Okinawa Traditional Dance Performance

Friday, October 30, 2009
Last Wednesday night, I brought my bff to watch the Okinawa Traditional Dance Performance which was held in International Convention Center (ICC) in Berakas. It was open to the public and admission was free. I was quiet surprise to see a lot of people. Last time I went for the Chinese Cultural Show, only few people showed up. Interested in others' culture make me attend any cultural show that I can.

Anyhow, we managed to get the 4th seat from the front but somehow, the couple infront of us, well, the man infront of us kindda irritated me and my bff. It was a cultural show and we were commenting on the dances and all when this guy infront of us asked us to be quiet. Okay, f we were THAT loud, we admit, we were wrong BUT we were whispering and he gave us 'the look'. The funny things, other people, from his right, left and front sides, he didn't say anything...what an a$$hole! haha!

Back to the performance. The Okinawa Traditional Performance was held in the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Japan and Brunei Darussalam and it was organized by the Embassy of Japan here in Brunei.

The Okinawa Culture Association was established in 1989 to introduce various forms of Okinawa's unique cultural heritage, such as music, dance and martial arts to the world.

The Okinawa Traditional Dance came into existance when prayers in the form of dances and songs of appreciation dedicated to God during religious ceremonies eventually evolved into a sophisticated form of stage art.

That night, as much as 12 performances were performed.
1. Instrumental Ensemble (Classical Music)
2. Kagiyadefu (Court Dance)
3. Nuch I Bana (Zo-Odori)
4. Menuhama (Classical Dance)
5. Nufabushi (Court Dance)
6. Takadeira Manzai (Court Dance)
7. Munjyuro (Zo-Odori)
8. Hatoma Bushi (Zo-Ordori)
9. Umi No Chinbora ( Zo-Ordori)
10. Kanayo Amakawa ( A popular Zo-Ordori)
11. Folk Songs
12. Kachashi (Dance of Friendship)

For the no. 1 till 7, the performances were really really slow, the dance motions were graceful. From the 8 onwards, it's started to get more beats to the dance and particularly, I like the Kanaya Amakawa. I gave it a new name, a flirting dance..haha! The closing dance, Kachashi, audiences were invited to come up to the stage and joined the dancers. Glad to see some sporting Bruneians and others dare to go up and joined them. M not one of them. Overall, I like the performance. I don't mind watching it again should the chances arises...

Note: All pictures and videos were taken by my bff. To see more of the picture, feel free to go to my bff's photoblog. Due to the slow connection, the video took ages to upload and I'll try to upload it soon...


...dan Mimpi pun Bersatu

Title: ...dan Mimpi pun Bersatu
Author: Izza Aripin
No. of Pages: 585 pages
Publisher: Kaki Novel

This would be the first novel I read from this author although from what I know, this novel is her fourth. Well, I guess I missed the first 3.

After reading the previous novel, this novel (in my opinion only) is a lot more better than the other one. It's a story of a royal family of Dhiyapura. I don't know whether there are any other monarchies exist in Malaysia but couples of days ago, I watched this TV series about a princess from other royal family apart from the one in the mainland Malaysia. Anyway, so in other words, I don't know whether Dhiyapura really exists or the author alters the name or it's just a fantasy.I don't know how to explain the royal family coz m confused about it myself. But luckily,the royal family tree was attached at the back of the book, hence I can catch up with the storyline...you have no idea how many times I flipped to the last page to read and understand that family tree.

Well, let's just say that in Dhiyapura, there are 2 royal families - the al-Mansur dynasty and the al-Muttaqi dynasty. Dhiyapura was reign by the al-Mansur until there is no male heir to become the sultan hence the country was then reign by the al-Muttaqi dynasty.

Tengku Iskandar (from al-Muttaqi dynasty), the crown prince of Dhiyapura fell in love at first sight with Anne Zulaikha during a camping trip at 17 years old. Being a crown prince, all his whereabouts are being restricted and being watched upon hence Iskandar only met Anne in secrets. Until 1 day, Iskandar told Anne that he's leaving KL (where he was studying) to go to UK.

8 years later, Iskandar tracked down Anne and within 24 hours, they were on their way to US, to meet up with Anne's brother, Hakim to wed them. After their simple wedding with Anne's brother, Hakim and Iskandar's cousin, Tengku Farid in attendance, the newly wed couple went back to Dhiyapura to tell the King and the Queen. The king got no objection but the Queen, Iskandar's step mother (from the al-Mansur dynasy) was furious. There are some secrets behind all those.

After a month, Iskandar had to go back to UK and Anne to finish her studies in KL. 2 months after that, Anne heard rumors that Iskandar is to wed his own cousin and fiance since childhood, Tengku Syazreen (from the al-Mansur dynasty). Anne felt being cheated and used so she confronted Iskandar. Iskandar explained that he can't undo what had been done years ago - his engagement. The reason he married Anne was because he loved her and he knew that if Anne found out that he's engaged to be married, Anne won't accept him. So, he lied to Anne about his engagement.

While preparations were being made for the royal wedding, Iskandar asked Anne, who was 4-month pregnant at that time to stay at Istana Perdana - the al-Muttaqi family residance, for her own safety. And Iskandar asked Farid to accompany Anne. Rumors started between Anne and Farid until one day, Iskandar no longer believe both of them. Farid helped Anne escaped before she was caught for 'betraying' the crown prince. Unfortunately, when Anne's boat arrived at the Malaysian's jetty, an explosion occured killing 3 of her bodyguards, Anne's mum and brother. Iskandar was devasted when he thought that Anne had died. 1 year he mourned his beloved death when infact Anne was rescued and saved by a couple. Anne gave birth to her baby girl, Ayrin Zatasha.

16 years later, it's become Ayrin' story. She and her mum had lived all over the country, constantly moving around and she never understand why. Her mum, Anne, is a control freak of her when 1 day she started to get rebellious. It would be a long story if I typed it all here but to make it short, Ayrin's rebellious attempt landed her in Dhyipura when she went for jet-skiing and lost at sea. The guards were surprise to see Ayrin's face coz it's the resemblance of the crown prince, Tengku Mohad who was recently deceased at 13 years old. It was then alerted to the king, Sultan Iskandar and from there Iskandar knew that Anne is still alive and Ayrin is his daughter, the crown princess of Dhyipura.

With the guidance of Anne's grandfather journal, the story then lead to undiscover the conspirancies on the death of Iskandar's mother and 2 older brothers; the traitors within the royal families and all the political debates.

This book is about the story of 2 generations and honestly, I can't type it all here. The best way to understand this book is to read it. I hope you would enjoy it as I did.

Hanya Dikau

Title : Hanya Dikau

Author: Ebriza Aminnudin
No. of Pages: 628 pages
Publisher: Buku Prima

The first book I read from this author and the second book I read and borrowed from the public library.

To be honest here, luckily I borrowed this book and not bought it coz it was wayy too disappointing.

Story between Ira Fasuha and Erze Zullis and trust me, it's totally the story of them both! Of course there are few characters here and there - the parents, the cousins and the friends but this book totally concentrating on the main characters and truth to be told, it's quiet boring when it's the same story being told over and over again.

Ira Fasuha and Erze Zullis first time met in an airport, where Ira stepped on Erze's foot without apologizing. And let's just say that from there, they were enemies. Whenever and whereever they meet, they were always fighting and that's how the story goes up till the last few pages of this 628-page book - fight, fight and more fights.

I don't know what the author was trying to say in this book. But for me, Ira's characters are unacceptable. I mean, in this book, Ira is a 33 years old woman, well-educated, got a job as an assistant manager then manager but somehow, the character the author 'gave' Ira is so childish, unmature person which honestly bores me. No offence intended here but this is how I feel about this book. I managed to finish it though but it took a great effort on my side to finish it instead of stopping in the middle of the novel and not to read it again...

Oh well...other readers/writers might find m too blunt but that's the way I read it..

When Being 'Just Friends' No Longer Enough

Wednesday, October 28, 2009
Being human, most of the times, we are not satisfied with what we have, may it be material stuffs or the emotional stuffs. Material stuffs are the common stuffs. We always wanted more money, wanted all the nicest cars, house, dresses, bags, shoes...all those. While emotional stuffs, we always wanted more power, more love, more tougher etc. M not gonna go into details all those.

This morning, I received a text from a male friend - a good male friend I have to say. And his text bothered me. We had been a good friend for over a decade now and all of sudden, he wants to change the status 'friendship' to 'relationship'. I was like, "WHAT?" What happened? I mean, we had no problems being friends but why now he wants to change it? For me, I valued friendship more than relationship. In other way, if you ask me to choose between a good friend and a boyfriend, I won't hesitate to choose a good friend. Coz a good friend is a friend to last you a lifetime. A boyfriend, well, if he is the one for me, he will be getting alone just fine with my friend.

I don't like to change friendship to relationship. If I want to be in a relationship, I would treat the guy differently. I did that once - converting a childhood friendship into a relationship and trust m, it didn't got that well. Me and him, we always said that if our relationship didn't work out, we can stay friends, like we used to be but when the relationship ends, so does the friendship. True, we do keep on touch with one another but somehow, it's no longer the same.

In today's case, I don't want history to repeat itself. He is a good friend of mine and I valued his friendship so much that I don't want to hurt him. If anyone of you outthere asking me why I can't accept him more than friend, let's just say that my feeling for him is pure friendship. Why don't I give him a chance? Maybe this time it would be different? Maybe he is the one for me? Coz I don't want to 'experiment' with my feelings and I don't want to hurt his feeling.

The matter of the hearts or feelings are quiet complicated. I know most of my friends and my colleagues told me that m a very choosy person and now, at 28 years old, everyone kept on reminding me that my options (of men) are slowly thinning out. In other words, don't be so choosy or you would end up being an old spinster - that would be the harsh truth but of course no one ever dares to say that to my face. Honestly, I don't know who m waiting for. There is no one in particular m waiting for. If you ask me whether m ready for a commitment, I would say that I am. But the thing is, I don't want to commit with just any man. I want to commit with someone m really really sure of. It's not a time for experiment-ing feelings (as my ex bf used to say). My time is over for that.

For the last 2 years, I lost count on how many men I broke their hearts and I vowed to myself not to that again but somehow, it just tooo damned difficult. I don't go out and look for them, they look for me! They said opposite attracts and there are some proofs to that. But when I meet men who are the opposite attracts from me, I don't feel the attractions, the connections, the 'sparks', the chemistry and what-ever-else-you-want-to-call-it. This good friend, he is the opposite attracts from me but I had known him for a long time that I get used to his 'quietness'. Well, I guess now he is no longer quiet of his feelings for me.... URRGGGhhhh...why life has to be so complicated? Oh...let me correct that, why feelings have to get in a way of friendship???

I don't know what to do. I haven't reply his text and I HATE confrontation. I know eventually I have to come face-to-face with him but at the moment, I really have no idea what to do or say to him.....

The Holiday

Tuesday, October 27, 2009
Few days back, I chatted online with my Singaporean friend, Yan Lin ;) It's been 5 years since I left Singapore and somehow, I just miss my friends over there. So, we were chatting and just catching up with each other when she asked me the $50K question - when m getting married? Told her, that no one proposed me so far hence not anytime soon..haha! I asked her the same question (considering that our birthdays are just few days difference) and she answered me by, "Singaporean men don't want me" Hahaha! So, I was saying (jokingly of course) that she should come here to Brunei and maybe she will find the one and I would go there and do the same. In other words, we exchange places..haha! I know it's silly but I know these stuffs did happen somewhere around this globe. So, Yan Lin recommended me to watch this movie, The Holiday. Ever watch or read Perfect Stranger? Not the thriller movie but the romantic movie. I never watched the movie though but I read the book.

Anyway, The Holiday - Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jude Law and Jack Black. The story of 2 heartbroken women, Diaz from LA and Winslet from London. Both of them agreed to do home exchange for 2 weeks - Winslet goes to LA and Diaz goes to Surrey, London.

Honestly, it's a very nice movie. I love it. Everything is there. Humor, friendship, family, strangers, love....mainly about love. It somehow tells you how to get up from your heartbroken state and start living your life. There are many unfortunate people outthere who suffered more than you do but life goes on....and you would never know what to expect.

As I said, it's a very nice movie. Watch it and maybe if you have a soft heart like I do, maybe you will know what I meant ;)

The Other Boleyn Girl

Being an avid reader of historical romance, actually I had never read the book version of this movie. As most of you know, this movie is adapted from a book with the same title by Phillipa-something. Soooryyy, I really couldn't remember the name.

Eventhough this movie came out last year, I only watched it this morning at HBO..haha! Trust me, sometimes I just got so many free times by splurging myself with movies.

The movie, starring 2 beautiful actress - Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson and uuuhhh...another macho man (by my standard), Eric Bana. If any of you don't know Eric Bana, he's the one playing Hector in Troy. I know, compared with Brad Pitt (in Troy), Bana kindda fall to the shadow but neverthless, he's soooo YUMMY!!! *slurp*slurp* hahaha! M not a freak but I like to appreciate God's creation on fellow human...hehe!

Set in the 14th century, it's the story (true story as I read from the history) of the Boleyn sisters - Anne (Portman) and Mary (Johansson) and King Henry VIII (Bana). In this story, Anne is the older sister to Mary but as the historians believe, Mary was older than Anne. I really couldn't imagine how's life for the royals in the 14th century but from this story, being the king's mistress who can give him a male heir is considered an honor for the mistress.

Anne, the beautiful of the 2 Boleyn girls, always had a big ambition for herself and she had always wanted to be the queen of England. While Mary, was always the 'shadow' of her sister. Until one day, the king had an accident while riding and Mary tend to him. The king took a liking of Mary and made her his mistress. When Mary eventually got pregnant with the king's baby, she was isolated (for the baby's sake). Hence Anne was asked to 'replace' Mary's shoe to 'entertain' the king until the baby's born. But Anne had a mind of her own.

Anne would not sleep with the king until he divorced his queen, Catherine of the Aragone(?) - did I spelt that right? Anyway, it's noted in history of England that during the reign of King Henry VIII, England was separated from the Church of Rome which allowed him to divorce his queen and remarry. He did and married Anne soon after.

Anne gave birth to a daughter, Elizabeth and when she failed to give King Henry a male heir, Anne determined to sleep with any man - her own brother (in this story) coz the king won't lay with her anymore. They didn't do it but when the king found out, both of them were to be beheaded. Mary (being banished to the country after the birth of her son, Henry) did come back to the palace and begged King Henry to spare Anne's life. The king somehow gave Mary hopes that Anne's life would be spared but in the end, it didn't.

From the history, King Henry VIII had 6 wives and Anne was the second. And also from the history goes, 2 of his wives were beheaded. Hmmm....I guess, the Tower of London won't be in my list of places to visit if I ever go to London. The idea of people being beheaded....urrghhh...I have a wild imagination. I don't want to dwell into it..

A Perfect Getaway

My bff once told me it's a movie for me to watch considering that m a hiking-freak person and only yesterday, I managed to watch it.

My opinion, well, it is okay, I guess. Haha! The scenery, I have no comment on that. It's puurrfffeecttt! If I eventually get married and spend my honeymoon jungle trekking the jungle of Hawaii with my beloved, hey, I don't mind. Especially if the end of the trails lay the white, wonderful sandy beach. Set up a camp, bonfire and just listen to the sounds of the waves, that's romantic...haha!

Ok! That's the scenery. The casts...hmmm..I prefer Timothy Olyphant (who plays the character Nick) with no hair; from the movie Hitman. Geezz! I love that movie. Being bald, Olyphant looks so damned sexy and mysterious..just the perfect guy...yummy! Haha!

The movie - it's a bit confusing at first. Lots of twist and turn. Newly wed Cliff (Steve Zahn) and Cydney (Mila Jovovich) went to Hawaii for their honeymoon by jungle trekking through the trails where they meet with Nick (Olyphant) and Gina (Kiele Sanchez). On their way to the beach, they come acroos with 3 girls who got information that there is a couple killer roaming around killing couples. Cliff and Cydney have their doubts with the couple Nick and Gina. So let's just say that their are getting suspicios of each other.

I didn't expect of the ending though. Coz the way I see it, it doesn't make sense. Oh well, I don't know but that's just me.

Anyway, for those who had watched it, maybe you guys know what I meant but for those who haven't watch it, well, you can try to watch it...haha!

Big W-O-W!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009
This is the uttermost beautiful ring I have ever seen and definitly the one that I will NOT have. Geeezzz, this ring must cost a bomb man! But fewwwhhh....beauuutttiiiffuuullll....

Good Luck...

Saturday, October 24, 2009
...to Brunei's first and youngest woman to ski to the South Pole, Dk Najibah Eradah. She is one of the women from 8 different countries to go to Antartic for the Kaspersky Commonwealth Antartic Expedition.

Being an adventerous person, truth laid out her, m soooo drop dead jealous of her. BUT at the same time m proud of her. Besides if m given the choice to join, I think I would decline. Reasons: 1) m easily get sinusitis, 2) I cannot stand cold weather (and Antartic, definitly not a place I want to 'mess' around with), 3) I don't have much fats to insulate me from the cold. Well, that's the only reason I can come up with at the moment.

So to Era, the very best of luck to you. May you depart and arrive safely. When eventually if you can't make it the "900km in 40 days" journey, don't be disappointed. Just remember, by being there, you are making me proud...you are making Bruneians proud. If others can do it, so can we....YEAH!!!

For more information about the expedition, feel free to click here

10 Years Ago....

Really couldn't believe it that it happened 10 years ago. Truthfully, I totally forgot about this incident until I read today's paper. I should remember this coz it happened during my birthday. It caused commotion in our department and all our classes for the rest of the day were cancelled. Haha...My college years, trust me man, so many stuffs happened. If I ever write a book, it would be a thick one *wink*wink*

Photo Shots!

Last Thursday, I had to drag myself to go to the headquarters MoH for some photo shots. Apparently this time it's for the Ministry. With our throphies and certificates, we managed to get some decent shots done..hehe!

Note: Thanx to Hj Khalid for all the pictures!


Eat, Drink and Be Healthy

Well, I got the title from a book - Eat, Drink and Be Married written by Eve Makis. But considering that m not getting married (yet!) hence I changed the title.

Almost everyone asked me what I have been up to while m onleave. Well, basically the title tells it all - eat, drink and be healthy. Somehow I can't stop eating. I think maybe it's due to pms-ing or just plain got nothing else to do. But let's just say that eventhough I eat a lot, still live a healthy life..haha! NOT in term of foods coz believe it or not, I ate a lot of junk and fatty foods and most of the time, I feel guilty doing that to my body. But I redeem myself by hiking, jogging and recently I played badminton with my brothers. M not a professional player but m consider okay...hehe!


The Handmaiden's Necklace

I made a vow to myself that I would try to balance my reading between an english and a malay novels. For quiet some times now, I had been reading lots of malay novels and somehow I just 'lost touch' reading english novels.

So, last Thursday, for the first time, I went to the public library near my place. It's still new hence not many books are available and there is lots of empty spaces yet to be filled. But I managed to borrow 2 malay novels and an english historical romance book. I LOVE historical romance novels especially if it's from MIRA publishing and from Judith McNaught.

Title: The Handmaiden's Necklace
Author: Kat Martin
No of Pages: 407 pages
Publisher: MIRA

The Handmaiden's Necklace from Kat Martin. The first time I heard of her and as expected, this is definitly her first novel I read. Apparently, The Handmaiden's Necklace is the final book of the Bride's Necklace trilogy. Shoot! Now I have to look for the first two - The Bride's Necklace and The Devil's Necklace. I hope the public library have those books on their shelves or I would be restless. Haha! Once m addicted, I definitly hooked!

The Handmaiden's Necklace is set in the year 1806 and of course, it's started in London. Don't know if any of you noticed if you are reading historical romance novels but every novels that I read always start in London. I guess where it's all the glamarous, well bread people, high society people and the ton originated from.

Anyway, the story of Danielle Duval. She was shun by the ton when one night she was discovered by her fiance in a bed with a naked nobelman. When she couldn't prove her innocence and her fiance, Rafael, Duke of Sheffield didn't believe her either, she went to find comfort in her aunt's country estate.

5 years after, due to her aunt's request, Dani accompanied her aunt to a social function back in London, forcing her to face the scandal once more. Rafael, believed that he had been betrayed by Dani, got engaged to a very well bread young lady.

To make this review short (mind you if I let myself loose, it would be a long one), Dani went to America (that's what it was called back then, not USA) to be married to a businessman. Rafael hired a Bow Street runner to find what really happened 5 years ago and when he knew the truth, he tracked Dani down all the way to America.

Feeling guilty for what he had accussed Dani, Rafe determined to see that Dani is happily married and when he found out that Dani's American fiance intended to keep several mistresses even after he married Dani, Rafe blackmailed Dani into marrying HIM instead! or Rafe would tell the American society about The Scandal. Leaving her with no choice, Dani married Rafe out of revenge.

Things got complicated when Rafe found out the necklace he gave Dani was gone (as Dani claimed) when infact she gave it to Robert, a British manservant who was bought by a wealthy American. Caroline, Dani's lady maid cum companion cum bestfriend loves Robert and asked Dani to help him escape America and back to London.

When Rafe found out the truth about the necklace and Robert, he forgave Dani for lying to him but he found out that Dani couldn't conceive (due to a riding accident she suffered 5 years ago), he was angry at first. His love for Dani made him overlooked Dani's shortcoming. But when Dani realized how important for him to have a heir to the dukedom, Dani unwillingly seeked for divorce so Rafe could marry another and have a heir.

One thing led to another when eventually, Dani was kidnapped, Rafe tried to save her, Dani got shot and lost her will to live. But no worries, it comes to a happy ending ;)

I might not doing the best review but trust me, this book...wow! It's really a page turner. I finished it within 24 hours and now m already thinking to get the first 2 books.

Thank You!

Thursday, October 22, 2009
I would like to say thank you to my mum, dad, brothers, sis-in-law, my nieces, my aunts, my bff, my friends, my acquittances, may it be from Facebook, Tagged and Bloggers for their birthday greetings and well-wishes...

BIG thanks to my dad for treating the whole family dinner last night and to my bff for treating my birthday lunch...love you guys to the bitssss....

Thank you all..

Oh...I nearly forgot! Thanx for my boss and my partner in crime for calling me up in the morning and sang Happy Birthday to me over the phone...ur manly voices are sucks! LOL!!! But million thanx!

Chasing Harry Winston

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Title: Chasing Harry Winston

Author: Lauren Weisberger
No. of Pages: 308 pages
Publisher: HarperCollins Publisher

At last! Another book I managed to finish. Actually this book had been long overdue. I started reading this book somewhere in August and only managed to finish it now....2 months later! Geeezzz...what a lousy reader I am!

Anyhow, if anyone out there who doesn't know Lauren Weisberger, she is the author of the bestselling book and movie, The Devil Wears Prada. UUuuhhh...I love that movie.

Chasing Harry Winston is a story of 3 bestfriends - Emmy, Adriana and Leigh. Emmy just broke up with her bf for 5 years decided to 'live her life' by taking a job that required her to travel the globe and her mission: to sleep with at least 1 man from each continent!

Adriana, beautiful and rich by nature. Has no proper job apart from partying and spending her dad's money. Can't keep to a guy for a period of time. When her bestfriends challenged her to get a man to propose and secure a 5-carat Harry Winston on her fourth finger, she just couldn't resist the challenge.

Leigh, a successful editor to a scandalous writer, engaged to the hunkiest prince charming. When everyone says that she's the luckiest girl, why she didn't feel that same? Why is she attracted to a bad boy?

"...two people grow closer and thrive, or the connection slowly fizzles and it's time to break up."
- Chasing Harry Winston by Lauren Weisberger, page 221

Haha! It's a good read! Although it took me 2 months to finish this book, it still captivate me how good the storyline is. It's been a while I didn't read any english novels but I think m gonna hook back to read more of english novels , trying to equal it with malay novels.

At the moment, m searching for Sophie Kinsella's latest novel, Twenties Girl! I found it in Miri but it is wayyyy to expensive for a novel. So now m waiting for the 'cheaper' version of that book. Hehe!

Makna Cinta

Title: Makna Cinta
Author: Maria Alina
No. of Pages: 501 pages
Publisher: Alaf 21

I was supposed to finish reading Tidak KuPinta by Kamsiah Abu first but somehow, I got 'reader's block' (if there's such a word..haha) while reading that book hence I started reading Makna Cinta by Maria Alina. In between meals, toilet breaks, tv and fetching my brother from school, I managed to finish this book in a day ;)

This is Maria Alina's second novel (that I had read) after Rahsia Hatiku. The story of Yusuf and Zulaikha. No, it's not the story of Nabi Yusuf AS and Zulaikha but let's just say that this is one heck of a love story.

I decide not to write the review here. I know! Bummer! Haha! But let's just say that this book is a page turner. I basically can't stop reading. I have a bad habit of reading the first few pages (to know the main characters) then I would jump straight to the last few pages (to know the ending) before reading the whole book. Many fanatic readers out there would be frustrated with what I did but hey, that's what got me motivate to read.

SACRIFICE, SACRIFICE AND MORE SACRIFICE - that one word I gotta say about this book. Zulaikha's mum sacrifice her love for her bestfriend, Zulaikha's dad sacrifice his love and responsibilities for Zulaikha's grandma, Azril sacrifice his feeling and love when he knows that his brother, Yusuf loves his fiance, Zulaikha, Ras Adiba sacrifice her feeling for Azril when she knows that he's getting engaged with Zulaikha, Azimah sacrifice her whole life to have Yusuf's love....soooo many sacrifices! Trust me, sometimes I got frustrated reading this book but it's not a disappointment.

It makes me shed some tears. It is really a must-read book.

"Pada saat hati terlalu menginginkan sesuatu, yang diinginkan pergi semakin jauh dari kita. Sebaliknya pada saat hati sudah bersedia melepaskan, yang ingin dilepaskan itu datang bergolek pula dihadapan mata."
- Makna Cinta by Maria Alina. Page: 406

You would be amazed how true that statment is.

More Books!

Friday, October 16, 2009
Today, I spent half the day in the neighbouring country, Miri Malaysia. For me, he sole purpose of me going there is either for the clothes or the books but mainly the books. Today I managed to grab 2 books - Makna Cinta by Maria Alina and Aku Cinta Dia by Sharifah Abu Salem; a shoe at Fabiano Ricco and some personal stuffs at Guardian. It's been a long time I didn't go shopping (haha..yea right!) and it was fun to shop 'carelessly' once in a while..haha!


Thursday, October 15, 2009
We have to admit that people perception of who we are effects our daily life. If someone ever said to him/herself that he/she doesn't care what other people think of him/her, then that person must be a hypocrite. Admit it, that most of our misery is because we think too much of what other people thinks of us. You might be frustrated of something/over something because this person says bla bla bla. It happens everyday! I might be a hypocrite some times but I do admit that m affected by what people think of me. And being a front line to the patients aka the customers, I do have to make a good first impression coz that might be my last impression to that person.

For me, there are 3 types of people perception of you - positive, negative and neutral perception. And after so many years of making friends online and 3 years of blogging, I tried to grasp these 3 types with open mind. If a person gave me an appreciative remarks, I would try my very best to muster a sincere smile and say thank you while if m given criticism, I would try to be quiet and politely say it's noted. But being a rebellious, defensive type of person, I rarely handle criticism very well. Trust me, m trying to simmer down on my anger.

For people who don't know me personally, the first impression they always say to me is that I look nice, sweet, kind bla bla bla. M not making this up! For the last few days, I spent some of my time online, chatting with someone I never meet before or with someone I meet before but don't really know them. Mostly I know them from Tagged or Facebook. M not saying that they are wrong about me (me being 'looked' nice, sweet and kind). I AM all those (haha!) but what amaze me is that these people actually sincerely complimenting me, not because they want to flirt around but because they are just plain sincere.I know I shouldn't trust this cyberworld but I think in life, you need to put your trust out there, if not much, maybe a bit?

A 'friend' I met through Tagged today said that he liked to be my friend very much. A good friend, as he said. I don't know him at all but the funny thing is that he had meet me. Or rather he had see me. Working with public, I meet lots of people and it's quiet impossible for me to remember them all. Unless they are 'the regulars'. Anyway, he said that next time he sees me, he will say hi. Uuuhhh! Kindda scary coz behind all these chivalrous facade, I am a very shy person. Haha! I know! Some of you might not believe it especially who knows me for my loud, blaring voice but I am! I might be cheeky, naughty and all but honestly I just a simple shy person who like to socialize.

Anyhooo...what m trying to say here is that there is nothing wrong to make a good impression on someone. Because as I said, it may be your last chance in doing so. BUT bear in mind, no matter how much you want to impress someone, don't lose the real YOU. You can impress someone, everyone even with your designer clothes, makeup, shoes, bags and brand expensive car but when it comes to a long term commitment, you need YOUR-OWN-SELF to go further! Cheerz peeps!


I had searched and searched Brunei's online stores to get the ebook but funny thing, it's not available. Funny how Brunei is up-to-date with the latest handphones, latest cameras, latest laptops and so many latest gadgets but no ebook. Not a single-freaking one!

Being a passionate reader, I have always wanted the ebook. Of course there is the pro and con of the ebook but I so badlyyy want one. I was thinking to buy online but before buying I want to see and feel how it loooks like on my hand; what are the functions; m I comfortable with it and so many questions. I don't want to spend some hundreds dollar buying online and in the end, regret buying it. Hmmmm.....*sooo very big sigh*

A Nearly-Forgotten Cruise

I started my leave already and I was planning to go to the local library today but somehow, it was closed. Haven't got the slightest idea why. Anyway, got nothing else to do so basically I spent my day sitting on the couch, watching the telly. So many nice movies airing at the moment. I watched The Amazing Race in the morning continued with Titanic.

This is the first time I watched the Titanic again after so many years. True, when the film was out in 1997, I think I watched it over and over again. Not because I fancy Leonardo di Caprio. Not a big fan of his. But basically I like the storyline - part history, well, mostly history I guess.

So, today, after those so many years, this movie still can make my eyes glued to the screen. I nearly forgot how amazing this movie was. Won sooo many Oscars and all those awards. Watching Titanic this morning, it reminds me of my desire to go for the Star Cruise. Believe it or not, I nearly went for a cruise while I was in Singapore. The Star Cruise was docking at Harbour Front at that time and I remembered asking for the tickets and all. Came home and I voiced out my plan to my 2 roomies. Turned out, they are not a big fan of sea cruise. One roomie easily got seasick while the other plan, well, just plain uninterested. I wanted to go that badly I was even considering to go alone but when I think about it, what the heck m gonna do alone on a big ship, with no friends at all for 3 days?? And so, I didn't go......

I never thought of the cruise anymore after that coz I don't want to feel the disappointment. It just too hard to bear *so dramatic*. A colleague of mine once said that sea cruise is suitable for honeymoon and for couples. What? Single people cannot go?? But when I think about it, he was right. Lots of people who go on a sea cruise are either honeymooners or couples. Ceh...nevermind! One day, I would break the tradition...haha! I wish!

Ready for a Change?

M thinking of changing my car! I had been driving the Mondeo for the last 7 years and I guess it's time for a change. But now I got 2 dilemma - am I ready to change to a new car with a new bank loan? and which car?? I got so many options but I learnt from my lesson not to choose the European expensive car, not that I can afford it that much...haha!


Managed to watch it last Tuesday and truth to be told, kindda regret watching it. Let's just say that m disappointed with the movie.

It's a sci-fiction movie where human were replaced by robots in living everyday life. From walking, working, shopping, everything basically while the operator - the human just sat on a chair and operate their surrogates from home. I was thinking myself if that's really happen in few years, wow, life would be soooo boring. True, you would be protected from all the diseases, outbreaks, considering that the real you are at home, safe and comfy while your surrogate do all the dirty work. But where's the fun in living?

Oh well, I don't know about the rest of you guys who had watched this movie but for me, m really disappointed watching it. Just because Bruce Wills is the hero made me to go and see this movie at the first place...

Have I Lost It?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009
My guts, that is.

After nearly 2 months of no exercise, this morning I decided to go and hike at Bukit Shahbandar. I rarely go to Shahbandar nowdays mainly because for me, Shahbandar is an eerie place after all those incidents. Even before all those incidents, I stopped going there when I pushed myself resulting in pure exhaustion.

So, this morning, after I sent my brother to school, I went straight to Shahbandar. When I arrived, around 7am, the parking lot was basically empty, only few cars were around. On my way up, I saw a guy coming down and I had my doubt. I looked up the hill and I saw no one in sight. Hmm.. m alone and the place is soooo quiet and truth to be told, the place kindda freaking me out. So after half way thru' the hill, debating with myself, whether I should go on or turn back, the rational part of me won. I turned back. Haha! As I was walking around the playground (just to loosen up some sweats), I saw 3 individuals going up. So I said to myself, "if these people going up on their own, m sure I can do it too. Besides, m sure can catch up with them".

With that on my mind, I started to hike up the hill again, seeing only one of the 3 individuals. 1 of the women went to the other tracks and the other 1, I have no idea. Seems like she vanished into the thin air. Anyway, by the time I reached the top of the first hill, I lost sight of the guy. Being wise, I adopt the shortest route. And believe me, it's the quietest hike I ever had. Not a soul around, just me and the nature. I don't know whether I like it or not but I still prefer some people around. On my way down from the hill, from afar, I saw a group of monkeys roaming around. Considering that they are wild monkeys, I don't want to take my chances so guess what I did? I hike back up to the hill!!! Haha! Trust me, I really did my exercise this morning. On my way up, one of the women I saw earlier came down and believe it or not, I just tagged along wit her! Eventually I made it back to my car but the question still remains - have I lost my guts? Or Shahbandar just quiet nowdays? Both I think.

3 years back, I can hike the Shahbandar every single day and I don't mind hiking alone. I enjoyed hiking alone. At least I don't have to wait to anyone or anyone to wait for me. Well, it gave me a lesson today - not to go to Shahbandar in the morning while everyone is at work.