Me and Medications

Sunday, August 30, 2009
I have to say that eventhough m working in the medical field, I am the worst patient ever, I guess. Coz m suck at taking medications. For me, I will only take medications if it's really really that bad. M not that type of person who take medication everytime I have a slight headache, pain bla bla bla. M only strict on one medication so far, that's loratadine. I had to take this everyday to minimize the occurance of my sinusitis or I would have leaky, runny nose for days which is very very uncomfortable!

With loratadine, I rarely get sick! It cures my nose, hence I don't suffer anything that associate with the ENT (ear, nose and throat). Of course, once in a while I had to take antibiotics whenever I had any infections and EVERYTIME, I never finish the course of my antibiotics! Haha! And suprisingly, my job is to tell patients to finish their antibiotics course! Everytime, m given with any antibiotics, I never finished it mainly because I felt better after 2-3 days after taking it so no use of completing the 5-day course, right? Well, it's wrong!

Now, m struggling very very hard to finish my course of antiviral, Tamiflu! This time, my flu is stubborn. It's my 3rd day and so far, m not feeling any better yet! My fever on and off and I took the paracetamol strictly every 6 hours already but still it doesn't relieve my fever! My headache also on and off. M left with 5 capsules of the Tamiflu and my last dosage would be Wednesday morning! M trying my very best to be a compliance patient mainly because I dislike being sick! And hopefully, I will succeed, insyaAllah!

Sick All Over Again!

Saturday, August 29, 2009
I always consider myself strong. I rarely take any MC but this month alone, I got 2 MCs equivalent to 4 days. I was not feeling that well last Thursday night. My sinusitis came back and I got my sore throat - the soarest ever! To gulp my own salive was a struggle. Friday am, I took some panadol for my headache and some antihistamine for me runny, blocked nose (m 'onleave', f you get what I meant!). By 6pm, my fever is shotting hi! My parents got worried and asked my brothers to bring me to the clinic. Told them, I just need my rest and will be okay the next day (m too lazy to register myself to the clinic, too sick to go anywhere and m a sucker at taking medications!).

Arrived at the clinic around 7.30pm after being forced by my parents and 3 brothers. Temperature 37.2 (not that bad jua tuuu!). The doctor just wanted to make sure m free from the flu so she took a sample of my saliva, using a cotton swab which she took from the insides of my throat (which makes me gag!), gave me Tamiflu and other medications and a 3-day MC!

How m feeling now?? Hang!! Haha! Seriously, my head kindda spinning, my throat still painful and my nose...hmmm..nda payah cakap! M taking all those Streptsil and Woods' lozenges just to relief that pain. Couldn't stand it!!!!

Another Long Weekend, Another Duty!

Just before the fasting month started, I was on long public holiday duty as in working from 2pm till 11pm and guess what? There would be another long weekend public holiday coming up next week, sempena Nuzul Al-Quran and my name listed again! WTF??? <-------- the expression my bff likes to use!

So, I would be working again. This time would be from 2-5pm then continue again at 7-11pm. Wah! Nasib badan eh! I just hope that after I come back from my leave, I won't have any duty waiting for me! HMmmm.....

Ucapkan Kau Rindu

The 2nd novel by Murni Aqila after Sebutlah Namaku. Love this book! Suspense, fun, sad and happy all roll into 1. I never thought I would cry reading another novel after Andai Itu Tarkdirnya and Cinta Kau dan Aku by Siti Rosmizah but this novel, it makes me to shed tears till the end.

I'm not that good character of judgment of novelist and all but I think after Sebutlah Namaku, this author had improved very well...Keep up the good work! M looking forward to her new novels...

Bila Ada Rindu

A novel by Emma Maizura. This would be the 3rd novel that I had read by the same author after Tiada Noktah Cinta and Ada Cinta di Hati. I like the first 2 novels and I managed to finish this 3rd novel earlier this week.

The story is about Nur Dalyla, a lady who is born out of wedlock (rape case), without her knowing and being adopted by 2 wonderful parents. Her life is as beautiful as anyone would expect until she was forced into marriage by her parents to her own cousin just to cover about her situation. Entered Eirel Iskandar (I love the name!). The story started to get interesting when Eirel likes Dalyla but his parents didn't like Dalyla merely because of her status.

It is a nice story, a must read book. It somehow put you in Dalyla's shoes. How it feels to know that your parents are not your real parents. And to know the truth about your life is just too painful. I don't know how anyone can survive those ordeals. Besides no one (i'm very sure of this) wants to know that they are 'anak luar nikah' (child out of wedlock) and people, particularly Malay people will give you 'that' look!

Updates On My Reading

Wednesday, August 26, 2009
My review of this book, I will post soon, InsyaAllah


Don't ask me why? *guilty face*



You Got Mail(s)

M not talking about the Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan movie. M talking about letters. Don't you just love the old fashion method of communication (writing letters I mean, not knocking bottles..haha).

12 years back, I was in this penpal program and from there, I managed to get few penpals. I got several from the neighbouring country - Malaysia, 1 from Hong Kong and 1 from Cyprus. And as I grew older and getting to know the world and internet (haha!), I have/had a friend from Lebanon. But somehow, I changed, I think. Coz after 2001, I stopped writing and the letters stopped arriving! Well, I thought it's them who had changed and forget me but then I realised that if 1 of them stopped writing, it might be his/her side that changed. But when I didn't received any letters from any of my penpal, I know that m the 1 to be blamed. It is me who stopped writing.

What made me to open up this story? Hmmm....I was practically wasting my time last night, trying to clear off my bedroom and sorting out all the junks when I came across bundles and bundles of letters from all my various penpals and believe it o not, I re-read the whole letters (from 7 different people around the world!). And honestly, I still couldn't find the answer m looking for - what made me stopped writing to them?? Maybe I was buzy with my life? I don't know actually!

Of all these penpals, I was close with 2 people - Nor from Malaysia and Dona from Lebanon. Both of them had their own special place in my life. And sometimes you wonder how come you can be so close with someone you never meet in your whole life and how life changed so quickly. 1 moment, you are so close with them and the next, you don't know what had been happening in their life. I managed to get in touch with Nor again. Syukur Alhamdulilah. For the past 7 years we didn't keep in touch, a lot of things had happened to her. She graduated from the uni and now a lawyer, got married, divorced and had a child. And somehow, I feel so sad for not being there for her. We used to be close and now, we were like strangers, trying to get to know each other again!

As for Dona, m still trying to find her! InsyaAllah! With Dona, she is not my penpal. I knew her from one of the groups in Yahoo!. And to know someone from Beirut is something that I never think of before. We were different in so many ways - religions, background, age but we were connected thru 1 main interest (better leave the interest unspoken..hehe!). And despite all those, we were close.....

Aaaahhh...m just missing the old days, I guess. Simple gestures can bring out some many hidden memories...

Meaningful Ramadhan

Ramadhan has so many meaningful thing to offer, in term of religion-wise and work-wise! Ramadhan is one of the ways for us, mere human, to seek forgiveness from Allah Almighty. You would be surprise on some things that you never thought before. Oh well, I don't know about you peeps but for me, it's like kindda a new year, where I have all those new resolutions and planning to stick with it. In simple Malay word, it would be 'taubat'. Funny things, I don't have any new resolutions during the New Year or Ma'al Hijrah. My 'new year' is always the Ramdhan. Weird but true! Wanna know what would be my greatest dream come thru? To celebrate the whole month of Ramadhan in Mecca...insyaAllah!

It's the 3rd day of working during this month of Ramadhan. And I just LOVEEE working during Ramadhan - starts at 8am and ends at 2pm (well, the latest for me would be 2.45pm). But anyway, I love the working hours! Don't you just wish that everyday is Ramadhan. I think I can survive it...hehe! I got nothing to complain about working during Ramadhan. Well, sometimes I complained about the weather but one of my resolutions is not to complain about the weather too much! Just embrace whatever the weather is and just be grateful that m alive, breathing in the wonderful air and weather *dramatic mood*

Wigan vs. Man Utd

Okay! The weekend is over and so does the game. And yes, Wigan lost to Man Utd and up till now my brothers haven't stop teasing me yet about converting back to Man Utd. But the heart stays strong and I'm still sticking up with Wigan (for now..anyway)!

Family Feast!

Thursday, August 20, 2009
Two weekends ago, my dad's siblings and their families gathered together for the cemetery cleaning followed by tahlil and makan-makan. I planned to go to the cemetery wit my 4 other brothers but considering that I woke up late that morning (don't ask why?) with a terrible headache, so I skip the cemetery cleaning. Besides when I asked everyone (the uncles, the aunts and the cousins), none of them saying that any female is going. Bida jua m the only female around.

Went to my Aunt Jinah's place around 9.30am w mum and only Aunt Sinah was there. Helped out a bit, played wit my cousins, sadar nda sadar, all the guys came back from the cemetery already and ready to eat! I got no time to go back to my place and change my cloth. Hence m bertahlil and mbaca yassin wearing my pants and t-shirt *hahaha*

P.s. Sorry, no captions for the pix! M too tired ngusai2. The pix upload took agessss...


Brunei will start fasting on Saturday! Happy fasting everyone! Before the fasting month begins, I would like to apologize to anyone I hurt; that I might hurt; I offend; I laugh at; I scolded at; I gossiped at *haha*...but seriously! Minta maaf so that I can go thru' this Ramadhan peacefully...

Me and my Fasting

Ramadhan is just around the corner and today, Alhamdulilah, after all the 'things' and 'stuffs' that I had to endure *dramatic labih* at last, I finished to pay off my debt. Yay!! *widest grin* For me, it's not that hard to fast when everyone is not. True, the temptations were ter....trust me! it's always ter but I managed to tahan my nafsu, amarah and all and got thru' the day. The best thing about fasting when everyone is not is that I got treated more often. My parents spoilt me rotten! Out of the 6 days I was fasting, my parents treated me to sungkai out 4 out of the 6 days *grinning* Bless my parents!

1 good thing coming from fasting (that almost all of us know) is that you tend to be more patience, less talking...basically, controlling yourself and I'm proud to say that I control most of my feelings and anger very well...haha!

Convert Team

Okay, let me get this straight! Starting this season of English Premier League, I am not longer a Manchester United fan! M serious nie! The reason - m just getting bored wit the team. I don't know why. Maybe it's just the players! I used to be a HUGE Manchester United fan. I watched every game, I bought every magz (just to update myself) and boo-ed the opposite team but now, no more!

From now on, m the supporter of Wigan Athletics Football Club! Laugh all you want people, I don't care. I know at the moment they are not in the top 10 of the table and most probably will never be but m supporting them for their hard work and determination. They had come a long way and now, 11th on the table is not that bad! My brothers laughed at me when they know I switched team but when they heard my reasons, they kept quiet. So, anyone out there wanna mock me for choosing a team from the lower part of the table, go ahead!

Wigan! Wigan! Wigan! *hahahaha* Now I need to buy the jersey!


Backstreet Boys, Boyzone, Caught in the Act, 911, New Kids on the Block, The Moffats, Hanson - those are some of the boybands during the good ol' days. M not saying that m getting that old *in denial* but come to think about it, they come and go so fast and now, you were wondering where the heck is everyone!!!

My favourite of all I have to say the Backstreet Boys. Haha! Which girl didn't? But they are at the same place as Michael Learns to Rock in my heart =) Loveeeee the Danish boys! hehe!


Friday, August 14, 2009
For the last few months, my parents noticed that there were some birds - acangs and pipits hovering over our yard so my dad decided to feed them and it had been the birds routine to get down from the roof every now and then to eat. This afternoon, my dad was buzy so I went out to feed them. Bro Andy said they were quiet jinak. 1 time, he held the food in his hand and all the birds fed from his hand (mcm in Talfagar Square plang rasanya, katanya...haha) but the minus point, sakit kali ah kana patuk...hahaha!


QCCS Day / Workshop

QCCS stands for Quality Customer Care Service and that's what I had been attending, listening and participating the whole day today along with some colleagues from Tutong, KB and Temburong. Started at 8ish am with a lecture about customer care, telephone skills then we had our role play. Divided into pairs hence we were divided into 10 pairs. Lucikly my partner is someone I get along with (if you know what I meant!). After our role play, lecture continued about handling customer complaints (duh!) and we were divided again to 4 groups o 5. Unfortunately for me, my team members are okay plng (udah atu!) ganya m not really kamcing with them, well, except for c-Tina la. Hahaha! Then we were off for the Jum'at prayer and lunch break. I didn't go home though so me, Tina, Ummi and Ka Jah Zir went out lunch together at Stadium Restaurant. From there, we still got time to spare, so we went to Hua Ho Manggis Mall. Ish! Rambang mataku eh masuk ke Charles and Keith! My hands are itching to get that purse...haha! Sabar dulu iantie!

Came back to the HPC 5 minutes to 2pm. Then we were asked to get together again with our team members to present our cases. It was interesting though. Another lecture then we went for a very interesting activity (I like!!!) - Blindman activity. A member from each team had to be blindfolded and the rest of the members had to guide the blindfolded member to pick up balls. Balls were scattered around the HPC foyer and each team must have their own codes. Hehe! It is fun eventhough my team only managed to get 4 balls...hahaha!