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Sunday, November 30, 2008
2 weekends ago, almost half of the ND/SCI/09 came together and gather once again for Azmin's wedding. Another one of us got married. I woke a bit late that Sunday coz the previous night I was out with my bestie to attend the closing dinner for the badminton tournament which was held in a restaurant in Kiulap. With prize presentations, karoake and eating, we got off late, slept late and woke up late. Hehe!

Considering that I'm the unofficial designated driver for the day (me and my bestie take turn to drive when we went out), I had to be ready by 10.15am. Around 10am, Era, another close friend of mine messaged saying that his hubby (also a close friend of mine) couldn't attend b'coz of work commitment and asked if I can fetch her, so I just said get ready by 11am. So, I fetched my bestie and zoomed off to Lambak and arrived ter at 11am (m sooo good with time management..haha!). Me, Dedy, Era and Hj Saipul (Era's hubby) always see each other so, we are quiet close now compared to the rest of the college mates and it's always nice to help each other out...just like old times....

The wedding was held in the ICC and we arrived there around 11.15am. We asked the family members if we can see the groom and we were led to another room, where the groom and the family gathered. Managed to take couple of pictures with the groom and while we were there, Rozme, Ebby (her hubby) and their daughter, Batrisya Nabila came. Snap another picture with them. Funny thing is that me and Rozme work together in 1 department and honestly this is the first time I saw her in a year! YES!! She is working in Tutong while I'm working in Bandar. Seldom our paths cross.
Sabrina and her small familt came together with Insyriah while Daneil came alone. Our college mates that couldn't make it - Hj Saipul (working), Hijjah (just gave birth last 12th November) and her hubby, Nasrul (who is our college mate), Miah (who is admitted to the day ward in RIPAS for glucose check) and Maidin (who is currently studying HND in UK). Apart from that, all of us were there. It's so nice to see everyone - almost everyone! Congralts Min!!!

Me and Daneil

Me and the groom, Azmin

Daneil, Era, iantie, Dedy, Rozme, Sabrina n Insyirah

Daneil, Era n iantie

Era, iantie, Azmin n Dedy

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