'm hungry. Let's go and eat". I couldn't help but to giggle. I mean, it proves that it's not just US that eat after exercise.

I went to Tasek yesterday. Suprisingly, it's not that many people but the parking was quiet full. I had to park further. But nvm, it's good for warming up..hehe! With my Sony Ericsson Walkman stuck into my ears, I did 2 rounds of the Tasek. But I didn't go further into the jungle. Well, I was alone and don't fancy getting lost. But it was a good walk/hike yesterday. The weather nda jua panas, nda jua kan hujan although it eventually raining on my way down...but it was fun! I managed to sweat...hahaha!


Netball Tournament

Sunday, July 20, 2008
Tournament started at 7.30am and we were required to be there at 7am for registration and etc. And guess what? I was a bit late and what's more, I was lost! I had no idea where is the UBD multipurpose hall but Alhamdullilah, I managed to get there at one try....hehe! Arrived there, met with almost all of my teammates.

We entered the hall - got 2 courts for Group A and Group B. Each group consists of 7 teams/departments, hence all together there is 14 teams/departments. We were in group B, competing against SSBH Team A, SSBH Team B, RIPAS (Medical Team), RIPAS (Admin Team), MOH (Admin Team), Environmental Team and us, the Pharmacy Team. The funny thing is that we always practise with the MOH Admin Team and the Environmental Team so when we played against either team, it was not like competing...it's like we were playing for fun...which made it more fun! When one of us is playing, the other 2 two teams would cheer us!

Our first game is against the KB team A and man, don't we just lost that bad - 20 - 0...Hahaha! Membagi malu to admit it in here but that's the truth! But we found out later that we are not the only team that this KB team A beat that bad...We played 6 games - each game is 14 minutes with no break - within the period from 7.30am till 3pm!!

Me? Another funny thing, I am a reserved player and the weirdest thing is that I played 4 games out of 6....macammana kan tu? We didn't win any games but we managed to score, which is a good thing. Although we finished our last game around 3pm, we had no chance to go home coz our Director came and stayed till the final game hence we had to stay too. The final game is between the MOH Admin Team and KB team A, so we cheered for the MOH Admin Team. They lost to the KB team but nvm, it's good enough! The prize presentation took place and we eventually went home at 5.30pm.

I was drop dead tired and my muscles ache all over. Alhamdulillah,
today, its getting better...

What doesn't kill you will only make you stronger!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008
Pejam celik pejam celik, it's almost to our netball tournament. Time does fly so fast! We are having our tournament this Friday - the whole day! Yup! From the game schedule, we are in Group B and we will be playing 6 games within the period of 7 hours - from 7.30am till 3.00pm and the games after that would be the quarterfinal, semifinal and the final. Don't know whether we can reach above finals but well, we are considered okay lah..hehe!

Me? I still book myself as a reserve. Another good reason to reserve myself is that I just recovered from me knee injuries. 2 weeks ago, we were having the netball practise and I was partnered up with a tomboy as a Center and wooissseee...ganasnya main. By the end of the game, I got 2 holes on my pants and abrassion on my knees. At first, it doesn't hurt. I just self treating myself and a week after, last week, I noticed that it's getting worst and swollen by the sides. I registered myself and saw the doctor. The kind nurse did a dressing for my knee and she said that my wound is clean, hence I can do the dressing myself. So, equipped with the cotton, gauze, chlorohexidine solution, bactigras (super duper expensive dressing), I'm a happy bunny with a pain in the knees...hehe!

Did I continued playing that afternoon? YUP! Haha! This game is addicting. Once you play, you can't stop! We had our practise almost everyday - well, everyday for the rest of my colleagues but ALMOST everyday for me coz lately I had been super hyper buzy! We had our netball practises either with our own Ministry colleagues, sometimes with the MOF ladies, TelBru ladies and last Monday, we played with 'Minah' ladies.They are GOOD! Last week, I was in Telisai on Tuesday, Wednesday I had my KKC meeting and Thursday, I had to skip practise coz my youngest niece, Adriana was warded due to high fever. She was warded till last Saturday. She was not in a very good mood, smiling pun nda mau. But yesterday, she is super duper happy...nda dapat di agah sikit..hehe!

This afternoon we had our final practise before the tournament this Friday. We played with the Ministry Admin side and man, it was one hilirious game. We were competing with them also this Friday and I think it's gonna be a fun game - we always joked around! We were laughing so badly that we can't catch the ball properly...hehe!

Dad's coming home next Friday, just in time for Tanglong! hehehe! Can't wait to receive all my goodies. I got lots and lots of goodies.

Work, it's okay. Kindda tired lately with the games, KKC and zikir practices. I don't have time to do anything else and I hadn't been able to catch the latest movies yet! Latest movie that I watched had to be the Get Ready. I got so many movie to catch up with - Journey to the Center of the Earth, Hancock and the upcoming one, The Mummy 3!

I going on diet nowdays. Well, not actually dieting but I eat less nowdays. I had me breakfast - it's a MUST! but I skipped my lunch and just have dinner. I can stay not eating lunch but dinner, I have to eat. Not much but as long my tummy is filled. Most of my colleagues were surprised on why I want to go on diet. 2 of my colleagues said, "We wonder which part you want to lose?" Haha! Told them, it's my tummy!

I know I'm getting fat when:
1. I can't get into some of my favourite bajus...especially my baju kebaya and fashion when the kain was too tight for me to wear.
2. My tailors have to re-measure me for my baju raya. Yup! I increase my weight that lot!
3. I feel heavy and not fit!

So, the aim is to lose weight and get back to my original weight. At least I'm healthy, comfortable and happy that way. I'm doing my exercise regularly and InsyaAllah I will get my targeted weight by the end of the year....yea!!


Selesma! Selesma! Selesma!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008
M not feeling well again....urrrggghhhhh! But kurniaan dari Allah, kena redha...hehe

"iantie and her ECA"

Tuesday, June 24, 2008
Been quiet a while I didn't update my blog. Mainly because my schedule is packed nowdays + don't have the time + the connection had been lousy lately! But the main reason had to be lazy, I guess! Haha! Sudah atu!

But honestly, I got so many things going on in my life lately that by the time I came home, I don't have the energy to do anything else but to rest and sleep. It started with our KKC. We did an unofficial presentation infront of the audience last last Thursday during the Min of Health KKC convention. Considering that only 1 team was competing, so we were asked to do a presentation and guess what time I came home the night before the presentation - 9.30PM! I was in the office from 7AM till 9.30PM - straight and non-stop! Exhausting! Even doing that presentation the next morning, I was suffering from palpitation - dap dup dap dup...hehe! Anytime this week, we are asked to do another presentation infont of the executive officers *yikes* nda berabis!

Starting 2 weeks ago, I joined the department's dikir syarafil team *woise* jadi alim iya! haha! well, I love to berdikir and it's been quiet a long time I didn't do this activity (berdikir) and kindda lost my touch in berdikir so I thought I should brush up on my dikir untuk menambahkan amalan..hehe! The lesson is once in 2 weeks afterwork and we will have our second lesson this Saturday.

Other than with berdikir, I was half-willingly dragged to join the department's netball team to compete in the Min of Health interdepartment competition. Honestly, I never play netball in my life. Yes! Seriously! Even when I was in school, I never played netball; volleyball, yes but not netball. So last Thursday, aku pun turun court for the first time ever in my life. Have to say, not bad for a first timer! Hehe! Muji diri sendiri but then siapa lagi kan memuji, banar nda? I played Center and man! what a lot of running and for someone who was 'dormant' from running, I was breathless! Next morning, I was aching all over my body and thank God, it's Friday!!! I can rest and mend my aching muscles! We were supposed to have practise last Saturday but it was raining, so it was postponed and yesterday, it was postponed again! I don't mind whether we playing or not considering that I booked myself as a reserved player..haha! Honestly, m a quick learner but not really a good player so better being a reserve lah..hehe!

Yesterday, we suffered from a power failure but the funny thing is that it's only in our unit....hmmm...funny! But Alhamdulillah, the maintenance people came as soon as they can and fix the problem. We were in the dark for like 45 minutes but it's a suffering for us coz we need our electricity to do our job. See how much we depend on electricity....

Considering that yesterday netball practise was postponed, so, me, wanted to loosen my muscles and get rid of my aching muscles and excess fats *ehem*ehem*, me and 2 colleagues went to Tasek. I'm a patron at Bukit Shahbandar (that was 2 years back) but for Tasek, yesterday was my second time. My first time was also, 2 years ago, my long best friend brought me. Tasek, for me, changes a lot and it's quiet nice, actuallynya. Yesterday afternoon, with the nice weather, it was quiet packed, maybe clashed with the school holidays. I parked my car far away but not as far as Mawar's..hehe! We went for 2 rounds and fewwhh...I should do this everyday! I mean, I'm slow nowdays, which proves that I'm not fit. No wonder I got excess fats hanging around my belly..hahaha!

My lovelife? Hmm...can I said it's non-existance? I think I want to end this relationship! Oh wait! I actuallynya had ended it! WHAT? Yup! I made my mind and I think by making myself buzy, I was in a way trying to avoid the harsh realization that I'm not good with relationship stuffs! or maybe I haven't find the right one yet. Anyhow, here I am! Single again and honestly, m loving it! No, m not bluffing! I love being single! I love the freedom! I love me! So, yes, I love being single...not content with who I am but I love with who I am! Better single than hurt all those men's feeling! So, from now on, men....stay away from me! Whahaha...yea, banar kah nda tu? hehe!

It's the 3rd week my dad in Malaysia and I was buzy the whole 3 weeks. As my mum said to my dad on the phone, "iantie and her never ending ECA" hehe! And when I was having my seasonal sinusitis last Saturday, I was so damn weak and when my dad called that night, he said, "Damam lagi?" Hehe! Mana nda damam, I was really really buzy! My brothers are having their tuition 3 times a week and I know they are tired and so am I (physically and financially..haha!) but this is for their own good - they are having their O levels this October.
Last Friday, me and my mum went to Limbang to get my brand new gold Astro card. It's the middle of the month, I didn't expect to see so many cars queing up at the immigration post but that's exactly what happened. We started to que around 8.25am and we only get thru' the Malaysian post around 9.15am and aku apa lagi...zoom terus! Biasalah, fast and in a hurry! Haha! Gotta fetch my brothers back from tuition at 11.30am! Got my Astro card, dangani my mum to the tamu, then I zoomed back! Fetched my brothers around 11.40am!

After the Friday prayer, my bestie fetched me and we went to watch Get Smart in the Empire. It was funny.....I likkkkeeee! Hehe! It reminds me of Johnny English. More or less the same. Entertaining the same. This Thursday, m having my day off and its payday!! Yeaaa! hehe! M planning to bring my brothers out and about. Kesian them stayed at home all day long during this school holidays considering that my dad is far away in Kelantan, my mum works and so do I, hence they didn't have the chance to go anywhere. So, m planning to bring they out and about this Thursday, maybe watch a movie or something. M thinking of watching either The Hulk or Kung Fu Panda. I want to watch Made of Honor but I don't think my brothers fancy watching a romantic movie...hehe!

Yesterday, the 3 of us - me and my 2 brothers - joined forces and washed my dad's car. This is the first time we washed the car since my dad left and when he called in the middle of us washing, he said, "Subhanallah! 3 minggu, nda bercuci...kamah tu eh!" Hehe! Guilty! 3 weeks I used the car and I just made a blind eye to the dirt...sama jua hujan saja..hehe!

So, basically that's my life lately! KKC-dikir-netball-hiking and the process repeated itself again and again! Exhausting but fullfilling! This is my life nowdays...


"Backseat Talker"

Tuesday, June 3, 2008
As I did my posting this morning, I went to the airport to send my dad. I was so in a rush that I got a bump (benjol) on my forehead, just because of rushing...

Okay, story goes, while I was on the net, my dad called. He wanted me to bring his black boots coz he changed his mind; instead of wearing a brand new $100+ shoe, he decided to wear his old favourite boots. So, I said, "Okay, I will bring it there (as in the airport!). After I logged off, I had my shower and in the middle of having my shower, my dad called...again! I rushed out of my bathroom and when I about to pick my hp, he hangup. I called him back and he said, "Can you bring the shoe here (his office)?". "What? Now?!". It's 9.05am!!! So I said I will be there around 9.20am coz he's leaving for the airport at 9.30am using BG (government's car). I finished my quick shower, dressed and started the diesel car (which take ages to warm up!) and headed out of the gate. I closed the gate and when I about to enter the car, that's when I got the bump! And you damn right, it hurts like #eLL!!!

I arrived at my dad's office 2 minutes late. My mum came out (she's working at the same office) with 2 of her officemates and together we went to the airport. Once we arrived there, dad was so buzy talking and dealing with the authorities - the police, the RBA staffs and HIS staffs..so I just sat there, read a paper and drank my Vitasoy...haha! If anyone of you who happened to be in the airport this morning and saw a lady with that description, yup! that's me..hehe!

In the middle of that, my dad approached me and asked me to pay his DST bill. With money in my hand, I went down and qued up for the DST and geeezzz! I was the 5th in line and the lady infront of the counter took freaking 10 - 15 minutes to settle her bills. Then a guy came and qued up behind me. I was getting impatient but didn't say anything but this guy, he just qued up for like 5 minutes and already he was nagging....and he is still young. I think he is about mid-to-late 20's.

The guy (standing behing me): Batah jua!

(I didn't comment on anything)

The lady finished paying her bills and a guy with a backpack came forward and God! He took another 10 minutes! Dunno what's the problem!

The guy: My God! Apa yang membuatnya batah ani kan?

(I still didn't say anything and the guy getting restless). When finally the guy with the backpack done, the guy behind me said, "Alhamdulillah, FINALLY!" haha...and I almost couldn't contain my smile....he is really getting very very impatient...hehe!

All in all, I stood and qued up for like 20 - 30 minutes - with my 3-inch heels, no less!! I need to soak my aching feets.....

Overload! Overload!

Know what me and my 2 cheeky bros did this afternoon?! We went out and eat!eat!eat! and man...that's a lot of eating taking place!

We went to Gadong and yippie...it's not that jammed! Duh! I guess most of the Bruneians are at work and smooth entrance to the Mall. I was craving for Ideal, as I posted before so I parked my car at the Mall basement and we walked our way out to Ideal. It was a hot day and Ideal is not cramped as it always to be during lunchhour! *smack* It's half past 2 and duh! everyone had their lunch already.

While I was digging into my chicken, I got a message that more-or-less-kindda spoilt my day - "Please come to a KKC meeting tomorrow 3.30PM. TQ." Now...why did he have to put the "please" part! I'm a sucker for good manners! haha! To come or not to come....that's the question! It's my vacation anyway and I have the rights not to come, right? Am I repeating myself? Hmmm...

Anyway, after Ideal, we went back to the Mall, take a look around the ICT exhibitions. Don't get me wrong! I like ICT exhibitions but don't you think that this type pf exhibitions is always happening? I mean, it's like once in 2 months...but hey! whatever to 'upgrade' the people in Brunei in this hi-tech world! Today, I bought a MP3 modulator with a 1GB pendrive (for my mp3 modulator) coz my car's cd changer jammed or something and I got no time to get it fix, so the solution...walllaaaaa...mp3 modulator. Haven't try it yet but insyaAllah tomorrow.

We got tired and guess what? We stopped by Swensen's..haha! Gila makan but too damn lazy to exercise! Well, that's me! At first, I only wanted the Banana split tapi entah macammana I ended up ordering for Calamari Ring and French Fries....urrrgggghhhh! Nafsu....

I stopped by sekajap at a shoe shop but then I decided not to buy any...liat saja..hehe! Then we went off from the Mall, just to singgah sekajap to look for cds, vcds and dvds at 'Kommunis'. Ended up buying Kangen Band cd...feewwwhhh....

Came home around 5.10PM with tummy so full that I can sleep the night away....and not to think about tomorrow! Wish life is that easy......

My bf called an hour ago and entah ah....I still couldn't decide whether to move on or call it quit! Geeezzz! I'm so horrible! I should be banned from all the male species....forever! Hahaha! That's would be wayyyy too weird! and funny too....don't you think!

"Happiness lies for those who cry,
those who hurt,
those who have searched and
those who have tried,
for only they can appreciate the importance
of the people who touched their lives"

Running Out of Novels!

Malay novels that is! I have no mood to read and sharpen my english vocab..hehe! So, as of last night, I read Adam and Hawa by Aisya Sofea....again! hehe! I think I read it like every week and yes, it's my favourite Alaf 21 novel so far; second would be Berikan Cintamu by Rose Harissa...

I surfed the Alaf 21 website and so far, they don't have any new novels coming out...hmmmm...

Welcome June!

It's an early Tuesday morning - bright and sooo shiny - the way I like it! And here I am logging into the net and God knows doing what...hehe! It's my 2nd day of my 4-day leave and so far, it had been an exhausting weekend and yesterday, fuuuhhhh...tired berabis!

I woke up early today coz Dad's going to KL this morning and I will send him later. He was giving me and Bro Faiz all the briefing of the house; incase of power failure, power trip bla bla bla!

Yesterday, I was thinking of 'servicing' my teeth. My 6 monthly appointment with the dentist is wayyyy overdue but I got to run errands for my dad, so I end up not doing it! Today, hmmm..liatla, m thinking of going to The Mall and liat-liat the fair going there. M thinking of buying an mp3 modulator for my car, my printer catridges and a pendrive and ooohhhh..m craving for Ideal chicken, so I'm heading there for lunch - or 2 o'clock sumthing lunch coz I have to pick up my bro from extra class at 2PM...hmmm...

Last Saturday night, me and my bros went to the Qlap Mall and watched the Prom Night. This movie reminds me of all the teen novels by RL Stien. Any of you remembers him? Well, I certainly do coz I love his novels when I was a teen...got tonnes of his novels..He is like Stephen King (rings any bell?) except that Stephen King writes adult novels and more scarier and suspens while RL Stein writes lighter stuffs...


Back to TV Marathon

Friday, May 30, 2008
To get my mind out of all these worldy problem, I'm starting my TV/movie marathon again! It's been quiet a while I didn't watch any TV series or DVDs so yesterday night, I started my marathon!

I started by watching a movie, P.S I Love You! It's really a heart-moving movie and I fancy Gerard Butler, so any movie, he's in, I'm watching it! Hehe! But, yea, this movie is a must watch for a helpless romantic as I am!
Then I'm off with my Bones! I'm getting impatient with this 2 partners - Booth and Bones! I just wish they were more than just work partner coz like Scully and Mulder, they have that chemistry *snap*snap*...Oh! Speaking of Mulder and Scully, I can't wait for The X-Files 2!

Today, I started off with Grey's Anatomy and honestly I'm frustrated with Derek and Meredith! Well, they broke off and Derek is seeing/dating/sleeping with this OR nurse, Rose and Meredith is sooooo stressed about it that she is seeking counselling! But, nevermind, I read it on the net that Rose will be 'off' soon and rumor has it that Derek and Meredith will be back toghether...atta boy!!! Hehe!

Another of my favourite - CSI Las Vegas! I'm not done yet with the currently 4 episodes but I'm thinking of finshing it tonight! Then there will be the Gossip Girl (haha! I'm so addicted to high society people nowdays!).

Hmmm..afterthat, I'm done while waiting for the next episodes for all the TV series that I like but no worries, I will find something to watch and amuse me!

Oh! and there are so many interesting new movies coming up soon in the big screens! You bet that I'm waiting for the Kung Fu Panda, Made of Honor ('coz Patrick Dempsey is in it and he's sizzling HOT!), The Ruins, The Mummy 3, Journey to the Center of the Earth....hmmmm...what else? I think I will be broke for the next couple of month from watching movies...hehehe...well, anything to keep me happy!



It's either I'm in a big shitty problem or it's my PMS-thingy talking! But I'm so.........honestly, I don't know how to explain it. Okay, I'm so confused at the moment....about my relationship, that is. Is it me? I mean, I haven't been in a relationship in quiet a while - well, make that for quiet some time - and now that suddenly I found myself in a relationship and somehow I think I can't cope with it! Or maybe I just lost my 'touch' in relationship or maybe it's kindda in a rush and I'm not plain ready yet! Which 1??? I'm soooo damned confused.

Today, I met him and we watched a movie together - Indiana Jones 4; cool movie! I don't know what happened but somehow I just couldn't control myself or today, he just decided to be so damned irritating! Yup! I was so irritated with him but luckily I can control my mouth (surprise!surprise!). Instead of saying what I wanted to say, I just kept quiet and didn't say anything. He noticed it and tried not to be so irritating but still...it irritates me! I just recovered from my flu and everything and today, he said that my hands are warm and kept on asking whether I'm having my fever again. I kept on telling him that I'm okay but that doesn't stop him from asking me the same question for like.....100 times!!!! No kidding! Maybe male species called it, CARING but for female species or rather only for me, it's IRRITATING!

I don't know! Honestly, now I'm having my doubt about this relationship. I think I'm not ready to commit yet. What? Iantie! You are 26 years old and you said that you are not ready to commit? Get real! Entah lah...1 thing about me, I get bored easily! and I have to say that now, I'm getting bored already! Crazy! Stupid! Call it anything you want but I am who I am and I'm not ashamed to admit it! I'm not a hipocrits! I think we are going too fast but how can I say 18 years passed us by and it's fast??

It's not my intention to break the male hearts. Hahaha! Yikes!That's sounds sooo funny! This year alone, I broke 4 hearts and they are not even my boyfriends! This one, I have a feeling, it's gonna be difficult! And I have no intention to break another heart. Maybe it's just my PMS-thingy talking and hofefully next week, I will be fine...I think!

I need time to think this relationship through. If you ask me again, what do I look in a man, honestly, my answer is still the same as my previous post, I don't know! Although some of my friends and colleagues think that this guy might be the perfect guy for me - an old friend, an economist, an overseas graduate, a genius, a responsible person (religiously) and you must be saying, what the heck wrong with him then? What more do I want? Hah!


"It's best to wait for the one you want
than settle for one's that's available.
Best to wait for the one you love
than one who is around.
Best to wait for the right one
because life is too short to waste on just anyone."


Let's see what's on my updates! Me and my bestie went out last Wednesday to lunch at Red Canopy cafe. It's located in Batu Bersurat and it's quiet a nice place...reasonable and the food also nice and some looks devilishy delicious....

Yesterday, I met an old classmate of mine, Norhamas. She is my ex-classmate while we were in Form 4 and Form 5. She went to 6th Form Center and UBD while I went to Technical College and work...I started to work while she was in her 2nd year in the uni. If she didn't 'tagur' me, I wouldn't know it's her - well, not that she had changed..it's just entah laaa...tau-tau tah aku ani, jarang kan menaguri orang. Good to know that now she is married with 2 boys, teaching Maths in STPRI and stayed few minutes drive from where I work...hehe

I'm considering myself on holiday already...hehe. It's Armed Forces day tomorrow hence long weekend for us in Brunei and I'm starting my official leave this Monday for 4 days only but the downside of it that I have to come back to work on Wednesday afternoon; not for official work but to prepare our KKC presentation infront of the Minister this coming 11th or 12th June!! Yikes! Cuti macam nda cuti....

Went to watch Apa Kata Hati late last night with my 2 bodyguards. It's been a while I didn't watch any movie in The Mall but last night I went there 'coz Apa Kata Hati isn't showing in Empire and Qlap Cineplex! Came home around 1.30AM and I'm beat!!

This morning, helped my dad to buy things for his trip. He's going this 3rd June for about 1 month. I think I will send my dad to the airport and starting next week, I will be super extra buzy! Coz being the second eldest, I'm it! The responsibility will be on my shoulder during my dad absence.

I have a wedding and what-follows-after-the-wedding functions to attend this weekend. It's a daughter of my dad's 'indung pertuan'. Don't ask me to translate or explain what that means coz I have no idea!


What happened to people nowdays

Tuesday, May 27, 2008
I think the world is coming to an end - or something like that la....hehe! In my line of work, I see all walks of life everyday, of course none of them are good...well, I can say that some are good but mostly it's bad (if any of you understand what I'm trying to say here, I salute you...hahaha).

Okay, lets get serious! Apart from the news (either from the TV, radio, papers and the internet), have you truly experienced meet a very young teenager who got pregnant? What's the age of the youngest teenage pregnancy you guys came across? 18 years old nowdays is normal, so is 17 years old. 16 years old is also normal but kindda rare but how about 11-12 years old?? Yea...I'm serious nie!!

The child is around 12 years old and the husband is late 30-ies - early 40-ies....Yup! I'm not kidding! How I came across this girl? Well, after she gave birth, the doctor started her on Depo injection (Depo is a short term we use for Medroxyprogesterone inj. It is injected into the buttocks once in every 3 months. It's an effective contraceptive but the most common side effect is weight gain....hehehe..little info for you guys out there!). Can you really imagine at 12 years old, she gave birth. It's like she is taking care of a baby brother instead of a son and the husband is like taking care of a daughter instead of a wife.....ok! Let my imagination stops there...anything beyond that gave me some wildest imagination (ahakz!).

Last Sunday, me and my bestie went out for lunch at Twelv Cafe in Kiulap and we were the only diner. An hour after that, we saw this one car kept on driving around, going round and round before finally the car stopped few meters away from the cafe. Funny thing, the driver (a man) didn't came out. Instead the passanger (a woman) came out of the car and entered the cafe. And you know what the woman did. She looked around the cafe and her eyes fixed on us for like 3 minutes before she sat down, took out her handphone and start texting. Me and my bestie looked at each other and I said to her (my bestie), "What's that lady punya problem? Liat orang macam tah tani buat dosa arahnya".

Soon after she finished texting, the man from the car came out of the car and entered the cafe.....rupa-rupanya...................

......something smells scandalous!!!


Well, what do you expect if encounter this experience? Would you just say that they are a normal couple who are too shy to lunch out with other people....I DON'T THINK SO!!! The guy is around mid-40ies and the lady is around late 30ies. And the way the sit, Ya Rabbi....as my bestie said, "Mengalahkan anak muda" (not that we are THAT old!) hehe..even me and my ehem ehem didn't sit like that...hmmmm....The guy's car?? Hmmm..better don't tell..it's a Toyota Camry but I'm not gonna give away the colour and the plate number.....



....was the last time I bought a new handbag?
Last January at Vincci

....was the last time I bought a new pair of shoes?
Last January at Vincci together with the handbag

....was the last time I bought a new pair of sandles?
Sumwhere late January - early March at Kim Pretty

....was the last time I bought kain for work?
Ages ago...I think or was it in February in Shim-Co. My mum treat me to that one..hehe. Love my mum!

....was the last time I watched a movie?
Last Thursday in Empire with my ehem ehem watching Prince Caspian where I met HRH Princess Sarah (she was having function next door) and HRH Prince Malik (he was about to watch a movie when we came out)...feeewwwhhh!

....was the last time I make a baju kurung / baju fesyen for work?
Last March

....was the last time I went out with my bestie?
Last Sunday; we had lunch at Twelv and raid all the DVD shops...well, not all la...hehe

....was the last time I bought an English novel?
Last June 2007 at Borders in Berjaya Time Square, KL. I bought more than 10 novels, I think and I haven't finish it all so no reason for me to buy more, right?

....was the last time I bought a Malay novel?
End of April at Choice Book in Berakas. I bought all the 3 novels of Alaf 21 - Warna Hati by Meen Zulaika, Ternyata Cinta by Damya Hanna and Selagi Ada Dia by Aisya Sofea.

....was the last time I read a book?
Last Saturday night - Selagi Ada Dia by Aisya Sofea.

....was the last time I bought a DVD?
Last Sunday; bought Bones, CSI, Grey's Anatomy

....was the last time I cut my hair?
hmmm....few weeks ago.

....was the last time I bought a perfume?
Last June 2007 at KLIA dutyfree - bought DKNY (red and green), Chanel Allure and iaNTi at Berjaya Time Square.

Moral of the post:
I need to pamper myself....hehehe!