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Tuesday, August 19, 2008
Been quiet a while I didn't update my blog so here it is, as I remembered it.

Yesterday - Work is as usual, almost buzy non-stop. Considering that my stock is coming today (tuesday), I had to update all the necessary bincards so that everthing will be balanced when my stock arrived. Hence, I work all through during lunchtime and still, I can't finish my paperworks. URGGHHH! It shows how many I left unattend for the last few days. Hmmm...Went home a bit late coz had to stay back for a brief meeting (lagi menyesakkan kepala!)

Sunday, 17th August - Woke up a bit late coz I stayed all night reading and finishing, Sandaran Hati by Aini Marisha (if I'm not mistaken). It is a nice book, I have to say. Anyway, had a cup of tea and few bars of chocolate for brunch, fetched my brothers from their tuition class then we went to Gadong for lunch. It was jammed as usual for a weeked so I went straight for the basement parking. No use to waste time in looking for a parking. Funny thing, as we arrived in the food court, looking at all those foods, made me full and I ended up didn't eat anything. My dad had a headache hence I'm driving. We went to Muara and headed for Serasa beach. Saja...jalan-jalan. Late in the afternoon, my aunt and grandma stopped by at our home and stayed there till late.

Saturday, 16th August - Hmmm...went to work. Went for netball after work. This time we played against the army's wives from Muara Camp and a team from Kg Burung Pingai. They are good. Me? Pancit dah! Few weeks dah didn't go for my hike and walk. Barat rasanya bah...

Friday, 15th August - Morning, I woke up early coz I need to accompanied my mum to run some errands. Managed to buy 3 new novels from Alaf 21. In a rush to fetch my brothers from their tuition class. Afternoon, went out again with my mum and brothers (dad went to KB for MOHA's function). Survey all those electrical shops coz mum wanted to buy a microwave oven. Managed to buy 1 with a bargain (mum punya kerja) and mum then lanja us with donuts...nyum nyum....hmmm..macammana kan control nie??!!!

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