Khatam Al-Quran and World's Heart Day

Tuesday, August 26, 2008
I was so buzy last week and last weekend. Work and meetings almost non-stop. My stock came hence I had to sacrifice my lunchtime to settle everything - entering, montitoring and balancing almost everything! Luckily I have a very efficient assistant. I didn't manage to play any netball last week nor I had the time to walk and hike. Work kept me so buzy.

Last Saturday, I had to ask for half day off coz that afternoon, brother Faiz was having his khatam Al-Quran and considering that both my parents couldn't attend; not to dissapoint my brother, I asked for off and being granted! Hehe! I came to work in the morning and I had to wait for a patient till 1230hr. By the time I came out from the office, I was caught in the school traffic jam - which is wayyyy too horrible! I only managed to arrive home around 1320hr. I had my lunch (couldn't help myself!), had my zuhur prayer and by the time I'm done, it's 1345 already and the arrival of guest was at 1400hr and yikes, I only had 15 minutes to get ready and looking outside, the weather was too cloudy.

5 minutes to 1400hr, I was ready getting out of the house and that's when it rained se-heavy heavynya! I mean, it really rained that heavy. My kain was halfway thru' wet on my way to the garage and by the time I arrived at the school, all the parking nearest to the entrance were fulled! I got no choice but to parked a bit further. Armed with my umbrella and luckily with my 3-inch Vincci shoe (hehe!), I lifted my kain a little bit high (which I don't care at that moment) and braved thru' the rain and made to the hall. The first 5 rows were fully occupied but I managed to squeeze myself in the third row (haha!). Luckily, bro Faiz was seated in the front row, so I can see him clearly. Function finished around 1615hr and the rain had stopped. Went home and I don't remember what time I fell asleep, but I know it's early. Haha! So tired! No Saturday night fever for me!

Next morning, woke up around 0400hr to switch on the water heater (how we rely on electricity nowdays..hmmm), fully awake around 0500hr, had my shower and subuh prayer, then get myself ready for the World's Heart Day walkathon that were held in JPCC Ampitheater. My bestie fetched me around 0635hr and by the time we arrived there, people were starting to come too. Warmup session started as soon as the GoH arrived and it started with aerobics. We walked around 2.5KM around the Jerudong Park area and one point, I left my bestie alone and started to cut the VIPs..hehe! Coouldn't stand with walking only, I started to jog. Haha! With this and that, me and my bestie went home and after taking a bit of rest, fetched my brothers from their tuition classes, had my shower, I went to sleep at 1200hr!! Haha! Yup! Sleep till 1645hr. I slept late last night, watched the Olympic closing ceremony and a little bit of footie match between Wigan and Chelsea. Not a big fan of both team but I was so damned bored that last-last, I switched off the TV, went to my little library and reread a book. Managed to fell asleep around 0000hr.

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