||Oh No||

Thursday, December 30, 2010
I should just stay at home this morning but then I didn't or should I say, I couldn't.
Dad asked my help to do his car insurance and I did.
And as it is the last day of working day for the year 2010,
everyone and everywhere were busy!
I spent the morning alone in the post office and the bank!
And the weather didn't help either!
Morning, it is sooo hot and dry,
afternoon, it is cloudy with the hint of rain
and night, it's raining!

Anyway, my "OH NO" part would be after the insurance affairs!
I finished reading Akan Ku Tunggu this morning (yup! I slept at 4am!)
so, being an 'addict', I need a new novel.
So, I tried my luck by going to the bookstore (the main one) and as luck has it,
2 of the novels that I was looking for (Penjara Rindu and Kau Milikku) are available.
I took them down from the shelves without giving my brain any second to think! LOL!
5 minutes later, believe it or not, I left that bookstore NOT with 2 novels BUT 4 novels!!!

Can someone hide my ATM card, please???

Turtle Updates...

Wednesday, December 29, 2010
Oh! I love turtles. Don't you?
I got 4 of them ;)

Anyway, as the title goes, sorry for the turtle updates
and it would be another much turtle updates soon.

Currently I'm doing my night shift duty.
Yup! 7 hours 7 days nonstop!
No new year or long weekend for me *big sigh* but then that's work for you.
Furthermore, I got tonnes of paperworks, reports, usages and as such to complete
for submission *another BIG sigh*

Reading wise - I finished reading Jiranku Kekasihku by Lysa Allysa recently.
My review, I will post it when I have the time.

Currently, I'm reading Akan Ku Tunggu by Sania Yasmin
and most probably with the rate I'm reading, I will finish it before Friday comes ;)

And at the same time, I'm still searching for these 2 novels:
Penjara Rindu by Nia Arissa

... and
Kau Milikku by Aisha Hamza

My regular bookstore said that they are running out of both novels ;(
and dunno when it would be available.

So, if you are a reader from Brunei and you know where I can find these 2 novels,
please let me know. Thanx!

Overall, that's my update for now.

IF I didn't get the chance to 'see' you bloggers and readers before the new year,
I would like to wish an advance NEW YEAR 2011 to all of you!

May the new year would bring a better world to all of us!

Masih Setia - Aisya Sofea

Monday, December 27, 2010
Title: Masih Setia
Author: Aisya Sofea
No. of Pages: 535 pages
Publisher: Alaf 21 Sdn Bhd

You won't get disappointed when it comes to novels and Aisya Sofea! Seriously!
I had read every Aisya Sofea's novels and I kept on wanting more!!!!

But I gotta say this novel, Masih Setia took a different approach than her other novels.
Miera, who is tied by traditions of Minang, was asked to go back to Bukit Tinggi, Indonesia to get to know her mum's side of family and at the same time, to introduce her to Rudi, Miera's (great) grandmother's choice of husband (for Miera).

Not to disappoint her Indonesian family, she went back to Bukit Tinggi with her family. She couldn't find a fault with Rudi but somehow her heart is not for him.

Tragedy struck when Miera went to Padang to send her family home to Malaysia and she stayed with her uncle and family.
The earthquake that stuck Padang meet up Miera with Malik, a surgeon from NGO from Malaysia and it was love at first sight. Miera knows that her heart is for him. But when she knows that Malik is engaged, she tried to cast away her love for him but couldn't. Knowing that she couldn't 'take' Malik away from his fiance (knowing how much Malik loves his fiance), Miera accepted Malik as her friend.

Back in Malaysia, Malik introduced his fiance, Mia and seeing their love for each other, Miera walked off.... until 1 day she saw Mia with another man. For the love of her friendship to Malik and her love to him, she told Malik what she saw but Malik didn't believe her, accusing her of creating conflicts between him and his fiance.

How would you feel if someone you love (and who love you in return) accused you as such?
Would you forgive him? Miera almost didn't!

I gave it 9/10.

And from this novel, now I know a bit of Minang traditions =)

Just a Dream - Nelly

Friday, December 24, 2010

I love this song
but somehow I don't get the video clip, with the hanging and burning of the car and the ring... hmmm


... Singapore and all those Singaporean friends!

For those who don't know this yet, I spent some times in Singapore, living and working there and had the most wonderful experiences in meeting and be friend with wonderful people.

Today, a good friend - my 'team' - from Singapore texted me
and it makes me miss Singapore terribly! *sob*sob*

Ling Li (the girl pictured above with me), thank you for reminding me of our good times together.
Till we meet again, my friend!

My Name - McLean

Nice tunes!

~~It's time to be jolly~~ lalalala~~~

... to my uncles, aunts, cousins, friends, colleagues, blogger pals and everyone who celebrate Christmas out there!

For those who are living in Brunei, enjoy the long public holidays!!!

Dosa Semalam - Adilla Tasha

Sunday, December 19, 2010
My BIGGEST weakness would be BOOKS!
Yesterday, I was saying to myself, "I don't need more books coz I got some books unread."
But of course, when I'm bored I couldn't help it (to buy books)
so I said, "Okay, maybe just 1 or 2"
But then again, I ended up walking out of that bookstore with not 1, not 2 but 3 BOOKS!

Dosa Semalam by Adilla Tasha is one of the 3 books!

The first novel I have from this author and wow! it was awessssooommmmeee!
By the end of the day, 8 hours after I started reading it,
I got fluffy eyes!

A story life of Hanim, the eldest in the family and who helped her father and support her other siblings by working as soon as she finished high school.

On an unfortunate night, she was raped by her own boss, Ariff who left the next day, leaving Hanim pregnant and being discard or disinherit by her family.

Saved by Izan, an old friend from high school, Hanim went to the city and with the supports from Izan and her family and members of Rumah Kasih Sayang, Hanim went through her pregnancy with no regrets although she couldn't deny in one time or another she thought of the father of her baby.

Aidil Arif born without a father by his side and without her husband by Hanim's side but that didn't stop her from raising up her son with the best love and educations a mother can give.

Until 1 day, 6 years after, she met again with Ariff. To quit the job that she had, Hanim didn't want to show Ariff that she's weak but to meet him everyday, she can't either.

Meanwhile for Ariff, meeting Hanim is his biggest aim in life. He tried to search for her 6 years ago but failed and this time he won't let her go again - not after he met a boy who is the exact clone of him!

But with the hurts and the pains Ariff had caused, does Hanim dared to love again?

Oh please! Read it!
At least I'm not the one only left with the puffy eyes LOL!

I gave this novel 9/10!

And the winners are....

Wednesday, December 15, 2010
I was planning to update soon but because I was having my seasonal flu (coughing, sore throat, headache, fever bla bla bla), so I'm kindda left behind (in updating).

Anyway, here it goes.

For The Amazing Race Asia (TARA) 4 as I mentioned before in the other post,
these are the final 3 teams.

And as most of you know by now, the Richards won the race.

Although I would like the father/daughter to win the race and with them having the lead in the final leg of this race, they (or rather the father, Hussein) gave up on the task of crossing the two towers of Marina Bay Sands at the height of 55 floor and took the 4hours penalty and eventually left them the last team (honestly, I think I would give up on that too! I mean, 55 floor high man!) but I gotta salute Michelle for performing that roadblock. She is awesome!!

So, that goes TARA 4!

As for The Amazing Race (US), the final 3 teams are
Nat and Kat, Brooke and Claire and Jill and Thomas.

And from the beginning of the race, I go for all female teams! and gotta say Nat and Kat are my favorite! Why? Coz they never scream at each other (they remind me of the cowboy brothers, Jet and Cord from Season 16).

And I was superduper excited when they won!
Yup! The first ever all-female team to win TAR!
Gosh! It took 17 seasons to make history!

But I gotta say, if Jill and Thomas didn't get a lousy taxi driver,
they might just beat Nat and Kat to the finishing line.
Oh well, they didn't call it amazing race for nothing!

For their post interview, click the link below

Mentioning about the cowboy brothers, do you know that they will be back for next season??

Yup! Season 18 would be The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business(I LIKE!!!)
or shall I call it The Amazing Race All-Stars

The teams that are rumored to be in this upcoming season would be:

1. Kynt and Vyxsin (12)
2. Ron and Christina (12)
3. Amanda and Kris (14)
4. Kisha and Jen (14)
5. Jaime and Cara (14)
6. Margie and Luke (14)
7. Mel and Mike (14)
8. Flight Time and Big Easy (15)
9. Zev and Justin (15)
10. Jet and Cord (16)
11. Gary and Mallory (17)

How true the rumors are, I'm not that sure but 1 thing for certain, I would have a hard time deciding which team I want to win!

I SO BADLY want Jet and Cord to win but I gotta say, with Gary and Mallory, Kisha and Jen, Jamie and Cara, Flight Time and Big Easy; it definitely won't be that easy!

Too bad Brooke and Claire are not in for upcoming season. Rumor has it that Claire is pregnant. I might be wrong!

But TAR Unfinished Business would be super-uber fun!!!


Bits and Pieces, Here and There

Christmas in the air....

Indulging myself...

... with Rock 'n Roll from Lof Bakery
Smacking-licious for my tooth but fattening
but then, do I care? LOL!

Quiet Tuesday

7 months old Baby Zakwan

After missing him terribly for quiet a while now, today I managed to spend some quality time with baby Zakwan.
And look! He has grown some hair ;)


The second last

Wednesday, December 8, 2010
At last!!!
The Harry Potter movies are coming to an end - June 2011 to be exact!
I'm not a big fan of Harry Potter but I watched the first few movies so I feel 'obliged' to finish watching it.
I mean, it's no use watching the 6 movies and missed out the 7th movie and finally the ending, right?
Oh, believe it or not, I even bought the last book.. just to read what's in the end! LOL!

Can't believe it that's it almost coming to an end!
The crew and characters aren't the same anymore...
I still like the first 3 movies...

Gotta Love Them!

I LOVE The Beatles!!!

Finding a new hobby - Scrapbooking

Sunday, December 5, 2010
I need to find a new hobby apart from blogging, reading, watching movies and tv series and all those currently what I had been doing.

Last Friday, while I was roaming around The Mall in Gadong, I found this cool store - Shabby Chic!
It provides all the essential tools and materials that you need for your creative minds!

Previously and currently, I do have scrapbooks but let's just say that there are simple scrapbooks.
But now, I'm trying to be creative and let's see how creative I can be...

So, that night I bought 2 12' x 12' chipboard and 2 Riley Dots Pink Glitter paper
and 2 days later (as in today), they are still remain undisturbed.. haha! I guess my creative mind is not in active yet!

What I have in mind?
I'm trying to DYI by making a book
and I'm learning by looking at a local bookmaker artist, Rozi
She makes the most wonderful books - scrapbooks, journals - and cards for any occasions!
She even conducts classes to teach how to make books and most of her classes are full!
Talk about being talented!
Her blog is definitely worth checking it out!

The simple engineering of spoon and fork....

I'm officially bored hence this nonsense post! LOL
But quiet educational... I think.

Anyway, I found this in my brother's packed meals for army.
It is of course the spoon and fork.

Opening it, I thought it would look like this and that's it...

But after some experimenting, I found out that the ring should be folded and walaaa....
..the results are as follows...

Okay, now it makes sense.... hehe!

Another Day, Another Pictures

Let's just say that Jame 'Asre Mosque is my regular pit stop nowadays...

Haunted Changi

Saturday, December 4, 2010
First and foremost, I'm not sure whether to call this a movie or a documentary.
But all the crews are real and they even use their own names and the director said Haunted Changi (HC) is a documentary.

Changi Hospital is labelled as one of the most haunted places in the world. How true? I'm not really certain.

But this documentary/movie showed the history (the real history) of Changi Hospital and to know more, please click here

Did I scream while watching this movie? Haha..
Not really, just like a small 'aaahh' but not that loud.. LOL

And up till now I was wondering to myself, what happened to the crews presently?
I know Farid (the sound expert) is still alive and healthy, judging from a Singaporean blogger, Noel Boyd but what's up with the rest?
Is Andrew (the director) really died and Audi (the cameraman) is in prison waiting for trial as he murdered Andrew?

Haha! Sorry for the spoiler but then to know what really happened, you gotta watch this movie. It is scary as it contains the real footages of the film but as I said to myself, it's tolerable.

1 thing I'm still wondering though; I used to live in Singapore and worked in hospital settings, how come I didn't hear about Old Changi Hospital before and how could I missed this place? Hmmm...

The Chronicles of Narnia - The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Friday, December 3, 2010
"Live the adventure"
... in 3D!

So this would be the 3rd installment of The Chronicles of Narnia
and it would be my second Narnia experience in the cinema.

I'm not a huge fan of Narnia series but I don't like to be left behind either. LOL!
So, I watched all the movies.

I gave this movie 7/10

Adriana and her cat...

Wednesday, December 1, 2010
Adriana or Nana, as we love to call is my niece.
She's turning 3 tomorrow but her mouth and actions are of that 7-8 years old.
Smart? I would say that and she's loud too. The clone of her aunt? Nah, I don't think so.. LOL!

Anyway, the thing about Nana is that she is so freaking scared of my 2 cats - Hitam and Labut
BUT with her cat, Lala as she called it, she's okay with her.

She even breastfeed the cat!!!

Both pictures are courtesy of my brother, Nana's dad.

December Oh December...

The 12th and the final month of yet another year..
and as the days pass
I am getting busy and more busy
but then ain't that life? =)

Oh! and today, it's my male BFF's 31st birthday!
I would like to wish him a Happy Smashing and Fantasticlicious Birthday!!!!