2 Weddings and a Funeral

Monday, December 28, 2009
The second long weekend is over. I was working last Friday and my bff is now back from KL. Managed to meet her on Saturday afternoon. I haven't got any chance to see any of her trips' pictures yet but hopefully soon. I let her settleing in first..hehe!

Saturday night, I had to drive all the way to Muara to attend my cousin's wedding from my popo's side. This is the first time I attended an Iban wedding. It was okay, more or less similar like the Malay wedding. Luckily it was a nice night, windy but no rain.

Yesterday, I went to my housemate (while I was living in Singapore) and colleague, Dian's wedding. The day was a bit cloudy but it didn't rain. Cloudy but the air was a bit hot. Managed to squeeze some sweat out of me.

Congratulations to Dian and Amir for their nuptials. May you guys live happily ever after with lots and lots of babies..hehe.

One of those things I don't like when I attend a friend's wedding is the questions - when are you getting married? next it would be yours? have you find the right man yet? bla bla bla - you know al those questions...such pressure! fewhhhh!

Anyway, in the middle of watching the newly weds, my boss messaged me saying that his dad passed away hence he would be taking emergency leave. Considering that my second boss is also on leave, let's just say that we have no boss! So my boss just informed me that he already made the necessary arrangement and asked me to inform the acting director if there is any problem.

My boss' dad was rushed to the hospital last week when he was unconcious but regain his conciousness few hours after being admitted to the hospital. He was scheduled to have a CT scan but was cancelled when the doctors observed he was doing fine and was discharged from the hospital last Wednesday.

Condolonces to my boss and his family for the desmiss of his dad. May he rest in peace!


Christmas Treat

Thanx to my colleague for the christmas treat and for granting my wishes to have a full covered chocolate cake! It was super-yummy-licious! =D


Introduction to the 60's Rock

M not talking about Elvis Presley here or some other famous group from the 60ies. In truth, I have no idea what were the rcok band from the 60ies were. I consider myself versatile. I listened to the oldies song - the 70ies and the 80ies but I never hear any of the rock/alternative/heavy metal songs.

Ever heard of Yardbirds? White Lion? Dokken?

Up till last week, I never heard of all the above bands/singers apart from the Twisted Sisters and Ozzy Osbourne! My boss has some difficulties downloading some songs from these groups that he asked me help to download it for him.

Alas, from him, my boss, I came to know all these ear-deafaning songs. And I would like to thank my boss for introducing these bands and songs to me coz frankly, I love some of their songs ;)


25 Minutes - Michael Learns to Rock

Thursday, December 24, 2009

M still lovin' this band....


Last Christmas

Merry Christmas to all my aunts, uncles, cousins here in Brunei, Australia, Canada and Taiwan and whereever else they might be.

This goes to my fellow bloggers who I'm fortunate to know via cyberspace! May all of you have a merry merry christmas and enjoy the festive season!

Happy holidays and Happy New Year 2010!

p.s. I just love the song ;)



Sunday, December 20, 2009
After 7 years, yesterday we had another engagement in our family. No! it's not my engagement...not yet anyway! It was my brother, Adi's engagement yesterday.

The function started early coz we had to travel to neighboring country, Limbang for the engagement. My brother's fiance is a Malaysian, btw. By 10.30am, with 10 cars we made a move. With the help of the Limau Manis police (who lead our cars), we had a very smooth ride all the way to the Brunei's immigration post. Everything went smoothly and we managed settled everything by noon. By the time we came home, I was drop dead tired, exhausted, throbbing headache all roll into 1.

From 200+ photos, I only managed to post some here. More pictures I would be uploading in my facebook account.

My cheeky niece - Adriana

The siblings

The siblings with my sis-in-law and nieces

Brother Faiz with Adriana

Buka Mulut

Tanda Bertunang

Brothers - Muiz and Faiz

The siblings (minus the youngest who's taking this photo)
The background picture on the wall is the exact picture of us 17 years ago ;)

Brother Adi with his 'hantaran'
(picture taken in my messy room)

At the fiance's home

My eldest brother (the one in brown) going solo. His wife and children didn't come along.

Mum's hand and Monira's hand ;)

Monira - my future sis-in-law

My youngest brother, Muiz playing with my shoes

*Self-potrait* Me and beloved mum

Grandma and Aunty Fong

The siblings with our future sis-in-law

Me and Popo


"Do you get what I mean?"

Those 6 words I have to say would be my boss' favourite words / questions to me or my other colleague. Not because we are too dumb (LOL!) to get what he meant but he just loves those words.

My boss, a chinese guy, is the most sporting boss I ever come across and I'm grateful to be able to work with him. Some of us might not like our bosses hanging around while we do our work but for me, that's one of the way I learnt - both about works and up-to-date gossips! Hahaha! Yup, me and male colleague, we share gossips with our boss. Who says men don't gossip? Infact, they are the worse gossip ever! Haha!

If situations demand it, me and my boss would spend the whole day working side by side in order to cater the patients' needs. And I don't mind working with him coz as I said, he is the most sporting boss ever. I never hesistate to complain (which I always do *ahakz*) or rise any issues that me and my colleagues not satisfied with (which is most of the time *another ahakz*). Eventhough he (my boss) knows that we are the complaining type but he did take actions (whereever appropriate).

So, everytime my boss is frustrated with some of my colleagues and other stuffs, he would express himself to us and at the end of every sentence, he would say, "Do you get what I mean?" and me, just being irritating, would reply, "Yes Sir, I do get what you mean."

Gosh, everytime he said those world, I would smile. The reasons are he is so predictable and I can sense what he's trying to say. As I said, m grateful to have him as my boss and I consider myself lucky. I know most of my other colleagues - from different sections - are not happy with their bosses and I don't envy them. Hehe!

True, bosses can be mean sometimes but in the end, you have to remember that they are human too, just like everyone else. They have feelings like you and me. No matter how you dislike your bosses, once in a while cut them some slack. Of course no one likes to be yelled at or blamed for somethings thats not entirely our fault and some bosses like to make accusations without probing further. What we can do, just tuned out for a while and keep on working!

As I keep saying to my boss, "I'm just a very very small fish (with a loud mouth) in a very very big lake." Hehehe


Saturday, December 19, 2009

*When ever will I manage to buy this baby?*

Not really a big fan of sport cars but 2 cars in particular I couldn't resist - this Skyline GTR and Aston Martin! I used to like (and even dreamt of buying) Mazda RX8 but now it no longer interest me..hehe!

Ma'al Hijrah 1431

Friday, December 18, 2009

I would like to wish Ma'al Hijrah 1431 aka Happy New Year 1431 (in Islamic calendar) to all my fellow muslim whereever they might be.

In order to live happy,
we have to live without hatred

In order to love
we have to forgive

In order to learn
we have to listen

In order to move forward
we have to let go of the pasts

In order to be a better person
we have to change and improve for the better

Another year, another day...I hope we grow more wiser! Hope the years to come will be meaningful =)


Thursday, December 17, 2009
2 weeks to go till the new year.

Doesn't really believe it myself that in 2 weeks time, it would be 2010! Am I ready for the new year? No! But at the same time, I'm excited and nervous. Excited coz I have so many plans for next year (excluding marriage, that I can tell you in advance!haha) and nervous coz I (like the rest of us) don't know what will happen next year.

Any special plan for the new year? For me, not really. Maybe spend time with my family, catch up with friends - old and new, de-stressing myself before the new year.

Work wise - soooo not really looking forward to it. Got 40% of the work schedule for next year. After 2 years, I would have my second on-call in the last week of March; got my a+e duties - 2 a+e duties actually - on the last week of April and the second last week of December *YIKES* and that doesn't include any other duties.

Other things to look forward in 2010 (in my diary that is):

1. My bff's wedding =D

2. FIFA World Cup in South Africa ;)
3. The long awaited trip (hopefully!)
4. The Amazing Race...hehe!
5. .............

Oh...m sure there's gonna be lots happening next year...gonna fill that dotted line soon ;)

Looks like m gonna have a heck of a year - 2010!

The Storm Warriors

Wednesday, December 16, 2009
It's the second installment from the Storm Rider. My brothers kept on saying that I had watched the Storm Rider and I somehow remembered watching it but for the life out of me, I couldn't recall the Storm Rider. I don't even remember how the story goes in the Storm Rider.

Last night, went to the movie to watch the Storm Warriors. It was packed but luckily I bought the tickets in advance. Learnt from my disappointment from last Saturday night.

The movie - it was great although some friends I know saying that the first one aka the Storm Rider is even more better. As I can't recall the Storm Rider, so my comment here is purely based on Storm Warriors.

I always like Ekin Cheng. He used to be a handsome and sought after actor but I think age has catching up with him...hehe! M not saying he looks old but the hint of aging is there. Aaron Kwok looks younger than him...or is it really Aaron Kwok is younger? Hmmm...

Anyway, as I said, the movie is great. Lots of actions and if u r a big fan of Dragonball and stuffs like that, this more, well, more or less like Dragonball. Superpower and all.

eNovels, Games and TV Series

Sunday, December 13, 2009
These are the 3 things my bff left me with - to occupy my time, that is! Well, not to mention her fighting fish, her camera, her HDD and her pendrive. Anything m missing? Nah...so far that's it!

The first 3 things - enovels, games and series - as she said to occupy my time and to prevent me being lonely while she is gone. So far, I haven't touch the series and the games yet coz lately m in a passionate reading mode.

I read one enovel after another and so far, I had read Kat Martin's The Bride's Necklace and The Devil's Necklace - the first 2 novels before The Handmaiden's Necklace. That made my reading on the Bride's Necklace trilogy completed...yay!

Apart from Kat Martin's enovel, I also managed to read few of Elizabeth Boyle's enovel. Love Letters from a Duke, Tempted by the Night and Once Tempted are among those I had finished.

Now, out of 50+ historical enovels that I had stored in my laptop, m still thinking which 1 to read next....

Half Weekend Gone!

Times really pass you by so quickly!

This morning, I woke up yet to another day before the crack of dawn! That's 2 Sundays in a row! We had a walkathon this morning started - supposedly - at 0630 - 0645 but the aerobic session didn't start until 0700! I got off from home a little after 0600 and arrived a little before 0630. The parking started to fill up but luckily, I managed to get a nice parking! The warm-up and the aerobic session took 30 minutes and by 0730, we made a move aka started the walkathon!

Eventhough m a great walker, I walked a lot but this time, I took it slow coz my colleagues are all kindda old..hehehe! Besides I didn't have any breakfast hence m quiet hungry. I brought a bar of chocolate with me and while walking, m munching! Haha! I guess everyone who saw me would say something! The theme is "Amalkan Cara Hidup Sihat" - Practise a healthy lifestyle! Haha! With a bar of chocolate in my hand, m a practising a healthy lifestyle? But what I take in, I did take it out - if you get what I meant!

Finished our walkathon and some gossiping, it was 0815 and I decided to call it a day - for the walkathon anyway. I went home, had my breakfast, took my shower and got dressed again to send my bff to the airport.

My bff is going to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for 2 weeks, attending a course with 2 of her colleagues! Gosh! 2 weeks without her? Hmmmm...I survived 1 week without her (when she went to China) but 2 weeks? Hmmm...m gonna miss that girl soooo much! But duty calls, what to do? M sure she would have a good time ;)

Now, it approaching noon and I got another 12 more hours before the weekend is over! But no worries, 4 days of work, then we will have 3 days public holiday and next week, another 4 days of work then we will have another 3 days public holiday! I LOVE living in Brunei! But I would be working once for each public holiday *hmmmpp* Oh well, I don't want to spoil others' hols so to the people out there who are enjoying your holidays, m sooo envy of you!

Next weekend, it would be my brother Adi's engagement, then next weekend would be 2 of my colleagues' weddings. My bff would be back a day after Christmas! Damn! M missing her already!

Basic Road Rules

Saturday, December 12, 2009
1. In a two-way lane, if you are driving slow, please use the left lane
One afternoon, I was in a rush to get home - hungry, tired all roll into 1 - and on the buzy road of Jangsak, a car infront of me was cruising verrryyy slowly on the right lane. Because it was quiet jammed that afternoon, the left lane was occupied and this car, gosh! I think he was driving only 40-60km/hr ON A RIGHT LANE! To overtake, there are cars on the left lane. I tailgated him hoping for him to get the hint and move his stupid car's ass aside but he just won't take the hint. A slim opportunity arised and I overtook him; looked at him, happily chit-chatting with 3 of his buddies; gave him my best if-look-can-kill look and overtook him. Oh yea, this goes for you the guy in green Suzuki Vitara. Next time, if you want to take a cruise, take the left lane!

2. Signal when you want to overtake or enter a junction
Simple rule! It's either some people don't know the use of the signal light or they just couldn't be bothered! I hate it when people overtake without signalling. Or entering a junction without signalling. What's so hard with moving a bit of your fingers to push the signal indicator up/down!

3. Don't use the roundabout if your don't know how
Gosh! People who doesn't know how to use the roundabouts really really pissed me off! There are few roundabouts here in Brunei that have the traffic light. And believe me, it is more easier than the one without the traffic light.

Green means go. That's the universal colour of traffic light all over the world but some idiots who used the traffic light roundabout still being ignorance about the traffic light. I know some drivers, when the light turns greean, it took him minimum 5-10 seconds to press the accelerator.

That's all for now but mind you, this topic will resurface again and again, whenever m frustrated with other drivers. Haha!

TAR 15: The Winner is...

...Meghan and Cheyne.

But I bet everyone knew it already for m a week behind in giving the updates. Sorry about that.

Well, I have to say, this season finale was quiet unpredictable. Of course, Meghan and Cheyne was the 1st team to got off from their pit stop in Chez Republic but then all of the teams - Sam/Dan and Ericka/Brian - were in the same flight going to Las Vegas.

Vegas, sin city as many calls it. From here, the competition getting stiff. Brian and Ericka were leading when Ericka managed to perform the roadblock - going down on rope from the top of The Mirage! Gosh! I think I would pee in my pants if I have to perform that task. And I had to say, Sam did the task very well. He went down faster compared to Ericka and Cheyne but they came third when the taxi driver got them to the wrong entrance.

With Brian and Ericka leading, the teams then went to studio/circus - I couldn't remember the name - where they had to grab a bouquet of flowers hanging by bouncing high up. Brian, afraid of height, gave the task to Ericka but she failed - so many times. She even got frustrated when the rest of the teams arrived hence losing her concentration.

Meghan did the task beautifully. I had to salute her. She is so demmed tough! Sam and Dan followed. Sam and Dan got a lead in the next task. Clue - a hotel named after the capital of Monaco = Monte Carlo. Sam and Dan got it right but Meghan and Cheyne got it wrong. So the boys had the lead this time.

The final task - count the poker chip to the total amount of $1 million - the winning prize! Meghan and Cheyne got it right at their first attempt, Sam and Dan managed after their second attempt while Brian and Ericka, I don't know after how many attemps coz after that, it's the finishing line!

Oh well...that's the end of TAR 15. Can't wait for the TAR 16!

Ready! Set! Go!

Sunday, December 6, 2009
Another Sunday, another hectic day for me. As I said before, I won't have any free weekends for quiet awhile.

This morning, I woke up before dawn and just before the crack of dawn, I was out and about already! Gosh! Have to mark today in my diary. Me, myself and I woke up so demmed early on a Sunday! If I had any choice, I would rather stay in bed and sleep but my brother somehow managed to squeeze a promise out of me to send and accompany him to the Bukit Shahbandar Challenge.

This year, it's the 6th year it had been held. FYI, Bukit Shahbandar Challenge is a race but not on a plain route. You have to hike, run and jog for the whole stretch of the hills of Bukit Shahbandar. Gosh! Hiking the hills is already some kind of challenge but to actually run?? No way!

And so, yes, I didn't join the challenge itself. I met 2 colleagues and few acquaintances there and they were asking me the same question, why I didn't join considering that m a frequent hiker? That the answer itself, hiker! M a frequent hiker but m not a good runner. I hike because I LOVE to hike, to feel the satisfaction of finally getting on top of the hills and enjoying the view along the way. Although I am a competitive person in nature (that I admit!) but to run, no way! I know my limits and m not a hypocrites to tell otherwise.

Anyway, my brother managed to get the 8th place out of the 90+ guys who joined the same category, which is good enough. He told me his route is the same route that me and my fellow hikers went few months back that took us around 2 hours while my brother, he did it (with running and jogging) in 59 minutes! Bravo!

Came home around 10am, had my breakfast and rest before I hit the shower. And I spent my few hours break of my weekend by reading an enovel by Elizabeth Boyle's Tempted by the Night. Nice....

By 1.30pm, things started to get buzy around the house. My dad's siblings were expected to come around 4pm to discuss my brother's upcoming engagement. Mum prepared some refreshments and considering that both my brothers were exhausted and asleep, it was left to me to run some errands. It was hot! And I don't fancy being out in the sun after an exhausted morning.

Half an hour before my aunts and uncles came, I had to bring my brother (the one joined the marathon) to the clinic coz he's not feeling well - twice he sprained his ankle; got bitten by a bee and now, he said he's having a fever. Rushed him to the clinic and luckily only fewer patients were there. By the time we were done, it was time to fetch my other brother from work hence we wasted the time 'surfing' the dvd racks.

Came home around 5.30pm and by then, the discussion was coming to an end. Spent another hour cleaning and washing the dishes and soon after that, off again to throw all the rubbish. Hmmmm.....what a full Sunday!

Next Sunday, I have a walkathon to attend and then I promised my bff to send her to the airport for her course in KL. Speaking of my bff, she's doing well and m glad that she's enjoying herself in China. We messaged each other almost everyday and today she called me up. Gosh! Miss her! But nvm, she's coming back soon and I can't hardly wait. Both for her and 'something' that she bought for me. Haha!

The Nosy Neighbor

Title: The Nosy Neighbor
Author: Fern Michaels
No. of Pages: 354 pages
Publisher: PocketBooks

Lucy Baker is a hot-shot lawyer. There is not a case that she can't win until 1 day, she decided to quit her job and retreat to a suburb. This pissed her fiance, Jonathan who thinks that she made the stupidest mistake. Lucy ignored her fiance's outburst and live quiet happily where she is....

.....until 1 day, 2 FBI agents stirred her peace. Her fiance, Jonathan is "not who he seems he is". Jonathan is infact Leo Banks, who earned his money by laundering money, cheating and commit murder. Lucy couldn't believe it until strange things started to happen to her that threatens her life.

Together with her neighbor, Wylie Wilson, also a lawyer and a friend of Wylie's, Jack, they searched for the truth about Leo aka Jonathan.

It is a very nice book. All are in there - humor, fun, suspense, tragedy! Basically everything! I love reading it....

"From Criminal to Stay at Home Dad"

Wednesday, December 2, 2009
I rarely visit the Bloggers. I only login whenever I received email notifying that I had a message or some other notifications.

The featured blogger at the moment is this man who had gone thru hell and back. M not kidding! His blog is named From Criminal to Stay at Home Dad. This is the first time I ever read a blog like his and it's really a mind opener.

Both my parents are working in a Prison Department here in Brunei and everyday, I would hear some tales or another of the convicted people in there and what they did to end up there. But I never hear any tales from a convicted person after he/she served his/her sentences.

As I said, this blog is a mind opener. It makes me appreciate more of life. Coz Lifechanger sure wants to redeem himself for the sake of his daughter. What an adorable, sweet, cute kid! There are things we always take for granted. Heck, me myself had been taking sooo much things for granted and eventhough most of the times, I feel guilty about it but as fast as those feelings come, the faster it leaves my senses too.

Ninja Assassin

Me and my bff went to watch this movie tonight. I let m bff handled the bookings coz the Empire cinema is her territory..hehe!

And thank God it didn't rain tonight. I had been feeling cold all over since I came home this afternoon. I switched my room air-conditioning and still off as this moment.

The movie? Gosh! Too many killings! Too many bloods! I think if I see more bloods, I might puke! Having experienced working in a laboratory, I can handle blood. It was not easy initially but once I got the hang out of it, I was okay. But in this movie, uuuuhhhh....awful! Now, don't get me wrong! The movie is superb! I don't mind watching it again and again but as I said, too much killings, too much blood.

I would recommend this movie to every adult out there but please not to children! Combinations of too much torture, killing and blood-spilling actions, it's not a very good choice of movie for children.

Oh yea, my bff mentioned it in her blog how she was freaking fascinated with Rain's abs. Hmmm...truth? The abs was okay m8 for an Asian fellow but let's just say that, Rain's abs are not the greatest that I had seen...whahaha! But as I said, it's quiet acceptable for an Asian. As for Rain, m not a big fan of his. Don't remember if I had watched any of his movies before. Besides m lousy with Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Taiwanese actors and actresses.

But I can't hardly wait for Storm Warriors! Saw the trailer. It sure promised to be a great movie...

A Day of a Shiny Car

I started the week, last Monday by driving my shiny black car to work. With a garaged parking, I no need to worry about the rain and all while m at work. And the weather last Monday was nice! It was hot but considering that I was inside the air-conditioning office from 7.45am till 4.45pm, let's just say that I got nothing to complain about...hehe!

Tuesday, the day started with cloudy day. Didn't see the sun shining and the weather promised that it's not gonna be a hot and sunny day. And it was so true. By mid-morning, it was raining vey heavily....heavy downpour I might say and of course me, in my office didn't realise it was raining until I peeked outside. It rained the whole day and by the time I reached my home area, the water (in the drainage) had risen and I was saying to myself that if it didn't stop raining, we might be experiencing another flood. Thank God it stopped rain around 8pm.

Today, I came late to work. I had to send my brother for his written exam hence I parked my car outside, no garage for late comers. The weather was okay, nice infact but it rained heavily again by lunch time. I don't know how long it had been raining. Me being so oblivious to the outside surrounding once m in the office. So, now m stuck with another not-so-dirty-but-still-dirty car! Hmmm...m tired of washing my car anytime soon coz I think we are in for more rain this December.

Sometimes I can be too concious of how shiny and how unshiny my car is. When it was dirty, everyone would say that m a lazy bum for not washing my car but when it too damned shiny, the weather got jealous of it hence it rain *figure of speech*.

Oh well, maybe I will try to wash it this Friday, right after I do my pilling laundry!

Marriage Most Scandalous

Title: Marriage Most Scandalous
Author: Johanna Lindsey
No. of Pages: 414 pages
Publisher: Corgi Books

Johanna Lindsey, as far as I know, had written lots of books and I had to say, I enjoyed each one of her books.

Marriage Most Scandalous is a story of Sebastian Townshend. After engaged in a duel with his own best friend, Giles, Sebastian had been disowed by his own father and was threaten not to 'darken the English shores ever again.' For 11 years, he was known as The Raven, a deadly mercenary who undertakes any mission however dangerous and based in France.

Lady Margaret Landor, who became an orphan had became the Earl of Edgewood's ward, Sebastian father. When accidents upon accidents happened to her guardian, Margaret believed that someone wanted her guardian to be dead and she took a 4 months to Europe in search for The Raven - to help her evolving her guardian's accidents.

She found The Raven in France and Margaret couldn't believe it that it was Sebastian, the man she idolized. Margaret forced Sebastian to come back to England by pushing all the guilts on him. For Sebastian to be allowed entrance to the Edgewood mansion, he had to pose as Margaret's husband.

What happened after that? Well, m kindda tired to type it all here *haha!being cheeky again* So, if you wanna know, read it! ;)

TAR 15: The Final 3

Tuesday, December 1, 2009
Yup! Last night episode showed the exit of Flight Time and Big Easy after they were given the 4 hours penalty when Big Easy couldn't complete the Road Block.
Okay! Now, my final 3 won't include this team and Brian and Ericka managed to get the final spot. And yes, I admit I was wrong! But as I said, anything could happen.
Sad to see Flight Time and Big Easy to go tho'. Eventhough m not a big fan of any of the team, I do believe that if these guys managed to get thru to the final 3, they would sure show the real, bad-kicking ass competitive streak!
M kindda pissed of with Sam/Dan (still couldn't figure who is who yet!). Sam/Dan kindda negociate with Big Easy to help each other out with the task during the Road Block but when Sam/Dan managed to get thru the roadblock, he left Big Easy struggling!!! WTF?!!! He only gave 1 clue!!!! 1-freaking clue!
Now, I understand that every team wanted to get to the final 3 but when you promised something, you should deliver it!
Oh well, what's done cannot be undone anymore....
Can't wait for next week!