Me and the Dentist

Thursday, November 6, 2008
I had a dental appintment this afternoon hence I am taking a half day off from work. It's been quiet a while I didn't make a trip to the dentist. I think my last trip would be in 2006! I was so obedient *haha* back then, so I stick to the 6-month visit to the dentist.

This time however, it's an unplanned visit. A colleague of mine is a good friend to this dentist and 1 day, the dentist came to the workplace and we had a chitchat and he's willing to give me an appointment to do reshaping. FYI - my front tooth is a bit chipped. It happened when I fell off from a bicycle long long long time ago *kira tera jua lah time kanak-kanak atu*. So, this dentist agreed to reshape my front teeth, making it more nicer *ehem*! I got an appointment that easy while others have to wait months to see this guy coz he's considered a specialist in this area.

Anyhow, me and dentist, there is always something wrong. What I meant by something wrong here is that shyness! I always get soooooo shy infront of the dentist. Any dentist! Male or female, both, I can't get rid of my shyness! Female dentist, I can tahan sikit la but when it comes to male dentist, fewwwwhhh...malu berabis.

The reason is that dentist does the dirty job. I mean, come on la, we all have to admit that our mouth is one of the dirtiest place in our body apart from the lower parts. Food came in all the time along with other things (whatever is the other things). So, when you open your mouth to the dentists, it's like they are looking right through your personalities. The cleaner your mouth, you are an okay person; the dirtier your mouth, you are the person who doesn't care about your personal hygine.

Alhamdulilah, my mouth and teeth are clean *puji diri sendiri*. I'm not saying that my mouth is the cleanest of all. It's just that I take very good care of my teeth and mouth hygine hence I don't have any problems. But, I have to admit, when a dentist see my mouth, I do get a very low self-confidence! I mean, they see what you can't even see.

Anyway, today, I was on my back with my mouth opened for 1 and a half hours! *YIKES* That's a record for me! That's the longest I ever sit with my mouth opened infront of the dentist!!! Fortunately, I decided not to go for braces coz that would take even longer....I don't think I can sit that long!!

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