Today's Activities

Wednesday, June 30, 2010
In the office

After receiving and checking the stocks received yesterday, time to hit the paperworks!
The SIV (stock inventory voucher), the bin cards, the e-pharmacy and the list goes on and on...

After office

Went to RIPAS H for CE after work and after the CE, saw this rugged, handsome-looking Jeep Wrangler parked beside me.
One of my dream cars (along with some other cars! LOL!)
Couldn't help but to snap some pictures

At home

Came home and Mum was nagging how "messy, careless, disorganize bla bla bla" I am with my footwears.

The cluttering footwears.
These were the shoes, sandals and slippers that I had been used for the last 2 weeks!

So lazy to put them back the in closet (on the left hand side), so this is what I did to stop my mum's nagging! =D

M not lazy but everytime I came home, I am so mentally and physically exhausted that I couldn't be bother with 'minor' stuffs.. hehe

All in Day's Work

Tuesday, June 29, 2010
29th June 2010

I started my task this morning by shredding the 'expired' prescriptions.
I finished 4 boxes for the last couple of days and I still have 4 more to go *big sigh*

By 10am, my stocks came in.
I didn't expect so many stocks but it took the guys 6 trips (up and down) to unload all my stocks and in the end, my store is filled at every possible empty slots!


When Cutting Down on Food Is Not An Option, Exercise is the Answer!

Sunday, June 27, 2010
I love to eat! Previously, I can eat anything and never (seriously!) ever gain any weights.

But now, all my clothes don't fit me, all the pants are tight and the horrible part, I feel f-a-t! Yes! Now I have low self-confidence of myself ;(

I know I shouldn't feel bad coz honestly it ain't that bad. I mean, there are a lot more 'larger' people out there compared to me but I just feel 'unhealthy' with my current weight and all those excess fats especially around the tummy and the thighs.

I tried to watch what I eat and I tried to cut down on my food intake but it doesn't work.. I mean, the 'watch what I eat' is kindda a lie coz I don't watch what I eat, I eat everything my heart desires BUT I do cut down my food intake ;)

And in the end, I realized that I can't stop eating and the only way I can cut down my weight and all those 'babylicious' fats is by exercise!

Gosh! It had been ages since my last hike and my aim is to get back on it or I would end up wearing baggy clothes for the upcoming Eid. LOL!

So this afternoon, me and 3 of my brothers went for a mini game of football (soccer). I know how to play soccer?? Hah! You would be suprised what growing up with 5 brothers can effect your life. Yes! I do know how to play football...ain't that good but I managed to score some goals.. haha! but with the price of the bruises on my legs (due to being kicked by my brother and due to fall on the grass!)

Although I had bruises on my legs, I gotta say, the game was worth it! We had a lot of fun and a lot of screaming but most importantly I managed to lose some sweats but I need to exercise on my breathing more.

Till the next game, brothers!


Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) - Shakira

Saturday, June 26, 2010

4 years ago, as a big fan of the Azzuri, I was there in front of the telly watching the World Cup 2006 final and opening of this video reminds me of the glory!! I was shouting when Italy won, waking up both of my parents (at 3.30AM!) and got scolded in the end!

But this week, I'm disappointed and frustrated (tahap gaban LOL!) to see my favourite team out of the competition! And so does France! What, do they make it a tradition or something that whichever teams that made it in the final 4 years ago, can't go thru' again this year??

For The Rest of My Life - Maher Zain

I love all of Maher Zain's songs but I gotta say, this is my favourite of all!


3 Idiots

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

3 Idiots would be the third Hindi movies I watched this year - so far - after Love Aaj Kal and My Name is Khan.

I'm not a big fan of Hindi movies but for this movie, I definitly loveeee it!

It was hilarious (initially) but then as the movie goes, I couldn't help but to cry! And yes, I think I cry at every Hindi movies! That's the 'power' of Hindi movies.

What made this movie in my top list?

1. It has less singing =)
2. It is a good movie - with humors
3. This is the first movie (as far as I remember) that tell a story of friendship between men. Friendships between women are so common.
4. It shows that not all idiot people are idiots (well, except the idiot in my previous entry)

But overall, this is one heck a great movie. I don't mind sitting down infront of the telly for the next 3 hours to watch this movie again and again ;)

To read the full synopsis, feel free to click here

Frustrating Wednesday Morning

This morning, I got the unfortunate luck 'meeting' an idiot and a very stupid person on the road. Yup, here I go again, blaming people for driving stupidly.

Around Beribi religious school area, just before the round about, I was driving in the right lane (coz I'm kindda late) and this Honda Stream was infront of me. The distance between him (the Honda Stream) and the car infront of him was like - what (I'm not good with adjusting meters and foot) - can fit 5 cars if the stretch of road is a parking area. Why I called him idiot for 2 reasons:

1. he's slow and he's taking the right lane
2. he accelerates and he brakes - EVERYTIME!! Accelerates a bit, brakes a bit; accelerates some more, brakes some more!

How idiotic that man is and no, he's not old! Maybe late 30ies! But by God, it frustrated the heck out of me! But I managed to 'lose' him somewhere after the roundabout!

Then, just after the big roundabout in Kiulap (yea! I know, Brunei so many roundabouts!), just after the SKH Kiulap and before the traffic light, I was driving on the left lane mainly because the right lane is no longer the faster lane! Everyone was driving at a turtle pace (now you know how frustrated I am!).

On the left lane, I saw a white Nissan Sunny (old and slow) infront of me so I kept my distance. Exactly on the traffic light, this stupid driver (not very stupid at that time yet!) braked immediately and made a signal to the right! Brake immediately!! and I have to brake immediately too! Luckily there is no car behind me or I can imagine what would happen!

Anyway, this stupid driver changed his/her (the driver was wearing a baseball cap so couldn't be sure the gender but looks like female) mind and didn't go to the right lane eventhought the driver got the opportunity. Then as we were nearing the traffic light going to Kiulap area, this driver AGAIN signaled intenting going to the right lane and when he/she did, I tried to pass him/her and you know what happened?? This VERY VERY VERY STUPID driver immediately changed his/her stupid mind again and wanted to go back into the left lane and nearly hit my car. I honked this person! I don't car no more! He/she nearly caused an accident with me!

When the stupid driver managed to get into the right lane, 2 cars behind me, I saw he/she signalled, indicating going into Kiulap area. The traffic light was red at that time and I was waiting, with vengence for this person but he/she just passed me by so fast - maybe due to guilt or without guilt at all!

Excuse me for using the word stupid repeatedly in this post but trust me, stupid is considered the 'kinder' word compared to the words I had in mind!

Rindu Tercipta

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Title: Rindu Tercipta
Author: Liyana Zahim
No. of Pages: 504 pages
Publisher: Alaf 21 Sdn Bhd

Couldn't believe it myself but this would be the third book I managed to finish in a week, last week! Once I set my mind to finish it, I do mean it.. hehe!

Anyway, Rindu Tercipta - the first novel I read from this author. And as the 2 novels I had read before this, the storyline is more or less similar and it involved arranged marriage! Geez! What's up with arranged marriage nowdays?? *starting to freak out (for some reasons that can't be stated here)*

But the tiny bit difference in Rindu Tercipta is that it's about sacrifices. Anis who became orphan after the death of her mother had been adopted by her best friend, Qistina's parents. Living with Qistina's family, Anis get to know Hykal, Qistina's brother.

To make the story short, they fell in love - Anis and Hykal, got engaged. When Hykal found out that he got brain tumor, he decided not to let Anis and his family found out to spare them from the suffering; disappeared and broke off his engagement. No one knows where Hykal is except for Zerril, his best friend/childhood friend. As his last request, Hykal asked Zerril to marry Anis, to make her happy and forget about the hurt he (Hykal) had caused Anis.

Anis refused, saying that she would wait for Hykal but fate bought she and Zerril together as husband and wife. Their marriage (as any arranged marriage should start) was not happy but when Anis started to learn to love Zerril, she found out that Zerril had 'hide' Hykal all these times...

What happened to Anis and Zerril? Anis and Hykal? Hykal and his family??

Well... I read it in a day so I'm sure whoever of you out there who wanna know the ending are willing to read it and experience it yourself. In other word, go and buy or borrow the book LOL!

Out of 10 stars, I would give it 7! Not bad for a first novel from the author.


Mentally Exhausted!

It's just Tuesday and already I'm mentally exhausted!

Mentally exhausted starring into the PC and laptop whenever I had the chance... Not for surfing, well, not all the time anyway but more like entering drug usages into the database. So far I managed to enter around 20+ drugs usage into the database and that makes it... what? around 200+ more to go??! *pllluuurrggghhh*

I don't like paper works, office works and all those associated with it and people, that's the main reason I'm not cut for working in the office.. LOL!

Body Worlds Exhibition

Monday, June 21, 2010
I managed to go to the Body Worlds Exhibitions while I was living in Singapore back in 2004. That was the first (and I hope it won't be the last) time I went to such exhibitions.

Why I brought this subject up?

Believe it or not, I missed learning the human anatomy. LOL! Seriously! It feels like ages I haven't learn anything or study about something and I missed it.

Anyway, the Body Worlds Exhibitions are not for the fainted heart. They exhibit the real human body by the process of plastination. And with respect to the deceased and their family members, no cameras are allowed in the exhibitions hall. I don't know about now but that was what being applied back in 2004.

It's the best exhibition I ever went to. It shows the whole anatomy of the human body from the smallest veins and nerves to the largest organ in the body. It exhibits how human body works when pressure is applied, how the body stretches when you do exercise and it even shows how fetus developed in certain stage of pregnancy.

I checked their official website whether they are having any exhibitions nearby Asia anytime soon but the only country in Asia they are exhibiting would be in Turkey ;( That's too far for me to go but I'm not giving up hope... 1 day, I will go again! And now that I found out that they are doing exhibitions on animals too! Definitly must go!!

You can visit their official website here to know much further details about the Body World Exhibitions and below are some pictures I managed to get from the net.

CAUTION: If you are fainted heart and scared of the dead people, please don't scroll any further down.

Anatomist, inventor of Plastination and creator of Body Worlds, Gunther von Hagens

Bad lung (due to smoking) vs the healthy lung
I remembered buying a key chain of this and somehow, I misplaced it ;(

My Long-lost Passion!

Sunday, June 20, 2010
Almost 10 years ago, I had (have) a passion for the royalty. May it be Bruneian royalty, Malaysian royalty, European royalty or the Arab royalty. You name it, I knew them all... well, I learnt them all.

My favourite princes would be Prince Felipe of Spain and Prince Ali of Jordan.
When Prince Ali got married to Princess Rym Ali in April 2004, I was 'heartbroken' LOL!

Source: http://www.royaltyinthenews.com/

And when soon after that Prince Felipe got married to Princess Letizia in May 2004, I was even more 'heartbroken' and that made me 'lost' interest in the royalty.

Source: http://royalweddings.hellomagazine.com/princess-victoria-and-daniel-westling/

You see how 'devastated' I was losing 2 princes in a short space of time... LOL!!

Now, Crown Princess Victoria's marriage to (Prince) Daniel Westling brought up back the memories of my love for the royalty. Oh! I'm not gonna post all those details about their wedding here. I found a site who did -
Royalty in the News. This site keeps me updated with what I had been missing so far ;)

My favourite princess would be Princess Madeleine of Sweden. Sad to know that she broke off her engagement earlier this year (yeah! I'm so outdated! LOL)

My favourite royal couple, King Abdullah and Queen Rania of Jordan


2 x 5

Title: 2 x 5
Author: Areila Sahimi
No. of Pages: 500 pages
Publisher: Kaki Novel Enterprise

After enjoying and loving the author's first novel, Baju Pengantin Mak Andam, I didn't hestitate to buy her second novel once I saw it in the bookshelf.

And as her first novel, this novel, 2 x 5 doesn't disappoint me. I love reading it that it required my willpower to stop before I ended up didn't sleep for 24 hours just to finish up this novel! It's true!!

It's a story of an arranged marriage between Zaim and Syakirin. And yes, I had read so many arranged-marriage-stories-novels before. There are always the sweet and the bitter parts and the ex-es always come back during the happy times.

And I have to say, 2 x 5 is no different from those novels. But what make me interesting and 'addicted' to read is how the author writes the story.

2 x 5 is just not romantic but it is so damn funny... at least when my tears were running down my cheeks while I was reading the emotional part, still I can smile soon after that. In a simple english, the novel is not too depressing.. hehe

I give it 9 out of 10!

Jodoh atau Cinta

Title: Jodoh atau Cinta
Author: Iman Nizrina
No. of Pages: 507 pages
Publisher: Kaki Novel Enterprise

Jodoh atau Cinta is a recently published novel and when I read the synopsis of the book from the net, I was so eager to buy and read it.

Initially, I was so engrossed reading it but somehow, after 3/4 of the book, I got bored. Why? Because it's too cheesy romantic. Don't get me wrong! I'm a die hard fan of romantic but somehow I lost interest in the last few chapters of the novel. Maybe my hormones was not into that 'romantic mode' or maybe because the characters in the novel never finish fighting....

Other thing that made me bored reading this book is the sentences and the grammers. I don't know whether it's the editorial mistakes or I just don't understand Malaysian standard grammer. But I think their grammer doesn't different much from the other Malaysian novels, are they?

Well, I wouldn't say that Jodoh atau Cinta is 100% not worth reading... it is! As I said, it must be my 'unromantic mode' that made me lost it.

And despite all those fighting, arguing, it has an happy ending... which everyone wants, right?

The synopsis, you can read it from the author's blog. Just click on the author's name.

Out of 10 stars, I would give it 6.

I Am Go For Launch!

Thursday, June 17, 2010
NASA is gonna launch the last 2 remaining space shuttle mission and you can put your face in space with one of the two missions.

I heard it in the radio today and me, always been interested in space (and have no millions to spent to enroll in the space tourist program), so I said to myself, I better check this out!

If you haven't guess it already, I'm participating. I already choose shuttle STS-134 - the last shuttle to be launched in November 2010.

I still don't know how this gonna work but the way I understand it is that NASA will put my picture on one of the shuttle. Do they paste my picture on the shuttle? I have no idea but nothing can stop me from participating.

To get more information on the Face in Space program and if you are interested (like I'm fanatic about it), you can read the term and conditions at this site - Face in Space

Stress Level Going Up! and Up! and Up!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010
Not even a week I'm back to work and already I'm kindda stress. Kindda? Haha! Well, with the new minister of health and he has been visiting all over lately, there are so many comments and with that, so many things to do and that doesn't include my daily work in the counter and all those paper works that need to be done!

This is my look-alike list of things to do! (after I came back from leave)
And this afternoon, after we had our dispensary in-charge meeting, my list to do has become a whole new pile of work to be done!

And here I am, knowing that I need to work extra hours and extra hard to meet all the requirements!

Stress? I think I am!

Gezz.. what a life!


Free Food... LOL!

Yesterday, Dad treated me and my brothers dinner =) Mum was unwell so she didn't come along =(

Thanx Dad for the free food... we were full to the max! Hehe


Weekend Day Out!

Monday, June 14, 2010
And about with my BFF. We went to the Serasa beach (some photos posted below) and to the Brunei Museum (no pictures taking are allowed).

After watching the footie match the night/early morning before, I was quiet sleepy but I had to say, it was fun! It had been a looonnngggg time I didn't go to the Brunei Museum and it's good to re-learn what I had forgotten ;)

It was a weekend worth spending. Thanx m8!

Footie Fever!

Yup! The FIFA World Cup is back!

I used to be a BIG footie fan... in short simple words, I used to be like a boy. I watched football matches, I screamed, I cheered, I bought the magazines, I listened and watched the updates and highlights and I ever bought my favourite teams jerseys...

But that was years and years back. Now, I'm just a footie fan... no longer the big fanatic footie fan and I only watched football matches every 4 years... LOL! Seriously, I only watched the world cup... every other cups, I just wait for the results but not the world cup..

My team?? Or shall I say teams?? I'm still sticking with Italy, my favourite 1. I was wide awake, watched them lifted the ultimate prize 4 years ago beating the Germans and this year, I'm not gonna miss anything by my favourite team.

My prediction? Hmmm... it's gonna be tough and it's still early in the competition. At the moment, I'm supporting Italy (obviously!), the Netherlands (who are currently playing against the Danes), and Germany.

We'll see how it progresses out ;)

Relaxing Time Over!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Saturday - I'm officially back to work after 2 weeks of leave. It's been a long time I didn't take any leave - my last one would be last October 2009.

As usual, I would be back being buzy... well, some things just never change, huh?

When You Couldn't Help It!

Eating 'nonsense' foods that is..

I just couldn't help eating the food that I love... no wonder m gaining weight.. haha! But nothing beats a goodnight snack ;)