"iantie and her ECA"

Tuesday, June 24, 2008
Been quiet a while I didn't update my blog. Mainly because my schedule is packed nowdays + don't have the time + the connection had been lousy lately! But the main reason had to be lazy, I guess! Haha! Sudah atu!

But honestly, I got so many things going on in my life lately that by the time I came home, I don't have the energy to do anything else but to rest and sleep. It started with our KKC. We did an unofficial presentation infront of the audience last last Thursday during the Min of Health KKC convention. Considering that only 1 team was competing, so we were asked to do a presentation and guess what time I came home the night before the presentation - 9.30PM! I was in the office from 7AM till 9.30PM - straight and non-stop! Exhausting! Even doing that presentation the next morning, I was suffering from palpitation - dap dup dap dup...hehe! Anytime this week, we are asked to do another presentation infont of the executive officers *yikes* nda berabis!

Starting 2 weeks ago, I joined the department's dikir syarafil team *woise* jadi alim iya! haha! well, I love to berdikir and it's been quiet a long time I didn't do this activity (berdikir) and kindda lost my touch in berdikir so I thought I should brush up on my dikir untuk menambahkan amalan..hehe! The lesson is once in 2 weeks afterwork and we will have our second lesson this Saturday.

Other than with berdikir, I was half-willingly dragged to join the department's netball team to compete in the Min of Health interdepartment competition. Honestly, I never play netball in my life. Yes! Seriously! Even when I was in school, I never played netball; volleyball, yes but not netball. So last Thursday, aku pun turun court for the first time ever in my life. Have to say, not bad for a first timer! Hehe! Muji diri sendiri but then siapa lagi kan memuji, banar nda? I played Center and man! what a lot of running and for someone who was 'dormant' from running, I was breathless! Next morning, I was aching all over my body and thank God, it's Friday!!! I can rest and mend my aching muscles! We were supposed to have practise last Saturday but it was raining, so it was postponed and yesterday, it was postponed again! I don't mind whether we playing or not considering that I booked myself as a reserved player..haha! Honestly, m a quick learner but not really a good player so better being a reserve lah..hehe!

Yesterday, we suffered from a power failure but the funny thing is that it's only in our unit....hmmm...funny! But Alhamdulillah, the maintenance people came as soon as they can and fix the problem. We were in the dark for like 45 minutes but it's a suffering for us coz we need our electricity to do our job. See how much we depend on electricity....

Considering that yesterday netball practise was postponed, so, me, wanted to loosen my muscles and get rid of my aching muscles and excess fats *ehem*ehem*, me and 2 colleagues went to Tasek. I'm a patron at Bukit Shahbandar (that was 2 years back) but for Tasek, yesterday was my second time. My first time was also, 2 years ago, my long best friend brought me. Tasek, for me, changes a lot and it's quiet nice, actuallynya. Yesterday afternoon, with the nice weather, it was quiet packed, maybe clashed with the school holidays. I parked my car far away but not as far as Mawar's..hehe! We went for 2 rounds and fewwhh...I should do this everyday! I mean, I'm slow nowdays, which proves that I'm not fit. No wonder I got excess fats hanging around my belly..hahaha!

My lovelife? Hmm...can I said it's non-existance? I think I want to end this relationship! Oh wait! I actuallynya had ended it! WHAT? Yup! I made my mind and I think by making myself buzy, I was in a way trying to avoid the harsh realization that I'm not good with relationship stuffs! or maybe I haven't find the right one yet. Anyhow, here I am! Single again and honestly, m loving it! No, m not bluffing! I love being single! I love the freedom! I love me! So, yes, I love being single...not content with who I am but I love with who I am! Better single than hurt all those men's feeling! So, from now on, men....stay away from me! Whahaha...yea, banar kah nda tu? hehe!

It's the 3rd week my dad in Malaysia and I was buzy the whole 3 weeks. As my mum said to my dad on the phone, "iantie and her never ending ECA" hehe! And when I was having my seasonal sinusitis last Saturday, I was so damn weak and when my dad called that night, he said, "Damam lagi?" Hehe! Mana nda damam, I was really really buzy! My brothers are having their tuition 3 times a week and I know they are tired and so am I (physically and financially..haha!) but this is for their own good - they are having their O levels this October.
Last Friday, me and my mum went to Limbang to get my brand new gold Astro card. It's the middle of the month, I didn't expect to see so many cars queing up at the immigration post but that's exactly what happened. We started to que around 8.25am and we only get thru' the Malaysian post around 9.15am and aku apa lagi...zoom terus! Biasalah, fast and in a hurry! Haha! Gotta fetch my brothers back from tuition at 11.30am! Got my Astro card, dangani my mum to the tamu, then I zoomed back! Fetched my brothers around 11.40am!

After the Friday prayer, my bestie fetched me and we went to watch Get Smart in the Empire. It was funny.....I likkkkeeee! Hehe! It reminds me of Johnny English. More or less the same. Entertaining the same. This Thursday, m having my day off and its payday!! Yeaaa! hehe! M planning to bring my brothers out and about. Kesian them stayed at home all day long during this school holidays considering that my dad is far away in Kelantan, my mum works and so do I, hence they didn't have the chance to go anywhere. So, m planning to bring they out and about this Thursday, maybe watch a movie or something. M thinking of watching either The Hulk or Kung Fu Panda. I want to watch Made of Honor but I don't think my brothers fancy watching a romantic movie...hehe!

Yesterday, the 3 of us - me and my 2 brothers - joined forces and washed my dad's car. This is the first time we washed the car since my dad left and when he called in the middle of us washing, he said, "Subhanallah! 3 minggu, nda bercuci...kamah tu eh!" Hehe! Guilty! 3 weeks I used the car and I just made a blind eye to the dirt...sama jua hujan saja..hehe!

So, basically that's my life lately! KKC-dikir-netball-hiking and the process repeated itself again and again! Exhausting but fullfilling! This is my life nowdays...

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Jukip said...

hey there, what a busy life youve been experiencing lately, you know ive purposely search for your blog in the search engine and voila i found it, nice to know what you have been going through everyday. Share experience, thoughts and ideas kan? well keep it going as i will have a peep once in a while .....see you iantie

iantie said...

hey there,
u search for my blog?? wow! that's something I didn't know. Well, whoever u r, thanx!

Feel free to drop by ;)