In An Analytical Mood - 6th August Entry

Tuesday, August 19, 2008
I don't know what went wrong with me today but everything seemed to be 'out of place'. My car gave me a problem early this morning. One of my tyres puncture on my way to send my brothers to school. I had to drive slow home. Luckily my home is just few meters from the school. Dad let me drive his car while he and my mum went with one car. I had a meeting this afternoon afterwork, so Dad had to bring my tyre to the tyre shop and fix whatever the problem is.

So, I came 'late' for work. I'm a very predictable person. I always come to work around 7-7.10am but today, I came around 7.25am (duh!) and once I entered the door, my super-duper colleague said,"Nah....panjang umurmu. Pikir tah kau off". EErrrKK! Dapat off kah? Haha! But I didn't say it out loud coz I was so buzy saying that it's only 7.25AM! And office hour will only start in 20 minutes time!

This morning, I don't know what came into me! Well, for 1 thing, I'm NOT always a perfectionist - sometimes I am but MOST of the time, I'm not! But today, I choose to be a perfectionist and what happened? I criticized most of my assistants' duty/work. They are 3 assistants in my watch at the moment and so far as I am concern, I'm happy that they do their job and know what they duties are. But today...jeng jeng jeng! Hahaha! Everything seems so wrong in my eyes! One assistant forget to count and jot down all the details that I want that I end up asking her to re-count, jot down all the details and place all the items back on the shelves...Jahat ah aku ah but then hey! It's her fault not doing her job correctly. Being young and pregnant doesn't give you the excuse for not doing your job right. Another male assistant forgot to enter some items in the log book....HUMPH! apa lagi....another lecture la kedengaran. My other 2 colleagues didn't say anything, just keep quiet. They know when to shut their mouths..hehe!

I managed to finish my paperwork by lunchtime but I'm too tired to go out so I just sat infront of the laptop and check my mails! My bestie send me 2 forwarded emails the pictures of Sheikh Muzhaffar during his visit to Brunei. I don't know! If you look very throughly, he is NOT THAT handsome. Don't get me wrong! He is GOOD-LOOKING and handsome too BUT NOT THAT handsome, if you get what I mean. The thing about him is that he got this vibe about him or as we Malay people called it 'aura'. There is something about him that made you attracted, admired and easily fell in love to and that's the good quality. Have you ever meet that type of person? The one that is NOT handsome or beautiful but has this 'vibe' about him/her? Hmmm....

Anyway, afternoon, my mood is a bit okay la. I talked less hence aku marah pun less. Stayed in the office till 6 something and it was so jammed from Kiulap to the roundabout. I looked at the watch, it's 6.20PM!!! and it's jammed??! Long ques on all the 3 lanes. As I approached the roundabout, laaaaaaa...an accident between a Toyota Vios and Suzuki Ignis. It's a common thing happened in the roundabout. No casualties as far as I can see. Just a minor accident. Then from Beribi to Jangsak to Kilanas, I was so pissed off with this Malaysian registered car. Don't get me wrong. I have no discrimination between nationalities. You know what happened? This car is infront of me all the way from Beribi to Kilanas. He's quiet slow and I'm in a bit hurry to go home. What pissed me off, at one time or another he signaled as in to move to other lane or masuk simpang (as I assumed la) but always nda jadi. It happened like 5 times and last-last, I overtook and looked at him. Guess what? There is a child, around 2 years old sitting on his lap!!!! What? Is he crazy or what? I mean, he is jeopridizing his kid's life by allowing his kid to sit on his lap! What happened if something happened....URGH! Don't want to think about it!

At the moment, I'm downloading games. Hehe! Games lagi! What else? We had a netball practise today but I didn't go coz I had a meeting. Tomorrow, we didn't have any practise what-so-ever so I'm thinking to go for a walk and hike coz Saturday, I will have a zikir

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