The Weirdest Day

Tuesday, December 2, 2008
I woke up and came late to work today with no breakfast. Being late, I didn't manage to get a parking under the garage so I parked outside, blocking a colleague's car. Once I opened the office's door, the phone started to ring. It's my boss. He's attending a seminar-workshop for this 1 whole week hence he is not coming to the office. Staffing problems la early morning so had to settle before 7.45 that morning. One of my assistants needs to go to another health centre; she doesn't drive so I had to send her. By the time I came back to the office, all the parkings are full. Frustrated, I just blocked the rest of the cars! haha! First time ever I did that! Came out of my car, headed straight for the security, handed them my car's key and told them to move my car if any of the 7 cars I blocked wanted to go out.

By lunchtime, I didn't feel going out coz it rained (and I just had a shiny clean car for 1 day). I looked down to the parking lot and saw the security was moving my car and he made 1 round and guess what? There is an empty parking in the garage and he didn't park there. Instead, he blocked 2 other cars. So, I casually came down and asked about my car.

Me: Macammana my car?
The Security: Ah! Yang Ford atu kah?
Me: Awu...
TS: Sudah belalih
Me: (pura-pura nda tau) di dalam garage kah?
TS: Kita mau dalam garage kah?
Me: Baik jua..kalah ada kosong
TS: Bah, aku saja melalihkan
Me: Oh...bah, buleh jua. Thanx (and I went up and subuk lagi where he's gonna park my car)

The security made 1 round and parked in the front. It's a tight space so I just observed how he parked my car. I'm a very fussy person, to be honest. I rarely let anyone to drive my car nowdays. Because my car is considered my boyfriend tu. I take care of him very carefully; bath him, lanja him...hehe! The security managed to pass my validation as he can park my car so nicely. Then around 2PM, as I was watching the rain outside (yes! nada kerja lain), I saw my car parking was changed - from front parking to the back! I don't mind being park in the back, as long bergarage. Besides I parked at the back everyday jua. But what happened? Malar jua tukar-tukar parking. 2 of my colleagues said that the security like to drive my car, iatah rajin memindah atu..hmmm..

Lunch time, I stayed in the office to finish up my paperwork when a phone call came. I answered and the guy on the other line wanted to speak to 'Seri'. I was like 'what? ter is no Seri here' and he explained that he couldn't be sure of the name and introduced himself. Recognized him as one of my patients, so I started to talk to him (thinking that he has some queries about his medications) and turned out he called to tell me how much he likes me!! WHAT?!! I was like 'are you sure you are not mistaken?'. Considering that it's only 2 of us working in that dispensary and my colleague is a guy, so he told me of coz he's not mistaken. He started to introduced himself personally beyond the dispenser-patient relationship and asked me questions about myself. FREAKY! But no to be rude, I just entertained him. I know I shouldn't coz it would only complicate matters but I can't just hang up on him, right? I mean, I'm seeing this guy like every month. He started to ask whether I wanted to have lunch with him some day or another. ERRMMM.... Should I ask for transfer? Nah! I think he is no a threat...well, I hope so. Anyway, told him I don't mind being friend with him...

Around 2.30PM, my stock came and the usual 3 labourers datang with all the stocks. I don't know them personally apart from seeing them once a week. 2 of the guys have this big arms and one time, I asked them whether they do lifting and they said yes. One of the guys asked me whether I'm interested in going to the gym with them and I said, 'buleh jua. tapi nantila bila aku rajin' and he said, 'bah, sound-sound saja'. After they left, my colleague told me that the guys were asking for my hp no (what?) and he (my colleague) told them he doesn't know. Fewwhh...I told my colleague that if they are a gentlemen, they would ask me my no themselves, not thru' him (my colleague).

Geeezzz...what a weird day!

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