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Friday, May 30, 2008
To get my mind out of all these worldy problem, I'm starting my TV/movie marathon again! It's been quiet a while I didn't watch any TV series or DVDs so yesterday night, I started my marathon!

I started by watching a movie, P.S I Love You! It's really a heart-moving movie and I fancy Gerard Butler, so any movie, he's in, I'm watching it! Hehe! But, yea, this movie is a must watch for a helpless romantic as I am!
Then I'm off with my Bones! I'm getting impatient with this 2 partners - Booth and Bones! I just wish they were more than just work partner coz like Scully and Mulder, they have that chemistry *snap*snap*...Oh! Speaking of Mulder and Scully, I can't wait for The X-Files 2!

Today, I started off with Grey's Anatomy and honestly I'm frustrated with Derek and Meredith! Well, they broke off and Derek is seeing/dating/sleeping with this OR nurse, Rose and Meredith is sooooo stressed about it that she is seeking counselling! But, nevermind, I read it on the net that Rose will be 'off' soon and rumor has it that Derek and Meredith will be back toghether...atta boy!!! Hehe!

Another of my favourite - CSI Las Vegas! I'm not done yet with the currently 4 episodes but I'm thinking of finshing it tonight! Then there will be the Gossip Girl (haha! I'm so addicted to high society people nowdays!).

Hmmm..afterthat, I'm done while waiting for the next episodes for all the TV series that I like but no worries, I will find something to watch and amuse me!

Oh! and there are so many interesting new movies coming up soon in the big screens! You bet that I'm waiting for the Kung Fu Panda, Made of Honor ('coz Patrick Dempsey is in it and he's sizzling HOT!), The Ruins, The Mummy 3, Journey to the Center of the Earth....hmmmm...what else? I think I will be broke for the next couple of month from watching movies...hehehe...well, anything to keep me happy!

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