When U Thought Everything is OK....

Saturday, October 3, 2009
....and only to find out that it isn't! Life ain't just that simple!

M talking about my car and among other things but mainly about my car! This morning, I got an instinct not to drive my 'racing' car to work so I drove the other car; smaller, decent economical car while my mum would drive my 'racing' car. But my mum called, quarter to 8am, to tell me that there is a problem with my car and she ended up driving another car to work. Don't ask me how many cars we have! We got some, share among the family. Asked her what happened and she said that she saw some leaking from the engine! WTF???!!

I thought my car is done causing me problems! Coz for the last 6 months my car had been behaving very nicely! Last March, I spent two-freaking-grand fixing the gearbox! TWO-FREAKING-GRAND!!! And that doesn't count the others! And please don't tell me I need to spend some freaking-ish amount to fix my car this time! Geeezzz! M addicted to this freaking word! When I came home this afternoon, I looked at my car and trying to figure out what's the problem. M not that good with car but m not that dumb either! Hehe! 5 minutes trying, I gave up...tomorrow la I think about it!

After work, I went straight to Qlap to fix my external HDD. It cannot be read! This had been for the last few months already but I just couldn't be bothered. But today, considering that my lappy memory nearly full, I decided to fix my HDD and transfer some of the file! Turned out it's totally corrupted and can't be formatted anymore =( Ceh! now I have to buy a new HDD!

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Didz-W said...

Well m8, u're not alone with the car thingy...welcome to my club. hehe so far haven't fixed my bug yet..sasak ku! atupun krg upahnya ngusai ber-grand jua. hehe...iatahkan m8...bagi malas banar keta ani...
btw, dat Hdd, bali di bits m8 yayasan, murah sana.aku pun kan membali jua nanti..hehe