Sunday, September 30, 2007
It's a new Korean brand in cosmetics and fragrances. No! It's not my company (haha! wishful thinking!) but don't I just wish! I came to know this line of products while I was browsing some magazines earlier this year. Well, the thing is that this brand have the same name as mine (minus the 'e') caught my attention. I was waiting for iaNTi to make an appreance in Brunei but so far to no vail.

So, when I made a trip to KL last June, I stopped by at iaNTi shop in Berjaya Time Square and man, don't you just love the brand - and the products. They have the latest glittering eye liner and magnificient eyeshadows. I'm not a big fashion addict but what caught my eyes really is the fragrances. They have this cute 10ml fragrances and they come in different smells. And the amazing thing about iaNTi is that it's definitly for everyone - it's affordable! I managed to grab 3 - Cool Jazz ('citrus and mint blend with fresh flowers for a fresh cool scent'), Cool Lily ('modern, young and energetic, the scent of untamed, untouched wilderness') and Cool Baby. Trust me, they smell so good.

I'm still hoping that iaNTi will make an appreance in Brunei 'coz I'm a self proclaimed iaNTi admirer. Check out the website.

Moga Kau Mengerti

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Moga Kau Mengerti by Lily Haslina Nasir. This is the first time I came across with this writer. Honestly speaking (not criticizing, mind you!) this book got too much 'flowers'..haha! Yea! yea! I know books (especially romance books) are supposed to have too many 'flowers' but hmmm...the main story is way too late in this book. Anyway, I will try to give the synopsis as best as I can.

First love...ahhh, it's always memorable, isn't? It's a story about this girl - Adeena Adalia Rasya (nice name!) who fell in love with Kamali during her school years. When Kamali moved to another school, they lost contact.

10 years later, Adeena still faithuful to Kamali, too faithful, I must say that she is hoping to meet Kamali again and rekindle their relationship. She isn't willing to open her heart to another man, Dr Adib, who I must say is a lot more better than Kamali.

Working as a journalist for a Malaysia's magazine, 1 day Adeena received an email from Wani, saying that she is a cousin of Kamali and how Kamali missed Adeena in the past 10 years they had been separated. From Wani, Adeena managed to get in touch with Kamali and as you might guess, they continued their childhood relationship. Dr Adib was frustrated when Adeena decided to marry Kamali.

The main or rather the interesting story of this book started when Adeena marries Kamali. Marriage life is not that heavenly after all for Adeena as she thought it would be. Kamali, whom she thought is the sweet, caring person turned to be a very violent person. Every night, instead of being cuddled to sleep, she was hit and bashed. I honestly can't describe the violence part. You need to read it to 'feel' it! I did 'feel' it and I don't fancy the 'feeling'.

As an obedient wife, Adeena stays with Kamali (which I totally disagree!). As a loving wife, she prayed to Allah to show the right path to her husband. And as a wife, she keeps everything to herself, she didn't tell a soul about her problems (very tough, I must say! Kindda proud of her). She stayed with Kamali until one day, Kamali beat her up so badly that she called her bestfriend, Salabiah. She was admitted to hospital where she required to undergo plastic surgery to fix her nose (done by Dr Adib). Kamali's parents told Adeena that Wani is kamali's ex-wife and Kamali is suffering from depression. He beat his ex-wife, Wani until they divorced and Wani, having revenge for Kamali is trying to get even...

The end? Well, Kamali let Adeena go (as in they got divorced) and he asked Dr Adib to help him out with his depression. Adeena moved on and when Dr Adib proposed, she didn't hesistate and accept him as her husband. Maybe they were meant to be together, afterall....
Moral of the story? Haha! I'm not good at giving advices. But for me, the moral of the story, first love doesn't have to be your last. Sure, first love is great and wonderful but how do you know that your second love and love after that is not as great and wonderful as the first? Unless you experienced it!

Have I experienced my first love? Hmmm..I think I leave the story for next time...cherio peeps!!

P.s. Moga Kau Mengerti is a good book. It bring you closer to real life. Not all romance book is all about happily ever after. It teaches you something.

Work Overload!!

Initially I only got like 117 data (prescriptions, more like it) to be analysed for our QCC project but last Wednesday, our leader dropped me another 150 prescriptions to be analysed and hence now I'm stuck with 267 prescriptions to analyse and be done with before 25th October!! Yikes! I don't fancy being a QCC member, being a secretary some more! Urrggghh! Complain! Complain! Complain!

Last Thursday,just before the working hour is over, my 2nd boss asked me to report the followup of my SS (Suggestion Scheme) to the committee members. BIG Y-I-K-E-S! Why? Because I haven't do any! The thing about this SS is that you suggest something and you told them what's your idea to improve/implement it and that's it. Let's the committee members solve it. But NO! Somehow, you have to solve it. THEIR ideas, you SUGGEST it, you IMPLEMENT it and you SOLVE it! And in the end you just report to the committe what is the progress - improving or vice versa! So, what's the committee members' task? NOTHING!!! Just observe, I guess! What a lousy job?? If I am the one to do everything, then no use of committee members then, right?! Humpphhhh....

It's the end of the month! And as usual, I have to do, compile and submit all the reports for this month. URGHH! And most people think (I know some people think) that my job is easy! Well, think again! But then I shouldn't complain. It's part of life cycle! No job, no money! No money, no shopping! Hahaha!

But InsyaAllah, I'm planning to take some breaks next year, InsyaAllah if everything going as planned. Believe it or not, I didn't realise this earlier but guess what? I just completed my 3-year bond with the Government of Brunei Darussalam earlier this September. Yeaaa....couldn't believe it that it had been 3 years since I came back. Wow! Times do fly wayyyy tooo fast..hang on! I need to catch up!!


Another Long Weekend

Yea! Yea! 2 more weeks to raya and we are having a long weekend in conjunction with the Nuzul Al-Quran. What a bless! I consider it as a bless with all that had happened and at least I'm having a break from work (hah! you think?!), well, at least I won't have to go to work but I got work pilling up...huh! apakan? I also don't know what I'm typing anymore. It's just that I got lots and lots of paperwork to do hence I'm quiet - I amend that - very buzy this long weekend.

Waaa...everyone is enjoying the weekend and spending their salaries doing shopping for raya while me, I'm stuck at home trying my very very best to finish my paperworks!!! Urrgggg...but Happy Weekend everyone and Selamat Menyambut Nuzul Al-Quran...

Malaysian's First Astronaut

Monday, September 24, 2007
I always have a 'thing' for the space and well, since Brunei doesn't have our own astronaut, so I 'tumpang sekaki' with the Malaysia la.

Malaysia's first astronaut to go into space expected 10th October 2007 is Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor Al Masrie, a 35 years old Malaysian doctor. And he's kindda cute too..haha (sampat lagi tu..) Wish him the best of luck...



I was watering my cactus this afternoon and I realised that 1 of them has a blooming pink flower. It was so exhilarating that I decided to take the picture. Looks like my hobby concerning cactus is successful. None of them died ( which is quiet funny for cactus considering that they can live without water for days!) and I’m quiet proud of them….

JanjiKu BersamaMu - Part 2

Sunday, September 23, 2007

I officially finished it. From the first chapter till the end, this book keeps my eyes moist (no need for EyeMo..Haha).

The way this story goes, it's kindda like a modern Cinderella story but this one more suffering before she can achieve happiness. It's a story of father-daughter love for each other. Stepmother who hates the stepdaughter; stepsiblings who hates her and what's worst, her real grandparents don't love her nor admit her as their grandchild just because she is born from an English mother (who passed away).

After the death of his English wife, Aly Rashid poured all his love to his only daughter, Dhamira. And he thought by marrying, Dhamira will grow up to a be a normal girl in a complete family. Aly's new wife, Zaidah is a widow with 3 children. She never accepted Dhamira as her child coz she's jealous that her husband loves his daughter more than he loves his wife and because Dhamira is the sole hire to all his husband's richness.

Aly's parents (dhamira's grandparents) never agreed to their son marrying an Englishwoman hence their hatred to Dhamira (who possessed her mother's beauty). They never treated Dhamira as their grandchild but they spoilt their step-grandchildren.

A family conflict arises when Dhamira wanted to marry a man he loves, Za'iem. Her father disagreed coz he planned to marry his beloved daughter to his stepson (what?!), Fendy. So the story gets ugly when the father disinherit the daughter; Dhamira left her family to start a new life with the husband.

6 years later, with Za'iem, Dhamira has a boy, Zamirul. From here, the story takes another new twist. It's quiet interesting actuallynya. This boy, Zamirul is the reason that everything get back into places where Dhamira gets his father's love, grandparents' affection and the whole family basically.

It's really touching to know how a young boy (or younger generation) makes you realise that not everything older people know!

Read it! You won't be dissapointed!

P.s I'm currently reading Moga Kau Mengerti by Lily Haslina Nasir

Nasyid Songs Download

Thursday, September 20, 2007
Last night, I was searching for some nasyid songs and do you guys know how easy it easy this internet thingy? Hehe! I'm not that super tech-savvy but internet never cease to amaze me; the power of technology heh!

Anyway, it didn't take me long to find the Nasyid songs that I want. I found this 1 site by a fellow Muslim and his site contains most (if not all) of the Nasyid songs and also the Holy Quran verses and you can download it for free.Isn't it great? It's a site you guys must check out if you have the same interest as mine ;)I posted the link by the sides under the guy's name - Ahmad Hasrulnizam Abu Samah.

JanjiKu BersamaMu - Part 1

Wednesday, September 19, 2007
I'm currently reading this Alaf 21 malay novel - JanjiKu BersamaMu by Aleya Aneesa. I'm still not finish reading it; halfway thru'. I will try to post the synopsis here but trust me, this book, prepare a lot of tissues! Seriously!!

The first few chapters already make me cry. I can't read clearly without blurry eyes! Eventhough the storyline is interesting but I can't finish this book as soon as I want to. So many things to do that I only manage to read it when I got the time....but I will try to finish it before the week is out!


Hello Bloggers! It's been quiet awhile - few days actuallynya - that I didn't log into the net. With fasting and all, it had been quiet buzy and tiring that logging into the net is that last thing in my mind.

Anyhow, it's coming to a week in the holy Ramadhan and so far, Alhamdulilah, everything is great. I tend to spend a lot during this Ramadhan other than my previous daily basis, dunno why? hehe...craving for foods? of course! But I tend to buy what I can eat, no overspending. But yesterday, I just don't know what to eat. I went to Pasar Gadong and have a look at all those being sell there but somehow I just couldn't find what's my heart desires. In the end, I just break the fast with rice and BBQ honey chix wings...yummy..hehe!

Work? Kindda busy too! So many dugaan during this period but bersabar saja, what to do? Part of job, part of life! Working hours during the fasting month is from 8am till 2pm but somehow, we always end up working till 2.30pm and today, we worked till 2.45pm! So exhausted but hmmm..ikhlaskan saja tia!

Life? Well, more or less, still the same! A guy I fancied got engaged just before the fasting month (sigh!), wish him the happiness (although not with all my heart - at least I'm being honest with my feeling) but I'm moving on!! Isn't what you suppose to do?

So Very Busy Day!

Sunday, September 16, 2007
It's Saturday (suppose to be yesterday's entry but I can't logged in) and the first day of working in this holy month! And it was so hectic and busy and by 11am, I was so drop dead tired already. Patients kept on coming, the refills were pilling up and the patients, hmmm, ada-ada saja! Luckily my colleague who is on sick leave came and help out till 2pm...Thanx Khalid...you are a gem!!! =)

By the time I came home around 2.30pm, my legs are aching and still are! And although I am ashamed to admit it but I skipped Tarawih prayer tonight. I don't think with my legs aching, I can catch up with the Imam and the rest of the Jemaah for the Tarawih prayer....and my mom, Bless her, she massaged my legs just before sungkai..love my mummy! She is so very understanding and sporting! Sure, she nags (which mother doesn't?) but love very very much...

It's Faiz, my brother 16th birthday today. I asked him what he wants and he said that he wanted a birthday cake! So we went to Qlap. I stopped at Makcik Bakeshop but nothing that interest him so we went to Mum's. He found the cake that he like and yikes! it costs me $40! Hmm..nevermind, anything for the birthday boy but man! the cake is soooo yummy! I was so fulled after the sungkai that I didn't eat much of the cake. I sent some to my nieces and my aunt (the cake is too big for us).

Happy Birthday Bro! U r the best bro anyone can have!!! So proud of you! Love you! Muahzzzzzzzzzzzz xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Pricey Baju Raya...

It's the season again and raya is just around the corner..hehe..semangat aku ah, baru jua 3rd day puasa as in 27 more days puasa to go. Anyway, my tailor had been nagging me to send my kain for raya early 'to avoid disappointment' - they said. It happened last year actuallynya where I made 6 baju for raya (geezzz! dat's a bit too much, I guess) and they only managed to finish 3 of them before raya!! I had to go to their place and picked up the rest of my baju on the 1st day and 2nd day of raya! Could you believe it?! I wanted to get mad at them at that time but then I don't have the heart considering that they had been soooo good to me all the while.

So, this year, after my trip to KL end of June where I bought the kains there, I sent it to them straight away and walaa, it's the 1st week of raya and they finished it all. Well, this year, I just made 3 baju considering that there are some baju that I only wore it once so no need to make so many baju.

Fashion-wise? I don't know what's up with fashions! I'm not that fashionable but my tailor said that I'm good in anything (business strategy? I think so!). Anyhow, this year's fashion is the manik (beads) and man, it doesn't come cheap! My 1 baju is filled with beads instead of katok-kisi. One of my colleagues said that with my kind of beads, it will cost around $90 - $120..yikes! Fortunately for me, my tailor gave me special discounts...hehe. It only cost me $70. I know it's still expensive for a pair of baju but hmm....do I need to stress out that I am a lady? hehe
My dad told me that this year he can conserve a lot of electricity by not putting too much cucul (colourful lights). He said that I just need to stand outside in the patio wearing my baju with a spotlight directed towards me...hahaha! Funny (I'm not laughing!)

Anyway, whatever the raya fashions this year, it will eventually phase out by middle of next year, so don't watse people....hehe...that message is for me too!

Ramadhan Is Here

Thursday, September 13, 2007
Another year, another Ramadhan. Hopefully we can make full use of all the goodness and 'berkat' of this holy month..AMIN!!

Happy fasting to all my muslim friends...

Rush Hour 3

Thursday, September 6, 2007
Finally, I managed to catch this movie - Rush Hour 3. I heard so many good reviews about it that I wanted to watch it but always didn't have the time until last Monday. I was having my off day, so I dragged my 2 brothers to the Mall in the afternoon to watch the movie. Actuallynya I'm planning to watch the Bourne Ultimate but my 2 brothers made not-so-interested-faces that I gave up on that movie and settled for the Rush Hour 3.

It was quiet empty - well, excuse the words. Mall shouldn't be described as quiet empty! - well, quiet quiet at the Mall that Monday afternoon. I arrived there around 2.30pm, bought my tickets, pop corns, drink; sat there while waiting for the 3pm show munching on the pop corn and watched all the movie previews that they were playing. In the cinema itself, there were only like 20+ of us watching the movie.

Jackie Chan with Chris Tucker is what I would say a good duo. They make the movies - Rush Hour 1, Rush Hour 2 and Rush Hour 3 more 'lively' combined with packs of actions. I didn't realise how old Jackie Chan has come. Only come to realise it in this movie, with upclose shots and big screen, you can see the wrinkles and how is he aging. Anyone knows how old he is?? I honestly have no idea. Infact, if you ast me how old certain actors or actresses are, I honestly can't give you the correct answer, approx answer maybe, but I don't think I can answer correctly. It's not that I'm not a big fan of these people but somehow I just couldn't be bother to know how old they are.

Anyway, yea, Jackie Chan looks older in this movie but his stunts never cease to amaze me. Chris Tucker, man! what can you say about him? He certainly can make any day filled with laughter.....


No, no fireworks are in sight anywhere. I'm talking about the latest Korean TV Dramas that's I'm watching - Fireworks. I just bought it earlier this week coz it's been quiet sometimes I didn't watch any Korean TV Dramas.

Fireworks is a story about 'square' love..haha..people always give the term 'triangle' love that involves 2 women and a man and vice versa so now it involves 2 women and 2 men, so I called it 'square' love.

Na Ra is coming-to-be-a-spinster 30 years old lady who had a boyfriend, Seoung Woo for the last 7 years. They studied together and when Na Ra failed to pass her exam, she concentrate on helping her boyfriend to pass; meaning she got a partime job just to support her bf. Until 1 day, Seoung Woo admits on having an affair while he was away in US. Na Ra got mad and with this and that, they broke up. But Na Ra determined to get him back.

Seoung Woo's lover, Mi Rae is a successful lady, a shop to manage but lost her fiancee to an accident. She is secretly in love with the fiancee brother's, In Jae (yikes!!! tricky). Anyway, fate has it that Na Ra met In Jae, become best friend (that leads to love), both of them working at Mi Rae's shop and let's just say that things got complicated. I also dunno how to story you guys.
For the first few episodes of this drama, I was so frustrated with Na Ra. I mean, just because of her love to Seoung Woo, she was willing to stoop so low to get him back. Come on la, if a guy doesn't want you anymore, no matter how much you love him, what's the use? What's the need to lose your dignity just for a guy?? Let him go. That is what so frustrating about the starting of the drama. But as the story goes, I'm proud of Na Ra and dislike more of Mi Rae. She thinks that she can have everything and urrrggghhhh...

I know it's just a stupid drama but still, there are some lessons that can be learnt from all these, don't you think? Well, I do....

Comedian In The Family

Monday, September 3, 2007
Our family comedian I had to say have to be my youngest brother, Muiz. He will be coming 15 years old this year and somehow, when you are around him, there is something about him, what he says, what he does thats sounds and looks funny.

It's not that he did it in purpose but somehow, it's just his nature...gauk? yea! I had to say he is! But you can't blame him. Being the youngest and being pampared and all.

I remembered when we went to Genting Highland and we were waiting for this que for a boat ride. He was sitting in a railing (coz the que was that long) and somehow (I also dunno how), he slipped from the railing and fell. But he managed to hang on the rail and he looked like a spiderman doing some action. I was a bit panik at that moment coz I'm afraid he hit the cement but he was okay and was laughing somemore. The Malaysian guy behind us said, "Eh! Nak jadi hero ke dik?" haha..

I can't forget that event no matter how funny he acts most of the times! I had to say that he always brighten my day whenever I feel low but sometimes I couldn't help but to snap at him for his sometimes-irritating-and-annoying behaviour but I love him nonetheless....

Uploading Pix!

Sunday, September 2, 2007
Honestly, m not that good at uploading pictures! It always took me ages...I'm trying to upload the pictures from the wedding but somehow with 2 pictures nda menjadi, I gave up..I will try to upload it again later, InsyaAllah

Full Weekend

It's consider a full weekend for me and my family. My cousin is getting married - well, married now, I guess and now, I'm here doing my extended duty. I'm quiet tired actuallynya but I got no choice but to work.

Last night we had the berbedak ceremony. I came quiet late coz that afternoon I had to rush to RIPAS to attend a suprise exam. When I came home, it's about tme to break my fast. I didn't manage to take any picture of the bride and the berbedak thingy coz my camera and my hp was with my brother and I couldn't find him anywhere. I only managed to take some pictures of my cute-cute cousins as we were sitting on the porch; me watching my aunt karoake-ing while waiting the 'right time' to go home.

I dragged my brothers home around 10.45pm and after this and that, I hit the bed. This morning, I woke up a bit late - well, not a bit, it was way to late! My cousin's nikah was at 10am and I only arrived around 11am! Guilty as charged!

The wedding went very smoothly, the weather is not that hot, not that dry but it was a bit drizzling just now. The groom arrived around 1.15pm and after few photo session - I didn't take any with the newlywed - I zoomed off home. I only managed to take my stuffs for my duty, changed my tudong then I went for my duty.

Suprise Exam

It had been a long time I didn't have any of those - suprise exam.I mean, are you kidding me? The last time I remember was when I was in my college years and man! how many long years ago was that. I thought entering a career life means no more suprise exams and all. It's like we are back to school. Anyway, we had a notice from RIPAS last Thursday saying that we had to attend a compulsary CPE on Saturday at 5pm.

So, afterwork yesterday, I went to RIPAS and when I arrived, everyone was settling down already with a pen and a calculator ready. I was asked to sign my attendance, given a test paper and take a seat.

We were given 30 minutes to answer all the MCQ and I managed to do it in half the time given - 15 minutes. I did doublechecking twice before I hand in my paper and rush out of the exam room. A supervisor asked me why I'm in a rush (coz I didn't stay for the refreshment), and I said that I'm fasting and I had a family function to attend to.