Exercise and Eat!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008
How many of you guys out there do this? You exercise then you went home or somewhere and eat?! Honestly, m one of them...whahaha! Yup! I exercise, then I went home or sometimes to the restaurants wit a colleague and eat and in the end, I didn't lose any fats! HummmpppHH!

But I think I'm losing some weight...due to stress? work overload? activities? Dunno..maybe. Well, for 1 thing, I skipped my lunch so, it's appropriate for me to eat dinner right, which is after the exercise. I'm sure it's just not me who did like that. If you are honest with yourself, I bet 90% of us will eat after we exercise. I know a colleague of mine who trying very hard to lose weight by doing aerobics. Too bad that the aerobics center is just above a restaurant/cafe and soon she finished her session, she will eat! Typical Bruneian? Hmmmm..don't think so!

Last weekend, I was watching the TV - Kimora: Life on the Fab Lane. If I'm not mistaken, she used to be a model before she becomes a designer. Anyway, Chris (her personal assistant) dragged her up a hill for an exercise. She didn't make it to the top at the first try but she did after the second and soon after that she said, "I'm hungry. Let's go and eat". I couldn't help but to giggle. I mean, it proves that it's not just US that eat after exercise.

I went to Tasek yesterday. Suprisingly, it's not that many people but the parking was quiet full. I had to park further. But nvm, it's good for warming up..hehe! With my Sony Ericsson Walkman stuck into my ears, I did 2 rounds of the Tasek. But I didn't go further into the jungle. Well, I was alone and don't fancy getting lost. But it was a good walk/hike yesterday. The weather nda jua panas, nda jua kan hujan although it eventually raining on my way down...but it was fun! I managed to sweat...hahaha!

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