Netball Tournament

Sunday, July 20, 2008
Tournament started at 7.30am and we were required to be there at 7am for registration and etc. And guess what? I was a bit late and what's more, I was lost! I had no idea where is the UBD multipurpose hall but Alhamdullilah, I managed to get there at one try....hehe! Arrived there, met with almost all of my teammates.

We entered the hall - got 2 courts for Group A and Group B. Each group consists of 7 teams/departments, hence all together there is 14 teams/departments. We were in group B, competing against SSBH Team A, SSBH Team B, RIPAS (Medical Team), RIPAS (Admin Team), MOH (Admin Team), Environmental Team and us, the Pharmacy Team. The funny thing is that we always practise with the MOH Admin Team and the Environmental Team so when we played against either team, it was not like competing...it's like we were playing for fun...which made it more fun! When one of us is playing, the other 2 two teams would cheer us!

Our first game is against the KB team A and man, don't we just lost that bad - 20 - 0...Hahaha! Membagi malu to admit it in here but that's the truth! But we found out later that we are not the only team that this KB team A beat that bad...We played 6 games - each game is 14 minutes with no break - within the period from 7.30am till 3pm!!

Me? Another funny thing, I am a reserved player and the weirdest thing is that I played 4 games out of 6....macammana kan tu? We didn't win any games but we managed to score, which is a good thing. Although we finished our last game around 3pm, we had no chance to go home coz our Director came and stayed till the final game hence we had to stay too. The final game is between the MOH Admin Team and KB team A, so we cheered for the MOH Admin Team. They lost to the KB team but nvm, it's good enough! The prize presentation took place and we eventually went home at 5.30pm.

I was drop dead tired and my muscles ache all over. Alhamdulillah,
today, its getting better...

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