Thank You Love (again!) =D

Thursday, February 9, 2012

You always caught me by surprise.
I always thought you are predictable
but everytime you proved me wrong.
to which I love...

Everytime I had my bad days,
you are always there to light things up
and whenever I'm in no mood to entertain you,
you give me time and space,
to which I adore and respect you more..

Thank you, Love!!

From Japan with Love

My bf recently had a minor surgery in Japan.
Nearly 2-week stay in the hospital, it still surprise me how he could walk around and bought me a Starbuck tumbler...

But, apart from that, I'm not complaining..

Love it ;)

Novel Review: Buat Yang Tersayang

Buat Yang Tersayang
by Maya Rasyidah
480 pages
Grup Buku Karangkraf Sdn Bhd - Alaf 21

It's kindda funny how's my local dialect being put into typed words. And reading it honestly, for me quiet difficult. In this novel, the heroin came from Labuan, a tax free Malaysian island just off Borneo and in a way, the people there shared few cultures (and language) similar to Brunei.

The day she was born, Syira was pratically engaged with one of her parents' bestfriends's son. I would say Syira was a unique person; she was so good in everything.

Before she further her studies (to become a doctor), her parents had decided to marry her off with her "fiance", known as Airy. Airy, called Syira up and told her his heart was taken by someone else and over the phone, he made few conditions to their arranged marriage. Syira, just accepted it only with 1 condition; to allow her to continue her study.

But with her characters, Airy couldn't help but to fall in love with his own wife but his mind rejected the idea and asked him to be faithful to his "Bunga Angkasa aka Cikgu Ash"; whom he met only twice and without knowing that his "Bunga Angkasa aka Cikgu Ash" was his own wife!

Realisation came a bit late; Airy said something that hurt Syira's feeling; Syira packed her stuffs and continued her study abroad. 2 years, she didn't come home - not to her parents, not to Airy, not to Malaysia.

When Syira eventually came back, she was surprised to see Airy had changed into a very caring, loving person. She only thought of 2 things: Airy had married his "Bunga Angkasa" or he wanted to divorce her. Airy's actions confused her even more but his past behaviours made Syira reluctant to love him as before.
So what would happen between them? What Syira would do when she found out that her competition (for Airy's love), Bunga Angkasa was herself?

Marvelous read!!

My rating: 8/10

Next review: Tuan Rumah Pembantu Rumah by Orkid Edyliyne

Danial's Nikah

Finally, I had the time to upload some pictures from my cousin, Danial Chong's wedding.


Novel Review: Dibius Cinta

Dibius Cinta
by Qash Irdina
466 pages
Fajar Pakeer Sdn Bhd

If Afifah Yusof's Jodoh Kau & Aku is a smooth "novel life" then Dibius Cinta, I would say a very problematic, chiotic novel life.

Cazlin Amalina was considered an orphan left only with her brother; dad disappeared when she was in her mum's womb. Her accidental meetings with Adam Syafiq were not the pleasant. Until one day, when Cazlin's brother, Cazlan Ahmad Hadi, saved Adam Syafiq's mum from a kidnapping. Her brother was shot dead and Puan Sri Saleha, Adam's mum owed her life to Cazlin and made Cazlin her adopted daughter.
But it's hard to keep a grown up man and woman in a home with no ties. To make it easier for the parents, Adam was asked by his mum to marry Cazlin on her "so-called death bed". His love for his mum made Adam agreed eventho' he had a gf, Hana.

As the days passed, Adam was falling more in love with Cazlin and viceversa but Hana made it all haywire! Their marriage was ok for a time but then Hana made sure they were never really happy. Threating Adam's sister, Ayuna, Hana managed to make Cazlin to misscarry.

Episodes by episodes came into their marriage due to Hana, caused by Hana and at one point, everything came out. Cazlin finally met her father, who happened to be Hana's father too! Surprise!!! Hana was diagnosed with brain cancer and her dying wish was to marry Adam.

Would Adam marry Hana? Would Cazlin fight for her love or let her husband go?
I'm not gonna spell it all out here. It's an okay novel but I don't understand why this novel made it as a "best seller". Compared to others, I think it doesn't live up to that stage - just yet.

My rating: 5/10

Next review: Buat Yang Tersayang by Maya Rasyidah

Money Driven Hobby

"What's your hobby?", a colleague asked me recently.
My answer would be a lot but the one on top of that "a lot" would definitely be books, as most of you would guess.
I would spend endlessly for books and it's something I couldn't control.

"So what's yours?" I asked him back and guess what he said.
Two words...
"Bank notes"
and I was shocked when he showed me his collections.

He has 15 Bank Notes book collection with bank notes from around 88 countries all over the world and some dated back in the 1920's
that's what I would call passion

I only managed to snap 2 of the banknotes - the French!
I don't know why but I love the French currencies..

January Weddings

Wednesday, February 1, 2012
First and foremost,
I would like to apologize to my old mate, Tina for not being able to attend her wedding, 
which was held on 1st January - 01/01/2012
Congratulations and the very best of happiness to both you and your husband.

Second wedding,
I managed to crash into her glamorous (so many Pehins and Datins) wedding last 23rd January!

Congratulations Siti and Afi!

And the last wedding I attended for January was my cousin's, Danial Chong.
If you guys remembered, he is the one who converted Islam last October.

 the nikah

the sanding

Congratulations to cousin, Danial and wife.
To the bride, welcome to our rojak family ;)

p.s. pictures from Danial's nikah and wedding days would be posted soon... 

Novel Review: Tiada Dua

Tiada Dua
by Nurfaza Alisya
634 pages
Fajar Pakeer Sdn Bhd

When an accident occured between Nurin Syakirah and Faizal Faiz, Faizal knew it was love at first sight but Nurin who dislike and uncomfortable with Faizal's  attitude, lied and told she was married. Faizal let her go coz for him, a married woman was simply not his type.

Their second accidental meeting came Nurin was running away from an ex-boyfriend, Shamsul. Faizal saved her from falling down the stairs. Nurin was speechless upon realising that Faizal was the one who saved her (coz her heart skipped few beats) and Shamsul took the advantages to comfort her. Assuming that Shamsul was Nurin's husband (due to their intimacy), Faizal was shocked when he found out that his parents had arranged a marriage between him and Nurin!! With a negative attitude towards Nurin, thinking that she had an affair with Shamsul, Faizal promised not to touch Nurin and they would only pretend to be a loving couple.

As the days passed, Shamsul kept on chasing after Nurin, which made her relationship with Faizal worsen. Jasmin, Shamsul's wife and Nurin's roomate (in university) was furious when she found out that Shamsul is still in love with Nurin. Norsiah, Shamsul''s cousin and Faizal's ex-girlfriend, who was divorced came back and was hoping to get Faizal's love back. Datuk Mahadi and Datin Sofia, Shamsul's adopted parents kept on looking for their long lost real-son. Zarif, who lost Adibah, changed the moment he saw Nurin.

How all these people eventually meet up with each other?

From a reader to another reader, this is a must read novel! It took me a day to finish it... just because I'm very impatient to know the ending... LOL!; although I did skip to the last few pages just to know the ending even before I reach there.

BUT... aha! there is a ... BUT...!

Althought the storyline impresses me, the editing does NOT! I did check and the book I own happens to be the 1st publication. I don't know whether they have a lousy editor or this novel is never being edited at all! There are SO MANY spell mistakes, words missing, sentences jumble up... bla bla bla..

Luckily I'm a person with imagination (LOL!) and I had read too much novels to know (more or less) what the author tries to explain. But all in all, I'm really disappointed with the editing. I do hope the publisher and the editor would try their very best to minimise the editing errors in the next publications. I mean, this novel has the potential to be BIG!

My rating: 6/ 10 (it would be a lot higher if not for the editing errors) *BIG SIGH*

Next review: Dibius Cinta by Qash Irdina