Me and My So-Calld Stress Hormone

Friday, November 14, 2008
This week I'm kindda stressed up a bit. It's because of these KKC thingy! Yes! Our 2006 project haven't finish yet and as the secretary of this project, somehow I can feel the pressure already. With our group's leader going for his Haj next week and a long leave after that and with my group's co-leader went to futher her study last October, the pressures are all on me! YIKES!! I definitly don't like the feeling! Almost everyday for this week alone, I had to come home late.

Last Monday, after work, well, I started to play netball again in the Ministry. Had lots of exercises and catching up to do with 2-month break from netball. Pharmacy badminton tournament also kicked off last Monday night for 3 consecutive nights. I'm not playing. It's not that I don't know how to play, I do know how to play. It's just I don't know how to serve...haha! Honestly, I serve like I serve a tennis ball - bounce the shuttle up and hit..haha! Yea! I know I'm weird! But apart from that I DO know how to play. Anyway, I came home around 6.45PM from my netball, had my dinner, took a bath and then zoomed to RIPAS sport complex to watch and gave my supports to my bestie - she's playing. That Monday also, I had the lousiest mood at work. My partner was pulled to somewhere to relieve a colleague and I had to put up with......better I don't say lah. Later, will only raise an office politic but whatever it is, I'm not satisfied with what's happening last Monday. It's not that I don't like Monday! I DO like Monday, it's just that lousiest thing always happened on Mondays.

Tuesday, I had to drag myself to the ICC for the Hari Perkhidmatan Awam thingy. Don't ask me why I'm invited, I also have no idea and honestly, I don't fancy looking for parking in a FULL parking lot. Luckily, I'm not the one that's driving. Had to sit and listen for almost 2.5hours. Finally get back into the office around 11AM. 2nd night of the badmintion tournament and I didn't go. Texted my bestie that I couldn't come. Why? I don't know honestly but I was so damned tired. Not that I had any netball afterwork. Afterwork, I just straight went home, had my dinner, took my bath and went to sleep! SERIOUSLY! I went to bed around 8PM after I had my Isya' prayer. I was just plain tired, mentally, I guess. I was about to doze off when my bestie messaged me that she had lost.....again....at tonight's game and I 'postponded' my sleep for few minutes to consult and comfort her. She just couldn't accept another lost! Haha! Poor Dedy!

Wednesday, I had to stay back after work to attend a meeting. Mentally tired and physically hungry. I still stick to my no-lunch, so that afternoon, I finsihed up 2 apples and a half-container of biscuits. Haha! I'm not a big fan of biscuits but I managed to finish a half-container og it due to starvation. Came home around 6.30PM, had my dinner, took my shower, had my Maghrib and Isya' prayers then zoomed again to RIPAS sport complex. Tonight, the last night of the tournament. My bestie was half-way thru' the first set when I came and she lost...AGAIN!!! URRRGGGHH!!! Told her, "Baik tah aku jgn datang if you kept on losing" and she just smiled! I stayed there till 10.15PM, came home, switched on my PC and watched the latest Grey's Anatomy from a pendrive a friend downloaded for me. Only went to sleep around midnight.

Thursday, I came 'late' to work. My definition of 'late' here is after 7.15AM. Suprisingly, at work, it was not buzy for Thursday but somehow, I'm kindda irritated with 3 of my assistants. My regular assistant was being 'borrowed' to my other colleague hence I got a replacement for her plus with another 2 new assistants. What pissed me off was that all 3 of them doing the same thing while other duties were left unattented. I might be a chatty person but when it comes to work, I don't like to repeat myself. I only tell them what are their duties once and if you have any doubt, ask! It's not my habit to remind them what their duties are. As a professional, you should know what your duties are. If you don't know, memorized it, recorded it, jotted it down...whatever! I don't care! As long as you do your damn job!!! I was so in another lousy mood that afternoon and it doesn't help that, my group leader made my life complicated! I don't know. Maybe he is also stressed up with our project but that's not the reason to intefere me during from doing my on-going duties. Afterwork, I had to go to RIPAS coz our KKC group was having our briefing to the other staffs on the implementation of our project which we will start conducting this Monday. So, starting this Monday, with the group leader on a long leave, I had to stuggle with the other 2 members with our project. InsyaAllah, everything will just go smoothly.The funniest thing happened today was that everyone I met, in my so-called stressed mood said that I'm pretty today. Haha! My angry/stress hormone made me pretty know I had that 'glow'. Haha!! I should be angry more often...Hahaha!!

This morning, I woke up late, around 10AM, I think. I was suppose to go to RIPAS to take some injections but then I forgot! Tomorrow night, my bestie brings me to the closing dinner for the badminton tournament. It's actually only for the commities and the players only but then my bestie (who is also the commitie and the player) insisted me to accompany her, bah, layan saja...sama jua makan free! Haha! This Sunday, the ND/SCI/09 will be reunited again for Azmin's wedding which will be held in the ICC. From what I know, almost all of us are going, so yippieee, another reunion for us! Been a long time all of us didn't gather around. With Azmin getting married, so it will be left with me, Dedy, Syirah and Daneil who are not married. Dedy and Syirah both are attached, me and Daneil, well....let's just say that we are close. Let the time decide for us........ *wink*wink*

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