Friday, May 30, 2008
Let's see what's on my updates! Me and my bestie went out last Wednesday to lunch at Red Canopy cafe. It's located in Batu Bersurat and it's quiet a nice place...reasonable and the food also nice and some looks devilishy delicious....

Yesterday, I met an old classmate of mine, Norhamas. She is my ex-classmate while we were in Form 4 and Form 5. She went to 6th Form Center and UBD while I went to Technical College and work...I started to work while she was in her 2nd year in the uni. If she didn't 'tagur' me, I wouldn't know it's her - well, not that she had changed..it's just entah laaa...tau-tau tah aku ani, jarang kan menaguri orang. Good to know that now she is married with 2 boys, teaching Maths in STPRI and stayed few minutes drive from where I work...hehe

I'm considering myself on holiday already...hehe. It's Armed Forces day tomorrow hence long weekend for us in Brunei and I'm starting my official leave this Monday for 4 days only but the downside of it that I have to come back to work on Wednesday afternoon; not for official work but to prepare our KKC presentation infront of the Minister this coming 11th or 12th June!! Yikes! Cuti macam nda cuti....

Went to watch Apa Kata Hati late last night with my 2 bodyguards. It's been a while I didn't watch any movie in The Mall but last night I went there 'coz Apa Kata Hati isn't showing in Empire and Qlap Cineplex! Came home around 1.30AM and I'm beat!!

This morning, helped my dad to buy things for his trip. He's going this 3rd June for about 1 month. I think I will send my dad to the airport and starting next week, I will be super extra buzy! Coz being the second eldest, I'm it! The responsibility will be on my shoulder during my dad absence.

I have a wedding and what-follows-after-the-wedding functions to attend this weekend. It's a daughter of my dad's 'indung pertuan'. Don't ask me to translate or explain what that means coz I have no idea!

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