What happened to people nowdays

Tuesday, May 27, 2008
I think the world is coming to an end - or something like that la....hehe! In my line of work, I see all walks of life everyday, of course none of them are good...well, I can say that some are good but mostly it's bad (if any of you understand what I'm trying to say here, I salute you...hahaha).

Okay, lets get serious! Apart from the news (either from the TV, radio, papers and the internet), have you truly experienced meet a very young teenager who got pregnant? What's the age of the youngest teenage pregnancy you guys came across? 18 years old nowdays is normal, so is 17 years old. 16 years old is also normal but kindda rare but how about 11-12 years old?? Yea...I'm serious nie!!

The child is around 12 years old and the husband is late 30-ies - early 40-ies....Yup! I'm not kidding! How I came across this girl? Well, after she gave birth, the doctor started her on Depo injection (Depo is a short term we use for Medroxyprogesterone inj. It is injected into the buttocks once in every 3 months. It's an effective contraceptive but the most common side effect is weight gain....hehehe..little info for you guys out there!). Can you really imagine at 12 years old, she gave birth. It's like she is taking care of a baby brother instead of a son and the husband is like taking care of a daughter instead of a wife.....ok! Let my imagination stops there...anything beyond that gave me some wildest imagination (ahakz!).

Last Sunday, me and my bestie went out for lunch at Twelv Cafe in Kiulap and we were the only diner. An hour after that, we saw this one car kept on driving around, going round and round before finally the car stopped few meters away from the cafe. Funny thing, the driver (a man) didn't came out. Instead the passanger (a woman) came out of the car and entered the cafe. And you know what the woman did. She looked around the cafe and her eyes fixed on us for like 3 minutes before she sat down, took out her handphone and start texting. Me and my bestie looked at each other and I said to her (my bestie), "What's that lady punya problem? Liat orang macam tah tani buat dosa arahnya".

Soon after she finished texting, the man from the car came out of the car and entered the cafe.....rupa-rupanya...................

......something smells scandalous!!!


Well, what do you expect if encounter this experience? Would you just say that they are a normal couple who are too shy to lunch out with other people....I DON'T THINK SO!!! The guy is around mid-40ies and the lady is around late 30ies. And the way the sit, Ya Rabbi....as my bestie said, "Mengalahkan anak muda" (not that we are THAT old!) hehe..even me and my ehem ehem didn't sit like that...hmmmm....The guy's car?? Hmmm..better don't tell..it's a Toyota Camry but I'm not gonna give away the colour and the plate number.....

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