Benar - Benar Bored!!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008
This is the first time in a long long time I ever feel this bored! The last time I got this feeling was when I was in Singapore where one of the weekends, everyone out and about and I stayed behind and got nothing to do!

Tonight, I'm at home, alone with nothing to do. Actually, I got so many things to do but all those involved office works and since I don't want to think about office at the moment, m not gonna do anything about it. Hence here I am, doing nothing (sort of!). My parents with my 2 youngest brothers left for KK this morning and I will be going there tomorrow. Can't wait! I'm leftbehind with my other 2 brothers but then being boys, jangantah harap ada d rumah!

I went to jog/hike/walk at Tasek this afternoon after work considering that I know that I would get bored and lonely if I came home. I only did 1 round - saja kan testing my new running shoe...hehe! Finished around 5.45pm and went straight to Kiulap to pay some bills. Went to KFC Sengkurong and bought something to eat and by the time I came home, it's 7PM!
Fuuuiiii...patangnya rumah. No light anywhere. Switched on (nearly all) the lights, fed my cat, my rabbits, my turtles and them I fed myself...hehe! Had my shower and here I am...really got NOTHING to do!!!

Makan, done! Mandi, done! Kan liat DVD, malas jua rasanya. Kan read a book, malas jua! Ntah laaaa....

Anyway, new year 2009 is less than 48 hours away and same as last year (or this year), I'm not gonna have any new year's resolutions coz somehow I just couldn't stick to it! So better don't have any lah! Let just see what 2009 would bring!

Happy New Year 2009 Everyone!
May your coming years be meaningful than before!

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