Overload! Overload!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008
Know what me and my 2 cheeky bros did this afternoon?! We went out and eat!eat!eat! and man...that's a lot of eating taking place!

We went to Gadong and yippie...it's not that jammed! Duh! I guess most of the Bruneians are at work and smooth entrance to the Mall. I was craving for Ideal, as I posted before so I parked my car at the Mall basement and we walked our way out to Ideal. It was a hot day and Ideal is not cramped as it always to be during lunchhour! *smack* It's half past 2 and duh! everyone had their lunch already.

While I was digging into my chicken, I got a message that more-or-less-kindda spoilt my day - "Please come to a KKC meeting tomorrow 3.30PM. TQ." Now...why did he have to put the "please" part! I'm a sucker for good manners! haha! To come or not to come....that's the question! It's my vacation anyway and I have the rights not to come, right? Am I repeating myself? Hmmm...

Anyway, after Ideal, we went back to the Mall, take a look around the ICT exhibitions. Don't get me wrong! I like ICT exhibitions but don't you think that this type pf exhibitions is always happening? I mean, it's like once in 2 months...but hey! whatever to 'upgrade' the people in Brunei in this hi-tech world! Today, I bought a MP3 modulator with a 1GB pendrive (for my mp3 modulator) coz my car's cd changer jammed or something and I got no time to get it fix, so the solution...walllaaaaa...mp3 modulator. Haven't try it yet but insyaAllah tomorrow.

We got tired and guess what? We stopped by Swensen's..haha! Gila makan but too damn lazy to exercise! Well, that's me! At first, I only wanted the Banana split tapi entah macammana I ended up ordering for Calamari Ring and French Fries....urrrgggghhhh! Nafsu....

I stopped by sekajap at a shoe shop but then I decided not to buy any...liat saja..hehe! Then we went off from the Mall, just to singgah sekajap to look for cds, vcds and dvds at 'Kommunis'. Ended up buying Kangen Band cd...feewwwhhh....

Came home around 5.10PM with tummy so full that I can sleep the night away....and not to think about tomorrow! Wish life is that easy......

My bf called an hour ago and entah ah....I still couldn't decide whether to move on or call it quit! Geeezzz! I'm so horrible! I should be banned from all the male species....forever! Hahaha! That's would be wayyyy too weird! and funny too....don't you think!

"Happiness lies for those who cry,
those who hurt,
those who have searched and
those who have tried,
for only they can appreciate the importance
of the people who touched their lives"

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