Jalan-Jalan di Tasek

Thursday, November 6, 2008
Last week, me, my parents and 2 of my younger brothers went out. We ate breakfast in one of the restaurants in Gadong and after we had our breakfast, my dad asked, "Bah, kan ke mana tah nie?". All we said is, "Jalan-jalan bah santai...namanya hujung minggu" hehe, so we went to Tasek Lama. My 2 younger brothers never been there (kesian ah!), so my dad brought all of us there...Managed to snap some pictures!


faiz, mommy, iantie and muiz

mommy, daddy, muiz and iantie

daddy, faiz, iantie and mommy

mommy, faiz, daddy and iantie

faiz and iantie

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