New Year, Work and Everything Else

Friday, January 9, 2009
Been a while I didn't update my blog. New year had been buzy and so far, m managing okay! How I spent my new year? I took a flight out on the last day of the 2008 to Kota Kinabalu where my parents and my 2 youngest brothers were waiting for me there. I took a half day off that day and my brother, Andy sent me to the airport around 3PM. Luckily I checked in early and managed to get a seat nearest to the exit coz it was a full flight. It was a short flight, about 25 minutes. I only brought a totte bag with me and the stewardess asked me to place my bag on the overhead compartment. When we landed, it took me some efforts to get my bag down. I thought with my high heels I would manage to get my bag but unfortunately, the truth is, even with my 3 inch heels, I still couldn't reach my bag. Out of nowhere, a male's hand reached over and got my bag for me. Turned out, it's the guy sitting in the opposite aisle. I noticed him plng before but then me, being me, just mind my own business. I said my thanx to him and we went our separate ways.

We were staying at the Courtyard hotel in 1Borneo and the journey from the airport to the hotel is about 20-30 minutes in which we were stuck in the traffic jam. Arrived at the hotel around 7PM and soon after settled in, aimed with my comfortable slipper, all of us started to walk thru' the 1Borneo. The building is amazing but suprisingly, it's kindda quiet there. I think less people going there due to the standard and the distance. I can see more of the Bruneians than the local. But hey, m not complaining...at least that gave me some space to do window shopping and shopping...hehe!

The shops close at 10PM hence my shopping for that night is limited and I only managed to buy a pair of urs & inc's shoe which cost me.....errrmmmm...now, I don't remember the price (haha! just avoiding the truth of how much m willing to pay for a pair of shoe)! anyway, m quiet happy for my purchase! Bought some snacks then me and my brothers retired to our room. Equipped with a wireless connection in the room and with our laptop, while waiting for the new year, me and my bros went ssuurrrfffiinnnggg! Mostly, it's my bros did the surfing while me, tired for work in the morning, went under the cover with the intention to 'get a rest' but turned out, I feel asleep...haha! Talked about greeting in the new year! Haha!

Next day, dad woke us up and we had our breakfast at the hotel's lounge..cool place! After breakfast, we jln-jln around the 1Borneo but most of the shops were not opened yet so we decided to go to the city area. We went to Wisma Merdeka. Me and my bros decided to cut our hairs so we went to this saloon. My youngest bro, Muiz decided to do a simple cut and a highlight while my younger bro, Faiz decided to just cut his hair and me, ehem, I decided to rebond my hair and no cutting. And believe me, this time it took longer than before. We were there around 12PM and my bros were done within 1-2 hours while for me, I was sitting in that chair for 6-freaking-hours!! I finished rebonding my hair around 6PM, 2 hours after the shop closed! I was the only customer left behind! Hahaha! Gila eh! I was so tired, hungry and macam-macam! I didn't expect it to be that long! Fewwhhh! My last rebonding experience here in Brunei only took me 4 hours and even that, I couldn't stand it. That's why I did my hair only when I got the free time - which rarely I have nowdays! Hehe!

We had our dinner near the seaside that night and after that we went back to the 1Borneo and after shower (with my hair covered), me and my bros started to shop again! Haha! Kaki shopping! Managed to buy few more pairs of shoes/sandles and I don't even remember what else I bought...hehe! We went home the next day coz I had to get back to work the following Saturday. We went off from the hotel around 9.45AM and we only stopped to buy fuel. Mahal eh fuel di Malaysia. No wonder many Malaysians wanted to buy fuel di Brunei. Anyway, we arrived Limbang around 3PM and with heavy rain, we stopped to eat belated lunch and we que-ed up around 4PM and wow! it was a long que. Not the longest, I heard but still, 2 hours doing nothing but to sit, to eat, to joke, to read and to sleep is kindda bored! We managed to come home around 6.30PM!! So exhausted! Eventhough my dad drove all the way from KK to Brunei, I was so tired! I think my dad knew I would be tired so he didn't ask me to drive coz he is also on leave.

As soon as we came home, my dad's uncle (kira me grandpa la tu) called to tell that my grandma (my dad's mum) is sick. She complains to pain along the left arm and my grandpa told my dad to bring her to the hospital for check up. So, I had my shower and went straight to kg - my grandma is staying with my aunt. I tried to pujuk my grandma to come with me to the clinic but being an old lady, I can't compete with her stubborness! She was having 'urititis' aka beruri! Having diabetes and hypertension, she was so scared that the doctor will ward her or add more medications. So I gave up and just advised her on cutting down the sugary and the salty foods..I visited her again last Sunday and she's getting better dah, Alhamdullilah!

Work-wise, I managed to finish all the drug usages for the year 2008 and submitted it last Tuesday. At least that's out of my mind, I can now concentrate on my ordering. But starting next week, I need to stay back and do all the entry into the database....aaiiiii...work never end! Last-last, I would become workholic jua nie eh! Hmmm...

I went for hiking at Tasek last Wednesday and yesterday. This time, I didn't go alone. Last Wednesday, I went with a friend and yesterday, my friend's friend brought him to hike the Marakucing and my friend brought me along. Iski ku udah kan hike the Marakucing but unfortunatly, it was drizzling that afternoon and the 3 of us went to Tasek instead. It was fun but for an infrequent hiker like myself, it took me a great effort to finish the hike. Luckily I got a cheerleader who cheer me all the way...haha :P

Last night, it's the siblings outting. Me, my brother after me, Andy, Faiz and Muiz went out and just hang out! My other brother, Adi didn't come along coz he had to work overtime. We went out around 9.30PM and it was raining quiet heavily. We went to Qlap and our intention was to watch a movie but there is no interesting movie at the moment. We already watched Bedtime Stories, Yes Man, Twilight, IP Man, The Day The Earth Stood Still, Wild Child.....so, what movie to watch?? Batah-batah d Qlap Mall thinking, we went to the Mall. 3 of us planning to watch Histeria but Andy doesn't want to watch it. You thought that being in the army would make him tough but I think I'm wrong...hahaha! Ended up we went to McDonald, eat and chat! Came home around 12midnight!

This morning, I woke up early to send my car for servicing and while waiting, I went shopping.....again! Bini-bini tah banar! Haha! When we came back from KK, I sdaid to myself, no more shopping for this month but eventually that doesn't work for me..haha! I ended up buying another bag....berapa banyak bag la?? haha!!

Anyway, after this, banar nie, m not going for shopping no more. Done! for this month! Hehe! I will stay at home for today and will start do my ordering...hehe!

This weekend, I gotta attend my aunt's sister-in-law's wedding. And I still haven't decide for next weekend - whether to attend the Annual Pharmacy Gathering (APG) which would be held in Tutong or to attend my chinese cousin's wedding in Rizqun hotel. I already paid to attend the APG and my parents already RSVP the whole family for the wedding!! Errrkkk! Yang mana satu nie?? I can skip either one plang but the thing is, I don't know which 1 to skip...hehe! The APG this year sounds so fun - it's the 70's theme and we the community staffs already were thinking to wear the 70's outfits and some of us willing to wear wigs (haha! excluding me!) while the wedding, errrmmm, do I need to say, it's family's function. Bida jua usulnya to skip....uurgghhhh...mcmana ah?? Oh well, I think about it when the time comes...haha! Udah atu!

Cheers! Happy New Year Everyone!