"What Do You Really Want?"

Friday, August 31, 2007
No, it's not for my upcoming birthday or anything - btw, my birthday is in October *wink*wink*. It's a question by a male friend of mine, asking me what do I look in a guy?

We chatted thru' the MSN 2 nights ago and I told him that there is this guy who fancy me but somehow I just can't aceept him more than friend. He asked me whether the guy is goodlooking and I said yes. Does he has a job? And the answer is yes. Is he good, nice? And the answer is also yes. Then he asked me, "Then what do you really want in a guy?"

Honestly, I don't know what I want in a guy.And obviously this guy (who fancied me) willing to wait for years for me to openup my heart to him but somehow I don't have that feeling for him. I think I will know once I have him....once I know how to fall in love....

Fruit Season

Everywhere I go, I would see some people selling some local fruits, the favourite is the durian(s?). I'm not a big fan of durian mainly because I couldn't stand the smell. Durian, I'm sure that most of your guys out there know has a very strong, sticky smell. But it's everyone favourite because of the taste. I had to admit it had a very rare taste and I only will eat once in every fruit season...not everytime!

My favourite local fruit have to be the rambutan. And on my way home today, I saw 2 vendors selling the rambutan by the sides of the road. Didn't stop by though coz I don't feel like eating it. Furthermore, I tend to keep 'healthy' for the upcoming Ramadhan, InsyaAllah.

Pre Fasting

I managed to complete my fasting yesterday. Well, my first day actuallynya. It's part of paying my last year's debt. And with 2 more weeks going for Ramadhan, InsyaAllah, I think I can complete the whole debt....

It was quiet ok, actuallynya. I woke up for sahur around 4.15am and had my subuh prayer; ironed some of my clothes and by the time I'm done, it's time to go to work. It was quiet buzy at work that I got no time to think about my tummy. Lunchhour, I fetched my brothers from school, had my prayer then head back to work. By the time I'm back home around 5pm, had my shower, my prayer and it's time to break fast already! See, time just fly by when you don't think about it....I think I'm ready for Ramadhan..InsyaAllah

So Long....

Wednesday, August 29, 2007
September is coming in just few days and followed by the Ramadhan. A colleague asked me this afternoon what I had achieved in a year; from last Ramadhan up till this coming Ramadhan?

Funny how people always ask that question for every new year but no one ever asked me what had I achieved in a year from Ramadhan to Ramadhan. It took me a while to answer him 'coz I never thought that I need to answer that question so soon (I was planning to answer that question when the new year comes!).

So, what had any of you had achieved? Everything great, I hope! What had I achieved? I was heartbroken before and earlier this year, I promised myself that I will 'get rid' of him, move on with my life and just be who I am. And Alhamdulilah, so far, I managed to keep my distance from him and I rarely think about him ('coz my work and other things keep me occupied). I shall say that's one of my achievements considering that this guy broke my heart that most of the times I said to myself that I will never love again, won't be able to love again. But Alhamdulillah, I get up, move on and here I am, still NOT in love, no more tears and content...not happy, not sad but just okay!

Other achievements? There are some but nothing major that gives an impact to my life as the one I mentioned above but InsyaAllah, I will jotted it down...

So long August...it's been an experience. September, bring your best...

Weekend's post

It's Raining was supposed to be posted last Sunday but somehow I got a problem with my internet connection and only now I managed to log in again, so there it goes....

It's Raining...

My prediction was right. It was raining today hence we have a rainy weekend in Brunei. When I woke up this morning for my oncall duty, the sun was shining and I was hoping for a clear, sunny day. But when I came home around 1am, it was starting to drizzle and heavy downpour follows soon after that and it's still drizzling at the moment.

I hope next Sunday it won't be raining nor hot either..hehe..demanding lagi tu! But I have a reason. My cousin is getting married next weekend and me, as a relative automatically listed as the penyambut tetamu and I don't fancy myself standing under the hot weather once again...hmmm....

And InsyaAllah, I will start my fasting this Wednesday. I planned to do this week but as I was 'onleave' so I guess I will start this Wednesday..

What else? Oh yea, speaking of my cuz's wedding, that reminds me that I need to fetch my dress from my tailor. The whole family planning on the same kain already and speaking of the wedding, I will be working too that day, from 2pm till 9pm! I know!! It happened yesterday, the September roaster just came out and guess what, I was listed to be working on the 16th September and it's already fasting month somemore!!! By lunchtime, a colleague of mine called me up and asked whether I am willing to exchange my duty with his - his will be on the 2nd September! Me, being me, just want to escape the fasting month duty, readily agreed without remembering that it's my cousin's wedding!!! I know!!! I am a very terrible cousin! Cousin sendiri kawin pun nda ingat...hmmm. So, 1st thing I wanna do tomorrow is check the roaster again and see who's working this Friday. But then my cousin's nikah is this Friday..hmm..payah eh! Either I don't come during the nikah (erkz!) or I leave early during the bersanding (erkz! too). How ah?! My aunt ani pun di call how many times nda pandai berjawab.....


Saturday, August 25, 2007
I bought this Insight Guide - Laos and Cambodia while I was in KL. Coz I'm planning to go to Cambodia for my next vacation. Don't know when it will be but I'm planning for next year, InsyaAllah! And only now I managed to read that book...

After reading the novel Bunga Bunga Kemboja by Aina Emir, I memorized some of the places from the novel. The place that I remembered most from the novel is The Killing Field and from the Insight Guide, I read all the details about the Killing Field.

When I read the Bunga Bunga Kemboja novel,the writer, Aina Emir wrote the details of the place that I felt that I was there, at The Killing Field in Cambodia. Somehow I can see the lost of nearly 2-3 millions Cambodians. Can you imagine?! 3 millions Cambodians? If it's in Brunei (nauzubillah...), it will definitly wipe the whole population of Brunei. Some part of me doesn't want to go there coz then I will be seeing the millions death of innocent people (which is not something to look forward to) but some part of me desperatly want to visit and tour the one and nearest wonders of the world - The Angkor!

Rainy Weekend (?)

I washed my car yesterday and today, it is rainig. From lunchhour till the time for me to go home. And man, the road home is so hectic. I thought it was because of the rain but once I approached the Kiulap roundabout, laaa...rupa-rupanya ada accident. No wonder it was jammed.

Tomorrow is my last day of oncall. Yup! I'm working on the weekend too..what to do? But on Monday, I will be back to my usual workplace! Hopefully nda ramai patients as payday is approaching and everyone has better things to do rather than going to the clinics....but I bet there are some will come and ask for MC to do some shopping..hehehe

2 more days....

Friday, August 24, 2007
..to go and I will officially complete my oncall for this year. Coming to the 5th day, I have to say that it's okay. So far, I got 2 calls, 1 from SICU and another from ward 6. I don't know about tonight and these coming 2 days considering that it's weekend and all. Let's just see about that.

Time Wait for No One!!!

Thursday, August 23, 2007
It's something that everyone knows that time will never wait for anyone, no matter who you are, where you are and what you are!

For me, I am that type of person like to take things easy - well, apart from my work! I NEVER take my work easy 'coz I am part of the team that deals with other people's lives, so I never take my work easy. I guess because I am so strict with myself about work that I like to take other things for granted!

Everytime there are another errands or tasks need to be done, I would say to myself, "Relax...relax". And that's exactly what I would do. Tasks that has no deadlines, I would take it easy but I ALWAYS finished it eventually, just a matter of when. It's kindda a bad habit actually but somehow I don't know what to do. I don't want to be so serious about life that everything have to be done there and then! It's sounds so stressful, don't you think? Somehow I'm just not that type of person...

I guess that's why I always unlucky in love! Hahaha! Now we are coming to the point of my blog..hehe! In a relationship, I always take it easy; too pushy, the guy will head to another direction! 2 interesting truth that I want to share with you guys (whoever interested reading this blog).

I know a guy, lets called him A - duh! typical!! Haha. Anyway, I had known A for.....6 years but we lost contact until 2 years ago. He was in a troubled relationship and after some advices (good and reasonable advices, mind you!), he broke off with his gf. I fancy him long time ago and I said to myself, "Hey, this is my chance to commute from friendship to relationship" but I hold myself back coz I THOUGHT that he would need time to collect himself. We do keep in touch after that but 2 months after the breakup, he is with another girl until presently!! Well, there went my golden opportunity..

Recently, I know another guy, B. He is quiet nice and the shy type. Considering that we know each other professionaly, there are some distance between what we share. But I did told him that I like him and want to be his friend (doesn't every relationship starts with friendship?). Anyway, we were being 'friends' for 2 months and a month ago, his messages were very rare and recently none at all. I don't bother that much 'coz I know how busy his job is and all. But earlier this week, I found out that he is going out with a colleague of mine!!! Yup!! I was dumbstruck when a male colleague (he knows that I know B) told me.

Feelings?? I don't know what to feel. I have to admit that it's kindda hurt but I survived once (with A), so I know that I would survive the rest. But would I? Sometimes things just so unbearable that I cried at night for nothing! Geeezzzz, I got so many tears that I need to get rid of them...hahaha...

Regrets?? Sure, I have lots of it!! Trust me, I got so many regrets that will last me the rest of my lifetime! and it keeps on pilling up! Once I regret for something, I ponder upon it, cried for it, sleep on it and next day, I forget about it and start new life...

But, seriously, when you thought that you are giving chances for the others to know you better, somehow in the end you are left where you started - hoping for something you can't sure of....

So Far...

Tuesday, August 21, 2007
My life so far, okay, hectic, tiring but okay; didn't complain much.

My oncall - now is coming to the end of 2nd day and the coming the start of 3rd day - okay, I guess. Tiring also! Walk here and there and my feets ached!!

My trip...believe it or not. It had been a long time I didn't go to work early! My usual workplace is just 3KM from my home so usually I took off from home around 7.25am - 7.30am but starting yesterday, I took off from home 6.30am!! For 2 important reasons:
1. Traffic early in the morning leading to RIPAS is busy..sometimes you will be experiencing 'Snail pace' (coz it's proven that turtles are quite fast - well, my turtles are..hehe!).
2. Parking in RIPAS is almost impossible after 7am!!! Yup! Unfortunately for us, we don't have the privileges as the doctors and other officers. So, you have to make do with what's available...
Trip back home is more hectic than going early morning! Traffic jam everywhere. Experiencing the madness once in awhile, I don't mind but everyday, HELP ME!!! or rather KILL ME!!! haha!! No lah, traffic in Brunei is not that bad compared to other Asian countries but with fatigue and exhaustion, it could be a suffering to be stuck in the traffic..hehe..

My lunchhour - Boring!! I mananged to settle everything by 12.20pm...did this and that, I can only go to the canteen after 12.30pm and by that it's way too crowded and I don't feel like eating alone. So I packed my lunch and ended eating in the kitchen. Few minutes to kill, luckily I bring my laptop, I played games. Unfortunately, I'm 'bercuti', so I can't spend my times in the Surau...

So, that's my life as an oncall person so far...quiet fun! New things to learn everyday and yea, it's not that bad as I always thought (or am I judging too soon)...Hmmmm..just wait and see for the updates!!!

Bunga Bunga Kemboja by Aina Emir

Saturday, August 18, 2007
I tried not to miss reading her novels and when I did read her novels, I always fall in love with it (the novel, I mean). And for the last few days (another reason I didn't update my blog), I was reading one of her novels (the latest, I think), Bunga Bunga Kemboja or in English would be, Jasmine flowers (I think, hehe)!

This afternoon, I managed to finish it. And I have to say that I'm quiet satisfied with the story lineup! Although some of the times I want to knock the characters' head (or rather the writer's head -shhhhuussshhhh..hehehe) but in the end, it's okay..I like happy ending. Believe it or not, I am that childish when it comes to novels. After reading few pages and when I already picked my favourite characters, I always take a peek at the last pages of the novels.Yea yea, I know I'm cheating but I couldn't help it...

Bunga Bunga Kemboja by Aina Emir. It's a story about this Cambodian-Malaysian lady and a Malaysia man. To help the lady, the man, Nabil (I like that name!), willing to marry her just to guide her through life...

I really cannot expain the details but the best way to enjoy the novel is by reading it...

Less 1, Gain 2

Sunday, August 12, 2007
What I meant by that is that today, I had less one single friend but I had gain one married couple...hehe! Well, lose 1, gain 2, should be better, right? But I can't help this feeling of someone 'taken' away from me...

I had known Hjh Maz eversince I moved to the lonely town of Muara. And from her, I know the meaning of best friends! Yea, I have to say that she is my childhood best buddy coz I know her more than 17 years already while my current bestbuddy, Hjh DD, I had known her for the last 10 years.

Eventhough now me and Hjh Maz not that close as we used to be, but we still keep in touch. We hang out when we had the times and shared what we had been through and man! don't we shared a lot (LOL!!!). She knows all my childhood crushes and all those men (or rather boys back then) we had come across during our younger days....and today, she is officially someone's wife...

And she is the last of my childhood friend that got married! When we were in the religious school, there were always 5 of us - me, dayah, hjh maz, nas and feedah. Everywhere we went, there were always 5 girls and guess what? All of them are married! Well, except for me. It doen't come as a suprise to me coz I'm the youngest of all 5 but I have to say, it's kindda a bit lonely now. My bestbuddy, Hjh DD is engaged and the rest of my friends from college are married...Hmmm...

But, Selamat Pengantin Baru for my childhood bestbuddy Hjh Maziah and her hubby...semoga berkekalan hingga ke akhir hayat...AMIN!!!

-Me, Hjh Maziah, Dayah - 2 years ago @Nastalina's Wedding -

- Dayah, Hjh Maziah, Me - today @her wedding -


Proud Owner of.....

...the latest JK Rowling's Harry Potter book! Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Yea! I know, many people had finished reading it by this time but hey, nevermind..hehe.

Honestly, I'm not a big fan of Harry Potter series - books, I mean. I prefer to watch the movies and that's it. But I made an exception for this one coz as they said, this is the last JK Rowling writing on Harry and there will be no more movie about Harry Potter so I guess this book is worth it. I haven't start reading it yet but when I do, I will comment on it!

Trip To The 'Land Below The Wind'

....or in malay, Negeri di bawah bayu..I like the malay version better..hehe.

I couldn't remember when the last time I went to Kota Kinabalu or KK for short! I think it must be like 4-5 years ago...yea! I think so. Coz as I remember, ever since I got a job, I rarely go on holiday or had the chance for any roadtrip..

So when my dad made a plan for a short roadtrip to KK, I just tagged along, mainly because I had nothing planned for the long weekend and I pity my dad. He is not feeling well, with flu,cough and all so it's better I came along and helped him drive. We agreed that he would drive to KK while I would drive back to Brunei considering that I couldn't remember the road to KK eventhough the last time I went there, I drove separate car.

On the way to KK, it's was quiet fun. I mean, there are certain things that had changed and to see Sabah developing is quiet interesting. New buliding rises and also there are some familiar places. Considering that we had to attend 2 separate weddings today, we decided to stay 2 days only in KK and we killed the time by 'touring' the new shopping lots..hehe...

Previously, we always made time to go to the Kinabalu Park but this time, we skipped the trip. And considering that my last year resolution to hike the Mt Kinabalu is not achieved yet so I decided to do it next year when my brother, Andy finished his army recruit and we can go together. He climbed the Mt Kinabalu alone last time and made it without a guide (Seriously! - the guide had to escort my uncle and 2 little cousins back to the cabin when they couldn't make it), so I'm waiting for my bro and tag him along...

On the way home, it was so tiring! Not only the temperature is hot and there were long ques everywhere!!! We stopped by at my Pops's (grandma in chinese) place in Temburong and after some chit chat and eating-durian-session, we hit the road again. Tedungan immigration Limbang - Brunei, fewwwhhh, the que was so unbelievable! I think we were stuck around 1 hour and when we came home, I was so drop dead tired that I took my bath and hit the bed.....

Majlis Ilmu Exhibition

Tuesday, August 7, 2007
Majlis Ilmu exhibition is currently opened to the public until the 19th August (if I'm not mistaken) at the ICC, Berakas.

I haven't been there so yesterday afternoon, I brought my 2 younger brothers, Faiz and Muiz to the exhibition. We arrived at the ICC around 2.15pm and the parking is nearly fulled. We managed to get a parking near the South Enterance and we took our times viewing the exhibitions but all the exhibitions hall are fulled that it's quiet hard to view things properly and at leisure.

The major attraction of the Majlis Ilmu, I have to say is where they exhibits the artifacts that some people took for granted and use it bertentangan dengan Islam..something like that la..kurafat and leads to syirik. Me and my bro, Faiz managed to snap some photos using our HPs.

Tasbih yang mengandungi gambar Ka'abah (but I couldn't find the picture of Ka'abah)

Azimat Pedang & Cincin

Apart from that, they also exhibits the rise of Islam in Brunei, what Brunei had achieved and another hall that attracts me is the Planetrium Hall. Well, from the name you can guess it's a hall showing the planet and the solar system in accordance to Islam. Although astronomy is one of my interests but somehow I just couldn't catch (or fully understand) this exhibition coz all of them are in Malay (what??!!). Hey! It's not that I'm not good in malay nor I'm that good in English but to study the astronomy in Malay, please send me back to primary...hehehe


Trip to the vet (well...almost!) - Part 2

Saturday was supposed to be Jojo's - my female rabbit - appointment with the vet but considering that I couldn't take any off day last Saturday, so I decided to take her to vet for her appointment yesterday - Monday!

I fed then around 8am and they finish their breakfast around 8.30am (yup! it took them that long) and I was waiting patiently ourside their 'house' with my petcaddy nearby. I tried to lure Jojo out but somehow, KC - my male rabbit - was the one who 'love' me more hence acknowledging my presence compared to Jojo!!

Whenever I managed to catch Jojo, she would scratch, scratch and scratch until I had no other option then to let her go and when I did, my hands are filled with her fur (shows you how hard she struggled just to escape me).

After few minutes, I let her roamed around her 'house' when there were times, I think she purposely teasing me where she would look at me, to see whether I'm still around and to see what I was doing..
Lampuh as always, guarding the 2 rabbits from any harm and my petcaddy ready for its occupant

Jojo sniffing on her empty tray - just to avoid "confrontation"

"How can I escape her ah?" must what Jojo had in mind

"Can you catch me now?" - Jojo getting further away from me...Humph!!

Jojo playing hide-and-seek with me
Tired from all those "chasing", Jojo stopped for a drink but I don't have the heart to catch her then
KC just watching what we were up to...so cool KC is..hehe

Looks like conspirancy in the making...

I tried to get her into the petcaddy but somehow, I'm defeated by her struggles. There is no giving up in my dictionary especially if it involved an animal - a pet, no less - but after 30 minutes trying to lure her into the petcaddy with no success, I gave up!!! I txted my best mate to ask Dr D whether it's ok for me not to bring Jojo for her appointment and Dr D said, it's ok and just bring her if she shows the same symptoms again!

"What? No more 'chasing'?" - Jojo getting relax after the "chasing" stopped!

"Ahh..can relax now"

Fewh...with that, I'm done with her (for yesterday) and just to waste my time, I went to Gadong and did some DVD/CD shopping..hehehe...


Starting of.....Restless Nights!!! (Yawnnnn..)

OK! Before I start my Bones series marathon, I think it's better I update my blogs while I can. Coz I tend to watch Bones episodes after episodes until finally I can fell asleep.

Officially, last Sunday night starting at 8pm, the Berjaga-jaga ceremony for my neighbour's son wedding had started and when I came home that night from my duty, they were having karoake. And luckily for them that night, I couldn't sleep and only managed to fell asleep around 1am!

But last night, I was so exhausted by the day activities (check my blog entries) that I just want to sleep early and be refreshed in the morning (aka today). But no hope for beauty sleep!!!

Considering that I'm sleep in my room on the ground floor hence nearest to my neighbour, I can still hear the background music and them singing until God-knows-what-time! But it's sure after 12 mindnight coz I FORCED myself to sleep with my iPod earpiece stuck to my ear! I rarely sleep with the music (of iPod) on coz I prefers to sleep quietly but when I couldn't sleep, then I'm looking for my iPod (oh yea! that reminds me to update my iPod library, the songs there are soooo 'old school' hahaha).

This morning, I woke up a bit late and a bit cranky - just a bit..Hah! yea right! Man! I don't know if I can survive another 6 days with all these with less sleep...Hmmmm...


KuDamba Bahagia

Sunday, August 5, 2007

The first novel by Dhiya Zafira and I managed to finish it in 6 hours!! Fewwwhhh..that's a record! It's quiet and interesting story lineup...

Simple misunderstanding can leave you miserable.....

Interesting Blogs

If you noticed, I just added some links to another blogs - other people's blogs that is. I was surfing the net when I came across some of my favourite malay novel writers and I'm still looking for some writers' blogs. It's interesting to know what this writers are going through in their lives and sometimes you realised, their life is just the same as any of us...

Anyhow, ever of you guys wondered how it's like to become an aircrew?? I have - wonder, that is! And I found some blogs by some of the aircrew from the Cleo magz and so far, Melissa's blog is very interesting. Not only she managed to tell her story as an air stewardess but she also managed to capture the story behind each destinations...and some awesome pictures!! It's work checking it out...


I just came back from my duty and had finished my late dinner hence, here I am, blogging all the way till my tummy content settled. Usually I had dinner around 6pm but today, I was at work so can't take dinner!

I'm exhausted - physically, that is! It was not that busy but I don't know what happened, the last hour was the busiest. I think for the last hour we got more than 60 patients! And we closed a bit late in order to clear off the patients. An old classmate of mine messaged me asking me whether I'm working tonight and when I dispensed medications to his mother, I might sound a bit rough to her that his son - my friend - complained! haha! I told him that I'm exhausuted which is NOT an excuse but I said that I'm sorry. Sometimes, I'm just tired, I get a bit rough, rude, unfriendly - whatever you want to say but I just can't help it! Smiling for 7 hours is definitly tiring!!!

Anyway, afterwork, I stopped by the Guardian pharmacy coz my dad called me to buy for him Panadol. Yikes!! I was working but somehow I can't take panadol for my dad?! You know, that's the problem. My dad doesn't 'like' the panadol supplied by the government - don't ask me why?! So, malas to search for parking - which is quiet hard to come by if you are in Gadong - so I paid $2 for the basement parking. Headup to Guardian, bought my cleanser and panadol, then I'm off heading home. Yea! I just wasted $2 for parking to run errand less than 10 minutes. But honestly, in my current state, I'm not in a good mood to look, search and round for parking!


Saturday, August 4, 2007
First time I heard Natasha Bedingfield's Soulmate, aku dah teruja hehe...I love the lyrics!

"Incompatible, it don't matter though
'cos someone's bound to hear my cry
Speak out if you do
You're not easy to find

Is it possible Mr. Loveable
Is already in my life?
Right in front of me
Or maybe you're in disguise

Who doesn't long for someone to hold
Who knows how to love you without being told
Somebody tell me why I'm on my own
If there's a soulmate for everyone

Here we are again, circles never end
How do I find the perfect fit
There's enough for everyone
But I'm still waiting in line

Who doesn't long for someone to hold
Who knows how to love you without being told
Somebody tell me why I'm on my own
If there's a soulmate for everyone

If there's a soulmate for everyone

Most relationships seem so transitory
They're all good but not the permanent one

Who doesn't long for someone to hold
Who knows how to love you without being told
Somebody tell me why I'm on my own
If there's a soulmate for everyone

Who doesn't long for someone to hold
Who knows how to love you without being told
Somebody tell me why I'm on my own
If there's a soulmate for everyone
If there's a soulmate for everyone"

Attitude Problem!

Different people, different attitude - I accept that facts long ago. Whenever I'm not in the same 'wavelength' as the other person, I keep on saying to myself, "People think differently" and so far, I got no problem with that.

But people with attitude problems really pissed me off! In my line of work, in 1 day alone, I meet like 300 - 400 different people (seriously!!) and of course, they have different characters while some are suffering from a very very chronic attitude problem! Usually in a day, I would only meet 1 person with a very chronic attitude problem or none at all. I try to be patience the best as I can, it's a MUST in my job!

But today, I met not 1! not 2! but 4 patients with a very very chronic attitude problem! Man! Even my patience has it's limit! But I'm so tired to arguw with them, so I just let it go but the process is so exhausting!!

Now, I'm back in my room and I'm drop dead tired (sigh!)! Tomorrow I will be working again (hmm...)! But Alhamdulilah, I finished my monthly report already and Jojo's appointment is this Monday, so less burden to bear...hehe..

'I Love August' - I take that back!!

Friday, August 3, 2007
Not because of the rain. NO!!! I LOVE the rain! I always have this 'thing' for rain, quiet couldn't explain it yet but when I do, I will let you know.

2nd day of August, I woke up to yet another rainy morning and this time, I woke up early 'coz I need to wash my hair (usually I wash it at night but I skip washing it the other night and I felt soooo uncomfortable). I woke up half an hour early before my usual 5am alarm. Why? Coz my hair is that thick and long that I need at least 15 minutes to shampoo it throughly and another 15 minutes to blow dry them. Even my usual hairdresser complained that my hair is very tiring to blow dry!!!

Anyway, back to my title! I said in my previous blog entry that I love August and well, today, 3rd August, I want to take it back! Why? Last night I was looking at my monthly planner - which is stuck on the wall, right in front of me, right now! - and man! I just realised that all my fridays and sundays are fulled!! Honestly!

This morning I woke up around 6am coz I need to attend a lecture about mental disease in Empire and this Sunday, I will be working the whole afternoon till night. And this Sunday, there is this lecture also which starts at 7pm but considering that I'm working, I guess I can skip that. And Monday, I need to take Jojo for her appointment. It is supposed to be tomorrow but I can't take any off day so I'm taking her Monday. She's improving btw but still no success with the ear drops!Hmm...Oh shoot! I need to submit my monthly report sometimes this week, which only left with tomorrow!!! Man! I need to finish it tonight then!

Later next week, before the long weekend (Friday, Saturday - Israk Miraj, Sunday), I need to get vaccinated, my final dose, yeah!! Oh no, I need to check my blood again after that..yikes! I hate needles! Anyway, don't think abt that, it's 3 months into the future. Then comes the long weekend next week where my neighbour's son is getting married (Berjaga-jaga starts this Sunday, Nikah and Menghantar Berian next Friday and Sanding next Sunday) which will hinder my movement considering that I need to pass by their house to get out! and my best childhood buddy marriage also this long weekend (Berbedak, Nikah and Menerima Berian next Friday and Sanding and next Sunday). Me and my parents already agreed that I will go to my bestie's wedding while they will handle the neighbour's wedding...feewwhhh!!
3rd week of August, I will have my oncall!! Waaaaa....It's my first oncall and I should feel excited but somehow no excitment yet!! and trust me, no colleague of mine ever feel excited about oncall!!! I will have my oncall from 20th till 26th August and don't look for my updated blog coz I don't think I will have time to check and update my blog! For that week, I will have restless sleep and I will be stuck with my pager 24/7!!!!

And yea! Puasa is just less than 6 weeks away and I feel guilty!! I haven't pay back my 'debt' and I dunno when I can pay it!!! Waaaaa....

So, in conculsion, I don't think I'm gonna enjoy my August...apart from the weddings! I love wedding especially if it involved people I love and get to know....will update that to you, insyaAllah


Welcome August

Wednesday, August 1, 2007
First day of August and I woke up to a rainy morning. I was overslept and my mum had to woke me up. But luckily I came early to work...and I just love rain...

So, welcome August!!! Love me or hate me but I love August...*wink*wink*


The perayaan had been going on for 2 weeks now and I heard it's gonna be on till the 4th August. And I hadn't have the chance to go to the perayaan - mainly coz of the weather and no parking - until last night.

Prison Department was performing last night and considering that my dad is the head of the badan kebudayaan of the department, I went to the perayaan located infront of the Royal Regalia, for moral support and jus mainly I got nothing to do at home. At first I don't want to come, coz I know I won't have any parking, so my dad said just come with him coz he got a VIP parking pass. Now, the idea sounds so good - no need to drive, got parking near to the perayaan - but thinking that my dad gonna stayed there till late, I changed my mind. So my dad (being a good father, bless his heart), got me an extra VIP parking pass!! Yea!! Call me whatever you like, but yea, I'm a daddy's girl!!! and proud to admit it!

I arrived there around 9pm and it was quiet jammed. I gave a signal to enter the closed road and the two traffic policemen looked at my pass and let me in!!! Yippie! No hassle looking for parking, no swearing for insensitive drivers, I'm a happy lady last night. I parked my car, got down, jalan-jalan, watched the performance sekajap, then I'm ready to head home. Yea, I know I just wasted the VIP pass but never mind, at least I went to this year perayaan. I couldn't remember whether I went last year or not but I remembered, I went the year before last...

Anyway, it was quiet hectic last night, people mingling everwhere but once you get out the perayaan compund and watched all the street lights and all, it was quiet mesmerizing actually. I'm tempeted to get down from my car and took photos of it but unfortunately, I didn't bring my cam and my hp cam is not good enough to capture all those beautiful lights....